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Participants: Agatha Thrash (Host), Don Miller, Rhonda Clark


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00:01 Hello! We will be talking in this program about one of my
00:05 very favorite topics, Foods!, we have a lot of information
00:12 now a days, some things very surprising,
00:15 surprising information that can help us to know how to use
00:19 nutrition to stay in the very best of health,
00:22 so we hope you will join us for this program.
00:44 Welcome to Help Yourself to Health, with Dr. Agatha Thrash
00:48 of Uchee Pines Institute, and now here is your host
00:52 Dr. Thrash.
00:55 I have always known that foods contain a lot of chemicals,
01:01 when we say the word chemical we tend to think of something
01:05 like what we spray on plants to make them grow or to make
01:11 them not grow, or to keep bugs from being on them.
01:14 But chemicals are what we are composed of,
01:18 our bodies are composed of those same chemicals that occur
01:22 in plants and in the soil and in the air and water.
01:26 So when we study plants and study foods to learn what things
01:32 are in those that can do some good for us in the body
01:37 we immediately begin to discover some very wonderful things
01:43 such as the powerful neuro- protective influences of
01:48 blueberries.
01:49 There are substances, chemicals if you will in blueberries
01:54 that can protect the nerves, can protect the brain, and
01:59 can make one's brain and nervous system stay young longer.
02:03 Now you may say but I have my favorite foods
02:07 and I want to continue to eat those favorite foods.
02:11 But I would like to have Rhonda Clark be with me now and Rhonda,
02:19 you work at Uchee Pines as a counselor.
02:21 - Yes I do.
02:22 - Do you cook sometimes also?
02:23 - Once in awhile I have the opportunity.
02:25 - I heard not very long ago you had been the Sunday cook
02:28 for the student cafeteria, is that correct?
02:32 Yes, I enjoyed that a great deal.
02:33 - What did you make that time?
02:35 - Well for breakfast we made a lovely fruit crisp,
02:37 and then for lunch we had haystacks, which is a favorite
02:39 at Uchee Pines.
02:40 - Fruit crisp, that's fruit down is a bowl with a crisp topping.
02:44 - Yes!
02:45 - Baked until it is nicely baked.
02:48 - Yes, warm with a golden brown crust.
02:50 - My favorite way to serve a crisp is a hot crisp
02:55 in a bowl with banana ice cream on top.
02:59 - Sounds delicious.
03:01 - Since you didn't pick up on that I guess you didn't
03:05 serve banana ice cream.
03:06 - No! Just a little soy milk.
03:07 - Very good, well I like soy milk on it also, and almond milk
03:12 I like almond milk and almond cream,
03:13 if the crisp is not to rich.
03:16 Now what things can you tell us about the person who has
03:21 a lot of favorite foods, and the person knows that they maybe not
03:26 so healthful as they should be, I would like to make them more
03:30 healthful, but I certainly don't want to miss my very
03:34 favorite food.
03:35 I remember when I was thinking about my favorite foods
03:40 and trying to make them more healthful, I thought well
03:44 one of my favorite foods was a stew made with some contraband
03:51 little things from the ocean, which I don't use any more.
03:56 Don't even like to call their name because I don't like to
03:59 even think that I use to eat those little creatures,
04:02 but what can you do...
04:05 I was thinking what can I do to make a nice substitute
04:10 stew, and so it was potato stew, and it is wonderful,
04:16 use the same little oysteretts on top and oh it a
04:19 very nice stew.
04:21 Tell us about favorite dishes and what you can do with those.
04:24 - I will, I know that many of my favorite dishes prior to
04:28 learning about the benefits of a total plant based diet
04:31 had meat in them, and what I wanted to focus on today
04:35 on the program was how can a person whose favorite dishes
04:38 have meat as a prime ingredient learn to make those or enjoy
04:43 those in a meat free way.
04:45 I'm certainly glad that you are saying something
04:47 about substituting for meat because although the
04:52 very many agencies, governmental agencies and other agencies
04:58 are working diligently to try to make meat a healthful dish
05:03 as it is currently available to the consumer.
05:07 We just have to say that meat is unhealthful,
05:10 and when you learn some of the practices in the marketing
05:16 of meat they are unsavory practices, and so of course we
05:21 want to change a meat dish for something else,
05:25 so give us some tips.
05:26 - Well I wanted to give some tips and started with favorite
05:29 dishes, many of my favorite dishes already had a plant based
05:34 substitute or alternative out there that as I tried them I
05:39 enjoyed them greatly, for example spaghetti,
05:41 spaghetti sauce is a favorite, spaghetti with a nice rich hardy
05:46 meat sauce, but I tried a marinara sauce instead,
05:50 completely plant based, very delicious, many other examples,
05:55 fajitas, there were wonderful vegetable fajitas that were
05:58 available, very tasty I didn't miss the meat at all.
06:01 Chili, you make a lovely vegetarian chili,
06:04 or a vegetable lasagna, instead of a meat lasagna.
06:07 So many of the favorite dishes you can just try the vegetarian
06:10 alternative for them and find that they are quite tasty
06:14 and delicious.
06:15 Many of my favorite recipes also included ground beef
06:21 and what could I substitute for ground beef?
06:24 In a recipe that calls for it in a sauce or a soup
06:29 a lovely alternative in barley or wheat kernels,
06:33 wheat berries also known as bulgur, these make a nice
06:37 chewy grain that very nicely replaces ground beef
06:42 in for example spaghetti sauce or a soup, I also liked meatloaf
06:49 and found that there are wonderful alternatives for
06:52 ground beef in a meat loaf, ground nuts, grains,
06:57 brown rice, I know brown rice is a main ingredient
07:00 in some of the loafs that we have there at Uchee Pines.
07:02 - That's a favorite of mine.
07:03 - And legumes like the beans they can be used as a
07:08 replacement, even bread crumbs made from a nice whole grain
07:11 bread. - Or rolled oats.
07:13 - Oh yes, rolled oats are wonderful, a binding agent
07:17 a nice replacement for meat in a meatless roast recipe.
07:20 Now sometimes people miss that chicken breast or steak
07:28 or slice of roast beef that forms the entree for the meal
07:32 and some substitutes that we can recommend:
07:36 tofu is a wonderful alternative,
07:39 I was a little reluctant to try tofu, there for me was a little
07:43 mental block that I had to get past because it looked very
07:46 different than anything I had tried before.
07:48 But tofu is actually quite lovely, it really has not much
07:52 flavor on it's own and takes very nicely the flavors
07:55 of things that you marinade it in or prepare it in.
07:58 Tofu comes in different consistencies and that lends
08:01 itself nicely to different types if recipes, but a firm
08:04 or extra firm tofu sliced marinated in a sauce,
08:09 like a barbecue sauce or favorite sauce that you have
08:12 and then baked in that sauce can make a lovely alternative
08:15 for a meat entree.
08:17 Tofu is certainly a very versatile food because if you
08:25 slice it and freeze it, it takes on a bit of toughness,
08:29 where as just out of the container that you bought
08:32 in the store it's so crumbly and so soft you would never
08:37 believe that it could ever take on a toughness,
08:40 but just freezing it and thawing it, then it can be
08:44 used in various marinades to make a nice meat consistency
08:53 type of dish.
08:54 Now I've been a vegetarian for so long I don't miss the meat
08:57 consistency either, I am just as happy to be without it.
09:01 But sometimes there are people who miss that and so it's very
09:06 easy to accomplish that.
09:08 - Another nice chewy alternative is the cap of a
09:12 portabella mushroom, they have a wonderful flavor,
09:16 Oh! They're delicious! -and I will tell you some ways I
09:18 use them. - Ok! They're lovely just
09:21 brushed lightly with a nice soy sauce, get the unfermented
09:25 brand of soy sauce and grilled or broiled, that's a nice way to
09:29 prepare them.
09:30 They can be prepared really just by themselves, just steamed
09:34 or baked, how do you prepare them?
09:37 Well I generally start with some onions, and sauté
09:42 the onions is just plain water and maybe some thin strips of
09:49 carrots in the water and braise that a little bit and then
09:57 put the mushrooms in and cover it and let them steam for
10:02 quite a long time.
10:03 A nice weight loss measure is a full portabella or other
10:12 kind of mushroom such as some of these
10:17 oriental mushrooms and just steam them and squeeze a
10:22 little bit of the water out of them and put them in a couple of
10:26 lettuce leaves and the person eats that with just a little bit
10:31 of something like unfermented soy sauce, or just a little salt
10:38 and or a little bit of onion powder or garlic powder,
10:44 just absolutely wonderful as a sandwich that has almost no
10:49 calories in it, what 40, 50 calories in it couple of
10:54 lettuce leaves and a portabella mushroom.
10:56 Yes, very nice and an interesting thing about
10:59 portabellas, and shiitake, and maitake mushrooms
11:04 is that they have known anti cancer properties, and known
11:09 anti-oxidant properties.
11:11 Now an anti-oxidant is a substance that slows down
11:16 the aging process, a pro- oxidant or oxidant accelerates
11:22 the aging process, so we want to do what we can to slow it
11:25 down and a portabella mushroom does have these anit-aging
11:29 properties.
11:30 An interesting thing is that shiitake mushrooms can be
11:34 grown on a wet log that you have in your back yard
11:38 if you are a good gardener.
11:40 - Have them immediately available.
11:43 - That's right, you mentioned some bits of meat in dishes,
11:49 have you ever tried chick peas, like in chick pea ala king?
11:55 - Beans and other vegetables can make a wonderful alternative
11:58 for meat, it's something that you don't think of,
12:01 a special vegetable can even be featured as the main entree
12:05 of your dish, a stuffed pepper made with a lovely tomato sauce
12:09 rice filling or an acorn squash steamed and then half filled
12:14 with a nice vegetarian type stuffing, those can make lovely
12:17 main dishes.
12:18 Even something as simple as a baked potato or a
12:21 boiled artichoke can take the place of that main meat
12:25 that you've been having, and those also work well then
12:29 in stews, in soups, and stroganoff's, places where you
12:33 are used to having bits of meat or chopped meats,
12:37 chopped tofu, chopped portabella mushroom, chopped asparagus
12:42 there's lovely things that can be used in place of meat
12:45 to make the recipes delightful and much more healthful for you.
12:49 Now one thing Dr. Thrash that I think is just indispensable
12:52 for someone who is wanting to transition to bringing more
12:56 fruits and vegetables into their diet, beginning to
12:58 eliminate the meat and the animal products from their diet
13:01 are good vegan cookbooks.
13:04 - Oh yes!
13:05 - Cookbooks that really can help guide you, instruct you,
13:08 and give you recipes to try.
13:10 So if you contact 3ABN they will be happy to direct you to
13:14 Uchee Pines where we can lead you to some good resources
13:18 either in our book store or other places where we can
13:22 help you get in touch with resources that will truly be
13:25 completely free from animal products and be delicious and
13:28 beneficial for your health.
13:29 - Yes, I have enjoyed the substitutes that you can have
13:34 for various meat dishes, and some things that aren't really
13:38 a substitute in a sense but like olives, the great array of
13:45 dishes that you can make with olives, and if you want to go
13:48 to a little expense such things as artichoke hearts and
13:52 Chinese chestnuts, all of those can be nicely used to assist one
13:58 in making very delicious and very satisfying vegan dishes
14:05 you use no meat, no milk, and no cheese, I have asked
14:09 Dr. Donald Miller who also is a good cook and does a lot
14:15 of his own meals, Dr. Miller welcome to the program
14:19 and what can you tell us from... I know you've got a great store
14:23 of knowledge about how to cook properly, and how to serve,
14:28 I have seen a table in your house all set for the guests
14:35 and it's a beautiful table, I guess you probably picked those
14:38 up somewhere in the world maybe when you were
14:41 a Marine or something.
14:42 - Right, well my silverware which is really teakwood handles
14:46 came from Thailand and my China wherever,
14:49 but as far as cooking I'm not really and extremely good cook,
14:54 I'm a basic cook.
14:55 I believe that where as I have a lot of cook books,
14:59 I do have a lot of cook books and I do love to cook
15:01 and when my daughter lived with me years ago we would
15:05 make some very nice things, but I have been single for
15:07 many years and so I am more basic, I like potatoes,
15:12 I like rice, I like just the very simple things.
15:15 Basically in my line of work that comes in very handy because
15:19 I do a lot of traveling, now I go to places like Japan,
15:23 and the food there is absolutely great and what they are finding
15:27 is not so much finding but what the statistics are telling
15:31 us that Japanese women are the longest lived women in the world
15:36 or the longest lived people, average about 85.53 years
15:41 is the average age of a Japanese woman, which is quite a long
15:45 life, men come in second behind Icelandic men at about 78.6
15:51 more years, and so they have a very long life span,
15:54 and we wonder why is that?
15:56 The number one contributing feature, what they are
16:01 telling us is their diet.
16:03 Their diet is very rich in vegetables, very low in
16:08 animal fats, they do have animals there but when you
16:11 figure you've got this island, which is what Japan is,
16:15 with basically two large plains on which the 125 million people
16:19 live, you don't have a lot of room for animals
16:22 to be roaming about.
16:23 - You might have some goats up in the mountainous regions.
16:25 - Well they have bears up in the mountain regions too,
16:28 to eat the goats so.
16:29 - I guess there aren't to many.
16:31 - Not to many, but any way, they eat a lot of vegetables,
16:37 and the thing I've noticed in Japan as you travel from
16:40 city to city, which you go through a lot of towns
16:42 in between is all rice fields.
16:45 You've got this large plain and you've got rice fields
16:48 everywhere, and every available piece of land is planted with
16:52 something like fruit trees. - Everyone has, right.
16:55 - Some kind of permanent herb that lives there that they use
16:59 in their cooking very, conservative use of their land.
17:03 - You don't see large manicured lawns you see large
17:08 manicured rice patties, and vegetable gardens and trees,
17:11 and everyone has it that has enough room to have one
17:14 and so the diet is very good there.
17:17 I love the food in Japan, now granted they do eat a lot of
17:20 fish, but when I say a lot of fish, there is a lot of fish
17:23 in the diets, but it is usually a small amount of fish
17:27 to go with all the rice, with go with all the vegetables
17:29 all the other things which makes for a very good diet.
17:33 Other places I travel, I was in Ukraine one time
17:37 and it was Christmas, Christmas Day which is a big day,
17:40 now this isn't the, I don't know how you call it,
17:43 it's the Orthodox Christmas which is the first Sunday
17:47 I believe it was in January.
17:50 So here we are at this big meal, and there is a doctor
17:53 at the end of the table and I am the only vegan at the
17:58 table, and they all know I am a vegan,
18:00 so they send me out special things and the doctor at the end
18:04 she said it's easy to be a vegan in America because you have
18:07 such a big selection, and I asked her I said
18:10 what do you add to your diet that's missing in what
18:15 I'm eating right now?
18:16 All you can add, I mean if you are over there,
18:19 it's not like you can add if if you are not a vegan, peaches
18:23 in December, all you are adding is chicken or pigs or cows.
18:29 Which adds nothing more than more protein which is something
18:33 that is very much not needed, fat which is very much not
18:36 needed, and all the other things that go with these products.
18:40 So here I am eating potatoes, I'm eating cabbage,
18:44 I'm eating carrots, I'm eating onions, I'm eating cushaw.
18:48 - And walnuts, and beets.
18:51 - I'm telling them there is plenty of food here to eat,
18:54 I am perfectly satisfied with the food there.
18:57 In the summer time when you have the apricots as we
19:00 remember that summer we were there in Kherson.
19:04 - Oh yes! We had a team there and everybody just loved the...
19:07 - Apricots and cherries, and you've got all these fruits
19:11 and vegetables, and what they do is they store these things,
19:15 the things you can eat basically fresh are the things
19:19 that you can store for long periods of time,
19:21 you can take a head of cabbage put it in a cool place,
19:23 and it will be there all winter long, along with the carrots
19:26 - The beets of course are every where.
19:31 - Absolutely, the onions, the garlic, and I mentioned the
19:34 cushaw that's what the call the grains over there, buckwheat,
19:38 I never liked buckwheat in this country,
19:40 I love buckwheat over there.
19:41 - They know how to prepare it just right.
19:43 - They do know how to do this, and of course they've got
19:45 their Borscht, which is nothing more than a nice vegetable soup
19:49 which has a lot of beets in it which is sort of a red,
19:53 all I leave out is just don't put in the sour cream
19:56 into my soup, the soup is perfectly good,
19:59 very healthy soup, so they have everything that we need
20:02 for our diets.
20:03 I hearken back in my mind to the time when back in the
20:07 mid-Victorian period in England when Lord Palmerston
20:11 was the prime minister of England, and the Scotts clergy
20:17 sent a petition to Palmerston because they were having a
20:20 Cholera epidemic up in Scotland and he says please,
20:24 ask the people of England to have a special day of prayer
20:28 and fasting for us up here having this Cholera epidemic.
20:31 Palmerston wrote back, now this is very interesting,
20:34 he died in 1865 so this is really early stuff,
20:38 what he came up with he says have the people clean and
20:42 disinfect their homes, provide the people with good food,
20:45 and good water, and proper raiment and you will have
20:48 no reason to pray or fast nor will God hear your prayers
20:53 while these His preventives remain unheeded.
20:57 - My that was very insightful and foresightful.
21:01 - For the times in which he lived, this is back in the times
21:03 of Pasteur and whatever else, this man had his fingers on
21:07 the pulse of what was really wrong with the people.
21:10 Clean up your act, clean up your diet, it's the westerners,
21:14 we in the western world, the western developed nations
21:17 we're dying of the colon cancers, we're dying of the
21:21 stomach cancers, we're dying of diabetes, and these things
21:24 are virtually unknown of in the areas, Africa.
21:28 I go to Africa, the main food in the parts of Africa
21:32 I go to is a food called Shema? which is made from mealy meal
21:36 which is nothing more than maze or corn ground up
21:38 into a porridge, and they make a very thick paste out of this
21:42 porridge and you get a big lump of this,
21:45 and then they will have a couple types of what they call
21:47 relish, not the type of relish what we think about
21:49 but it might be some sautéed cabbage, or it might be some
21:53 eggplant that is sautéed, you have little bits of this,
21:56 and you take a handful of the Shema,
21:59 you eat it with your fingers there, you form it with a ball,
22:02 stick your thumb in it, and you scoop a little bit of this
22:05 relish into the ball and then pop it into your mouth
22:08 and eat it.
22:09 - So the little ball that you make is walnut size or
22:12 acorn size? - It depends on how big
22:14 your mouth is, it depends on how hungry you are.
22:17 It is small, what you can hold with your fingers closed
22:21 in your hand, it's just a nice.. - What about walnut size
22:25 or a little smaller? - Yes! And the nice thing
22:28 about this, is while you are chewing on this,
22:30 you have to go back and you spend some time chewing
22:32 because you are not bringing another handful up right away.
22:35 - With a fork you can keep shoveling it in.
22:38 - You keep shoveling and swallowing, shoveling and
22:40 swallowing and you never chew well.
22:41 Now in India I have a bit more of a problem because
22:45 their main staple is rice, and I love rice,
22:48 and then they have their curry.
22:50 Now we have to leave a little bit of the hot stuff out of the
22:53 curry but it still is very good what they make us,
22:55 but to mix the rice and the curry just right,
22:58 and to get that into the ball and into the mouth
23:01 without having it drip down your elbow and all over the
23:03 floor, I did not have quite the amount of success,
23:07 but I found that... - It must be a bit more liquid.
23:10 - Much more liquid, and they've got a way of squeezing it
23:13 between their fingers or something, I mean they are
23:15 artists at it, but wherever I've traveled in anywhere
23:18 in the world it's no problem being a vegan, it's Irkutsk
23:23 I mean this is talking about Siberia almost on the shores of
23:26 Lake Baikal, I go into the markets there, there is a
23:31 wide variety of soy products.
23:34 There are many people from North Korea and China there
23:37 and they've got their foods and their foods basically
23:40 reading T. Colin Campbell's The China Study,
23:43 he found that these... and this is a wonderful study,
23:46 he found that these people don't get all these different
23:48 cancers and diseases because their diets are so simple.
23:51 You can go to the market and they are selling the seaweed
23:55 they are selling the noodles, they are selling all these
23:57 things, and I can look at all of it, every single bit of it
24:01 is vegan, and yet we say we'll die if we become vegans here
24:05 and that's not the case.
24:06 Calcium is not a problem, protein is not a problem,
24:10 everything we need God has provided in a vegetarian diet.
24:14 - Yes! Absolutely! And sometimes people say well,
24:18 but I don't like let's say seaweed, well I brought a sample
24:23 of seaweed, - Can I have some for my next
24:25 meal? - This is probably my favorite
24:29 type of seaweed, I like this very much, I can see by your
24:34 mouth watering that you do too.
24:36 Well this came from Korea, and these sheets are...
24:40 I like to toast them briefly in the oven just a few seconds
24:45 I turn the oven on, by the time it comes up to the temperature
24:49 I am ready to take it out, then I just fold this
24:54 a couple of times, and then I have these little sheets
24:58 that I can easily break apart, and you have this little thing
25:04 and if you use chopsticks which are nice to eat with rice,
25:09 you just drop one of these on the rice and with the chopsticks
25:13 you just pick it up with the seaweed and the rice and it's
25:18 introduced into the mouth that way.
25:20 Another way that I just really love the use of seaweed,
25:25 by the way seaweed has been recently found, this is a fact
25:31 that seaweed has anti-cancer properties in it and it is
25:36 believed that one of the reasons why the Japanese women
25:39 live so long is because they do eat a good bit of seaweed.
25:44 - And their cancer rates are extremely low in Japan
25:46 they get cancer yes, but it is extremely low compared to us.
25:49 - And it seems that they handle certain types of cancers a lot
25:53 better than we do in America.
25:56 So what I do is to simply spread let's say my bean dish
26:02 right here and then I roll it up as a Sushi, of course you have
26:07 to do this on the plate, but you just roll it up like this
26:10 and then you eat it as a sandwich, and if this end
26:14 leaks a little bit you just hold it like that, and it's a
26:17 wonderful conversation piece when you have people visiting
26:20 with you, you serve a platter of these nicely toasted sheets
26:25 and it does very nicely that way.
26:28 Then here is another thing, this you will not find I guess
26:33 in a lot of foreign markets.
26:35 - It's amazing how much you find over there.
26:38 - Is that right? - Yes!
26:40 - Well I like Shredded Wheat especially if it's made with
26:43 these ingredients.
26:44 - Whole wheat, nothing but the wheat.
26:46 - Whole grain wheat, that's what it says, whole grain wheat.
26:49 The advertisement was what attracted my attention to this,
26:56 it says three easy steps to reduce calories, loose weight,
27:00 and maintain a healthier heart, number one, this is one step,
27:05 replace two meals a day with any Post healthy classic cereal
27:10 and then they give you as choices,
27:13 Honey Nut Shredded Wheat and Bran, Frosted Shredded Wheat,
27:19 and Shredded Wheat, of those the one that I would tell you
27:23 to use is the Shredded Wheat.
27:25 Then they also say, focus on portion control, don't overdo
27:30 the size of your portions, and once you've had a good portion
27:34 don't go back for big seconds.
27:36 If you need something more after you've already eaten a
27:39 plateful, then just eat bread, if you are really hungry
27:43 bread will satisfy genuine hunger, and then of course
27:47 the last thing they say is to get plenty of exercise.
27:50 And those are things that anyone would be well advised to follow
27:54 and a regular diet.


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