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Home Remedies Pt.2

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Participants: Agatha Thrash (Host), Don Miller, Rhonda Clark


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00:01 Hello! Home remedies are quite effective and very inexpensive.
00:07 I like that kind of remedy one who has the two very major
00:12 aspects of the healing process in them, in expense and
00:17 effectiveness, so we are going to be talking about
00:19 Home Remedies, I think you will enjoy learning about
00:22 some of these things that can be used for the vast majority
00:27 of ailments that afflict people in their homes today
00:31 so join us for this program.
00:53 Welcome to Help Yourself to Health
00:55 with Dr. Agatha Thrash of Uchee Pines Institute
00:59 and now here is your host Dr. Thrash.
01:02 Not only are home remedies inexpensive, but most anybody
01:11 can do them, and I would like to show you some home remedies
01:14 now that I have found to be quite effective and I enjoy
01:18 very much showing people about these, because I know that
01:23 they will do the work that I need them to do
01:27 and that I can even tell people on the telephone how to do them.
01:31 Let me just show this one to you of how to make a
01:35 fungus fighter.
01:37 Now at Uchee Pines we have some people who make the
01:41 fungus fighter as a cottage industry and sell it.
01:45 They sell it in this kind of bottle with a label on it
01:49 and this kind of bottle is very easy to find, you can come
01:55 by this from an empty bottle that you had something else in
01:59 or you can simply buy one from a department store and
02:03 use that, but let me show you how to make this very nice
02:07 little remedy
02:09 It depends on an herb called Calendula and you can see
02:17 the Calendula flowers here, these are the pedals
02:18 and sometimes you will get the flower heads as well
02:23 these come from a health food store or from an herb shop
02:27 and the little flower, the little plant grows
02:30 in people's gardens and you might even gather some fresh
02:36 and the time to gather them if you do, they are a common
02:40 little plant, in little flower beds.
02:42 They look like marigolds and so you just gather the entire
02:49 head when it is at it's biggest flower point.
02:56 So let me show you how to do this, you measure out one cup
03:01 and put that in a jar such as this, usually a jar with a
03:05 very broad top is the best and then you have about this much
03:14 in the jar, then you need Myrrh.
03:18 Now myrrh comes from overseas generally it's a part of the
03:23 Myrtle plant and you can see that this is a powder and it
03:27 smells quite fragrant I think, I like the smell of it and this
03:33 powder in only one of it's forms, you can also get it as
03:37 a crystalline material or you can get myrrh as a tincture.
03:44 And any way that you use it it is 1. It is two cups of the
03:51 calendula, one quarter cup of the myrrh then pour enough
03:58 vinegar on top of it to fully cover it.
04:03 So let me show you how the myrrh is simply added to the
04:07 same jar that you are going to use... this is a quarter cup
04:11 so it's a quarter the amount of the herb that you use
04:17 in the myrrh, this is added to the jar as you see here
04:23 once that has been added then the next part is the vinegar.
04:27 This can be either white vinegar or it can be brown vinegar
04:31 either way it doesn't matter, the thing that you want
04:35 is that it be at least 3% acidity, this happens to be 5%
04:42 and that is quite good I like the 5%, then you simply cover
04:48 the herbs that you have added there so that the vinegar
04:52 entirely fills the jar, or at least covers the herb,
04:59 and as you can see it's sort of nice to make it near a sink
05:03 because it can be a bit messy especially if you are doing it
05:07 for your first time.
05:08 Then be sure it is all wet and it doesn't matter if you
05:12 have a little extra vinegar because just to let you know
05:17 that vinegar itself is also a fungus fighter,
05:20 and this looks quite nice even when you are making it up
05:24 yet we don't have enough vinegar, so we will continue to
05:29 pour until it is quite liquid and there is some extra space
05:35 above now it's beginning to reach the proper consistency
05:42 but I'll add just a bit more so that you can see how this
05:46 very useful product can be something that you can keep
05:52 easily around your home to fight a fungus with in case
05:57 somebody gets a fungus.
05:59 Now you can see about what the consistency should be
06:04 and if it has flower heads in it that is fine too
06:07 you don't mind a bit if it has flower heads in it.
06:10 Simply cover it, and the reason to cover it is that it has
06:16 a way of giving it's fragrance to your entire kitchen
06:21 and you would be just as happy that you just have food smells
06:25 from the kitchen and not herb smells as well,
06:29 it doesn't smell as if it would be something that you would eat
06:32 but I think it does smell quite fragrant.
06:35 Now once you let it set for two weeks you should stir it
06:42 every day, or if you can't stir it every day then let it set
06:46 for about three weeks, then strain it and you will have a
06:50 product that looks like this.
06:52 Now this product is very helpful for any kind of fungus
06:58 it's even helpful for dandruff which sometimes has a
07:02 superficial fungus as a part of the itching process.
07:06 But it's most effective for athlete's foot and very
07:13 effective for fungus toenail.
07:16 now fungus toenail also has a standard treatment,
07:20 but the medicine in quite toxic, so I don't recommend that
07:24 you take the medicine but rather that you get this because
07:27 it will be just as effective as the medicine.
07:30 Now the treatment time is one year or until the fungus toenail
07:37 has grown all the way out, keep it trimmed all the time
07:40 so that you can tell how much is growing out.
07:43 It starts growing out pink within three or four weeks
07:46 and you are encouraged to keep on with the one year
07:51 of the treatment.
07:52 The reason it takes so long is that that nail is infected
07:56 with the fungus, and this is not a fungicidal, it is only
08:01 an inhibitor of the growth of fungus, so it keeps it from
08:06 growing in the fresh part that is growing out.
08:09 So I hope that will help you when you need a good
08:13 fungus fighter.
08:14 Now I have asked Rhonda Clark to join me today, she is one of
08:19 our colleagues at Uchee Pines, welcome Rhonda!
08:21 - I'm glad to be here. - I see from the equipment
08:24 that you have, that you are going to show us how to treat
08:28 arthritis and arthritic hand.
08:30 - Oh yes! When I was a student at Uchee Pines we were learning
08:33 various treatments, hydro- therapy and other types of
08:35 home remedies and this is one of my very favorites
08:38 it feels wonderful.
08:39 - And it makes the skin feel so nice too.
08:42 - Oh, it does, if you have aching joints in your hand or
08:46 other places on your body, using warm very warm paraffin
08:51 is a lovely treatment I'm going to be demonstrating today
08:54 a paraffin bath, a paraffin treatment for the hand,
08:57 this is so nice if you have arthritic fingers that hurt you
09:01 and I have asked Miss Arianna Hartsfield to come and be
09:05 my patient so I can demonstrate this treatment on her.
09:08 The paraffin treatment is done, and the melted paraffin is put
09:16 in a special container that keeps it at a constant heat
09:20 and the ideal temperature is around 125- 135 degrees
09:26 you can test this yourself if you want to make your own
09:30 paraffin treatment at home.
09:32 An old slow cooker, for example what I have here,
09:36 this would be an example of a slow cooker you might find
09:39 at a yard sale or a good will store, if it has a setting for
09:45 low, which you can see this one has a setting for low
09:48 that I have placed this on, this might be just the right
09:52 temperature, but to be safe use a thermometer that will
09:55 reach at least 150°, and you can keep the paraffin then at a
10:01 safe temperature, 125°-135°.
10:04 The paraffin that is used is just the same type of paraffin
10:07 that we use in canning and you can find that where you buy
10:11 canning supplies but it does need one other ingredient in it
10:14 and that is mineral oil, and a formula that we use,
10:17 it's what I've used in the tub that we will be doing our
10:20 demonstration on today is 5 lbs paraffin and then
10:24 1/2- 1 pint of mineral oil, I want to make sure I give you
10:29 the correct recipe.
10:30 So Arianna if you will raise your sleeve for me...
10:33 The purpose of the treatment as the paraffin gets on the skin
10:38 you'll see it leaves a layer of the paraffin left on the
10:41 skin and that helps not only make it feel very warm when
10:45 it goes on but helps hold in the heat which feels so nice
10:49 on those arthritic joints.
10:50 And the very first dipping.. - You want to be sure that your
10:53 sleeve doesn't get in it because it can leave the sleeve
10:58 permanently oily.
10:59 The first dip down into the paraffin should be rather deep
11:04 so all the way to the bottom and lift it back up and
11:08 let that layer cool, you can see immediately how quickly
11:11 it starts to dry and solidify, and as it begins to dry
11:15 you'll do another dip.
11:17 Does that feel nice and warm there Arianna?
11:20 The goal is to actually build up quite a big hand,
11:27 quite a number of layers of the paraffin, again as they cool
11:31 dip again, and this is where it feels so wonderful
11:36 the heat is just sinking into the hand, into those sore joints
11:41 it just feels so good, we'll do one more dip.
11:45 At home if you are doing this yourself, you will do more dips
11:48 you can see already how her hand is looking much bigger
11:51 but you will do several dips until everything is very well
11:54 coated, it's important not to move as you are doing that
11:58 so that you don't get little cracks and bends in the
12:00 paraffin, you want to keep it intact as you can.
12:03 After this looks as if this last dip has dried a bit
12:07 then you will wrap the hand in a towel to help hold in the
12:11 heat, and so you've got your hand there Arianna
12:14 we'll just wrap it in the towel and then relax and rest
12:20 and let that heat sink in, unfortunately very soon
12:26 you'll find it beginning to cool and you know the treatment
12:29 will be coming to an end and as that happens the paraffin
12:33 comes from the skin so nicely, we'll show here how then you
12:39 just peel the paraffin back off and if you do your hands
12:46 very clean before the treatment, if you wash your hands very well
12:51 before the treatment, this used paraffin can actually be
12:54 just placed right back in to the paraffin wax to continue to be
12:57 reused, recycled so to speak and the hand will feel warm
13:03 you can see that the skin is a little pinker and very soft
13:07 it's a lovely treatment for the skin.
13:10 In addition to arthritis I think this can be used for bursitis,
13:14 strains, aches, pains.
13:16 - Right! It can even be painted on to shoulders and
13:19 other places. - Yeah! Joints that you can't
13:21 reach or dip very easily in this and so, thank you Arianna
13:26 and I thank you Dr. Thrash I appreciated the opportunity
13:28 to tell a little bit about this treatment today.
13:30 - Very good, and while Arianna is here beside me
13:34 I would like show another treatment that Arianna can
13:38 help me with and this is an onion poultice.
13:41 Now the onion poultices can be placed many places,
13:45 one place that the ancients used to use it for is on the chest
13:49 for bronchitis and pneumonia and it can be effectively used
13:54 there is as a way to help with the resolution of pneumonia.
14:00 But I have here an onion material that is just chopped
14:07 onion and I'm going to make a very dainty poultice with
14:09 onion, but most of the time you will two or three onions
14:13 so that you can make for the chest or for the abdomen
14:17 quite a large compress can also be used in infections
14:22 such as ulcers on the legs, diabetic ulcers on the legs.
14:28 These things are very nicely treated with the onion so
14:33 I would like just to show you a nice dainty onion compress
14:39 and we'll just make one here on the top of Arianna's hand
14:43 assuming that she has something like an ulcer, so you just put
14:47 the onion material that has been cooked a bit,
14:50 so you just put it right on the place, would you hold your
14:54 sleeve right there just a little bit and then I can get this
14:59 on without making your clothing smell as if you have been in an
15:05 onion patch.
15:07 Now as soon as you get the onion piled on and it's piled
15:13 on generously, then you just put a cloth over that
15:20 and if you would hold that for me for a moment and then
15:24 you just take a little kitchen plastic, such as this,
15:29 and this is the kind that sticks to itself, which makes a
15:35 very good compress, so if I can get this to come loose
15:41 properly we'll show you the finish of the poultice
15:47 and then it opens like that and then we put around
15:57 the place where you have the compress.
16:00 Now compresses are extremely good but you do need to put a
16:07 bandage on it, so here is a bandage an Ace type,
16:12 and again it's the same kind of thing, it goes on with a bit of
16:18 stickiness, and the sticky plastic wrap and the sticky roll
16:24 bandage is very helpful and it's not put on tight,
16:29 it's just put on just enough to hold the compress in place.
16:36 Now if Arianna had a sore on her hand or any kind of wound
16:45 that had become infected, it's not necessary to put it
16:49 on a fresh wound but if a wound becomes infected then you could
16:53 use the onion poultice like this, and when it is taken off
16:57 the part is simply washed with a cold wash cloth
17:02 and dried and then the part dressed warmly.
17:08 If it's the chest then the chest is dressed very warmly,
17:11 after the compress is taken off.
17:14 Alright Arianna I will let you take that off yourself
17:18 when you get to a convenient place, thank you for helping us
17:23 with this nice poultice.
17:25 Now another thing that I would like to make sure that you know
17:32 about some small remedies that Dr. Donald Miller will be
17:38 talking with you about, and I have asked Dr. Miller to
17:41 join me on the program today, and I see that it looks like
17:47 you have a man's sock there.
17:49 - Yes, you know when you were talking about the onion poultice
17:53 I always think about people thinking well! I won't have any
17:57 of this plastic wrap, I don't have any of the Ace bandages.
18:00 Traveling in other countries you've got to really fly by
18:04 the seat of your pants. - Plastic bags are not even
18:06 available. - Plastic bags are ubiquitous
18:08 they are everywhere, plastic bags, there is no where I go
18:11 that you cannot find a plastic bag.
18:12 - Even in Ukraine.
18:13 - In Ukraine they are everywhere.
18:14 - Really! - Blowing in the wind.
18:16 - First time I went to Ukraine they didn't have plastic bags.
18:19 - This is a whole new world, that was 10 years ago,
18:20 now they're everywhere.
18:22 Any plastic, any plastic at all and then if you don't have an
18:26 Ace bandage, once you've got that whole thing on just pull a
18:29 sock over the whole thing it will cover it nicely,
18:32 if you want the fingers out just cut the end of the sock off
18:33 and you've got everything that you need right there.
18:35 - So you need to cut a little hole over here on the side
18:38 for the thumb. - That's right!
18:39 So we don't feel like you got to have exactly the equipment
18:44 that we are showing you because everything is out there that
18:48 you need, I don't think God is out there to fool us
18:50 if there is a simple remedy there is a way
18:52 that you can use it.
18:53 Now there are a few things that I like to travel with
18:56 one, and I bought this years ago when we were on tour
18:59 up in Washington State, you can see there is still
19:03 a little bit in here, this is peppermint oil.
19:05 - Peppermint oil. - Yep! And you know how many
19:07 uses there are for this. - Oh yes!
19:09 - If someone has a sore throat you might put a little bit in
19:13 water, and let them gargle with the peppermint oil,
19:15 it's also good for the breath.
19:17 It's good for the headache, someone has a headache
19:19 put a little bit on the finger and rub it on the temples
19:22 of the head, that is good for a headache, it's good for
19:26 many many other things, it's good for...
19:29 - May I see it? - Yes! It smells wonderful too.
19:32 - I was just going to check it's authenticity, sure enough.
19:36 - It's pure peppermint oil! - Another very good remedy for
19:41 using this is again you simply wet the finger and lick it off
19:46 for motion sickness.
19:49 - I was going to say the upset stomach, it's very good for
19:51 motion sickness, so I carry this with me for myself or
19:55 anyone else who might need this, it's very nice.
19:57 Another one that I really would not leave home without is
20:00 tea tree oil, it's vital if I get one of these little
20:05 canker sores in my mouth, a little bit of swipe over
20:08 that thing usually for me takes care of it, some people not,
20:10 some people it will.
20:11 If I have a sore throat coming on, a little bit on my
20:14 finger tip, I'll go back and I'll paint my throat with the
20:17 Tea Tree Oil. - Any fastidious person could
20:20 use a Q-tip. - They could, this is my bottle,
20:26 but yes that is right, you know I'm doing it twice,
20:30 I use my index finger for the first one, middle finger
20:34 for the second one, I don't want to re-infect myself.
20:37 I will also use it for any type of a skin problem,
20:40 if I have a bug bite, if I have an abrasion, very very healing
20:43 for the body.
20:45 One I heard of not to long ago was a couple of other oils
20:49 Oregano Oil, and Thyme Oil.
20:53 - Oh yes both very good fragrant oils.
20:56 - Fragrant oils but they are also very good antibiotic oils.
20:59 - Yes! - Matter of fact what I did
21:01 one Christmas is I bought a bunch of these bottles and sent
21:07 a pair to each one of my family members with instruction
21:10 for how to use it and the instructions are very easy.
21:13 If you have a container of water, you can do it in a glass
21:16 but I like a container of water because you have to mix
21:19 this stuff well or the oils are very hot when you
21:22 drink them, I tried this one time in Romania and I just
21:25 gave the students all little cups and they poured the water
21:29 and the oil in these things in there and drank it down
21:31 but the oil was sitting on top, and it set them on fire.
21:34 - Yes! I'm sure. Same thing will happen
21:36 if you use to much of the mint oil.
21:38 - Yes, it will. - But mint oil for pain in the
21:41 abdomen can be really nice, or bloating in the abdomen,
21:44 very nice but if you use much it needs to be diluted.
21:48 - As a matter of fact if you don't have them in oil
21:50 and there is some mint, just chew some mint leaves.
21:52 - Precisely! - It will give you the same
21:53 thing and mint grows in many many...
21:54 and there is many different types of mints.
21:56 So to make this I would put a teaspoon of oil,
22:00 I like to use olive oil myself, and then three drops,
22:04 it doesn't take many, I usually use five for myself,
22:07 about three drops of these oils, put them in the water,
22:10 shake it vigorously, and drink it down.
22:13 - How much water, about a cup? - About a cup, about 8ounces
22:16 it doesn't really matter, the more the merrier sometimes.
22:19 Oregano is know to kill about 25 different viruses.
22:24 - May I see it? - Um hum!
22:25 - Yes, it's very anti-microbial, yes, very fragrant!
22:31 It makes you think when you smell it, that it is a healing
22:37 herb, may I see that one? - Yes, yes, very nice.
22:39 - Oh yes, the thyme oil, thyme is a very good kitchen herb.
22:44 - And keeping these in your suitcases also makes your
22:47 suitcase smell quite nice.
22:49 It is always good to have a nice smelling suitcase.
22:52 One other thing I like to travel with is a little
22:56 container and I'm not advertising products,
22:58 there is many different types this is just an atomizer
23:01 for spraying a saline solution into the nose for a cold
23:06 coming on, I like to do a saline spray if someone else
23:11 is sick in the area, because we realize that this part
23:14 of the body is very protective of us as long as we've
23:17 kept it clean.
23:18 This has a little bit of colloidal silver in it
23:21 which they say has great properties whether it does
23:24 or not I don't know but...
23:25 - Some tests seem to show that the silver salts are very
23:30 effective, we used to use the silver salts when I was in
23:33 Medical School for such a serious illness as syphilis
23:37 and it was quite effective for the syphilis, so we know
23:40 that it does have good anti- microbial qualities.
23:44 So I just do a couple squirts up each nostril with this thing
23:46 and I find that that protects me if not helping to heal me
23:51 for what I might already have, but protect me from
23:53 getting it from somebody else.
23:54 So these simple things that we carry around with us,
23:57 I like to have these with me every where I go.
24:00 - By the way I'll say that the treatment for syphilis is
24:05 probably still best the antibiotic that we have today
24:10 but we certainly did have good results with the silver salts
24:14 when I was in Medical School, but we also know that at the
24:20 same time that we were treating syphilis and gonorrhea with
24:24 silver salts, we also had excellent results with
24:28 hot baths for both syphilis and gonorrhea.
24:32 Both of these germs are extremely sensitive to
24:37 a little heat and a little cooling and so that makes it
24:41 so that they can be very effective.
24:43 Now you were showing me some of the things you carry around
24:49 in your emergency kit.
24:51 - Well you know some of the best things and I've got many
24:55 things in here, I just want to pull this out right here
24:57 I carry a little thing, this is what we have at Uchee Pines
25:00 this little card pack. - Yes, I recognize that.
25:02 That's Dan Duce's program. - No this is our program
25:05 this is the one that we put out for meetings and that we
25:08 sort of give away.
25:09 but in here I made up many Bible promises, and you know
25:15 when you are in a tough situation a Bible promise
25:17 is what you really need, you can be giving yourself a treatment
25:21 but sometimes a treatment is tough like you mentioned
25:23 for syphilis I used to sue hydrotherapy and this was
25:26 long term hydro-therapy with hot temperatures.
25:29 - Very hot temperatures up to 105°.
25:30 - Yes! That's right so Joshua 1:9 Have not I commanded thee
25:33 be strong and of good courage, it comes in handy for people
25:36 like that, and so to have God's Word...
25:38 I have found that there is power in God's word.
25:42 - Healing power! - Very much healing powers!
25:45 - We think of the Word of God as being something that is very
25:49 good for our spiritual health but the Word of God is also
25:54 very powerful for the physical health and when people are
25:57 seriously ill to share the Word of God, share some promises
26:02 to pray with them, this can be very helpful for the individual,
26:07 it's encouraging, it's filled with hope and it makes the
26:11 individual think that you have their best good at heart.
26:14 - I was once lying very sick in Austria and reading through
26:18 the Bible and I came to the most wonderful healing verse,
26:21 I like medical missionary verses,
26:24 it was found in Jeremiah 17:14
26:26 it says: "Heal me O Lord, and I shall be healed, save me
26:31 and I shall be saved."
26:32 - "Amen!" - Two promises, condition is,
26:34 "For Though art my praise." - "Amen!"
26:38 So I find that praising the Lord is such a healing thing
26:42 as we are laying there in our sick bed or our death bed
26:44 if we praise the Lord it's going to make it better.
26:48 - Now you have one more thing that I like and it's right there
26:51 on the table beside you.
26:52 - Yes! - That came out of your kit too
26:54 I know. - I would not travel without
26:57 my charcoal, and I have powder in my suitcase but I will
27:01 carry this with me wherever I am, these are charcoal tablets
27:05 I bought this, as a matter of fact I can't even read it
27:07 to you because it's in Cyrillic but I bought this in Ukraine
27:12 and I just tear off as many as I think I need,
27:15 people say well how many do you take, I say well I take enough.
27:18 - That's the dosage, you take enough.
27:20 - That's right! You can't take to many.
27:22 - Yes, it's not toxic.
27:23 So I like your little kit, I think it's a very good thing
27:28 I carry a kit as well but when I carry charcoal in my suitcase
27:32 I have it double bagged in a zip-lock bag,
27:37 I want to be sure that I don't arrive at my destination
27:40 and have to do laundry the very first thing and still
27:44 forever have dingy clothing.
27:45 Well I hope these simple things that you can see anyone can do
27:50 in their home will be of eternal benefit to you.


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