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00:01 Hello! I am sure there have been times when you have looked
00:04 at some little lesion on your finger or your face or
00:08 some other place in the body and you have said I wonder
00:11 what that thing is, well I have some pictures and we have
00:15 some discussion about a variety of topics, some things that
00:19 you have seen before, perhaps some things you haven't.
00:22 We hope you will join us in this program because we think
00:25 that you will learn some things.
00:46 Welcome to Help Yourself To Health
00:49 with Dr. Agatha Thrash of Uchee Pines Institute
00:52 and now here is your host Dr. Thrash.
00:58 There are a number of lesions that occur inside of the mouth
01:03 that require some special care.
01:05 One of those is the mouth ulcer which occurs on the tongue
01:10 as an ulcer off on the side of the tongue, sometimes
01:14 on the inside of the jaw or the back of the lip and these can be
01:19 most painful and they can be treated with Golden Seal Tea
01:23 simply swished in the mouth and swallowed because the tea
01:27 has some anti-microbial benefits and it also boosts the
01:31 immune system a wee bit.
01:33 But there are other problems that involve the inside of the
01:37 mouth that I think that you will enjoy seeing some
01:42 pictures of and also hearing some discussion about.
01:46 I have asked Rhonda Clark who is my colleague
01:49 at Uchee Pines to join me on this subject of the
01:53 geographic tongue, is that something that one gets from
01:58 traveling a lot?
01:59 - The name geographic tongue is rather interesting,
02:02 it actually has to do with the appearance of the tongue.
02:05 I have a graphic that I have brought with me to show you
02:08 a picture so that you can see an example of what geographic
02:11 tongue looks like.
02:13 It gets it's name because the tongue has splotches of white
02:17 and red that can appear like continents of a world globe
02:22 and it's also know as geographic tongue because these splotches
02:26 can move and change locations the areas that are bright red
02:31 can be very sore as you can see here, they actually look
02:35 a little sore to even look at.
02:37 The whitish areas can appear like thrush and some people
02:41 may think that they have thrush or a fungal infection
02:43 in the mouth, when actually if that area is cultured it won't
02:47 grow anything fungus.
02:49 So this is something that can be quite painful and
02:53 irritating, there is possibly a genetic component to this
02:57 condition and another interesting theory behind what
03:01 causes geographic tongue is that of a zinc deficiency.
03:04 I wanted to share a case study of an individual who was
03:08 a student at Uchee Pines who had geographic tongue
03:11 and several things that he did in his lifestyle resolved this
03:15 and while we don't know particularly what it was
03:18 we wanted to share his case.
03:20 He went from eating a lot of junk food, very salty and
03:24 highly refined, lots of sugar to eating a healthful
03:28 plant based diet and he increased his intake of Omega 3
03:32 oils, which we find in walnuts and flax seed and that in
03:37 conjunction with drinking plenty of water and switching from a
03:41 traditional conventional drug store type of toothpaste
03:45 to a natural toothpaste that had tea tree oil, the geographic
03:49 tongue completely resolved and he had noticed a normal
03:52 pink healthy looking tongue.
03:54 I understand Dr. Thrash that you have had good success
03:57 in using a turmeric wash.
03:59 - Yes, turmeric wash is quite nice, the turmeric wash can be
04:04 used as maybe two or three teaspoons in about a half of cup
04:08 of warm water, swish the turmeric in the mouth and then
04:12 of course it's expectorated because you wouldn't want to
04:15 take that much turmeric at once.
04:17 Turmeric can be a little irritating to the stomach
04:21 if you take a lot of it, however turmeric has some
04:24 wonderful anti-inflammatory properties, so we of course
04:30 want to make certain that we get all the benefit from the
04:33 anti-inflammatory properties for a geographic tongue.
04:37 I favor this idea of a zinc deficiency because we had
04:41 a patient at Uchee Pines who had a geographic tongue
04:44 off and on for many years, and then it was discovered about
04:50 20- 25 years ago that taking zinc lozenges could be good
04:56 for sore throats and colds and could stop people from
05:01 the progress of an early cold if you take the zinc lozenge
05:06 early in the course of your coming down with a cold.
05:09 You can often stop it so we started telling our patient
05:16 at Uchee Pines that it would be good if some zinc
05:21 were to be taken for a cold, after that there was no more
05:24 geographic tongue, so we were happy that we had learned
05:28 something new that I favor is one of the possible things
05:34 that could cause a geographic tongue.
05:36 - Yes! - Very good, thank you so much
05:39 for telling us about this interesting disorder,
05:42 I don't know if you can call it a disease maybe it's a
05:46 deficiency disease, thank you very much.
05:49 - Glad to be here. - Now other things that can
05:51 occur in the mouth are gum boils and those can be nicely
05:57 treated with Aloe Vera, and I like a little part of the
06:02 stalk of an Aloe Vera or the blade of an Aloe Vera plant
06:06 just trim the little thorny parts off and one side of the
06:13 cortex and just lay it against the place on the gum where there
06:18 can be a need for either a tooth brush injury or a gum boil
06:26 and it can be very healing.
06:28 Now on the hands probably warts are among our most
06:33 prominent things that we can get and especially in children
06:37 so I've asked Cal Thrash if he would join me today to talk
06:42 about this subject of warts.
06:45 Have you had any experience Cal with warts?
06:48 - A little bit! - Welcome to our program
06:50 we hope that you can give us some information that will
06:53 benefit our viewers. - Well thank you!
06:57 Warts are not very sightly, it's an unsightly little problem
07:01 and it's caused by a small virus, the Papillomas virus
07:04 that gets into the skin and it can be unsightly and even
07:11 painful at times. - And it can bleed and those
07:15 little finger like projections can get knocked off and...
07:18 yes, very painful and very uncomfortable and unsightly.
07:22 - I got one when I was about 10 years old, my first
07:25 little wart and of course at that age that was kind of fun
07:28 but as you get older it's not so fun any more...
07:31 - Were you handling frogs was that how you...
07:33 - I'm really not certain how I got it, they say that's the
07:36 way and I'm sure that probably I did, but I had just gotten a
07:39 pocket knife for my birthday and so I think I worry that wart
07:42 right out of there and didn't have any more problem with it
07:45 but many people don't have the...
07:48 They can't get them to go away, they just seem to keep
07:50 going on and on.
07:51 - By the way the idea about the frogs that's an old wives tale
07:58 that I feel sure, because little boys do get them more and
08:01 little boys handle frogs more than little girls but I think...
08:05 - Not today! - I think it's because
08:08 little boys are more out in the cold and they often don't
08:13 care to wear gloves and the skin gets chilled.
08:18 Well any time the skin gets chilled of course it's going to
08:21 cause a weakening of the immune system there and so if the
08:26 immune system is weakened and the virus is right there
08:29 then of course it's prone to get the virus that's going to
08:33 cause the epidermis to overgrow and make those little
08:37 finger like projections that stick up.
08:39 - I kind of wondered whether washing the hands might
08:42 at least help with the ones that are around your hands
08:45 but I don't know whether you could just count on that.
08:48 I suppose that probably keeping your immune system healthy
08:51 is the best thing.
08:53 - That is a good thing.
08:54 Well how would you treat it?
08:56 - Well of course you can go to the drugstore and just get the
08:59 little Wart Away or one of those preparations that has
09:03 sialic acid, but if you want to treat it with a natural
09:06 remedy there are several that you can try.
09:08 Some of the ones that are at the drug store are so strong
09:14 that they cause some irritation and people have trouble
09:18 with that and don't especially like it to well so there are
09:22 several herbal preparation that are actually quite nice
09:26 and you can try them, they don't work with every person
09:28 and so I would say if you try one and it doesn't really
09:30 work for you then try another one and see if it would work.
09:32 - Don't give up with just one.
09:33 - Right! But the first one would be birch bark and birch bark
09:38 is similar in it's composition to the white willow bark
09:43 that we use for pain used as a tea or as ground and also
09:48 you can use white willow bark if you have the bark available
09:52 that's really the best thing, you can actually take a little
09:55 piece of the bark and put it in a square and put it right
09:58 over the (fresh even), put it right over the wart.
10:01 - And it will bend right with the wart.
10:04 - Right! It has a thin enough mark that you can usually
10:07 do that and then cover it with a band aid or a bandage of some
10:10 sort to hold it in place, just over night usually
10:13 is all that is necessary with that but you may have to do
10:15 that several days in a row.
10:17 Then there were some people that suggested that perhaps
10:20 it would be good to soak that over a 20 min period and see if
10:25 it would just come out on it's own, but the bark actually has
10:29 several little compounds in it but one of which is the
10:32 salicylates that are in and of course the salicylic acid
10:35 is the thing that the FDA has approved for removal of warts
10:39 anyway so it is one of the natural compounds that is
10:44 available in the white willow bark and also in the birch bark.
10:49 But another one that is common is Caster Oil, now it's has some
10:54 mixed success and in some countries it's been used
10:57 a quite bit, but I would say that if you use Caster Oil
11:00 probably that you would want to make sure that you repeat it
11:03 several days in a row, maybe 5-7 days, just massage the oil
11:08 right into the warts, into the area where the wart is
11:11 or you could even put some in to mix it up with the
11:14 white willow bark and let that sit for a few days
11:20 and it will make a little tincture that you can drain off
11:23 and use that as your oil to do that for the wart.
11:30 There is one that seemed to be good that was suggested
11:34 for plantar warts, as you know plantar warts are the ones
11:37 that are on the foot and are usually in a place that makes
11:40 walking difficult, it makes it hard for you to get around.
11:43 - Right on the sole of the foot or in the arch or some other
11:47 bad place where it's going to be painful.
11:50 - I can't think of a really good place on the bottom of the foot
11:53 where you could get a wart but it seems like that's where
11:56 they come and sometimes people will have these for quite a long
11:59 period of time, they are very difficult to get rid of
12:03 more so I think than the ones on other parts of the body
12:06 and so the suggestion was to get a pineapple and actually
12:11 cut a square of the thin on one side, of the skin of the
12:17 pineapple and put that against the plantar wart over night,
12:22 let it sit, now the enzyme from a fresh pineapple will make
12:26 the inside of your mouth a little bit irritated, and it may
12:30 irritate the wart as well, if it does that you may have to
12:33 try something else, one of the other herbal remedies,
12:37 but that's the idea is to try to let it eat away
12:41 a little bit at the wart and then soak the foot here again
12:46 for about 20 minutes and see whether you might be able
12:48 to get some of that little graininess out of there
12:53 and you may be able to do that over several days it might
12:56 be something that would move that completely out,
13:00 it would certainly be worth a try.
13:01 - Do you know if anybody has ever tried papaya?
13:04 - It has been tried actually the same type of idea,
13:08 the results that I have seen have not been quite as
13:12 successful as the pineapple and so you can try papaya
13:16 and here again with herbal remedies you really have to
13:19 try several if it doesn't work for you then try another one
13:23 and see if it works for you.
13:24 - Yes, I've noticed that a lot of simple remedies will work
13:27 for one person and they just won't work for another.
13:30 - Right! That's true.
13:31 Several other little things that you can try with warts
13:34 and here again sometimes they are effective and
13:36 sometimes they are not, but just depending on your skin type.
13:39 Any type of weed that has a milky substance like milk weed
13:42 or dandelion even has been used, or figs, you can take a fig leaf
13:48 and the little milky stuff that comes out, if you have
13:51 a fig tree in your yard and we do down south
13:53 we like to grow them.
13:54 Put them on the right side of the house and you make sure
13:57 they grow big and you can take one of those fig leafs
14:00 and just smear the milky substance on the wart and
14:05 many that will take the wart right out, and the theory
14:10 behind this is that there are certain properties in this
14:13 milky sap depending on which on it is, of course there are
14:16 various types of weeds that have either an orange sap
14:19 or a white sap, or a yellow sap, that some of these
14:22 properties in the sap are actually the thing that would
14:25 be an anti-viral type effect and would make the wart go
14:30 away over some time.
14:31 So you might have to use it over and over again,
14:33 it's not something you would want to give up on right away
14:35 so put it on maybe two or three times a day, you might have to
14:38 use that 5-7 days or even longer just to see how long
14:41 it would take, but it should be helpful for it, it may not
14:45 necessarily make it go... You might have to use another
14:47 remedy to make it go away but it is certainly something
14:49 that is worth trying.
14:50 - Humm! Very good! Well thank you so much
14:52 and I hope that these suggestions can be helpful
14:57 to you and to your family, thank you Cal.
15:00 Now I have some pictures that I would like to show you,
15:04 I think that these pictures will be explanatory in themselves
15:10 and some of them have nice remedies that can be
15:15 told easily without any elaborate instruction.
15:21 Now the first picture that you will see is one that you will
15:27 have very little that you can do for, you certainly need
15:31 professional help with this and as early as possible.
15:36 This is a melanoma, you will notice that it has a lumpiness
15:40 and a bumpiness of the skin and it also fades out around it
15:47 slightly, giving it the faded silk appearance.
15:52 Sometimes a melanoma will be much more prominent than that
15:57 with the fading out of the melanocytes that are malignant
16:04 and they are migrating in the skin so they fan out
16:08 around the melanoma.
16:10 That needs to be cut out widely and with a wide border of
16:15 normal skin, sometimes even wide enough that the skin
16:20 would need to be grafted.
16:23 Now the next slide that you see will be another skin lesion
16:29 that you will sometimes see, this picture shows a little
16:35 patch of skin, with a little rounded area of reddening
16:44 and some darker parts in the middle, this is an inflamed
16:51 nevus and it also should be removed unless you know
16:55 for certain why the nevus became inflamed,
16:59 (a little mole), and inflamed moles can be seriously sick
17:08 and they can represent a malignancy, and of course
17:14 then should be removed.
17:15 Now the next slide you will see is a slide of a common
17:21 disorder called inertrigo, children tend to have this
17:25 in surfaces that stick together a lot or lay together a lot
17:31 such as these surfaces of the elbow and in an overweight child
17:37 the problem is worse and in this case it actually bleeds.
17:43 Babies necks will sometimes bleed because of inertrigo
17:49 with the folds of the neck sticking together.
17:51 One of the very best treatments for this is to let the child
17:55 or the baby sit in a tub,(in the baby's own tub),
18:01 with a lot of baking soda in the water,
18:05 the baking soda water should be dipped on to the child
18:11 frequently to bathe those surfaces that are inflamed
18:15 and it will often cure the inertrigo in just
18:20 two or three days, older people who have skin surfaces
18:24 are closely applied one to another can be treated
18:31 in the same way because under the breasts, under the arms,
18:35 folds of skin that have a place where one skin surface
18:42 hits another you can get an inertrigo in all of those areas.
18:46 Now I have asked Dr. Don Miller to talk with you some
18:50 about a topic, Dr. Miller are you going to talk with us
18:54 about psoriasis today?
18:56 - Yes, I'm going to talk about psoriasis which is a
18:58 major problem, they usually figure that psoriasis is
19:02 something that is inherited, we don't really know what
19:04 causes it, we don't know how to cure it but we do know
19:07 a few things that can help a person with it.
19:10 There is a sound man here at 3ABN who has Bassett hounds
19:14 and I like Bassett hounds, you know a dog has a smelling
19:18 capacity a million times more acute than a human.
19:21 - Amazing! - And we wonder how can they
19:23 chase those rabbits and humans and whatever else,
19:25 they are smelling the skin cells that are constantly
19:28 flaking off and a human produces skin cells about every
19:32 26-28 days they live and they die and reproduce new ones.
19:36 - So they don't all slough off at once fortunately
19:39 they do one by one.
19:40 - We'd be a little pile on the floor if that were the case.
19:42 But with psoriasis it's every 4-7 days, and so they start
19:48 piling up one on top of each other so we get this
19:50 white thickening of the skin which is a major problem
19:53 and it's itchy and it has a lot of problems with it and so
19:56 what can you do for psoriasis?
19:58 Let's look first at some dietary things, and there is an
20:02 excellent book here, it's called Foods and Their Healing
20:05 Power from the Education and Health library.
20:07 It talks about vegetables, especially those vegetables
20:12 that will make your skin more photo sensitive,
20:15 that means more sensitive to sunlight, things like lettuce
20:19 or celery and they say that if you eat these foods
20:23 and then get a sun bath it will help your psoriasis.
20:27 But you don't want to sun burn, sun burning can make it
20:30 more severe, but just getting a good sunlight after you eat
20:35 these foods, especially a vegetable diet period
20:37 will be very helpful.
20:38 Molasses is another one, molasses is good for many
20:43 things, I like to get good old black strap molasses the
20:46 first through the press, taking a couple of spoonfuls
20:49 stirring it up in warm water and drinking this.
20:53 This is very good for psoriasis, there are some other things,
20:56 Omega 3 fatty acids, and I like to get my Omega 3's from
21:01 things like flax, and that's really the best one, flax seed
21:05 just take the ground up flax seed is a good way to do it.
21:08 If you get flax oil, the thing about oils,
21:11 the better the oils are the less stable they are,
21:15 if you get flax seed oil what I recommend a person do,
21:18 they usually come in a dark bottle any way,
21:20 you keep it in a cool place and express the air out
21:24 of the bottle, and every time you use some express the air
21:29 out so you don't have oxygen getting exposed to it,
21:32 because that degrades and helps oxidize the oil quicker.
21:35 So the Omega 3's are extremely good, walnuts also have Omega 3
21:40 fatty acids, and then vitamin A, we know that vitamin A are in
21:44 dark green leafy vegetables, in orange vegetables and fruits
21:48 so it's nice, God has color coded His medicines.
21:52 - Yes! It makes them more appetizing.
21:55 - And you really can't overdose, I guess you can over eat
21:57 but you can't overdose on Kiwi's and apricots and carrots
22:02 - Squash and mangos, oh, I could over eat on mangos.
22:05 - I could buy those 12 for a dollar down in Zambia,
22:11 that's a great place to be.
22:13 Other things that are good for psoriasis, salt water soaks,
22:18 they say swimming in the ocean because you've got that nice
22:21 combination of salt and minerals but many of us don't live near
22:24 the ocean so just get some sea salt and put a little bit
22:27 of that into your bath water, this is good for soaking off
22:31 some of these lesions which can be very irritating
22:34 to the skin.
22:35 Things that increase, things that are high in tryptopan
22:39 milk, meat, any dairy products is going to be high in tryptopan
22:44 which is going to cause an acceleration in this growth
22:47 of the skin which is going to exacerbate your psoriasis.
22:52 Also saturated fats which again is in your meat products
22:58 and dairy products, lots of... - So you want to leave off
23:01 those things that are from animal origin and emphasize
23:05 those things that are of plant origin, if you have psoriasis.
23:08 - More and more as we get near in this time in the age
23:13 in which we live, I think it is more and more dangerous
23:17 to be imbibing animal products because of all the
23:20 diseases, and then alcohol also exacerbates psoriasis
23:26 and so staying away from alcohol it causes them to itch more
23:28 to be more inflamed, don't itch, if you have psoriasis
23:32 of the scalp we recommend a nice olive oil massage
23:36 get a good olive oil and just massage it in there
23:39 and then hot towel packs for about a half hour
23:44 sort of soak those things and then shampoo but
23:47 don't over shampoo, don't sit there and scratch your head
23:49 to much because this can make the condition worse.
23:53 Putting any type of oil onto... white Vaseline onto these
23:58 psoriasis areas can be good to soften up the skin,
24:03 just soaking then in the salt water will help soak
24:06 some of these things off.
24:07 Doing these things can make the condition better,
24:10 sometimes it is spontaneously goes away,
24:14 and that's a nice thought. - That is good!
24:17 - Now you have a graphic I believe, I think you showed me
24:21 a graphic of a hand with psoriasis.
24:23 - Yes! We have a graphic with a hand on it with psoriasis,
24:28 you can see there just between on the right hand side there
24:33 between the little finger and the finger next to it
24:36 down there in the crevice you can see the red patch and then
24:40 in the thumb, especially the left thumb you see a patch
24:43 of the psoriasis.
24:44 This can be very painful, very unsightly, very itching
24:48 all the time, we find some times it is caused by where
24:52 where you rest a part of your body.
24:54 Whenever you rest your body on anything even sitting on
24:57 a chair, if you sat on a chair without moving you would cut off
25:00 blood supply and pretty soon you are going to have a problem
25:03 in that area, it gets quite sore, so we recommend
25:06 a person increase the circulation to the area.
25:09 The German study shows that a hot water soak for 2 minutes
25:15 and then plunging into cold water for 2 seconds for about
25:19 30 minutes a day is very good for psoriasis, getting that
25:23 blood flow in and out of an area...
25:25 - So the pressure of it against a hard surface is one of the
25:31 things that causes the lesions to develop.
25:33 - Absolutely! - So on the sides of the hand
25:35 on the finger if a person is a typist or a pianist,
25:42 on the elbows of almost any body because almost everybody
25:47 leans the elbows on... The back of the neck
25:50 is another place where psoriasis comes, where people are often
25:54 having a collar that fits tightly, so I guess
25:57 anything that irritates, the sun irritates, you get psoriasis.
26:00 You scratch and it irritates, you get psoriasis,
26:03 of course people already have the psoriasis but they get
26:07 an acute flare- up in those areas.
26:10 - Perfect health requires perfect circulation.
26:13 I once read a book that if you... The man Dr. Paul Brandon
26:17 in the book The Gift of Pain, if you put your finger
26:19 up against a piece of glass, you can look at it,
26:21 you can see it's going to blanche, it's going to
26:23 turn white, and it doesn't feel like anything,
26:26 but if you keep that there for a couple of hours
26:28 it will start to ulcerate because the blood has left
26:31 the area and you are going to start causing some real
26:33 tissue damage, so with psoriasis, any other disease
26:38 we need to make sure that we have good circulation.
26:40 That's getting rid of those saturated fats,
26:43 those animal products is in itself going to help our
26:46 circulation, and then drink plenty of water.
26:49 - Now Dr. Miller for this psoriasis under the fingernail
26:54 as you showed, one thing that I have used for that is
26:58 grapefruit seed extract, which is now available in pharmacies
27:02 everywhere, and just the undiluted grapefruit seed
27:06 extract, I have found that to be very helpful in some cases
27:09 just to put it on and let it soak into the crusty areas.
27:16 - It will also keep people from biting their fingernails.
27:18 - That would because that would be terribly bitter.
27:20 - Yuk-Thank you so much
27:23 I appreciate your talking with us about psoriasis.
27:26 Now the Grapefruit Seed Extract can be used also to take care of
27:31 your colds and flu, it's very good for that and for any
27:35 intestinal inflammation or infection, very good for that
27:39 like peptic ulcers, it's good for that, even Chron's disease
27:43 it can help with that.
27:44 So many of the things that the Lord has given us
27:48 as a natural remedy has many applicable applications.
27:52 I hope these things have been
27:53 God's very special blessing to you.


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