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Participants: Agatha Thrash (Host), Calvin Thrash, Don Miller, Rhonda Clark


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00:01 Hello, the more we know about foods and techniques of eating
00:05 the better the health is likely to be.
00:08 We'll be talking about a number of principles that have to do
00:11 with these health giving processes so we hope you
00:15 will join us.
00:36 Welcome to Help Yourself to Health, with Dr. Agatha Thrash
00:39 of Uchee Pines Institute, and now here is your host
00:43 Dr. Thrash.
00:46 There are things about eating, even not eating, that can be
00:52 health giving.
00:53 As those who are in charge of the most marvelous piece
00:59 of equipment on this planet, we need to learn as much
01:03 as we possibly can about these techniques,
01:07 and about these processes.
01:08 Physiologic law is that thing that can guide our health
01:14 so that good health is usually not just an accident,
01:18 we usually are in good health because we plan to be
01:23 in good health.
01:24 So today we would like to talk with you about some of these
01:29 wonderful health principles that if you follow them
01:32 and you plan to have good health you can have the best health
01:36 that you possibly can with this most marvelous
01:39 piece of equipment.
01:40 Now I've asked Cal Thrash to join me,
01:43 welcome I am glad you are with us today because I want you
01:48 to talk about the subject of fasting.
01:50 In our family we have from time to time promoted
01:54 that family members fast for one reason or another,
01:58 would you like to say something about your experience or
02:01 knowledge about fasting and why it is beneficial?
02:04 - Well fasting can strike terror into most people's hearts
02:08 here in the United States.
02:09 Yes! I think about it with a good bit of dread,
02:11 yet when I get into it, it doesn't bother me that much.
02:14 - It shouldn't really, because fasting can actually do some
02:17 pretty good things, it can help us to detoxify, it can also
02:22 clear a good little bit of fluid from our bodies and help us
02:26 to have some much needed rest in our digestive system.
02:30 - It can also make you lose a few pounds too,
02:33 if you tend to be a little bit corpulent.
02:36 - It certainly can help you go that direction.
02:38 Most people won't find any problem with fasting for a few
02:41 days even, if they don't have some serious medical condition
02:45 that they have to worry about, but my own personal experience,
02:49 recently I did a little bit of fasting, and I went into it
02:52 thinking that I was going to be having some real trouble,
02:55 in actual fact, it wasn't to bad, certainly after
02:59 the first day or so I... - How many days did you fast
03:01 altogether? - I fasted four days total,
03:03 which doesn't seem like to much probably but when you consider
03:07 that that was about six meals it was plenty but not to bad
03:13 after the first few hours, the hunger started to go away.
03:16 When I was about your age I had a five day fast,
03:21 and I remember very well that after about the beginning of the
03:26 third day I didn't have any more hunger,
03:29 I could see that food looked nice, but I could look at food
03:35 that I could never resist before and I could resist it
03:39 did you have that experience?
03:40 - It certainly was my experience, now I have to say
03:42 that probably those who are having trouble eating
03:45 a good diet, you won't have to much trouble after you have
03:49 skipped several meals in a row, pretty soon you are ready to eat
03:52 pretty much what is before you
03:54 and if it's healthful food, you can stand to eat that
03:57 even though perhaps you aren't able to before.
04:00 - Now you mentioned that it can be a cleansing thing for us,
04:04 the liver is cleansed, the intestinal tract is cleansed,
04:07 what about other organs of the body, like skin,
04:11 have you ever noticed anybody's skin clearing up
04:14 when they are on a fast?
04:17 - Personal experience has been that many times skin problems
04:21 and even allergy problems will clear up almost miraculously
04:25 with just a little bit of fasting,
04:26 it doesn't even have to be a complete fast.
04:28 Somebody could fast with leaving off a meal or two,
04:32 or perhaps go on a juice fast, just drink tomato juice
04:36 if they are not sensitive to that, or whatever it may be
04:38 they can skip a meal or maybe two and experience some
04:43 wonderful benefits with allergies even clearing up,
04:47 and symptoms.
04:48 - I understand that you have a student or had a student
04:51 recently who was having a big problem with acne,
04:54 and especially acne on her neck and she would wear band aids
04:59 on her neck to cover her pimples and she went on a fast,
05:03 did she get cleared up with that?
05:05 - I believe totally cleared up in fact.
05:07 - That's what I heard, that she was pretty much clear
05:10 when she got through with... and she didn't have a full fast,
05:14 she had a juice fast wasn't it.
05:17 - That's right a juice fast, which was juicing,
05:20 she actually did the juicing herself,
05:22 now I don't believe that you have to
05:23 do that, but certainly it's the nicest thing to have fresh
05:26 juiced vegetable juice or even fruit juice that you put through
05:30 the juicer yourself.
05:31 - What made you think that it was possible to even do that,
05:35 anything scientific or inspired that might make a person think
05:40 that it was alright to fast, just leave off food
05:43 for a few days.
05:44 - Well I've heard several doctors say that it certainly
05:46 wouldn't hurt us to fast for several meals, in fact probably
05:52 it wouldn't hurt most people, most Americans to fast
05:55 for a day, or even two, pretty much every week.
05:58 Now I can hear people out there saying, I don't know if I could
06:01 fast a whole day, every single week.
06:04 If you get into the routine pretty soon your body
06:06 gets to the place were you realized that the fast
06:09 is coming and you prepare for it and actually it's not to bad,
06:12 now I wouldn't climb Mt. Everest on that day, but probably
06:16 it will be something that you will get used to and actually
06:19 began to get to the place to where you enjoy having
06:23 that time off, and certainly can use the extra time
06:26 to other things.
06:27 - Now what adjustment do you think a person ought to make
06:30 in their daily schedule on their fast day, let's say they
06:35 decide to do one or two days of fasting every week,
06:38 what adjustments if any do you say they should make?
06:43 - Probably would be good to schedule any heavy activity
06:48 on some other day, especially toward the end of the day
06:51 you might be running out of steam a little bit
06:53 on the fast day, but it's actually not to bad,
06:56 if you've had pretty good meals up until that time
06:59 you shouldn't have to much trouble.
07:00 - I had a colleague one time who was greatly overweight
07:04 and his doctor told him that if he didn't loose weight
07:08 he was going to have a heart attack and die.
07:10 He was a fellow pathologist and he took that advice seriously,
07:17 and his wife told me that he fasted for 89 days,
07:22 now he took certain minerals and certain vitamins,
07:28 but he didn't eat any food for almost three months,
07:33 and I thought how could a person possibly fast that long.
07:39 So one day when I saw him at a medical meeting,
07:41 I asked him about that, he said yes, I fasted from
07:45 something like September to maybe New Years.
07:50 But the only thing he ate was a tiny bit of stuffed celery
07:59 at some kind of Thanksgiving meal that everybody went to
08:04 that was all that he ate for that long,
08:06 what do you think about such a prolonged fast?
08:09 - Well I don't know, that's the first time I have heard of
08:11 someone fasting quite that long I believe,
08:13 but I think that probably most of us Americans are stuffed
08:18 in various ways that we could probably stand to get rid of...
08:21 You stop and think about when we celebrate anything,
08:24 an anniversary, a birthday, Thanksgiving,
08:27 just about any kind holiday what do we do,
08:30 we go to some place to eat, and usually to eat to much.
08:33 To much food, and to rich of varieties and so forth
08:39 so it certainly wouldn't hurt us to back off on what
08:42 we are eating, even on a daily basis at each meal, each portion
08:46 and you could consider that to be somewhat of a fast by itself,
08:50 just leaving off one meal of the day, if you eat three meals
08:53 a day then go to two, that would be a fast of sorts,
08:56 I don't know about the long extended fasts.
09:00 - To tell you frankly, I don't know either,
09:02 I don't know about those and I think that probably
09:04 it is not the wise thing, short fast say five days,
09:09 I can freely endorse that, for people who do not have
09:13 either diabetes type 1, or gout, either one of those
09:18 types of diseases, these people should not fast,
09:21 because the gout person is likely to spill more uric acid
09:24 in the urine, form some uric acid stones, or get deposits
09:30 in arteries or joints or muscles and that would not be good.
09:34 And for the type 1 diabetic they may become acidotic
09:39 and even land in the hospital with a fast,
09:43 so they should not be fasting.
09:45 - That's good.
09:46 - Well thank you for highlighting this thing of
09:48 fasting and it's an interesting thing that when we talk about
09:54 eating we should also talk about fasting.
09:58 But I have some more things that I would like for you to
10:00 learn about eating and I've asked Rhonda Clark
10:04 if she will join me in presenting some of these things,
10:08 this is Rhonda Clark who is one of my colleagues
10:11 at Uchee Pines and does teaching there, counseling,
10:15 patient counseling, and telephone counseling,
10:18 and you wear a number of hats, we're very appreciative of your
10:24 work there for us. - Thank you!
10:26 And I'd like to know you have a number of props here,
10:28 and I'd like to know what you are planning to tell us
10:32 about today.
10:33 I wanted to talk today a little bit about portion sizes,
10:35 and how to know if the portion sizes that we are eating
10:38 are healthful.
10:39 Even if we are taking a healthy diet if we are overeating
10:42 we can interfere with proper digestion and gain weight,
10:46 even if we are eating the best possible diet.
10:48 So I wanted to let you know a wonderful tool I learned
10:53 from a nutritionist a long time ago is that with this we
10:57 always have our hand, the ability to measure portions
11:02 and gauge whether or not items we are eating fit with the
11:05 portion size we know to be appropriate.
11:07 Your fist, a loosely made fist represents about one cup,
11:12 or would also represent for example about eight ounces
11:16 of the potato or an apple, and I brought...
11:19 - so you mean all of this much of your hand represents about
11:23 one cup, and I brought an example with me of a potato
11:26 that's fairly close is size to my fist, this would represent
11:32 an appropriate serving size, it's a little bit bigger
11:34 but appropriate serving size of a baked potato.
11:37 - So if a person had a smaller hand, they would have a
11:45 little smaller serving size.
11:47 - A child's serving size of course is smaller,
11:49 a large man needing a little bigger size so that's
11:53 a healthful tip, also on our hand the first joint
11:59 our thumb down to tip of our thumb, this represents about
12:03 a tablespoon, or about how much you would want to use
12:06 of salad dressing for example maybe a spread on your bread
12:11 would represent about that much of how large your thumb is.
12:14 - So a person with a big thumb might be able to take in
12:18 and tolerate quite well in the body still about
12:23 that much volume, that's a good little tool.
12:27 - Then on our index finger another first joint to the tip
12:33 the finger, this is a little smaller and in most people
12:36 represents about what a teaspoon would represent.
12:39 So this might again represent if you are using a nut butter
12:42 or more concentrated spread the appropriate portion size to use.
12:46 Now for many vegetables and fruits we're told portion sizes
12:52 by nutritionists, a nutritionist might give you a list
12:55 of appropriate portion sizes and tell you,
12:58 a portion of fruit for example is a medium size piece of fruit
13:01 and then you go to the market and you have this apple
13:06 and this apple, and oh boy which one is a medium size
13:11 piece of fruit, I really like the look of this apple,
13:15 it is fine to take the bigger apple, while this would
13:19 more likely fit in your palm and represent the serving size
13:25 the medium size piece of fruit.
13:27 We are encouraged to increase the number of fruits
13:29 and vegetables in our diet and so this apple while it might
13:33 represent one and a half servings of fruit,
13:36 that's fine if you are taking into account the fact that
13:39 this is a little more than a quote serving size of fruit.
13:44 Now one of my favorite foods especially for breakfast
13:47 is cereal, I love cereal, and I brought with me today
13:51 a cereal bowl, if I were really hungry and it's
13:56 breakfast time, I would probably fill this cereal bowl
14:00 one third to one half of the way full of cereal, most likely
14:05 before I put some soy milk on it to enjoy.
14:07 But we need to be sure we read if we are using
14:12 packaged cereals especially Granola cereal is a little more
14:15 concentrated.
14:16 What the appropriate serving size is for this,
14:18 today I brought with me a generic whole grain cereal
14:25 and as we read the label we see the serving size
14:29 for this cereal is a half cup, well a half a cup is really
14:33 a rather small amount of cereal and when I pour that into my
14:37 cereal bowl, well you might feel a little bit deprived,
14:43 I'm not sure, let's see how this looks, I'm measuring out
14:46 I've got my half a cup of cereal well!
14:52 - That's disappointing!
14:54 - That is very disappointing and this brings out the point
14:57 that our dishware can help us or hurt us,
15:01 when we are learning about appropriate portion sizes.
15:04 Instead of using a large cereal bowl like this,
15:07 you may wish to use your half cup of cereal
15:11 in a cereal bowl more like this.
15:14 - That gives room also for something chopped up in it.
15:19 - Yes! - Like an apple or a banana.
15:21 - Of course, we still have room for the fruit but it doesn't
15:24 look quite so disappointing in a smaller bowl.
15:28 I also brought with me today and example of two
15:31 different serving plates and it's not uncommon
15:37 now days to see serving plates that are quite large
15:42 and when you set your potato on this plate, it looks a little
15:46 pitiful, you feel like you need more things to fill the plate,
15:50 really an appropriate size may be something more like this.
15:55 - Yes this is what we might consider to be
15:59 a breakfast plate.
16:01 - Yes! - But it would really be good
16:02 for a dinner plate as well. - Indeed!
16:04 - That's more like a serving platter for the family.
16:09 - If people are used to eating in restaurants their idea
16:12 of portion sizes will be a little distorted,
16:14 restaurants tend to serve greatly enlarged portion sizes.
16:18 I mentioned labels and I want to call out something
16:24 important this is a little bit different than portion sizes.
16:26 With portion sizes we do have to read labels
16:29 very carefully if we are looking to see the
16:31 nutritional value of foods, this package of pasta
16:35 for example, how many people would you suspect this is
16:39 supposed to feed?
16:41 - Well, let's see, one, two, three, four, maybe five.
16:48 - This is supposed to feed according to it's label
16:51 eight people. - Eight people.
16:53 - This is just a handful of pasta, now I could see where
16:56 this might even feed three people if they are hungry
16:59 and working out doors, and yet if you are looking to see
17:02 how many grams of fat am I getting, how many grams of salt,
17:06 milligrams of salt am I getting, look at the portion size as well
17:11 when you are reading the labels.
17:12 Nutritional labels I will say can be very deceptive
17:20 in this age where foods are marketed to appeal to health
17:24 reasons, like you will see things like no cholesterol,
17:26 no trans fats, it's still very important to read
17:31 the ingredients label.
17:32 Not all foods that are labeled with many lovely
17:36 healthy messages like we found a little snack food here
17:39 no cholesterol, dairy free, no additives, vegan,
17:42 and wheat free, no preservatives, doesn't this
17:45 look wonderful?
17:47 - All natural. - All Natural Cashew Crunch,
17:50 it sounds delicious, actually I think some of us have
17:53 sampled it and it is delicious, but a serving size is seven
17:56 pieces, and let me show you the size of one piece,
17:59 this is one piece, like a little piece of popcorn.
18:05 - One serving is seven pieces. - Seven pieces almost
18:09 200 calories, 12 grams of fat.
18:12 - Let's see seven pieces, let's see how much, one, two, three,
18:17 four, five, six, seven, that's not very much,
18:22 so that's a handful, but I know people, I myself if I
18:27 enjoy a snack this might be the beginning of...
18:30 - One snack with the intention of eating three or four snacks.
18:36 - Some food manufacturers will provide a small
18:41 serving size on the label this then as you read the
18:45 nutritional label, you'll say well this only has
18:47 one gram of fat, or this has very little sodium,
18:50 always look at the serving size, sometimes packaged candy bars
18:55 for example will have nutritional information
18:58 on there, and you will think well that's not so bad.
19:00 But it represents two and a half servings,
19:02 or something very unusual when you know you will eat
19:04 the whole candy bar, this gives food manufacturers
19:08 also the opportunity to put labels like no trans fat.
19:12 If the article of fat is less than one gram of fat per serving
19:20 then they can say it has no trans fats, if you read
19:24 on the label and partially hydrogenated fats are still
19:27 in the ingredients list, you can guarantee that you will
19:30 get trans fats in that product, even if it is labeled
19:33 on the front no trans fats, just some precautions.
19:37 - I have seen some labeled negligible quantities of fats,
19:43 or negligible quantities of trans fats, I assume now with
19:48 with what you have said that this means per serving.
19:52 Negligible amount. - Yes per serving.
19:55 - But a serving is usually not what one would consider to be
19:59 adequate quantity for a meal.
20:02 - Frequently not, so always look at the ingredient list
20:07 carefully, don't choose products that have any
20:10 amount of something harmful, trans fats,
20:12 partially hydrogenated or hydrogenated oils really should
20:15 completely eliminated from the diet, they are very harmful,
20:18 carcinogenic in fact, and so even if you see no trans fat
20:23 all across the box of crackers if it says
20:27 partially hydrogenated oils and the ingredients list.
20:30 You can know that you are going to be getting some,
20:33 you may not be getting a lot per their size serving
20:37 but if you are going to eat a reasonable quantity
20:40 it's going to be more. - Indeed!
20:42 - Thank you so much, I appreciate the research
20:45 that you've done on this,
20:46 and how you have let us know how much trans fat might
20:52 be in a serving. - Yes!
20:54 - Thank you. - You're welcome!
20:55 - Now we can see that we need to become label readers,
20:59 and we need to be knowledgeable about labeling practices.
21:03 I have asked Dr. Don Miller if he would join me in
21:09 another aspect of talking about this matter of foods,
21:13 and I'm constantly amazed at the lead way that manufacturers
21:22 and people who serve can take with the foods that we eat,
21:27 Dr. Miller welcome to the program.
21:29 - Thank you.
21:30 - Tell me what you are planning for us for today.
21:33 - Well this thing about food portions has always been
21:37 interesting to me, we had a young man come to Uchee Pines
21:40 quite a few years ago and he was stumbling over this
21:44 idea, how much am I supposed to eat, and so he had gone
21:48 to the Bible and see what does the Bible say,
21:51 he found here in Exodus the 16th chapter this thing
21:55 called an Omer.
21:56 So he estimated how much an Omer was
21:58 and how many Omer's each person was supposed to have
22:01 and so he would go out every day from his room
22:05 and bring a little scale, little measuring container
22:09 which contained as much as he was supposed to eat
22:12 for that breakfast, so he would go into the cafeteria
22:15 and let's say this was his Omer and he would fill it up
22:20 with that much food and he would sit down and he would
22:21 eat this amount of food, he would eat his Omer.
22:24 When he got done, he was a big fellow and he thought,
22:28 still a little bit hungry, so he would go back and
22:31 he would borrow some of this Omer food for lunch
22:35 and eat the rest of it for breakfast, then he got there
22:38 at lunch time, well he didn't have quite as much in his
22:41 Omer scale, so he filled it up to that much,
22:44 that he's allowed to have, and he ate that and he is still
22:46 a little bit hungry... - So I know what he did,
22:48 he must have borrowed from tomorrow did he?
22:51 - Tomorrow morining's breakfast, that's right,
22:52 and in a couple of days he had nothing for the next meal,
22:55 and he finally gave up on this.
22:57 So what I've always been told the best amount of food is
23:02 enough food to maintain your weight,
23:04 as long as your weight is right.
23:05 I like another quote, I was over in Europe recently
23:10 and someone asked me a question about why,
23:12 but I like this, I like that, I said well,
23:14 I just want you to read in Proverbs 23:2:
23:24 And put a knife to your throat If you are a man
23:27 given to appetite.
23:28 But it's interesting it follows verse one:
23:31 When thou sittest to eat with a ruler, Consider diligently
23:35 what is before you;
23:37 That takes my mind to a man named Thomas Parr,
23:40 have you ever heard of Thomas Parr?
23:41 - Don't think so.
23:42 - Well there was a book written about him called
23:44 The Old Old Very Old Thomas Parr, this man was born in 1483,
23:52 he lived to the reigns of 10 monarchs, kings and queens,
23:57 he lived to be 153 years and 9 months of age.
24:02 He was a farmer, he ate very simple food,
24:05 maybe one of the secrets to his longevity is that he got
24:08 married the first time at the age 80.
24:09 Sorry about that, anyway he went on through his life
24:14 he had married twice, the second time he was married
24:17 in his 120's, he fathered a child at 100,
24:21 he was cooking along really well, I mean the guy
24:24 was doing great.
24:26 - Sounds as if he had a strong constitution,
24:28 he was taking care of it.
24:30 This was his... you know every time someone dies, no I'm sorry,
24:34 every time someone lives to 100.
24:35 They interview them and say sir, what's your secret for
24:39 longevity, and they put the microphone in his mouth
24:42 and he might say this or that, sometimes they will say
24:45 well I only smoked hand rolled cigarettes,
24:46 and people think if I smoked hand rolled cigarettes
24:49 that will be my key.
24:51 Well this was his secret and he really did live a long life
24:55 here it is, keep your head cool by temperance,
24:59 your feet warm by exercise, rise early, go to bed soon,
25:05 and if you want to grow fat or prosperous,
25:08 keep your eyes open, and your mouth shut.
25:10 So anyway, he's living a great life, he's an old man
25:17 but he's not really that old, I mean I've seen his death mask
25:21 the painting and the mask the made of him upon his death
25:25 and he looks like a young compared to our old age now
25:30 he did not have gray hair but the Earl over the estate
25:34 where this old man worked discovered this man,
25:35 work discovered this man and he said ohhh! King Charles
25:39 has to meet him because it was during King Charles reign.
25:41 So he takes him to meet King Charles, can you imagine,
25:46 you've got a man here who is 153 years of age,
25:50 who has lived through 10 Monarchs,
25:52 he's got a good memory, he's very lively,
25:55 he has lots of health, he regaled the entire King's court
26:01 with his stories and his antidotes, and the King says
26:04 come live with me, eat at my table, we really want you here,
26:08 the guy says that sounds like a super idea, he moved in with
26:11 the King, should have read Proverbs 23:1, within two weeks
26:16 he was dead.
26:17 Upon autopsy they found that he had the digestive tract
26:22 of a young man, there's the key, is how well we take care
26:26 of this digestive tract, but that young digestive tract
26:30 was in a severe state of inflammation, the rich foods,
26:34 of the King's table killed him in two weeks,
26:38 what it took brown bread and the simple things he ate,
26:42 potatoes, for 152, 153 years to do, and it couldn't kill him.
26:47 So, it's so important to eat simple foods.
26:50 - Absolutely!
26:51 - Simple foods, that's simplicity is one of the
26:57 great keys of life, thank you so much for this good thought.
27:01 I have a few things that I would like to bring you
27:04 about how to live healthfully, one is about blueberries,
27:09 I have a little blueberry patch myself and I invite my friends
27:14 and neighbors and just people I meet on the street
27:16 to bring a bucket and pick blueberries at blueberry time,
27:20 and I tell them this: that blueberries will be good
27:23 for their eyes, blueberries will help them to live into
27:27 advanced old age, blueberries will help to reduce the
27:31 cholesterol levels, it will keep the bladder healthy,
27:35 because it has a substance in it that prevents germs
27:38 from being able to get their colonization activities into
27:43 high gear, it helps against glaucoma, and against cataracts.
27:48 So with such good recommendations for blueberries
27:53 I can recommend them whole heartedly to you.


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