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Participants: Agatha Thrash (Host), Don Miller, Rhonda Clark


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00:01 Hello! World over I suppose other countries know more
00:05 in the way of home remedies than we do in this country
00:09 but as I have traveled around the world I have learned many
00:14 home remedies.
00:15 We will be talking about some of these home remedies in
00:17 our program today, and so we hope you will join us.
00:40 Welcome to Help Yourself To Health
00:42 with Dr. Agatha Thrash of Uchee Pines Institute
00:46 and now here is your host Dr. Thrash.
00:52 Everywhere I go I ask people for various remedies for
00:56 diseases, and often somebody tells me a remedy that
01:00 I've never heard of before, and so some of these remedies
01:04 I'm going to talking with you about today and my assistants
01:08 will help me to present other remedies some of which
01:12 I have heard of and some of which I have not.
01:14 So today I have some things that most everybody has heard of
01:20 and knows all about and one is something that you should
01:24 have somewhere about your equipment.
01:28 If you do much in the way of hiking in mountainous areas
01:32 this is a splint for a leg and so you may want to have
01:36 that in your equipment.
01:38 Now if you have someone in your home who becomes an invalid
01:42 then you may want a device such as this is, this little
01:46 device can help you if you are in bed for a long time,
01:52 you simply extend the end of it as you can see here
01:55 and then you can pick up a lot of things it has a good bit of
01:58 force as you can see it's putting a good bit of pressure
02:01 on my finger.
02:02 So you can pick up things and draw those thing back to you
02:06 so that when you are lying in bed you don't have to call
02:09 somebody every time you want something.
02:11 I don't think it would pick up a glass with water in it but
02:15 it will pick up a lot of things and that can help you a lot.
02:19 I have found that something called White Oak Bark
02:24 can be most helpful for people who have a problem with a lot of
02:31 tonsillitis and pharyngitis, and laryngitis, to make the tissues
02:41 less swollen and to make it so they can talk better so
02:44 White Oak Bark, very good for that.
02:48 And then Red Clover is also good, many companies produce
02:55 this, but the Red Clover is very good for women who have
02:59 menopausal symptoms, it's good for people who have
03:04 menstrual upsets, like prolonged menstrual bleeding,
03:08 it's also very good for painful menstruation, and I like that
03:12 very much.
03:13 Then I have here a substance called Nutribiotic and
03:19 Nutribiotic is a very thick liquid and you can see here
03:24 that it is quite a thick liquid, it is made from grapefruit seed
03:31 and about eight drops of this in a quart of water will
03:36 give you a very bitter water but it's quite good for a cold
03:42 or a sore throat and if you are in a position where you
03:45 really don't want to come down, you really don't have time
03:48 to indulge yourself with a few days in bed nursing
03:53 such an affliction, then you may want to get something
03:57 of that nature.
03:58 Here is Chaparral another good anti-viral material
04:04 and I like this very much, I think that the anti-viral
04:08 properties of it have been under valued and can be
04:13 very helpful to people, it's an herb that grows out west
04:17 and you can get it in tincture or you can make a tea from it,
04:22 it has also been used in anti- cancer substance.
04:27 I have in my home kit something like this, it's an otoscope
04:35 and an ophthalmoscope and you are very familiar with those
04:39 you will not need an ophthalmoscope for sure,
04:41 but you might need an otoscope especially if you have elderly
04:45 people or children in your home, to look in the ear
04:49 to see if the ear drum or the ear canal may have something
04:53 in it or might be inflamed, and in old people to see if
04:57 they have an ear canal filled with wax.
04:59 So the wax that an old person has can be very deafening
05:06 for them so that they can get so that they cannot hear
05:09 anything.
05:10 I like these under patient bed pads, they are very good for
05:14 a wide variety of things, and one thing that I use it for
05:17 is to make a charcoal compress.
05:19 If I need to make a charcoal compress to go over the entire
05:23 back as for a person who has a kidney failure,
05:28 then I'll make the charcoal substance and I'll open it up
05:34 and you'll see this little filmy part here that the chucks has
05:41 and you'll just open it up, and then you can put the charcoal
05:45 powder on the part that has the cotton on it, and then put
05:52 the filmy part back down and the charcoal is all in here,
05:58 you can put that on the back of a person who has kidney
06:03 failure and the next morning when you take this material off
06:09 you will find that it smells like urine, and indeed the
06:15 charcoal will adsorb into itself the toxins that the person
06:22 who has the kidney failure will be giving off,
06:26 so chucks are very good to have on hand as well.
06:29 Now I have a back brace that can be used when a person
06:36 does not have a back ache, or it can be used after the person
06:39 already has a back ache and I have asked Arianna Hartsfield
06:43 if she will come with me and help me to show you this
06:48 very nice little device.
06:51 Arianna is one of our students in our elementary school
06:55 and she will help me with this, so it is simply used in this way
07:01 it is placed on the person's mid back so that it rests
07:07 a little bit above and a little bit below, and then it simply
07:13 goes around the person, it fits on like that and fits
07:18 together with the Velcro, then they wear it all day
07:22 when they're doing their work and it can be most helpful
07:27 for them, it makes it so that when they bend, they bend
07:30 in a very helpful way.
07:33 Now Arianna if you will just stay here with me I've asked
07:38 Miss Rhonda Clark if she would tell us something about
07:43 how to handle pigmented scars and other problems that can be
07:49 very threatening to the cosmetic health of a person.
07:56 What can you tell us about scars?
07:58 - When someone has a fresh wound or a fresh incision,
08:01 once the sutures have been removed and the wound is sealed
08:05 you should begin regularly massaging that area using some
08:08 type of a lubricant on the skin, you could use something
08:11 as simple for example as olive oil.
08:13 Olive oil is a wonderful lubricant and you might if you
08:16 wish even add a few drops of Aloe Vera gel to that to add
08:21 a nice healing component to the olive oil, something just to
08:25 smooth and lubricate the skin on that area, that will help
08:30 prevent a scar from really building up heavily help
08:34 prevents as much of the keloid type tissue from developing
08:37 and it's important that the person should avoid the sunlight
08:40 with the fresh scar since that can be a contributing factor
08:43 to the darkening of scars.
08:45 - I have found that for people who tend to develop keloids
08:49 that if they take a very simple diet, low in fats, low in sugar,
08:55 low in heavy proteins, a totally plant based diet for about
09:01 two or three months after heavy injuries of some kind,
09:07 serious injuries that one could expect would result in keloid
09:11 formation which is the humped up scar that can be so disabling
09:16 and unsightly that that can be of help too, but I'm glad
09:20 to learn about this other for a keloid.
09:23 - Yes! If a scar is heavily pigmented and it's a fresh scar,
09:26 a new scar, one of the things that is recommended is
09:29 something called Rose Hip Oil, it's high in retinoids and you
09:33 may think of Retinol or Retin A some medications that are used
09:37 in acne.
09:40 It can have the process of lightening that scar and helping
09:44 it to continue it's final healing stages without
09:48 darkening, if you have a scar that is pigmented and it's
09:51 one that you have had for awhile there are some things
09:53 that you can try, they are not always effective but they are
09:56 certainly worth giving a try.
09:57 One that I have brought to demonstrate on Miss Hartsfield
10:00 is a simple slice of cucumber, I have just placed it here
10:05 in a little aluminum foil, but a slice of cucumber has quite
10:09 a moistness to it, and it is this cucumber juice that is
10:13 the lightening agent in dark scars.
10:17 On Arianna's hand here she a very small but slightly
10:22 pigmented scar and the cucumber juice can be very easily
10:26 applied, just a thin application is all that is
10:28 needed, it's just rubbed lightly over the area and this
10:32 would be left on overnight and then just simply rinsed away.
10:35 You can see here on the side of her hand she has another one,
10:38 this is good for people who have acne scars that have been
10:42 pigmented, or any type of scar that has a heavier
10:45 pigmentation to it. - So it just dries and she
10:48 wears it over night? - Yes!
10:49 - And then the next day she could apply more if she wished.
10:52 - Yes! And it's surprising how much juice is in even a
10:55 thin slice of cucumber, one or two slices should be all
10:58 that is needed even to use on the entire face if their acne
11:01 is gone. - Does it depigment normal skin?
11:04 - It shouldn't, it should really focus on the scar area.
11:09 Some others that we know of are lemon juice and lime juice
11:13 those both have a bleaching property and that can be used in
11:17 conjunction with the cucumber juice, you can even blend
11:20 a little cucumber and lime together in a blender soak
11:23 cotton balls in that and then use those cotton balls to apply
11:27 to a larger area that has darkly pigmented skin.
11:29 So those are a few tips for treating scars.
11:33 - Thank you so much! - You are very welcome!
11:35 - I appreciate very much showing us this.
11:37 Thank you Arianna! - And I had brought something
11:40 else to talk about today, which is another thing that I
11:43 just happen to cross.
11:44 One of my responsibilities in my work at Uchee Pines is to
11:48 council people who call on the telephone with medical questions
11:50 and we recently had a call asking about natural treatments
11:54 for glaucoma.
11:55 I had not researched this in the past and found a few things
11:58 that I thought were interesting that may be of interest to you.
12:01 For glaucoma it's of course important to avoid anything that
12:05 increases the pressure inside the eye, this is what eventually
12:08 damages the sight, and so things to avoid include caffeine,
12:13 tobacco smoke, and even if you don't smoke, if you were
12:18 around second hand smoke very much at all, this can contribute
12:21 to an increased intraocular pressure, so avoid even
12:24 second hand smoke.
12:26 Exercise is very beneficial, in fact one study said
12:29 that walking 40 minutes four times a week had an entire group
12:34 of people with glaucoma come completely off of their
12:37 medications, their prescription eye drops, so I thought that was
12:40 rather interesting.
12:41 - We know that some of the same things that treat glaucoma
12:44 which is increased pressure in the eye will also treat
12:48 high blood pressure and walking is a very treatment for
12:52 high blood pressure. - High blood pressure indeed!
12:54 - Some other things that were helpful were to avoid any kind
12:57 of an allergen, if you are allergic to pet dander, molds,
13:01 pollens, any of those things, limit them in your environment
13:04 as much as possible, avoid activities that are straining
13:07 or that are heads down, so no hand stands or head stands
13:12 for you, and when you protect your eyes with sun glasses it's
13:16 important to get a level that is appropriate.
13:19 On the sunglasses it should say they block up to 400NM of the
13:27 UV rays, that's the appropriate prescription of sunglasses
13:30 to have to protect your eyes in the event of glaucoma.
13:33 Controlling hypertension, blood sugar are very important
13:37 and increasing the intake of vegetables and fruits that are
13:41 high in vitamin C, vitamin A, and also the whole grains
13:45 which have some of the trace minerals of zinc, chromium,
13:48 these things are all beneficial for someone with glaucoma.
13:51 - Very good! These are lifestyle changes that are within the
13:54 reach of everyone. - Yes!
13:56 - Thank you so much! - You are welcome!
13:57 I am glad to be here to share.
13:58 - Now notice that lifestyle changes are within the reach
14:03 of everyone, simple things like a cucumber, and walking,
14:09 and a change in diet.
14:11 Now I have asked Dr. Donald Miller to tell us a little bit
14:16 about the prostate.
14:17 Welcome to the program Dr. Miller!
14:19 - Thank you! - I see that you have a device
14:21 here that you will tell us about concerning the prostate.
14:24 - Yes! Well let's talk about the prostate as an organ first
14:27 and we are going to show you the prostate on a screen
14:30 and talk to you about how it operates and things that
14:33 keep it from operating properly.
14:35 They say that almost everybody over the age of 80,
14:38 every man of course over the age of 80 will have prostate
14:42 problems but I don't think this is something that has to happen
14:46 it's our lifestyle that is our main thing.
14:48 You can see on the screen the large blue bulb on the top
14:52 is the bladder, it goes down it passes though the middle
14:56 of the prostate, the prostate is about the size of a walnut
14:59 and this urethra goes right down the middle of it
15:03 and if anything happens to the prostate, in a swelling action.
15:06 Of course anything that's got a lumen it's got a hole
15:09 in the middle will swell out and it will swell in,
15:12 this is the proper way that it is supposed to look
15:15 and it's just supposed to be that nice prostate there,
15:18 the urine passes through this in and out of the body.
15:22 Then next slide is going to tell you some of the problems
15:26 that we can have, and some of these things as that prostate
15:29 gets in a problem, it starts to grow a little bit large,
15:32 you are going to have some resistance in that urethra
15:35 you are going to squeeze down on that urethra and you are
15:39 going to have decreased force in the stream of urine.
15:41 Now these things can be basically diagnostic if you find
15:46 that man I try to go to the bathroom and I don't get much
15:50 out and sometimes I got this great desire but it's
15:54 intermittent, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't,
15:57 and like there is something wrong inside.
16:00 The next slide is going to tell us a little bit more about these
16:02 problems and one you've got this:
16:08 basically the bladder is sort of squeezed to get the urine out
16:14 but if it's not working properly you got this frequency,
16:17 that means that you got to go to the bathroom quite often
16:20 because you've got this urgency which is the next thing there,
16:23 I've got to go, I've got to go, and then you've got this
16:25 nocturia which means that at night time you've got to get up
16:28 frequently, trouble is you get up and you go because it's still
16:32 frequent and you've got this urgency but you don't have
16:35 much coming out, you are not storing much,
16:39 so these are some problems with the prostate.
16:43 - Yes, and I can see that it's the growth of the prostate
16:46 that squeezes on the urethra, then the bladder overgrows
16:50 that detrusor muscle over grows and that makes it so that the
16:54 bladder can't hold quite as much as it did and the bladder
16:57 becomes more sensitive.
16:59 - It's a vicious cycle! - It is a vicious cycle.
17:01 - Now when we talk about prostate problems I first have
17:04 to point out that there are certain lifestyle factors
17:06 that's going to lead to the problem, rather than talking
17:09 about lots of remedies, to remedy the problem once we
17:13 have it, let's talk about just a few very minor things...
17:17 A few things that I can mention to you:
17:19 1. Those who eat a lot of lycopene, red fruits and
17:22 vegetables, 10 servings a week will reduce you likely hood of
17:27 prostate cancer by 45%. - Wow! That's significant.
17:30 - That is very significant. - Makes me like tomatoes and
17:33 watermelon even more.
17:34 - And the neat thing... You know people go on to these
17:36 all raw diet type of things, the thing about the tomato
17:40 is cooked is even more effective.
17:42 - I heard that, that it concentrates the lycopene,
17:46 and it does not destroy it nor damage it in any way.
17:49 - The last thing I was thinking about was phytochemicals,
17:51 they are not damaged by heat, God has made just what we need
17:55 to take care of ourselves and so ten servings
17:58 of red vegetables and fruits a week is not a real hardship
18:03 case, how about strawberries and the watermelon in the
18:06 summer time.
18:07 - I could go for that diet very easily.
18:08 - I like that diet very much too.
18:09 Another thing that promotes the prostate cancer,
18:14 those who frequently drink dairy milk over those who
18:18 infrequently drink dairy milk have a 50% greater risk
18:21 of prostate cancer.
18:23 So those who have been telling you drink your milk every day,
18:26 that's not the very best thing for your prostate,
18:29 and if you are a man, or even for a woman,
18:31 because it's leading to all kinds of problems with women,
18:33 with breast cancer, and osteoporosis.
18:36 - You mean milk might cause osteoporosis?
18:39 - Absolutely it does! - Yes, apparently every country
18:42 of the world where there is a high milk intake there's a
18:44 big incidence of osteoporosis in women, so it's apparently
18:49 part of the problem and not part of the solution.
18:50 - Absolutely! Another thing that is rather interesting if your
18:54 resting pulse rate is over 80 you have a greater risk
18:58 of prostate cancer, and so what does that mean?
19:01 You are not getting enough exercise, and exercise in itself
19:05 is protective and it's curative.
19:08 - Yes it strengthens the muscles of the pelvis for a man
19:13 and that massages the prostate and makes it more healthy.
19:18 - Messages the prostate, which is one of the things that we
19:20 can do perhaps sometimes to help the prostate once you've
19:24 already developed a problem, it's sort of a
19:25 digital massaging.
19:27 But there are other things that we can do, we recommend
19:29 sometimes, hot sits baths, now this is not just for
19:33 prostate cancer or an enlarged prostate, it's good also for
19:39 hemorrhoids or fissures, and that's just sitting in a bucket
19:44 of hot water, very soothing and very healing.
19:47 But there is a little device that came out a few years ago
19:50 basically for hemorrhoids and anal fissures which we've also
19:54 have heard it is good to be used for prostate cancer
19:58 and it's this little device that's called a thermotherapy
20:03 device, and what it does is that it's got a little wand
20:08 if I can call it a wand, a magic wand, that inserts
20:12 into the anus, into the rectum and when it's in there you
20:18 turn on the temperature dial, it goes between about 37- 45°
20:22 we usually start it about 38- 39°, and for about
20:27 20- 30 minutes twice a day.
20:30 The way we do this is we take the wand, it comes with these
20:35 special little cots that you slip over the end of the wand
20:39 and then you can lubricate it with some KY type jelly,
20:43 probably even Vaseline would work, you lubricate this,
20:46 get in a comfortable position, and insert this into the rectum
20:50 and just leave it sit there.
20:51 It's got a place where it won't go any further than this
20:54 it's going to get up against that anal sphincter an hold it
20:56 in place and turn it on, this gives you some good localized
21:00 heat, - Sounds very helpful!
21:02 - Well you are not sitting in this big tub of water,
21:04 it's much more convenient I'm sure and it gives you local heat
21:08 and basically this is just about far enough to be affecting
21:12 the prostate, because when you do a digital examination
21:15 you can examine it well with the pad of your index finger.
21:19 So this is going to be right in that area, to give you some
21:22 localized heat which is going to do a few things,
21:24 it's going to bring more white blood cells to the area,
21:27 which is very healative to the body, it's also going to cause..
21:32 The heat itself can kill cancer cells and so it's something
21:37 that is worth a try.
21:38 If I were having prostate problems, and I don't anticipate
21:41 this because I have tried religiously for the last
21:45 20 years to live a lifestyle that will keep me healthy.
21:47 - I know that you get plenty of exercise.
21:49 - Plenty of exercise! - And your diet is not high in
21:53 fat nor high in sugar, nor full of animal products.
21:57 - I have not knowingly put an animal product into my body
22:03 for over 20 years.
22:04 - That's good! That should be very protective.
22:08 - For being around 60 years of age I think I am doing alright,
22:11 so these things are very nice.
22:13 Another thing for the hemorrhoids which is a
22:15 real problem, you can take things like...
22:18 I'll just use this as an example of a rubber glove,
22:20 you take a rubber glove and you fill the fingers
22:23 with water or Aloe Vera gel and put them
22:27 in the freezer and freeze them and then when you are having
22:30 a problem, slip the little ice finger out, whether it's water
22:35 or Aloe Vera gel, insert this into the rectum and hold it
22:38 there, very soothing for... - Hemorrhoids, and proctitis,
22:44 or inflammation of the area. - Right!
22:47 So simple things that it doesn't require a lot of something like
22:53 a TUR or trans urethral resection,
22:55 I would rather go for...
22:56 - Try to avoid those if possible.
22:58 - I've seen a few men who have had a TUR which basically means
23:01 reaming out that prostate to allow the urine to flow through
23:06 a little bit easier, and they walk really dainty for
23:09 quite awhile.
23:10 - Of course I'm sure that for the man who has obstruction
23:13 he is very happy that that is available.
23:15 - It's not only happy but it is a vital thing.
23:17 - Hopefully our instruction to the man can help them to avoid
23:22 that problem.
23:24 - Exercise, diet, so vitally important to a man.
23:28 - And proper weight, well that's the number five thing
23:31 eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds,
23:34 avoid meat, milk, eggs, cheese, and overweight,
23:37 so that's it five and five.
23:38 - Five and five! - You've got your choice men!
23:40 - Yes! Very good! Thank you so much Dr. Miller
23:43 I appreciate that. - Yes!
23:44 - Now again we see very simple things, Aloe Vera being very
23:50 helpful, and heat being very helpful, and the life style
23:54 of course, and we want to emphasize that.
23:56 Now I've asked Cal Thrash to join me to tell a few things
24:02 about some additional matters that we can do, some things
24:06 that we can do for sore throat and infections and also
24:14 some things about the blood pressure,
24:15 Cal welcome to the program. - Thank you!
24:18 - Now you have I see here there is garlic on your table
24:23 so what are you going to tell us about garlic?
24:25 - Well garlic is a useful remedy for various things,
24:28 I use it mainly just to help with getting over colds
24:33 and that type of thing, but it's extremely good for reducing
24:37 the blood sugar, blood cholesterol and also it's good
24:42 to reduce hypertension, in fact it's good for thinning
24:46 the blood it's so good that the people who take Coumadin
24:50 and those types of Warfarin drugs have been warned,
24:53 don't take garlic along with it, because if you do
24:57 you will thin your blood to much, so this is one thing
25:00 that we can recommend to people as being something that's a
25:02 good blood thinner if you don't have to be on a
25:05 prescription. - Yes!
25:06 Well I see you have an aged garlic compound there also.
25:10 - That's correct, this of course is Kyolic but there are many
25:14 brands, basically it is a deodorized garlic
25:19 type of product.
25:21 - So people who have to meet the public might be able to
25:23 so with less offense if they take this.
25:27 - Yes! In fact I take it every day, I don't think you can
25:29 smell it on my breath now. - No, you can't smell it on you
25:31 but they tell me that when I take any kind of garlic compound
25:35 people can smell it on me, I think there are some people
25:38 who don't metabolize garlic as well as others and can be
25:43 smelled on the breath, so you have to know who you are
25:47 and know what to do about garlic.
25:50 - Some of the other things that garlic is good for is to...
25:54 actually it will kill intestinal parasites under some conditions
25:59 and you have to take quite a bit of it for that but it's
26:03 certainly a pleasant way if you like the taste of garlic
26:07 you can just use it on your food and also take some
26:10 additionally as well.
26:11 - And people who have intestinal worms may be very happy to
26:16 take all they can get.
26:17 - That's correct!
26:18 - Well thank you very much for telling us about these things
26:21 I'm charmed with this little rendition about garlic
26:26 I love to talk about garlic, I don't think there is anything
26:30 that we have in the kitchen having more good medicinal
26:36 value than garlic, and in addition to that, garlic can be
26:40 nicely used as a flavoring for food and many people
26:45 prefer to use garlic, if they had only one flavoring for food
26:50 they would probably select garlic, I am one of those
26:53 I really, appreciate garlic.
26:55 Now as you can see from our discussion of simple things
27:00 you can take such a simple affliction as a wound or a scar
27:07 on the hand and you have something that you can do
27:11 for that, some things that may be curative or at least can be
27:16 helpful, and even if they do no good at all,
27:19 they have not done any harm and they have cost very little.
27:23 All the way from a simple remedy like that to a much more
27:28 complex remedy like the device that Dr. Don Miller showed us,
27:33 with the administration of heat through a wand into the rectum.
27:38 So I advise that you become as familiar as you can
27:41 with a variety of home remedies so that you can be the physician
27:46 for your own family, and as you apply these remedies
27:51 to your family, thank our Heavenly Father
27:53 for His divine grace.


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