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Participants: Agatha Thrash (Host), Calvin Thrash, Don Miller, Rhonda clark


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00:01 Hello! I get pretty excited about
00:03 home remedies because they are simple, they are inexpensive
00:07 and they are very effective, and in addition to all of that
00:11 they are extremely safe.
00:12 It is an unusual thing for someone to get hurt by a
00:17 home remedy, especially if they use those simple things
00:20 that are just about the home at all times, such things as
00:24 pots, and cloths, and water, and heat and cold.
00:28 So if you like to study about home remedies and like to
00:32 learn some new uses for some old things, then we invite you
00:35 to stay with us for this program.
00:57 Welcome to Help Yourself To Health
01:00 with Dr. Agatha Thrash of Uchee Pines Institute,
01:03 and now here is your host Dr. Thrash.
01:06 Not the least of the benefits of home remedies is the
01:13 extreme safety of them, for instance herbs.
01:18 Herbal remedies are incredibly safe for the most part
01:21 there are a few that have some side effects, but almost all
01:26 the side effects that an herb can have,
01:28 the drug that you might use to substitute for the herb
01:32 might have a lot more and a lot more serious effects
01:38 on the human body, so if you do use herbs, the important
01:41 thing is to learn those that are safe and are effective
01:45 and just stay with those that you know about.
01:48 Now herbs don't make up a large part of what we talk about
01:53 but some things that might be classified as herbs
01:57 are such things as charcoal, that can be called an herb.
02:02 But then we can use mild things like catnip tea and
02:07 Valerian root and a wide variety of other herbs,
02:13 so I like the herbs as well they are what could be called
02:16 a home remedy.
02:17 There are many home remedies that require devices,
02:21 such devices as a blender, or a mixer, or a double boiler,
02:29 or a slow cooker, these are also things that may be used
02:34 in home remedies.
02:36 Today I would like to show you a number of these things
02:39 that we have learned through the years can be helpful
02:43 can be very useful in the making of the home remedies.
02:47 So I would like to start with some simple things that
02:51 might be helpful for say a kidney stone,
02:54 and for a kidney stone discussion I will ask my son
03:00 Cal Thrash to join me here so that we can tell about a
03:06 personal experience, Cal welcome to the program!
03:09 - Ok! Thank you! - I'm happy that you could
03:10 be here today, and I'd like to talk a bit about this device.
03:15 I think it may have been this very device that we used when
03:20 we were treating your kidney stones.
03:22 - I was going to say why were you going to ask me about
03:24 a kidney stone, maybe because I've had personal experience
03:27 with it. - Yes! We have treated a
03:30 kidney stone for some time for you.
03:33 Now I'd like to ask you, what do you remember about
03:37 a kidney stone as the worst experience?
03:39 - Oh! It's the pain by all means, in fact the first day
03:44 that I really knew that I had a kidney stone,
03:46 I didn't know what was happening.
03:49 I was talking with someone else we were looking at estimating
03:51 a building, standing there and as he talked I felt myself
03:55 bending over and pretty soon I was down here like this
03:59 and I said you carry on, I think I'm going to go now
04:01 and you could not find a comfortable position
04:05 no matter what it was not...
04:06 - You'd twist to the left and you'd twist to the right.
04:08 - It didn't matter you sit down and stand up
04:10 in fact the only thing that I could do was just to kind of
04:13 pace back and forth in this kind of position, lying down
04:16 didn't work, standing up didn't really feel good,
04:19 it was miserable. - Yes! It's a miserable thing,
04:23 in fact I have spoken with women who have both had a
04:26 kidney stone and a baby, and they say the stone is by far
04:32 the worst of the... - That's what I've heard,
04:34 I've only experienced one of those of course.
04:37 - A woman would never choose to have the pain of a baby a
04:42 second time, but far be it from her to choose a second time for
04:46 a kidney stone.
04:47 - Oh yes!
04:48 - Now when we learned that you had a kidney stone,
04:52 we had it diagnosed by a Urologist down town,
04:56 and do you remember what he said to me?
04:59 - He said you will never pass that stone, it's to big
05:04 it's not going to work, and so we're going to have to do
05:08 something, probably try to go up with a basket and snare it
05:11 or perhaps push it back into the kidney and go for
05:13 lithotripsy, and the lithotripsy of course being at that time
05:17 about $10,000 and my wife said well I think you can
05:20 withstand a lot of pain for $10,000, so that wasn't done.
05:24 - Well considering the fact that the stone was big enough
05:30 that the Urologist after he had studied your case
05:33 said that this stone is to big to pass, and then he said
05:37 it's to big and to far up to snare with a basket.
05:40 - That's right! - So his only treatment was
05:43 lithotripsy. - That's right!
05:44 - So you said let's try for awhile with some
05:48 simple remedies.
05:49 - Right!
05:50 - So let's see if we can remember the number
05:52 of herbs that you used, I remember stone root.
05:55 - Stone root! gravel root, marshmallow root,
05:59 and I believe licorice root, there may have been one
06:05 or two others that I can't remember off the top of my head
06:08 but those were the main ones.
06:09 - I remember one time when you were having a good bit of pain
06:13 that we tried some rather off beat things,
06:15 one thing was a magnet, do you remember that?
06:19 - That's true! - When a man came to Uchee Pines
06:22 and he said have you ever tried a magnet for pain, "NO!"
06:25 well they're using it up at Warm Springs Foundation
06:28 you know, which is the Roosevelt Foundation for Polio,
06:32 back before polio sort of played out.
06:35 Then it became a foundation for the treatment of just
06:39 skeletal diseases, so we thought well if they're using it at
06:45 Warm Springs Foundation, that's a really very steady mainstream
06:51 investigative type of organization,
06:55 if they are using it there it must be pretty good.
06:57 So we used a magnet for you, do you remember if that helped?
07:00 - I couldn't really say if it helped to much, to me it
07:05 seemed like it did but it's very difficult to say
07:08 I can say that probably the thing that helped the quickest
07:11 and almost the most consistently was a very hot bath that
07:17 affected the area where the pain was, which of course was
07:20 generally speaking in your back, and the idea here
07:24 of course is not the same kind of thing that we try to do with
07:27 hot half-bath which is try to raise the temperature.
07:30 The idea is to relax the smooth muscle to relieve the pressure
07:35 on the kidney because the kidney wasn't designed to
07:37 hold the urine, it was another organ for that, so it makes a
07:42 considerable amount of pain that constricts there and then
07:45 and you end out getting pressure there on the ureter
07:48 and so what we did, and I remember that it was a
07:51 nurse anesthetist that told me about this treatment is was
07:54 very effective to try to hang out of the bath tub as much
07:59 as you can but put that area just of the area of your back
08:02 that really hurt the worse into the hot water,
08:05 as hot as you could stand it, and remain there for an hour
08:09 and you kind of have to hang out of the bath tub to stay
08:12 in the hot water, the water is as hot as you can stand it
08:13 for an hour because it's pretty hot.
08:15 - You get to sweating I'm pretty sure even with hanging
08:18 out of the bath tub. - Now the point is that within
08:20 about 10 minutes you'll begin to feel better, in fact
08:23 you'll think hey! the pain is subsiding, I think I can
08:26 get out now.
08:27 Don't do that, you may need to get out to urinate
08:30 because you will feel like you need to urinate pretty
08:32 quickly, as soon as the pressure begins to relieve around the
08:34 stone a little bit.
08:35 - The urine that has collected up above the stone passes
08:40 down into the bladder. - Right!
08:41 - Then you will begin to feel as if you need to urinate.
08:44 - Right! But as soon as you get finished go right back into
08:47 the hot bath, if you don't you are looking for more pain
08:50 and perhaps even trip to the hospital where it may not
08:54 work as well the second time as it did the first time.
08:57 So don't get out when you start feeling a little better
08:59 make sure you stick with it for the whole hour.
09:01 - Yes! I love the hot half-bath it's useful for so many things
09:05 it's useful for the flu and colds and all sorts of
09:09 skeletal problems and as we've just heard it's good for a
09:12 kidney stone.
09:14 Now just briefly I'd like to explain what we did with this
09:18 I don't think this helped at all but somebody told us
09:21 if you'll use a vibrator on the back just over the place
09:25 where the major portion of the pain is, that will help
09:28 so we dutifully did that, and I remember that you drank
09:32 about two quarts of water within about a half an hour.
09:35 I was going to say there was a little bit of preparation
09:37 that was necessary before the massage took place,
09:41 we did I think about as much water as I'd ever had to drink
09:47 in my whole life, all in one sitting.
09:50 - Yes! - It seems like it was something
09:52 to the tune of about four liters or maybe more than that
09:55 I can't remember, as much as I could get down was what we
09:58 tried to do. - Within an hour you had
09:59 more than a gallon. - We had really pumped the
10:02 water in then of course then tried with the...
10:04 - And another thing that we did was magnesium sulfate
10:07 and that is very helpful, that magnesium sulfate will
10:11 help relax the smooth muscle, that's Epsom salts,
10:13 and then we use this vibrator, I don't really think it
10:18 did any good, but it's held on the back and the stone is
10:23 supposed to vibrate down the ureter and pass out
10:27 into the bladder.
10:28 So some remedies that you hear about for a kidney stone
10:31 may be good and some may not be so good, but you may
10:36 want to try ever one, except the one that we think
10:40 really helped Cal the most and that was the one on
10:43 New Year's Day wasn't it. - That's right!
10:45 - On New Year's Day! - A friend of yours came to
10:46 visit I remember. - Right! Big burly guy!
10:49 - And he said you're such a little twerp I could just turn
10:54 you upside down and shake you.
10:55 - That's right, and he did, and he turned me on my head
10:58 and tickled my feet a little bit and I wrenched around
11:01 a little bit and almost immediately I felt like
11:03 I need to go to the bathroom and passed that stone
11:06 almost immediately.
11:07 - Because I can remember you called me and said "Mom
11:09 what would you like as a New Year's Day present?"
11:10 I said nothing could please me more than to see your stone
11:15 he said well I'll show it to you.
11:17 - Yep, I'll show it to you and it was an unusual looking
11:19 little thing too. - Yes it was it was barbed
11:22 and burrs all over it so I can see why the urologist said
11:27 it would never pass, it was to large.
11:29 - Than God it did! - Yes, we certainly were very
11:33 grateful for that.
11:35 Ok! You have anything else that you would like to talk about?
11:38 - Well I thought I would talk a little bit about a sore throat,
11:40 you know we had talked about charcoal before, one thing
11:44 that I like that's very effective for sore throats
11:46 when you are just beginning to get a cold is to use a zinc
11:50 lozenge and as long as you can use the sugar free variety
11:53 and keep it in your mouth and they say only to use one
11:57 maybe every few hours, but if you can stand the little bit of
12:01 stomach upset that comes with zinc it's good to keep
12:06 your throat bathed with that zinc for quite a little while
12:09 and I've actually been able to fight off a sore throat and
12:12 a cold just with that alone and of course being careful
12:15 not to be more chilled and to make sure I'm not eating
12:20 anything that has any more sugar in it, all of those things
12:23 being something that would make you have more likely hood
12:26 to have a cold which is not what you want to do when you're
12:28 just coming down with a sore throat.
12:30 - Precisely! - But one thing that is helpful
12:32 if you do have a sore throat and it doesn't seem to be
12:36 going away, and to help fight the pain and actually to
12:38 help with taking up some of the viruses that are present
12:43 there is to use a charcoal tablet, you have to use these
12:47 old fashioned variety that we have in Uchee Pines.
12:52 The new ones that have come out are designed to dissolve
12:54 very quickly and so they don't actually have the lozenge effect
12:59 but these are hard enough that they will dissolve slowly and
13:02 bathe the throat with the charcoal which of course is
13:05 what you are trying to do, and it really does relieve the pain
13:08 quite well. - Well this kind of tablet
13:12 just fit behind a tooth, couldn't it?
13:14 - It could! - Ok, very good!
13:16 Well I like that treatment for a sore throat, do you ever do
13:20 anything else for a sore throat, the zinc lozenge, the charcoal
13:23 lozenge, do you ever do a gargle?
13:26 - We have recommended gargles in the past quite honestly
13:31 they don't work as well on me as they do on other people.
13:33 - Ok, now I wanted you to mention that because not every
13:37 remedy that we say for one person is going to work
13:40 for everybody. - That's true!
13:41 - So you have to pick and choose what you are going to use and
13:44 find out those remedies that are the best for you.
13:48 - And of course you wouldn't want to leave the subject of
13:51 sore throat without talking about the heating compress
13:53 a little bit. - The heating compress is a
13:55 very good... A cold cloth, then the plastic
13:59 wrap and then a bandage to hold it on.
14:01 - Right! - Yes! We talk about these
14:03 we tell about these and our books on Natural Remedies
14:06 and Home Remedies, both of which can be obtained from an
14:10 ordinary book store or from our book store at Uchee Pines.
14:13 Thank you so much for joining us today on the program.
14:19 Now I would like to have another of my assistants to join me
14:23 Dr. Don Miller and Dr. Miller has a wide experience in
14:30 treating people not only in this country but in various
14:33 parts of the world, Uchee Pines sends him to the far flung
14:38 recesses of the world.
14:40 Dr. Miller what have you learned about soy beans?
14:44 - Ahhh! I've learned one really important thing.
14:47 - What is that? - They become my favorite food!
14:50 - Yes! And its a good food to eat and it's good to the taste,
14:54 is there any other reason why you like it so much?
14:57 - First let me recommend to people how best to eat
14:59 these things, green soybeans steamed with a little bit
15:03 of salt, it's one of the most fantastic flavors,
15:06 I ran into this in Japan.
15:07 Now Japan one of the longest lived people, they live for a
15:12 long time there, very healthy bunch of people and they eat
15:16 a lot of soy.
15:17 Soy has many good products, or many good phytochemicals inside
15:22 this tiny little white bean.
15:24 Now let me say this sometimes it's what we take in to replace
15:30 something else that's our benefit, this has both of the
15:34 benefits, because many people they eat a lot,
15:37 and drink a lot of milk, well if you drink soy milk
15:40 it's replacing dairy milk.
15:42 - Yes! - We know that there are
15:43 five things that are predisposed to prostate cancer: meat,
15:47 milk, eggs, cheese, and being overweight, the first four
15:52 leads to number five, all five lead to prostate problems
15:56 whether it's going to be prostate cancer or just an
15:59 enlarged prostate and so we find if you take something like
16:02 soy and as a replacement its making soy milk which is an
16:07 extremely good food, it's going to give you the replacement
16:11 factor plus there are the phyto- chemicals in there one of them
16:16 is genistein, this has an angio- genesis factor, all tumors
16:22 when you start developing a tumor if it gets large enough
16:25 has to have a blood supply, that's called angio-genesis
16:28 it starts building, we've got these little growth factors
16:31 in our body that causes us to build a blood network
16:35 and this is a good thing if you are working out with weights
16:38 you are building more muscle mass, your body builds more
16:41 blood capillaries to feed those muscles.
16:44 Same thing with the tumor as the tumor grows we get this
16:48 growth of the network of capillaries but this genistein
16:54 in the soy beans stops that process.
16:58 - Anti-angiogenesis factor. - Right!
17:01 And that's extremely important.
17:03 - Yes it is, now about soybeans, you mentioned about milk
17:07 being extremely good, it's very nourishing,
17:09 what would say if I told you that I liked commercial
17:14 soy milks and the sweeter the better.
17:16 - Well there's a few problems with commercial soy milks
17:20 you read the ingredients and they look pretty good and
17:23 for the most part they are totally vegan and that is good
17:27 but there's that one thing down there called carrageenan
17:29 and that is from a seaweed
17:34 but this acts as a glue and it's not
17:37 the most healthy thing in the body either, and so I would
17:41 rather make my own, with just soy.
17:42 - And then of course the sugar and the purified
17:46 protein derivatives and other things and generally speaking
17:51 it's better to make your own soy milk and the soy milk maker
17:55 such as you can see here... A soy milk maker can be obtained
17:59 now I think for under a hundred dollars and if you use soy milk
18:04 a lot, it's money well spent.
18:07 - The nice thing about many of your soy milk makers is
18:11 once you've made the milk, what's left over,
18:13 what do you call that's left over?
18:14 - That's called the okara! - Okara looks like okra.
18:17 - Yes and you can use that in so many ways, you can use it
18:20 in breads and waffles and stews, soups.
18:23 - We got a Japanese woman at Uchee Pines who is a marvel
18:26 with things and she can make pies out of this okara.
18:29 - Oh yes, and another thing that our cook at Uchee Pines
18:33 who is Japanese and does wonders with foods.
18:35 What she has is these soy beans that she gets from
18:41 the Asian markets that are still in the shell and it ends
18:46 with mommy, do you remember the name of that?
18:48 - No I don't! - I can't think of the name
18:51 of it right now but it's a conversation piece in this
18:54 country, so you just take a handful and put that on
18:58 a little plate and serve that to people either hot or cold
19:02 and they are absolutely delightful.
19:05 - Oh, they make me big bags when I'm traveling in Japan
19:08 because they know that this is...
19:09 If you liked cheese back when you used to eat cheese,
19:13 it's got sort of a cheesy flavor and almost a cheesy consistency.
19:17 - Yes! - I you just sit there and bite,
19:19 I just bite them and squeeze them off my mouth.
19:21 - That's the way that people eat them, whether they
19:22 open them up or whether they pop them into the mouth by
19:26 the process of pulling the pod, but at any rate it's soy
19:31 I like very much. - Yes!
19:32 - I appreciate your telling us about soy, thank you so much.
19:36 Now there are many other remedies that we can talk about
19:42 and soy has so many good remedies: anti-cancer,
19:46 anti-osteoporosis, anti- prostate enlargement,
19:50 anti-breast cancer, so many good remedies,
19:54 even if a person already has osteoporosis and they take
19:57 a lot of soy products, just as little as a quarter cup of
20:02 cooked soybeans per day that can be so beneficial for
20:08 osteoporosis that has already developed.
20:10 Now I have asked Rhonda Clark to join me today and I can see
20:18 by what you have, that you have some remedies to show us.
20:22 - Yes, I have a remedy that involves a snorkel
20:25 of all things. - I like to go snorkeling
20:26 in the ocean!
20:28 - Well this is a snorkeling in a basin, and it's one of the
20:30 best treatments for relieving sinus pressure and congestion
20:34 and I've asked our assistant Miss Arianna Hartsfield to come
20:37 and join me today, we're going to be demonstrating a treatment
20:40 known... - Come right up in here!
20:42 Thanks Arianna, a treatment known as a facial contrast bath.
20:47 The principle behind this treatment is to put hot and cold
20:51 alternating water over the entire face, submerging
20:55 all these sinus areas and the nasal passage ways in the water
20:59 to help relieve congestion, bring an influx of circulation
21:03 to the area to help fight the infection, and because the
21:07 treatment takes a little longer period of time that one
21:09 can hold their breath, we use a snorkel.
21:12 Now Arianna will demonstrate how this works for us
21:17 and I wanted to show some of the equipment in addition to the
21:19 snorkel that we use for this treatment.
21:21 On the table here I have placed two basins and at home you need
21:25 nice deep basins or pots, you might even have a sink
21:29 that's deep enough that you can put your face clear down in
21:31 and you want the water not to cover the ears, but to cover
21:35 over the chin up to the bottom of the ears, around the forehead
21:39 the entire face.
21:40 You'll need one for very hot water, as hot as you can take it
21:45 on the face, the other will be cold water, in fact it's nice
21:48 to have some ice cubes floating around in there to make a nice
21:51 contrast between the two.
21:53 You may notice that I have also handily kept a box of Kleenex
21:57 nearby as this treatment goes along you will start having
22:02 secretions coming from your nose and sinuses,
22:04 so it's nice to have some Kleenex handy and then of course
22:07 a towel for finishing the treatment.
22:09 If Arianna will put the snorkel in the mouth,
22:12 the snorkels are easily obtained at any department store,
22:15 I paid just $5.00 for this at a local department store
22:18 there is a place that you bite with you teeth an the lips
22:22 come over just as Arianna is demonstrating, and this is just
22:25 to keep breathing through the mouth during the treatment.
22:28 You begin in the basin with the hot water, and you will see
22:31 Arianna will dip her face clear down into the hot water
22:33 she's breathing through the snorkel, and she will want to
22:37 stay in the hot water for about three minutes, it really goes by
22:41 quickly, next then she will want to without drying off her
22:45 face move right over into the ice water, and as her assistant
22:51 while she is in the ice water, I'll be adding a little more
22:54 hot water to the basin, she'll only be in the ice water for
22:57 thirty seconds, then she'll switch back over into the hot
23:01 and as she's back in the hot I will go ahead and add
23:04 maybe a couple more ice cubes to the cold.
23:06 We'll do five rotations, maybe more, depending how congested
23:11 the sinuses are, how much pain she has, someone says they
23:14 always do seven rotations because seven is the
23:17 perfect number and there is nothing wrong with
23:18 seven rotations.
23:19 Then to finish just have them lift their head a little
23:23 over the basin, they will actually be over the cold
23:25 ice water basin as they finish, lift their head up just
23:28 a little bit, they can remove the snorkel and set it down
23:31 and you are drip, drip, dripping, so here's a towel
23:34 and we'll pat your face, and it's amazing how the secretions
23:39 will begin to flow and you did a good job, thank you.
23:42 Thanks so much... And the relief of the pressure
23:49 in the sinuses is just incredible, this also can help
23:52 clear up an infection of the sinuses because of the
23:54 stimulation it does for the immune system in that area.
23:57 I was really excited to share that with you today!
24:01 - Yes! Thank you so much, I like this treatment very much.
24:04 The thing that is so good is that the entire sinus system
24:10 can be treated all at one time.
24:12 - Yes! - Now I like this treatment
24:15 because it is a treatment for glaucoma, but there are
24:20 other ways that you can work with glaucoma, do you know
24:23 some of these other ways that you would like to share?
24:26 - I do, one thing that is interesting about glaucoma,
24:28 I found this fascinating, when you are drinking water and it's
24:31 very important to drink water, when you have glaucoma
24:34 you should be sure to drink it in sips over the course of day
24:37 rather than in large amounts at once.
24:39 In one study they found that individuals who drank
24:42 a quart of water over 30 min which isn't an especially fast
24:45 rate for me as you try to keep plenty of water going in,
24:49 there was an increase in the intraocular pressure.
24:51 - What do you know! - Very surprising!
24:53 - Do you know if it also increases blood pressure
24:56 to drink a lot of water at one time, did they say anything
24:59 about that? - They didn't, that sounds an
25:01 interesting possibility. - We should do a study
25:03 about that at Uchee Pines. - That sounds very good!
25:06 - Well thank you so much! - Sure!
25:08 - I appreciate your being on the program today.
25:11 - I'm very delighted to be here, thank you!
25:12 - Now there are some other things that I think should be
25:15 in our home health kit, besides some of these that I mentioned,
25:21 and one is a simple magnifying glass so that splinters and
25:28 little lesions can be examined carefully, and one can carefully
25:34 look over the toenails and fingernails to see if anything
25:39 may be growing in some place that it shouldn't grow
25:43 and if we have some kind of mole or other kind of facial
25:48 lesion or lesion on the hands, one may need to have someone
25:53 look at these lesions to see as if they are threatening.
25:58 Now another thing that I use a lot is cayenne extract
26:04 and you can purchase that commercially with a product
26:09 named "Heat."
26:10 Heat doesn't cost a lot, but it has a little applicator
26:15 which is very nice and this has cayenne, and a number of
26:20 other medicinal things in it, and it can be rubbed on places
26:25 where there are chronically painful areas, such as
26:31 chronic back aches, and chronic knee aches, and the bottoms of
26:35 the foot when a person has plantar fascitis,
26:38 now you can make your own but it isn't as nice as having
26:42 something like this which you can commercially get
26:45 for just a little.
26:46 There is also a tube of Zostrix or other cayenne extract which
26:51 you can purchase at a pharmacy that also can be used for the
26:55 very same things, it seems that these commercial things
26:59 are a little more handy than just putting cayenne pepper
27:05 in some rubbing alcohol and dipping a cotton swab in it
27:11 and using that for the back pain, or the knee pain, or the
27:15 plantar fascitis, maybe it's those things we buy and
27:18 have to pay money for, they may be more effective.
27:22 I like to have this kind of device, it's just a scrubber
27:27 for the back for people who have trouble relaxing before
27:30 they go to bed, and if they just scratch the back all over
27:36 with such a device as this, it will often cause them to relax
27:41 and if you got a back ache, it can help a back ache a bit
27:45 and often people can sleep who otherwise might not be able to
27:50 sleep. May the Lord Bless you with
27:53 more simple remedies even than these.


Revised 2014-12-17