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Participants: Agatha Thrash (Host), Don Miller, Rhonda Clark


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00:01 Hello! One thing that I like very much about simple remedies
00:05 is their simplicity.
00:07 I like the fact that even on the telephone I can tell
00:11 a mother what to do for her child, or a husband what to do
00:14 for his wife and expect that they will be able to follow
00:17 these instructions very carefully and get an
00:21 effective result.
00:22 So because of the many things, the many advantages that simple
00:27 remedies have, we hope that you will join us for this
00:30 program because we will be discussing a number
00:33 of simple remedies.
00:55 Welcome to Help Yourself to Health
00:57 with Dr. Agatha Thrash of Uchee Pines Institute,
01:00 and now here is your host Dr. Thrash.
01:06 I suppose there are probably as many remedies as there are
01:14 people who practice them multiplied by 100,
01:17 because everybody knows everybody who uses simple
01:20 remedies knows many, so I would like to show you some
01:24 of the ones that through the years I have learned and I
01:27 always enjoy learning more and from time to time somebody
01:30 will tell me a hundred new remedies and so I have a
01:34 bunch that I would like to show you here.
01:36 One thing is something that you should have in any good home
01:44 remedies kit, or home kit for home remedies, and that's just
01:48 a simple hand mirror.
01:51 Here you can look at things that you cannot see just
01:55 by looking directly at it, you can see on the bottom
01:58 of the foot, you can see on the back, on the bottom,
02:01 on the side, back of the head, and so everybody needs a
02:06 good hand mirror in the home remedies kit.
02:11 Now you need also a number of very simple things,
02:14 some of the oils that we might call fragrances or essence's,
02:20 some of those are really quite good.
02:22 One used for headache is lavender oil, and a little
02:27 cotton pledget wet with lavender oil and pinned to
02:32 the pillowcase can help a headache that one goes to bed
02:36 with at night, and some other oils, one that I like a lot is
02:41 Melissa oil, or also called citronella, and it has a
02:47 citrus smell, and the way to use it is to simply wet the
02:51 finger and then put it on the back behind the ears because
02:56 that's where little insects tend to enjoy being, and around
02:59 the wrists can be put in dabs around.
03:03 This is not related to citrus at all, except that it smells
03:07 like citrus fruit but it's a little herb called Melissa
03:13 and the oil is called Melissa oil.
03:15 Then of course there is Aloe Vera gel and Aloe Vera plants,
03:20 this kind of thing can be purchased at any health food
03:25 store, this is a gel and as you can see it is quite gel like
03:31 and this gel can be rubbed on burns and can be rubbed on
03:36 scrapes and anything that gets infected,
03:40 that's a very good way to use that.
03:43 Now this is wintergreen, oil of wintergreen, it's one of my
03:47 favorite fragrances, I like very much the smell of
03:51 wintergreen and I use this a lot in massage oil.
03:56 Wintergreen has a pain reducing element and if a person has a
04:01 back ache or a hip ache, or a knee ache and you put this in
04:05 some mineral oil with half alcohol so it's half alcohol
04:09 half mineral oil and a few drops of this oil of wintergreen
04:16 that can be so helpful for any kind of pain,
04:20 I like that for the home health kit for use in that way.
04:28 Now a lot of people get that problem that you know about
04:34 called plantar fascitis, and these little heel cups are
04:39 very nice for that.
04:40 A heel cup what we do is to put a persons foot right in
04:47 the heel cup and they simply wear these inside the shoe.
04:51 Now you would think such a simple remedy could it possibly
04:54 be helpful for the serious affliction that I have on the
05:00 bottom of my feet, I don't think such a simple thing
05:03 could help.
05:04 I hear that kind of statement all the time,
05:06 but I can assure you that these can be helpful
05:10 but something that I like probably the very best
05:13 for this kind of affliction is a cayenne extract and I don't
05:20 have any with me and I would not smell of it any way
05:22 because it is the red pepper extract, or cayenne extract
05:26 and it can set your nasal passages on fire when you
05:31 smell it, so you don't want to just go around smelling it.
05:34 But if you have plantar fascitis and it is simply painted on
05:38 the plantar surface of the sole of the foot,
05:43 and if you do it for six times a day for six days then you can
05:49 drop down to two times a day and it often will help you to
05:53 walk comfortably when nothing else will, so I like that
05:56 very much.
05:57 Now I have another thing here to show you and that is how
06:00 to make soy milk, I don't promote any of thee commercial
06:06 soy milks because of the fact that some of them do have
06:11 substances that you cannot trust might be the most
06:15 healthful for you.
06:17 So you can purchase these little soy milk makers and many of them
06:23 work by this process, they simply have a little mesh affair
06:32 that holds the soy beans, and I have here a quarter cup
06:39 of soy beans, and that's the amount that we need to use
06:42 for this kind of equipment.
06:46 This particular one is called a Soy Toy, it's one of the
06:50 earlier ones and there are many of these now and you can
06:55 use any of these that you like, they are very good.
06:58 In fact some are improved over this one and the
07:01 little soy beans are the little round beans
07:05 that you are very familiar with.
07:07 You simply put a quarter of a cup of the soybeans in this
07:12 particular type of equipment, then you can see that it has
07:15 a blender type of blade and this is then put in place
07:23 and the bowl of it can be filled either to the 1300 or
07:30 the 1700 cc position and I don't think you will be able to
07:34 see it but you can tell that the inside is stainless steel
07:38 and it had a little marked off area where one can see the
07:42 place to fill the hopper of it and very nice, it cleans up
07:51 very easily and I like this very much.
07:54 Once you have the water in and you fix this on, it has to
08:01 on in exactly the right way, sometimes I have loaned my
08:05 little soy milk maker to people and they put it on with the
08:08 spout out here, that won't work, it has to go here
08:12 where it has the little connection as you can see there.
08:16 Then you close it down, very simply done, plug it in and
08:22 press start and you are off and running.
08:25 Twenty minutes later or up to 27 minutes, I think this one
08:30 actually requires 27 minutes from the time you press start
08:36 until you are pouring up nice soy milk, it is delicious
08:41 in flavor and it's easy to flavor up or season in any way
08:47 you would like, you could put a sweetener with it,
08:50 you can even start with a juice, don't tell the manufacturer that
08:54 because they don't recommend that I don't think.
08:56 You can even use rice in it to make rice milk, that also
09:01 can be flavored up nicely, you should put a little salt
09:06 in it, usually about a teaspoon full per quart.
09:10 Now with this kind of equipment you can make a product
09:16 very good for the bones, good for the heart, good for the
09:20 arteries, it decelerates the rate at which people age,
09:25 I like that about it.
09:26 It also helps the eyes, it preserves our delicate senses
09:33 into advanced old age, so there are many good things
09:36 about soy, and I'm probably not even mentioning half of the
09:39 good benefits of soy.
09:42 So I recommend that you make your own soy milk, so that you
09:45 get the full benefit of the soy and not just a part of it
09:49 as you might with some kind of commercial product,
09:52 or even get a product that isn't healthful at all, that is
09:57 actually counter productive for the health.
10:01 Now I have asked Rhonda Clark to join me, Rhonda welcome!
10:06 - Thank you! - Rhonda is one of my colleagues
10:09 at Uchee Pines and works with me in lecturing but also works
10:13 as a counselor with our other counseling staff there at
10:17 Uchee Pines, so I am so glad you can be with me today
10:21 and I would like to know what you are going to tell people.
10:24 - Well I wanted to share today a special hydrotherapy type of
10:28 home remedy type of treatment. - Good!
10:30 - It's called a salt glow, and these are becoming popular
10:33 in beauty salons, health spas, as an exfoliating treatment
10:37 which makes the skin very soft and smooth, but there is
10:41 very healthful properties to a salt glow as well.
10:44 - Yes, I like the salt glow for just toning up if you feel a
10:48 little bit tired or under the weather, if you know someone
10:53 who knows how to do a salt glow, just feel marvelous
10:56 it boosts the immune system you get over the cold or the
11:00 flu a lot quicker and I like it a lot.
11:03 I've also seen it used for intractable epilepsy,
11:07 the kind where the person has a seizure and then before
11:11 they can fully awaken from that one, and then they get another
11:14 seizure, and another seizure.
11:16 In a field seizure one time
11:17 when there no physician available anywhere, no drugs,
11:20 nothing available anywhere, we had such a patient,
11:24 so we put the patient in a bath tub and gave a salt glow
11:29 and the patient stopped seizing and we were just thanking
11:33 the Lord, of course we had a team of people in the next room
11:36 praying for the Lord's blessing and I'm sure that the Lord
11:39 gave us His special blessing, and assisted our simple
11:43 treatment with success.
11:44 - Wow! You know I know that another group of patients that
11:49 often can't take a regular hydrotherapy type of treatment
11:52 especially a hot treatment, or diabetic patients, sometimes
11:55 because they've lost the sensation in their extremities
11:58 and so we worry about burning them but also just metabolically
12:02 sometimes the heating treatments that we give at the
12:03 Lifestyle Center increase the metabolism to a point that
12:06 it's difficult for the diabetic body to keep up with that.
12:09 But the salt glow is a wonderful way to increase the circulation
12:12 and in helping the diabetic patient who can't take a
12:15 regular heating treatment. - Yes!
12:17 - So I've invited Miss Arianna Hartsfield to come up and
12:20 if she'll come and join us today she's going to be our
12:22 demonstratee, and let me demonstrate this wonderful
12:26 treatment known as a salt glow.
12:28 The type of salt that you use is a salt glow is important,
12:32 table salt will be to fine and will not give enough of a
12:37 rub or friction to the skin and you certainly don't want
12:40 to use the large rock salt crystals like people have made
12:44 ice cream with or used clear snow and ice off of their
12:47 driveway, that would be to course.
12:50 What we recommend is known as kosher salt or course salt
12:54 and this can be obtained really any place where people do
12:57 canning, pickling, those places sell this type of salt.
13:01 It's a nice medium sized grain of salt, and you'll notice
13:05 as I pour it here in the basin it has a nice large
13:10 crystal size to it, each chunk of the salt is a little big
13:15 more than what you would see that you would sprinkle on
13:17 your food. - Yes, table salt melts and
13:21 dissolves and pretty soon you have no salt you just have
13:25 a solution. - A little saline glow!
13:28 And I've not put as much in the bowl here as you would
13:32 if you would be going to be doing a salt glow on your
13:34 entire body, and that's the intent of the treatment,
13:36 beginning with the extremities and working towards the
13:39 center of the body, towards the heart to begin with the
13:42 rubbing of this salt on to the body and so you might need a
13:46 much larger amount than what I've put in the bowl for our
13:48 demonstration.
13:49 You do want to wet this salt a bit, to have it just wet
13:54 enough to stick to the skin but you don't want it soupy,
13:57 there really will take very little water to moisten this
14:01 bit of salt here for our treatment, just a couple little
14:04 drops of water may be enough, we'll see here.
14:06 And as you mix it with your fingers it actually helps you
14:09 get a better feeling if you have the right consistency
14:13 and this looks, well maybe put a little bit more water
14:16 just enough so that it will stick without...
14:20 you don't want it to wet, you want to keep those salt
14:24 granules as intact as you can because they are what's
14:27 providing the friction, which is the beneficial component
14:30 of this treatment and Arianna if you would raise up a sleeve
14:34 for me we will demonstrate on your arm here the technique.
14:38 I will put a little towel here under us so we try not to get
14:43 to much salt all over everything,
14:45 you want to lay your arm a little bit more over on the
14:50 towel, there we go, and let's turn your hand the
14:52 other way, I think we can see it here on the skin a little bit
14:55 better, you want to take about a teaspoonful, oh thank you
14:58 Dr. Thrash, a teaspoon full or a little bit more
15:02 of the salt into your hand to begin the friction and it
15:08 goes on the skin and you rub rather briskly.
15:10 - Does that feel good? - It might sting just a little
15:13 actually and you want to get more as you run out
15:16 you just get a little more, and when you are doing this on
15:20 yourself in a circular motion like this might be good but
15:23 you want to try to get a nice red glow to the skin,
15:26 we'll do one more time here. - And you need to watch the
15:32 patient and make sure that you haven't taken off the top
15:35 layer of skin. - You can see how her skin is
15:39 pinking up very nicely, it's looking quite pink
15:41 and this is the intent of the treatment,
15:43 it's to be very warming very stimulating and when you are
15:46 doing in on yourself, again you start with your arms
15:48 working up, get your chest and abdomen, if you need any help
15:52 getting your back, you can put some of the salt solution
15:54 in a towel and then scrape along your back, and I guess we can
15:57 start brushing this off, or I also brought this along
16:01 a back brush.
16:03 This is something that you could use to just put down
16:06 into the salt solution itself and really get it full of the
16:10 salt and then can do your own back with this.
16:13 The ending of the treatment is to just rinse off in a
16:17 tepid shower and get all of the salt off of your skin
16:20 and you don't want to leave any of that on your skin at all
16:23 so rinse off well and Miss Hartsfield will be
16:26 rinsing off here as she finishes helping me and then
16:30 rest, it's nice to rest for a bit after the treatment,
16:32 if you can, or you might just have to go on to work so
16:35 if you take it to yourself to help liven up, know that
16:39 it might make you a little sweatier to stimulate you
16:41 enough, don't let that surprise you.
16:43 - It is a stimulatory treatment but then after awhile it is
16:49 relaxing so if you go to work you might fall asleep over your
16:52 keyboard.
16:53 Thank you so much Rhonda! - You are so welcome!
16:57 I appreciate your showing the salt glow it's an important
16:59 treatment, and I like it very much.
17:00 Now I'd like to have Arianna help me with a couple of
17:06 other treatments, one is this lumbar roll which is for
17:13 a very large person, but it can be very helpful.
17:18 If you will hold your arms up I will just put it around and
17:23 it can be just... Maybe I will just go ahead and
17:26 put it all the way around and hold that for me right there,
17:30 and I'll just put this right here and then around to
17:36 this side and the lumbar support should be quite tight
17:44 as you can see here, firmly tight, and that is quite helpful
17:49 and people who are very active who lift things or who are
17:54 lying in bed a long time and they begin to get some
17:58 difficulty because of lying in bed,
18:01 the low back begins to hurt.
18:03 For these individuals if they wear one of these it can be
18:07 very helpful.
18:08 People who have to lye in a hospital bed with the knees up,
18:12 Arianna I need you for another thing so don't go away.
18:15 They have to be with their knees up for a long time and
18:20 the bed is propped up, sometimes they will get a low back pain
18:23 as well.
18:24 Now Arianna I would like to show this little device here
18:30 while this is a massage assistant and it looks as if
18:36 it's a little spider, it's a little thing made of wood
18:40 so if you will turn your back this is so nice.
18:45 Does that feel good Arianna?
18:46 Isn't that nice, this just rubs across sore muscles and
18:52 by the way massage strokes are more for muscle than
18:57 they are for bones so don't get to vigorous with the
19:01 massage stroke that comes across a bone like that.
19:05 You have to be very careful not to do that but to stay
19:08 with the muscles and a person who is not a very big person
19:12 as Arianna is not, they are not very hefty coming down
19:19 across the vertebral spines will not be pleasant for
19:24 such a person so you should go to one side or the other but
19:27 not straight down the spine like this.
19:29 Of course the muscles that are down here and the muscles
19:33 that are on the arms, these can be nicely worked with
19:37 with a very simple thing such as this.
19:41 Thank you so much Arianna, I appreciate your being my helper.
19:45 Now another thing that I like to see in the home health kit
19:51 is an eye wash cup.
19:54 These are available from pharmacies they just have
19:57 a little depression in them such as this and this depression
20:01 can hold several kinds of fluid, saline is one kind of
20:07 fluid that this holds, and the saline is made up with
20:11 one teaspoon of salt to one level pint of water.
20:17 Now a pint is two cups or one half quart, so either way,
20:23 any way you can measure one teaspoon, two cups of water
20:27 and that gives saline.
20:29 Fill the cup with the saline then it is put right against
20:33 the eye in this fashion and while one is bending over
20:36 or up like this, one can bat the eyes multiple times
20:41 and that of course will cause the eye to get washed out,
20:46 it's very good in cases of conjunctivitis, or in cases
20:52 of something getting into the eye, so that can be
20:56 most helpful.
20:57 Now for women I recommend that they get some little device
21:02 such as this, a little bar bell for women and I have two
21:08 of these right at my desk and no matter what I am doing
21:14 at my desk if I am only using one hand then I use the other
21:20 hand if I don't have to concentrate to much with
21:23 this hand, say with writing, I use this just to work my hands
21:30 up and down, but I really like to use both of them.
21:34 So if I am sitting talking with someone on the speaker phone
21:39 then I can be doing all sorts of things with dumb bells and
21:44 they don't have to know that I am doing my exercises
21:48 while I am also talking on the telephone.
21:50 That can be very nice, and of course all sorts of curls
21:53 can be done in this way so just over the head or around
21:58 behind the back, any way that you can find to move the
22:03 dumb bells, this exercises different muscle sets.
22:07 Now another thing that I like to have at my desk for long time
22:13 simple things that I do that don't require to much
22:17 concentration is work with this, so you just work with
22:22 this a bit and again this can be stretched in any one of
22:29 many different ways.
22:30 You can stretch it up and do it on diagonals and this way
22:35 you can put it over the back, and of course it can be done
22:38 this way, you can do it fast or slow, and when you do it
22:45 fast you get a different kind of reaction than you do
22:48 when you do it slowly.
22:49 So in all manner of ways you can do this, even at times
22:54 I have had to watch videos or do some kind of work
23:00 of that nature so I just hook it over my toes and stretch it
23:05 out in that way, one after the other, it's easy to find
23:12 different ways and different muscle groups that can be
23:16 exercised with this kind of thing.
23:19 Another kind of exerciser is this kind of exerciser,
23:24 I'm going to tell you although I don't expect you really to
23:29 believe me that working out with a little hand exerciser
23:35 such as this can help you not to have glaucoma.
23:39 Now glaucoma is an increased pressure inside the eyes
23:46 which can cause blindness so of course it is quite serious
23:50 and when I read this first in a medical journal I thought
23:54 it was the Journal of Medical Association and I thought "Oh"
23:57 the journal has become spiritualistic because
24:01 what about working out with a hand exerciser such as this
24:06 could keep a person from getting glaucoma or could treat the
24:10 glaucoma if you already have it and the idea is that as you
24:16 work out with a hand exerciser such as this, it increases the
24:21 carbon dioxide in the blood, just a little and that relaxes
24:28 the tension inside the eyes.
24:32 Now anything that relaxes the tension in the eyes will also
24:36 relax the blood pressure, so if a person has high blood
24:39 working out with one of these little hand exercisers can be
24:43 very helpful, and so people who do spend a lot of time
24:46 telephoning, when it's not to distracting to do some little
24:53 exercising such as this, one can simply work out with
24:57 the little exerciser such as this in times of
25:01 this kind of stress.
25:02 Now here is another thing that I like to see in people's
25:07 home health kit, and this is a venomous bite kit extractor.
25:13 Now the venomous bite extractor can be used for a number of
25:17 different kinds of venomous bites and the instructions
25:20 usually come with such a kit and you can see this kit
25:25 has a little shaver in it to remove hair, and the hair is
25:34 sometimes in the way of the extractor so the hair may need
25:39 to be removed, so the little razor and then the extractor
25:44 itself with the little cups and here is the largest cup
25:48 which could be used for a small pit viper I suppose and it's
25:54 simply fastened on in this way and then the plunger is pulled
26:01 back, and with this put on the place where the person was
26:06 bitten and then the extractor used to extract the venom
26:16 and it's not difficult at all to use this kind of equipment
26:20 but it can be quite effective.
26:23 Now once you have extracted the venom a lot of people feel
26:28 what I need to do is to cut the area, but that isn't good
26:32 it's not the best thing to do.
26:34 The best thing to do is to use the anti-venom which you can get
26:39 at almost any emergency room where they treat snake bites
26:44 and you can also use charcoal if you have cut the area
26:50 and you put charcoal on a fresh wound you will get a
26:54 tattoo, it is inevitable because the charcoal will become
27:00 enmeshed in the fibrous tissue or the skin of the epidermis
27:05 and it will remain there forever.
27:08 So it's best not to cut but rather to use other things,
27:13 the cutting has not been shown to be effective.
27:16 Then for brown recluse spider bites you can also do an
27:20 extraction if you get to it right away and then put the
27:24 charcoal compresses on or soak the part if it's a part that
27:28 you can put into a charcoal bath, you can put it in a
27:32 charcoal bath and change the charcoal water very frequently.
27:38 We like at first to change it every thirty minutes that
27:40 probably is not necessary but it gives us something to do
27:43 and makes us feel that we are trying our very best to keep
27:47 the person from getting in a major slough from a
27:50 brown recluse spider bite.
27:51 I hope these remedies have been very helpful to you.


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