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Receive Ye The Holy Spirit As A Disciple

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00:29 Good day, friends, and welcome
00:31 to another edition of "Issues and Answers."
00:33 You do not want to miss this program,
00:35 especially if you are man
00:36 and especially if you know a man.
00:38 Today we have as our special guest
00:40 Dr. Joseph Warren, of Andrews University.
00:42 And I have his brochure here
00:43 that tells me a little bit about him
00:45 as well as some of the programs that he offers.
00:47 He's been married for 28 years to the lovely Cynthia Warren.
00:50 He has three beautiful children,
00:53 two of which are grown Camille Warren,
00:55 Joseph Warren, and Jerrick Warren
00:59 and they are lovely family.
01:01 He has been teaching at Andrews University in English
01:04 and he's had the opportunity to mentor
01:06 many, many young people, hundreds of young people
01:09 for the service in the Lord's work.
01:11 He has advanced degrees from Ohio State University
01:14 and a minor religion from Oakwood College
01:16 in Huntsville, Alabama.
01:17 If you were to actually go and hear Dr. Warren speak
01:21 either at the Michigan Men of Faith
01:23 or some other men's ministries groups.
01:25 You would hear him on such topics
01:27 as spiritual principles of godly manhood,
01:30 the art of having a successful mid-life crisis,
01:33 home alone helping adolescent
01:35 and many, many more.
01:37 Dr. Warren, thank you so much for coming to our program.
01:39 Thank you, Karen, for having me today.
01:40 So what are we gonna talk about today?
01:42 Let's first invite the Holy Spirit
01:44 and see what He'll say. Okay.
01:46 Holy Spirit, we lift our hands to You
01:47 to receive Your anointing and your power.
01:49 May the words of our mouth, and the meditations of our heart
01:53 based upon thy sight, O Lord, we pray, amen. Amen.
01:56 Let's talk about receive ye the Holy Spirit as disciple.
02:00 All right. God needs some disciples.
02:04 And I like the definition from the Old Testament
02:06 for the word disciple.
02:08 It comes from a strange text. Isaiah 54:13.
02:11 "All thy children shall be taught of the Lord
02:13 and great shall be the peace of thy children."
02:15 That word is actually translated in Old Testament, disciple.
02:19 So every man needs to be taught of Christ,
02:23 how to be like Christ.
02:25 There is no other model.
02:26 There is no certain instructions.
02:28 You can only learn to be His disciple
02:30 by learning from Him directly and I like that.
02:33 And by the way, while we're here,
02:35 those men who are His disciples
02:38 have heard the same voice and they know the same voice.
02:42 Which means they bring unity in his body disciples.
02:45 Read for us Luke 10. Okay.
02:49 16 to 24, as you see Christ deal with His disciples.
02:53 I like this text because in this text
02:55 Christ Himself got little happy
02:57 and I enjoy that text, go ahead, Karen.
02:59 "He that heareth you heareth me,
03:01 and he that despiseth you despiseth me,
03:04 and he that despiseth me despiseth him that sent me.
03:09 And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord,
03:12 even the devils are subject unto us through thy name.
03:15 And he said unto them,
03:16 I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.
03:19 Behold, I give unto you
03:22 power to tread on serpents and scorpions,
03:24 and over all the power of the enemy:
03:26 and nothing shall by any means hurt you.
03:30 Not withstanding in this rejoice
03:31 not that the spirits are subject unto you,
03:34 but rather rejoice,
03:36 because your names are written in heaven.
03:38 In that hour Jesus rejoiced in spirit,
03:41 and said, I thank thee,
03:43 O Father, Lord of heaven and earth,
03:45 that thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent,
03:49 and hast revealed them unto babes, even so,
03:52 Father, for so it seemed good in thy sight.
03:55 All things are delivered to me of my Father,
03:58 and no man knoweth who the Son is, but the Father,
04:01 and who the Father is, but the Son,
04:04 and he to whom the Son will reveal him.
04:08 And he turned him unto his disciples,
04:10 and said privately, Blessed are the eyes
04:13 which see the things that ye see." Amen.
04:16 Karen, the point I love about that text first and foremost
04:20 is here we see Christ given the disciples
04:23 an example of hilarious praise and worship.
04:27 Luke 10:21, some folks has said,
04:29 that means that Christ actually dance,
04:31 well, I don't know about all that.
04:32 But we know Christ got happy. He got full of joy.
04:37 He may have flown His hands up, I don't know.
04:39 But I pick the text as my model that as His disciple
04:43 one central part of my obedience is joyful worship.
04:48 Now, often times in church I can't do what I do at home,
04:51 that there's the private worship and public worship.
04:53 But at home I really want to be joyful as His disciple.
04:57 Seeing not that I have power His name as the text says,
05:01 but that my name is written in the book,
05:03 that is that I'm becoming more and more like Him.
05:06 It is very healthy for Christians to celebrate
05:10 their success in Christ by being more like Christ.
05:13 They once say that I'm "Holier-than-thou."
05:16 That's a bad, bad word. Well, I'm not so sure.
05:19 I am very thankful to God that I'm holier
05:22 in His presence now than I used to be.
05:25 But the victories He has given me
05:27 overtime over years. Amen.
05:29 So I like that text.
05:30 That Christ told them don't be excited
05:32 because you can command devils and demons of all there is.
05:35 But that you've gone out and you have done the work
05:38 that I asked you to do and the reward is,
05:40 your name is in My book where you and I now
05:44 share the same character, the same attributes,
05:48 the same gifts, the same talents,
05:50 everything that is in Christ comes to His disciples.
05:53 Therefore, I like to say that my definition of discipleship is
05:57 I am a power outlet for omnipotence.
06:01 A power outlet for omnipotence.
06:04 All over this room, there're outlets
06:07 and they are connected to a source.
06:09 God wants me fully connected to Him.
06:12 So that His power flows through me unabashed
06:16 and I can do whatever Christ did
06:18 in even larger numbers or even greater amounts.
06:20 Greater things shall you do in my name.
06:23 So that text deals with that.
06:25 Now it also deals with the concept
06:27 that these disciples must be in agreement.
06:30 This is very, very important to body of Christ.
06:33 We have different gifts and different talents
06:35 or abilities, but one spirit. That's critical.
06:39 Christ does not have a different school of discipleship.
06:44 We all must go through the exact same school,
06:47 through the exact same voice
06:49 and do our individual assignments
06:52 under the exact same anointing,
06:54 the exact same power, the exact same spirit.
06:58 So I really like that text.
07:00 I really enjoy the fact that Christ rejoiced. Yes.
07:04 That what He had been doing. I now can do.
07:09 Let me say this also that, I get little discouraged
07:13 with Christianity where there is no power.
07:18 I mean, I'm really getting little weary of that now.
07:21 When someone comes to a Christian disciple, a man,
07:25 and say, "look, you know, I'm dying of cancer.
07:29 There should be some power there,
07:31 if not to heal the cancer,
07:33 at least to give the person peace.
07:35 Yes. Yeah.
07:37 See, if a person is suffering through marital problem,
07:41 we should have the power to bring reconciliation
07:44 if they have a mind to do so.
07:46 Pastors, my heart just broken from the name of pastors,
07:50 who labor, and labor, and labor,
07:53 but who ministers to the pastors?
07:56 Disciple support one another,
07:58 they help one another, they encourage one another,
08:00 they bless one another.
08:02 And that's very, very important in disciple
08:04 So, man as disciple.
08:06 That is being an outlet for omnipotence through Christ
08:10 to serve the world at this time.
08:12 So I like that concept a whole lot.
08:14 I'm very strong on that.
08:15 Now, man need power to be a man.
08:19 But is where the power comes from that's the issue. Okay.
08:23 And Christ says, I'm gonna give it to you.
08:26 You can't buy it. You can't theologize it.
08:31 Yes. You can't make up in it.
08:33 You got to ask for it.
08:35 And Christ power can only come into me
08:38 when I've relinquished all of my power, I have none.
08:42 The text says, I am poor and I am needed.
08:46 Then Christ gets serious
08:47 about being our helper in our sufficiency. Yes.
08:50 And His power always comes, you know,
08:52 beyond whatever you could ask or think. Amen.
08:55 He always does more than we can imagine.
08:58 I like to think about the first power, a man,
09:00 a disciple has is the power of speech.
09:03 Oh, yeah, yeah.
09:05 Speech? Yeah, yeah.
09:07 In situation it is the man's responsibility to speak first.
09:12 Here's the example Genesis 1:1.
09:14 And God said, "Let there be light."
09:17 That same light, Karen,
09:19 is continuing to expand the universe
09:22 at the speed of 186,000 miles per second.
09:27 The big bang they talk about. Well, it never stops.
09:32 God said, let there be fish and bird, fish and fowl.
09:35 We've still not discovered new species,
09:38 we have never even imagined.
09:40 Now given to every disciple of Christ has same power.
09:43 And the man had it first.
09:45 Adam spoke and named all the animals
09:46 and the names still stand.
09:48 He called her Eve, mother of all living.
09:50 So as His disciple, my first duty
09:53 is to open my mouth and speak on His behalf.
09:56 I call those things that be not as if they were,
10:00 just like Christ did.
10:02 Christ is walking on the water.
10:03 I love that story. What you folks afraid of?
10:07 All power is in me. Yes.
10:09 The text that goes along with it and He says,
10:10 I saw Satan falling like light from heaven.
10:13 Satan has no power. This is very interesting now.
10:16 Satan has no power in the earth realm,
10:19 except he derive it from one of Christ's disciples.
10:23 For example-- Tell us about that one.
10:25 In a board meeting, unless a member
10:28 of the board meeting allow Satan into the meeting,
10:31 he can't get in, in this ministry, 3ABN.
10:35 Unless a human being comes with a wrong spirit,
10:38 Satan can't enter. Hmm.
10:40 He can only have position and power
10:42 when someone lets him in.
10:44 And that's why Christ said,
10:46 "Make disciples in My name everywhere."
10:48 In other words the Bible says,
10:49 "Give no place to Satan."
10:53 So as a disciple we do God's work
10:55 and Christ said this very famous lines,
10:57 Satan has none of me.
10:59 None of me and I want Satan to have none of you.
11:02 That's where power comes from the Christ rejoice
11:05 that they went about doing His work in His name,
11:07 not for the-- show of the power
11:09 but for the show of obedience, see.
11:12 Power and obedience go hand in hand.
11:15 I'm learning now as I grow more in grace
11:18 that God can use me significantly larger
11:21 as I obey in much smaller issues.
11:26 Tell me more about that. Yes.
11:28 Running around and not smoking
11:30 and not drinking, you know,
11:32 for me as a Seventh-day Adventist is not a issue.
11:34 Not even a concern at all.
11:36 I mean, that's just not for my lifestyle.
11:38 Being kind to people.
11:41 Being patient with my wife. Be in love with my children.
11:45 Being compassionate with my students.
11:47 With small foxes that's where the power comes from.
11:51 Being able at an instance notice to be available to Christ
11:56 to do what He wants me to do,
11:59 that's where the real power comes in.
12:01 That reminds me the story of the rich young ruler. Yes.
12:03 He said he had kept all the commandments of God
12:07 but it seems like this very principle
12:08 that you're talking about
12:10 is what Jesus was sharing with him.
12:11 It's the small things.
12:13 Sell all you have come and follow me.
12:15 He want him to be available. Yes.
12:17 Now remember as you grow into disciple,
12:20 God-- God the Father,
12:23 God the Son and God the Holy Spirit
12:25 only have one point of conversation, that's all.
12:29 It's you and me.
12:31 Remember now, everything else in the universe obeys.
12:34 He's doing just fine.
12:35 I mean, he's working wonderfully, okay?
12:39 When God the Father, God the son and--
12:40 That's a very good point. Yeah.
12:42 When they get together to discuss,
12:44 they're talking about us. Okay.
12:46 That should make us feel really humble.
12:48 Well, that's what Satan is-- no that's a close issue now.
12:51 He cannot be saved. We already fixed that.
12:53 And he wants so desperately for us to have the power
13:00 that the three of them have in us,
13:02 that's why we are the tabernacle,
13:04 we are the sanctuary.
13:05 No ye not that you're the temple of Holy God, okay.
13:08 He wants the resident power.
13:10 The text in the Bible says that Satan seeks whom he may devour.
13:14 That's a very good text.
13:16 Because it means that Satan can't devour everybody.
13:20 Very simply. Okay.
13:22 In West Frankfort, Illinois, this morning,
13:23 he looked over the landscape.
13:25 Home after home, where there is no prayer,
13:28 where there is no commitment,
13:30 where there is no godly leadership, whatever.
13:32 He said, I can have that home.
13:33 Some homes he just pass and by
13:35 like the blurb across the doorpost.
13:38 There's nothing you can do there.
13:40 There's too much power.
13:41 He knows in that home there are some disciples.
13:43 Am I gonna bother them, see?
13:45 And remember Peter in the prison
13:49 and they're singing the prison tears up.
13:51 God wants us to be able to exercise that power.
13:55 Now, turn to Galatians 5:22. Okay.
13:57 I want to give you the secret to that power.
13:59 Because I'm so like a power freak myself,
14:02 I like power.
14:03 But that's not good enough. God wants it done a certain way.
14:06 Galatians 5:22 and couple of verses pass
14:08 and read that famous passage.
14:10 "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace,
14:13 longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness,
14:18 temperance, against such there is no law."
14:20 Absolutely. Before you get the gifts of the sprit,
14:25 that's the power, you must have
14:27 the presence of the spirit dwell in those things.
14:29 Read them again, so we'll get them clear.
14:32 "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace,
14:38 longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness,
14:46 temperance, against such there is no law.
14:50 And they that are Christ's
14:51 have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts."
14:55 Karen, those are the fruits of relationship.
14:59 How can you love God whom you have never seen?
15:03 And you cannot even relate to person you live with.
15:06 Now I didn't like that text when I first read it.
15:09 Because I want to have all this joy
15:10 and his love and peace toward God.
15:12 Oh, I love Him and I'm compassionate to God.
15:15 God doesn't need my compassion.
15:17 God doesn't need my kindness.
15:19 God doesn't need my long suffering.
15:22 That's what I'm to give to you, to one another.
15:26 And that's-- now I understand
15:27 how the gifts of the spirit works,
15:29 pastors, evangelists, teacher, all those gifts of healing.
15:34 Those are secondary for disciples
15:36 until they shall know that you are my disciples
15:40 because you love one another, there it is.
15:46 So as a man I need to be totally submerged
15:50 in these fruits of the spirits.
15:53 Now, Karen, I can fake the gifts.
15:57 Fake the gifts? Yes, I can fake healings.
16:00 I can fake anointings. I can fake administrations.
16:03 I can fake preaching. I can fake teaching.
16:06 I can fake those.
16:07 I can get up and put on a show anywhere anytime
16:10 and folks maybe impressed, but God does not.
16:13 Is after I finished preaching, hmm?
16:16 And I'm driving out in the parking lot
16:19 and somebody crosses my path or somebody blocks me in
16:23 or my wife is very tired, wants to go and eat,
16:27 then we get to real discipleship, see.
16:30 There are churches all over the place who have--
16:32 they have healing services and all--
16:34 I'm not impressed.
16:35 I'm more impressed when how that pastor treats his children.
16:40 Where are his children, you'll see.
16:43 So we must first have the fruits of the spirit,
16:47 love, patience, kindness.
16:50 Now, once that's in position,
16:52 you now have the responsibility in Christ to do what Christ did.
16:57 First you don't use the gifts for yourself.
17:00 The disciples did not think
17:01 how they would benefit themselves at Pentecost.
17:04 They thought how they could bless others.
17:06 So any gift you have is never for you.
17:08 And I tell you, any gift you have is not for you, okay.
17:12 For example, the gift of miracles.
17:15 That's a wonderful gift. Sure.
17:16 Only if you're able to use it
17:20 under the unction of the Holy Spirit.
17:21 How about the gift of tongues?
17:23 Oh, I know, among Adventism that's a tough hard work,
17:27 but here's the first tongue, the tongue of silence.
17:31 Some type of Holy Spirit teaches keep your mouth close.
17:34 Don't say a word back. What a marvelous tongue.
17:37 How many marriages would be strengthened?
17:38 How many families healed if the man,
17:42 just a man would get up every morning and say,
17:44 family, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,
17:47 I bless all of you?
17:49 Let's have the good day in Jesus name.
17:51 Rather than where are my socks,
17:53 where is my shirt, where is the breakfast,
17:55 I am so sick of you.
17:56 Speak in a new tongue, just a tongue of kindness,
17:59 a tongue of sweetness, a tongue of joy,
18:02 a tongue of celebration.
18:03 So that the tongues as a gift of the Holy Spirit
18:06 are not as important as the tongue of blessing. Yes.
18:10 And see that the Holy Spirit--
18:11 And the miracles that may be as part of healing
18:14 or for some people who do magic.
18:16 That, that miracle, I mean,
18:17 that's a corrupted gift there.
18:19 Always, yeah. It's always for someone else.
18:22 Now keep in mind that as a disciple
18:27 you serve your commander at will.
18:30 This was hard for me to do.
18:33 One day I was anointing
18:34 and I pray for the people and they got healed.
18:37 So okay now, I got the gift of healing,
18:39 let me start my healing ministry.
18:41 I don't think so, didn't happen that way.
18:44 Another person had a financial problem.
18:46 I prayed for them who claim tax and God reversed them--
18:49 that's okay I got a financial ministry
18:53 and no, I didn't think so, okay.
18:55 Then I'm working on racial reconciliation
18:57 and I made some progress there and I said, okay Lord,
19:00 I'll be a racial reconciliator, he said, no, I don't think so.
19:03 I had to realize that as a man, as a disciple,
19:07 I am available at will to be used
19:12 and here's the hard part, Karen, or not be used.
19:15 That's the hard part.
19:17 And who makes that choice? The Holy Spirit.
19:20 So then we can't really volunteer and say,
19:22 "I think I need to be able to do this here."
19:24 It's really a calling? You can say, I'm willing.
19:27 Can you prepare yourself, maybe?
19:28 Oh, yeah, through prayer, meditation, and obedience.
19:32 Being obedient-- which will be truth
19:35 'cause God never gives His gifts to wickedness,
19:38 that's Satan work, okay.
19:39 So to have a life of obedience is critical.
19:42 But to say today well, I feel about--
19:45 I may go to hospital and heal six people.
19:47 No, no, or it amazes me.
19:51 A certain pastor will say,
19:53 we're having a healing crusade at Anaheim, California,
19:56 on January, 12, 13 and 14, come and be healed.
20:00 Well, when do we begin to order the Holy Spirit around?
20:05 For He always shows up suddenly, okay, at Pentecost.
20:09 As they were praying and confessing
20:11 and repenting and making amends when they least expect.
20:15 So the Holy Spirit doesn't work for us that way, we--
20:18 We can be booked? No, we can't be booked.
20:20 He can't be ordered. He can't be told what to do.
20:23 We have to be as a disciple be ready
20:25 in an instant being ready through obedience.
20:30 Each day, Father, give me Your presence,
20:32 give me Your power to be obedient to that
20:36 which I know to be truth.
20:38 Something I didn't like about the Holy Sprit
20:41 because I want to be selectively obedient.
20:46 Yeah. Hey, you are very honest.
20:48 I want to obey this but I don't want to obey this.
20:52 Lord, I-- this is part of my culture.
20:54 Okay, Lord, now I was born this way.
20:57 Oh, yeah, we think sometimes higher into that little bit,
20:58 born that way, genetic propensities.
21:01 We have no control over ourselves.
21:03 Lord--you know, if I like this kind of person,
21:07 I lose my ethnic identity and all of that sort of nonsense.
21:11 Holy Sprit doesn't work that way.
21:14 He does not negotiate assignments.
21:18 He does not negotiate anointing. He does not negotiate obedience.
21:23 I think Jonah taught us that, okay?
21:26 When God gives an order, He does not repent,
21:30 He does not recant, He does not change His mind
21:34 and He does not deny Himself.
21:37 If God's gonna give you an order
21:39 and then change His mind, He's not God.
21:41 So they can give every power to bring you up to obedience.
21:45 That's what Christ is all about.
21:47 So as a man I'm a disciple.
21:49 That is, I'm an outlet for omnipotent power.
21:53 Some months ago I was walking across campus.
21:55 A pastor said, "Joseph, I'm going blind with one eye."
21:59 We prayed, he can now see. Praise the Lord.
22:03 A week or two ago, Sunday.
22:06 I'm outside getting my newspaper,
22:07 walks by a pastor,
22:09 a pastor whose wife has left him, okay.
22:13 Sunday morning, I'm in my shorts and my t-shirt
22:15 in the street getting my newspaper.
22:17 We stop right there in the street
22:19 and we claimed the power of his marriage being healed.
22:23 That's what I mean my discipleship.
22:26 Be ye instant in season and out of season,
22:29 at a moment's notice you're on call to be obedient
22:34 to what God ask you to do.
22:35 Amen. So I like that part.
22:37 That's what Christ is happy about.
22:39 Now, sad to say.
22:42 Only His disciples could see His face in glory.
22:47 That's our job, Karen.
22:49 To go into the world through 3ABN
22:51 and other ministries to help people
22:54 that understand that you're gonna
22:56 have to be like Him to be with Him.
22:59 To be like Him to be with Him.
23:01 That's critical, it only works that way.
23:04 Now, turn over to John 15.
23:05 You're in John 15. Okay.
23:09 And read a couple of verses about that vine.
23:12 "I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman.
23:15 Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away,
23:19 and every branch that beareth fruit,
23:22 he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit."
23:26 There you go. Thank you, Karen. I love this passage.
23:29 Our Pastor Dwight Nelson spoke about it some months ago.
23:32 But when I'm briefing this passage
23:34 for all disciples is, whatever is in the branch,
23:37 in the vine, is in the branch.
23:39 The sap, the juice, the power, is identical.
23:44 That concept is profound with me.
23:46 If you part of the vine, Christ,
23:50 you have the exact same character traits,
23:53 the exact same kinds of language,
23:56 the exact same kinds of obedience,
23:58 the exact same kind of conduct,
24:00 the exact time of use of your leisure time.
24:04 You become holy as He is holy. Whatever is in the vine, okay?
24:10 Whatever is in the vine goes to the branches
24:13 and that creates the fruit.
24:15 That's the reproduction in the life.
24:17 So whatever we don't have
24:18 we can have access to it. Precisely.
24:20 But you can only have access to that.
24:23 The vines do not have their own sap.
24:27 That's true. I mean the branches.
24:29 Right. They get it from the vine.
24:30 Right. Okay?
24:32 And you cannot have
24:33 one form of godless over here, another over here.
24:35 See, so as a male as a man, I must be radically soared up
24:42 tied up, locked up, bound up,
24:44 hooked up with the Lord Jesus Christ,
24:47 for only through His power can I be His disciple to do.
24:51 We say all the times to I want to get
24:54 the Holy Spirit, that never happens.
24:58 You never get the Holy Spirit.
25:00 The Holy Spirit gets to you. He controls you.
25:05 He brings you into obedience.
25:07 You don't command the Holy Spirit.
25:09 The Holy Spirit commands you.
25:11 And the Holy Spirit will only command you
25:15 to be exactly like the Lord Jesus Christ.
25:18 There is no other assignment to be--
25:21 expect to be exactly like our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
25:25 That's it. That's how it works.
25:27 All man should be disciples for the Lord Jesus Christ,
25:30 by the power of the Holy Spirit.
25:32 And we can do that by learning more about Jesus? Yes.
25:37 What are some practical steps,
25:38 I mean, before you're at the zenith
25:40 now in your Christian experience?
25:43 What were some other steps come in there?
25:46 Obedience, I'm sorry. Obedience?
25:48 Okay, so for any man and woman watching this program,
25:50 just find out what God wants you to do and obey.
25:54 Small things. And we'll get the Holy Spirit?
25:56 More and more. Okay, so--
25:57 Grace to grace. Obedience, Christ suffered obedience.
26:02 He learned through obedience.
26:04 Everything in the universe, Karen, obeys except us.
26:09 Everything else obeys, everything, except us.
26:13 The Holy Spirit was sent to bring us to obedience.
26:16 Well, thank you so much for this wonderful program
26:19 that we had today with you.
26:20 And I would like to share information with our viewers
26:23 and how they can reach you, Dr. Warren.
26:25 You can reach Dr. Warren
26:27 and Cynthia Warren, his lovely wife.
26:29 Spring Home Ministries, 508 North Bluff Street,
26:33 Berrien Springs, Michigan, 49104.
26:37 The telephone number is 616-471-3168.
26:42 And you can also contact him by e-mail
26:46 at
26:49 That is
26:55 Will you offer prayer for us please as we close our program.
26:58 Father, we need You to make us like Lord Jesus Christ.
27:01 We accept His blood as the covering for our sins.
27:05 Make us whole we pray you Lord, amen. Amen.
27:08 Thank you again for coming to our program.
27:09 Thank you, Karen, it's good to be here.
27:11 And thank you for those of you
27:12 who are watching at home for joining us
27:13 in another edition of "Issues and Answers."
27:15 Isn't it wonderful?
27:17 That it's so simple to receive the Holy Spirit.
27:20 We do not have to go through a long, long process.
27:24 All we have to do is just ask the Lord
27:26 to help us to be obedient to His will
27:29 and He gives us the comforter automatically.
27:32 I mean, what more could we ask for?
27:34 We could be connected to the vine.
27:37 The Jesus Himself, even though He's not here
27:41 with us on this earth, He has given us
27:43 the comforter through the Holy Spirit.
27:46 We can have be disciples of Jesus.
27:48 We could go and make disciples
27:50 if we would just receive Him in our hearts today.
27:53 Let's do that.
27:54 And until next time, may God bless you,
27:57 as you continue to serve Him in your life everyday.


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