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00:01 Hello! As I get older I have more and more respect for law.
00:07 We have all sorts of laws that involve the entire universe
00:12 many of those are made I believe so that God would have
00:18 a framework that He could make the human body so much
00:22 like Himself.
00:23 If you like a study of law, you will enjoy the program
00:28 that we have for you today, we will be talking about
00:31 the laws of health, so we invite you to join us.
00:53 Welcome to Help Yourself to Health
00:55 with Dr. Agatha Thrash of Uchee Pines Institute
00:58 and now here is your host Dr. Thrash.
01:02 Physiologic law is that law that guards our health
01:10 that helps us to be strong, it gives us efficiency
01:14 it makes the body function in the way that it does.
01:17 Physiologic law is probably the most fascinating study
01:22 I have ever made in my entire life.
01:26 I love the study of health it's a very compelling study
01:32 it's a study that when people make it,
01:35 they understand the great joy that those of us who spend
01:40 a lifetime in this kind of work, this is the kind of thing
01:45 that we can thoroughly put ourselves into.
01:48 In a study of law, the physiologic law also helps us
01:53 to be of service to others.
01:54 As we learn about law, we can make it so that we
01:59 teach others how to be obedient to law,
02:02 we can find ways that will make it easy for them to be
02:07 obedient to law, such as finding recipes
02:11 that will make it so that they can cook healthfully
02:13 and finding activities that they can do out of doors that
02:17 will make them enjoy being out of doors more,
02:20 and a variety of other things that can just transform life
02:25 and make it so that everyone enjoys physiologic law.
02:29 Now my colleague at Uchee Pines Rhonda Clark is going to help me
02:35 talk with you today about this thing of law.
02:38 Health laws, do you have an opportunity at Uchee Pines
02:42 to practice the health laws?
02:43 - I have learned a great deal about health laws at Uchee Pines
02:47 and am very lucky to have opportunity there to put those
02:51 into practice, and to see people who have worked with
02:53 health laws for more years than I have, being role models
02:58 and encouraging to me while I'm learning them.
03:01 - You've been in the medical field for a long time,
03:04 about fifteen, twenty years.
03:07 And with that you have learned quite a lot of standard medicine
03:12 and now you might say that what you are doing
03:15 is lifestyle medicine, so tell us something about
03:19 what you have learned about laws of health.
03:22 - There have been some surprises along the way,
03:25 I thought as a registered nurse in my training
03:27 and my experience, I knew about nutrition
03:30 and I have learned there is much more to nutrition.
03:34 Simple things, laws of nutrition that I was not familiar with
03:37 even simple things as fresh air, sunlight, the importance
03:43 of regularly being involved in those, are important for
03:46 health, these were new concepts for me, and I have enjoyed
03:49 learning about them.
03:50 - And the laws of regularity, the laws of cleanliness,
03:56 all those kinds of things, also have powerful influence
04:00 on the health that we have.
04:02 What else would you like to share with us?
04:05 - Well I wanted to share a little information today on
04:09 a couple particular laws of health.
04:13 The first one being the law of regular exposure to sunlight.
04:18 Sunlight has many healing properties, we think of it as
04:22 something that enhances our mood, we love to see
04:25 the spring time come, and summer, with the increased
04:28 sunlight and warmth.
04:30 We know that it helps our body produce vitamin D,
04:33 an essential nutrient, and we may know that sunlight has
04:38 properties, I was surprised to learn of two particular
04:43 properties of sunlight that benefit our health.
04:46 One has to do with the production of vitamin D,
04:49 when sunlight strikes our skin in it's production of vitamin D
04:56 it uses Cholesterol, as that Cholesterol is utilized
05:01 then Cholesterol needs to be taken from the blood
05:05 to replace that which has been used in the production of
05:07 vitamin D, lowering our blood cholesterol levels.
05:11 An interesting study looking at cholesterol levels prior to
05:17 and after a two hour sunbath showed that cholesterol levels
05:22 in that short period of time were lowered on average 13%.
05:27 It's further believed that as the blood cholesterol level
05:32 lowers, eventually the atherosclerotic plaques
05:35 that have accumulated in our arteries,
05:37 may be able to be reduced through regular sunning
05:41 and regular utilization of Cholesterol in the production of
05:44 vitamin D, I found that to be quite interesting.
05:47 Also with sunlight, it has a bactericidal activity
05:54 when exposed to our skin it actually helps turn the
05:57 oils of our skin into a substance that kills microbes
06:01 of all types.
06:02 When we hang our laundry out on the line,
06:05 our laundry has the benefit of the sunlight in killing
06:09 any bacteria that might be present.
06:11 Some of you may have seen an article in a women's magazine
06:16 I guess about two years ago how washing machines were
06:19 found to have high colonization's
06:21 of the bacteria E Coli
06:23 and this makes sense since we launder our under garments
06:26 in the washing machine.
06:27 Hanging the clothes then out on the line ensure
06:31 that the bacteria are completely eliminated
06:33 after the Tsunami which was around Christmas time
06:37 the end of 2004, devastation, and for many people
06:42 the inability to find pure water.
06:44 It was interesting that one technique
06:47 for purifying water was to place
06:49 water in glass jars, and expose them to sunlight
06:53 for several hours, this property was enhanced if they were
06:56 set on corrugated tin.
06:58 The sunlight would kill the pathogens in the water
07:03 so that it was then safe to drink.
07:05 Sunlight also has a property to stimulate our immune system
07:11 so that even internally we have a better opportunity
07:15 to fight off infections and illness.
07:18 It increases the number of white blood cells
07:20 and increases their activity level, so that infections
07:24 viruses, bacteria, these things can be prevented or headed off.
07:28 So I found that to be quite interesting about sunlight.
07:31 Today I wanted to share also with you another property of
07:36 health Dr. Thrash that I was so interested to learn about it,
07:40 and that is the beneficial properties of fresh air,
07:44 especially fresh country air.
07:47 Our air, which I didn't realize has negatively and positively
07:52 charged ions, and they have an effect on us.
07:56 In the presence of positively charged ions, which we find
08:00 indoors, especially around electrical equipment,
08:04 such as televisions, computer monitors, or around
08:08 air conditioning units, home heating units,
08:11 these positively charged air ions lead to head ache,
08:16 irritability, nasal congestion, feelings of fatigue,
08:21 even depression, where as outdoors in the fresh air
08:25 especially as we get into fresh country air,
08:27 we find higher percentages of negative air ions.
08:31 These have the exact opposite effect, they are calming
08:35 and yet at the same time help us feel energized,
08:38 they relieve nasal congestion and allergy symptoms.
08:41 They relieve headache and fatigue, and interestingly
08:46 they have quite a fascinating effect on our bodies
08:50 physiologically.
08:52 Along our trachea and bronchi the main tree of our respiratory
08:58 system we find cells that are lined with little tiny hairs
09:03 called cilia, their job is to help sweep debris that we inhale
09:08 out of the respiratory tract and it's partner in doing this
09:12 is mucous.
09:14 The mucous traps things that we have breathed in,
09:17 little dust particles, pollen, and the cilia work together
09:21 as little brooms to sweep this substance back out,
09:24 so we can cough it out or swallow it, and eliminate it
09:27 from the respiratory tract.
09:28 Normally our cilia beat about nine hundred times per minute
09:33 in the presence of higher percentages of positive air ions
09:38 they only beat six hundred times per minute.
09:41 Meaning that these substances that we inhaled, are more slowly
09:45 eliminated, giving greater exposure to the delicate
09:48 respiratory system.
09:49 Where as in the presence of negative air ions,
09:52 the cilia would beat about twelve hundred times per minute
09:56 and mucous flow would increase just a bit,
09:58 helping keep that respiratory tract clear.
10:02 This may be why negative air ions are beneficial
10:05 to fighting allergy symptoms.
10:07 In Philadelphia, at Northeastern Hospital
10:11 one very interesting use of negative air ions,
10:14 is in treating burn patients, as they receive a burn patient
10:18 at Northeastern, they are treated three times a day
10:22 thirty minutes per session, in a room that has
10:25 lot's of input of negative air ions, from machines
10:30 they are ionizing machines.
10:32 They did a study in the relief of pain, for burn patients
10:36 in this room and found that when treated consistently
10:40 three times a day, thirty minutes per episode,
10:42 narcotic need decreased by an amazing 85%.
10:47 They regularly continued to use negative air ion treatments
10:51 on their burn patients, seeing this their chief of surgery
10:55 decided they needed to try using negative air ions
10:58 in patients following surgery.
11:00 They followed for eight months patients having surgery
11:05 137 patients agreed to be a part of this study,
11:08 they only received two treatments in the negative
11:12 air ion rooms, they would go for thirty minutes on their
11:15 first day, post surgery, then again on their second day
11:19 post surgery.
11:20 Seventy nine of the 137 patients needed hardly any
11:25 narcotics, some needed none, and in the others, in fact
11:29 over all they had about a 50% decrease in narcotic use.
11:33 so it is fascinating that God has put in fresh air,
11:36 something so amazing and helpful to us.
11:39 If you were to stand in downtown Los Angeles,
11:43 for example, or any busy city, you would find in the air,
11:47 less than a hundred little negative charged ions
11:51 per cubic centimeter, in fresh country air you would
11:55 from 20 to 50 thousand, but the best place to find high
12:01 concentrations of negative air ions is around falling water.
12:05 At Yosemite Falls, for example, they measured over 100,000
12:09 negative air ions per cubic centimeter of air.
12:12 At the ocean, near moving water, even in our shower,
12:16 we find negative air ions, trees, are wonderful sources,
12:20 especially evergreen trees.
12:22 Keeping plants in the home can help increase the number
12:25 of negative air ions.
12:27 So I encourage you to spend time out doors in the fresh air,
12:30 and sun shine, and let those wonderful laws of health
12:35 those wonderful gifts of God benefit you.
12:37 - Very good, you know as I was listening to your talking
12:41 about this I thought what powerful effects this has
12:47 an anti-aging influence, sunshine and good fresh air,
12:51 and so when we think about aging, and everybody would
12:57 like to have anti-aging factors in their lives,
13:00 here are some, in fact all the laws of health
13:03 are things that we can do that can help us resist
13:07 the inevitable and that is the aging, we can slow down
13:12 that aging process.
13:14 We do that also by not smoking, by not drinking alcoholic drinks
13:18 by eating a proper diet,
13:20 there are so many things that we can do
13:22 and Dr. Donald Miller has found quite a lot of laws
13:27 of health as he has studied physiology and studied
13:31 Inspired Writings, and Dr. Miller thank you
13:33 for joining us today, and I would like you to tell us
13:36 about some of the things you have found on the
13:39 Laws of Health.
13:40 - Ok! Normally when we talk about laws of health
13:43 we somehow limit them to eight laws of health
13:46 and they are good laws of health, nutrition, exercise,
13:48 water, sunshine, temperance, air, rest, and
13:51 trusting in the Lord.
13:52 I can't say anything against these, these are vital laws
13:55 of health, but if we stop at these eight laws,
13:58 we miss some very important laws, but I always whenever
14:02 I teach lifestyle principles at Uchee Pines, or anywhere
14:05 in the world I start off with the two foundational principles,
14:09 If any of my students are out there,
14:11 I want you to repeat them with me because it will mean
14:14 that you listened to me in class.
14:15 1. The life is in the blood, what you eat becomes your blood
14:21 whatever you had for your last meal, within a few hours
14:24 was already circulating through your blood system.
14:27 If you had good food, it follows that you probably
14:31 had good blood, if you had junk food,
14:33 well I'll leave you to make a conclusion what type of blood
14:36 that you had, if you've had lots of sugar and fat,
14:39 you've got lots of sugar and lots of fat into your
14:42 blood stream.
14:43 Now you say, well sugar is a good thing,
14:44 yes sugar if it's in its unrefined state releases
14:48 slowly into the blood stream, therefore helping you with
14:51 your blood sugar situation, so the life is in the blood.
14:56 Second law, foundational law perfect health requires
14:59 perfect circulation, you can have the best blood in the world
15:02 but if you are not getting blood to an area,
15:05 you've got death on the way.
15:06 So what we need to do is to make sure we have
15:08 good circulation, now with those eight laws of health,
15:11 some of those help that circulation and that good blood
15:14 nutrition is certainly part of the good blood situation.
15:18 Exercise, certainly part of the circulation part, water,
15:22 part of the circulation part, sunshine relaxes the blood
15:26 vessels, allows blood to flow freer, that's part of the
15:31 perfect circulation, so we got lot's of other things
15:34 that we can do.
15:35 But now some other laws that I have found,
15:37 in searching through the literature and other things
15:40 that are extremely important to us, one is something
15:43 as simple as cheerfulness, the attitude that you have.
15:46 There was a study that came out of Kansas State University,
15:49 saying that people who are extroverts or who just
15:53 seem to be happy, stay happy longer and are less sick.
15:57 My mother is one of these people, I have never seen anyone
16:00 more positive than my mother is, she is always happy
16:04 she is never sick, I see other people who follow
16:08 maybe a better lifestyle than my mother, I don't know
16:11 but they are always gloomy people,
16:13 they seem to get sick more, and so what we need to do is
16:16 practice an attitude of gratitude and have happiness
16:20 as part of our lifestyles,
16:21 looking for things to be happy about.
16:23 I find that people who are depressed, seem to focus
16:27 on things that are depressing.
16:28 They've got a problem in their life, they spend their
16:31 whole life looking at the problem,
16:33 rather than looking at the maybe solution,
16:35 or looking beyond the problem to something else.
16:38 I meet people all around the world that are having problems
16:41 with their emotions, with their happiness,
16:46 with they are just gloomy people, and I say well what's
16:49 the problem, they can tell me ten things in a row,
16:52 and I'll say well tell me something that is right
16:54 and if I can somehow get them to focus on something
16:56 that's more positive.
16:58 It's strange that their body tends to follow,
17:01 so we need to have a positive outlook on life,
17:05 practice cheerfulness, another one of the laws of health is
17:09 our dress, you see it's very popular in the winter time
17:13 people wearing these big down vests,
17:15 they've got maybe a flannel shirt on,
17:17 but they have a four inch thick down vest on with a
17:20 flannel shirt underneath too, which means that
17:23 their trunk is warmer than their extremities
17:26 which means the blood will shunt to the trunk,
17:28 congesting the trunk, which in itself is not a
17:32 healthful condition.
17:33 We need to have equal circulation you see that's
17:36 going to cut down on the perfect circulation.
17:38 If we have the same number of layers on our arms
17:42 as we have on our trunk, we're going to have better
17:44 circulation, so we need to have good circulation.
17:47 If we have tight bands on our bodies,
17:49 some people put these belts on and wear those constricting
17:52 bands, that's cutting down on good circulation.
17:55 We need to have clothes that are healthful,
17:57 we need to cover our bodies, summer and winter.
18:00 It's amazing, I go down to Africa and in the summer time
18:05 when the sun is beating down, the workers are out
18:07 in the fields with the long sleeves on, and with something
18:10 on their heads.
18:11 You protect yourself from the rays of the sun,
18:15 now the sun is good, but certain times of the day
18:16 it's not the best, but also you can become chilled without
18:19 even knowing it on the hottest days, because
18:21 the evaporation of the water we've got that latent heat of
18:24 evaporation, taking off lots of heat, lowers the temperature
18:29 of the extremities, trunk is heating up,
18:31 congestion in the trunk, so we need to have right clothing.
18:35 Another one of the laws of health that we normally don't
18:38 think about is, let me see I've got some written down here.
18:43 Cleanliness, how about cleanliness, washing your hands
18:47 keeping your hands..., the best way to get sick
18:50 is to be walking around and then sit there and get something
18:53 out of your eye, or pick something out of your teeth
18:56 or get your hands that aren't completely clean,
18:59 into one of the orifices that can pass some of the
19:02 pathogens that you might have touched, into the body.
19:06 Not just your own body cleanliness, which is extremely
19:09 important, but the food that you eat should be clean also.
19:13 You don't know what touched it, or who touched it
19:16 or what landed on it before you put that thing into your mouth,
19:19 and so we should make sure that our food and our bodies
19:22 are in a clean state.
19:24 If we do not clean our bodies or our clothing,
19:26 our body tends to re-absorb the toxins that is constantly
19:32 throwing out.
19:33 We are basically all born with three kidneys,
19:35 we have a left kidney, a right kidney, and our skin, which
19:38 acts as an excretory organ, we need to make sure
19:41 that we're cleaning this.
19:42 Now you may be in a place where you don't have that much water.
19:47 I spend time in Moldova, and I learned how to take a bath
19:51 in about two liters of water, cold water, every morning
19:54 in the winter time, you just learn how to do it
19:56 with a cloth, and you give yourself a good scrubbing
19:59 all over the body, and then you rinse off a little bit,
20:02 you can take quite a good bath in just a couple of quarts,
20:06 or a couple of liters of water.
20:07 A clear conscience, I read a book a few years ago by a doctor
20:14 it was called The Gift of Pain, and he found one of those things
20:19 that made our pain more intense and last longer, and we also
20:22 find that it makes us sicker is having
20:24 a guilty conscience, so if you have anything on your mind
20:28 that causes guilt, anything on your mind that you might
20:31 have done some time in the past.
20:32 Clean out the garbage, if you are carrying something
20:35 around, get rid of it.
20:37 Search your heart, or ask the Lord...
20:39 I love that verse in the Bible, "search me O Lord,
20:41 and know my heart, try me and know my thoughts,
20:44 and see if there be any wicked way in me, and then
20:47 lead me in the way everlasting. "
20:49 I've done some things in my past,
20:51 that I greatly regretted, and I remember years after
20:56 the fact, the Lord would bring something to my mind
20:59 and I would have to go back years past, find that person
21:03 and make it right.
21:04 I remember, something I didn't even do wrong,
21:07 but still, I've got this very active guilty conscience,
21:10 even when I'm not guilty, I was sitting in the back row
21:13 of this class and next to me was my friend,
21:16 she was a cheerleader named Janie, and as she would
21:18 take the test, she would lay each paper on the window sill
21:23 which was fine, and I'm struggling through this
21:25 was a very hard class for me and this was a nice spring day
21:29 and the wind blew and one of her papers went blowing out
21:32 the window, well I was raised to be a gentleman,
21:35 and so I got up, went up and told the teacher,
21:38 I didn't ask permission, I said Janie dropped a paper out of
21:41 the second story window, so I just went down the stairs,
21:43 thinking nothing of it, walked out found the piece of paper
21:46 and the way I work, I saw it laying there, I turned my head
21:50 I picked it up, and I put it behind my back.
21:53 I didn't even want to catch myself doing something wrong
21:55 half way up the stairs, it hit me, the teacher thinks
21:59 this is a set up, the teacher thinks I am cheating.
22:04 I went back in, gave the test to Janie, she finished it,
22:07 I finished it, and that bothered me then because I thought
22:12 that the teacher thought I was cheating,
22:13 which I did not want, and I did not do.
22:15 Years and years later, we're talking about just a few years
22:19 I am now at Uchee Pines, 14 years in the Marine Corp
22:21 have now gone by, almost 20 years at Uchee Pines
22:24 have gone by, I finally found this professor,
22:27 she is now an old woman, I write her a letter and say
22:31 Dr. Mease I want to tell you remember that day,
22:35 and I did not do, I did not cheat,
22:38 and all these different things.
22:39 I got the most wonderful letter back,
22:42 I have been carrying this guilt now for close to 30,
22:46 35 years, I get this wonderful letter back from her,
22:49 she says, I never thought you cheated, she said the only time
22:54 I was really upset with you is when I knew that you could
22:56 do so much better than you were doing, and you just
22:59 didn't seem to have the mindset to get involved in what
23:04 you were supposed to be doing.
23:05 So when you have a guilty conscience, believe me sometimes
23:10 it is not as bad as it looks, go back to that person
23:14 even if they don't receive your apology,
23:18 it's off of your case.
23:20 If you have done something wrong to hurt somebody
23:23 or something, whatever it is, you have to go back,
23:24 You have to do all that you can to make it right.
23:28 Sometimes it is the Holy Spirit keeping this desire on you
23:32 to make cases right, and if you do not make them right
23:35 you will carry it the rest of your days.
23:38 So my recommendation is have a clear conscience.
23:42 One other law of health, that we do talk about,
23:44 but we sometimes don't talk about it in the paradigm of
23:48 the laws of health, and that is herbs.
23:51 Herbs are extremely important to us, we don't have
23:55 the Tree of Life anymore but I believe that God has
23:58 given us the Tree of Life, in tree, shrub, and flower,
24:02 the herbs that surround us, we can find unbelievable
24:05 healing properties.
24:06 Wherever I go, in whatever part of the world,
24:09 I try to learn some of the indigenous herbs in that area
24:12 and find ways of getting them into the people,
24:14 or on to the people, because from those things,
24:18 I find real healing.
24:19 I find real protection when I am in Africa,
24:21 every day I will eat a couple of spoonfuls,
24:25 they say that you only have to do it a couple times a week
24:28 but I eat a couple spoonfuls of papaya seeds.
24:31 Very peppery tasting, but it is a great anti-malarial
24:35 I don't want to get Malaria, so I eat the seeds,
24:38 Nastirsham leaves will do just as well,
24:40 because they have exactly the same flavor,
24:42 the same properties.
24:43 So look around in nature, for what God has placed
24:47 at our finger tips, at our disposal, as common weeds.
24:51 Plantago that grows in your yard is a great herb
24:55 so it grows proliferate, and it is good for the stomach
24:57 and so God has, Dr. Thrash, many things besides those
25:01 eight laws that we talk about, I basically see fourteen laws
25:04 and probably more than that.
25:05 - Yes there are probably many more than that,
25:07 I always like to hear you talk about purity of life,
25:11 just living a pure life.
25:14 - I left that one off but that is so important.
25:16 - Why don't you say a few words about the purity of life.
25:18 - You know purity of life has a lot to do with a lot of other
25:22 laws of health, but it's what goes on between the ears
25:25 has such a profound effect upon the health that we have.
25:29 Dress can affect someone's purity of life,
25:32 think that many times many women tempt each other
25:35 by the way they dressed.
25:36 We have to have pure minds, we have to be thinking
25:40 the right things, and quite frankly I labor for the
25:44 young people growing up today in this world,
25:46 which seems to be so out of control with the purity issue.
25:50 Purity seems to be something that is puritanical,
25:52 you know back in the Queen Victorian Age,
25:54 when we considered oh that's Victorian or puritanical.
25:57 But by today's standards they would be scandalized
26:01 by..., I don't know everything has just changed.
26:04 We need purity of life.
26:06 - Yes we do and we can encourage one another
26:08 in the upward path, by being very careful about
26:12 the way that we interact with others and just exactly
26:16 what we do in our own lives
26:17 that impacts the life of others.
26:20 Consider the matter of dress from another standpoint
26:23 and that is that if we chill the skin, the macrophages
26:28 or some of those fighting soldiers that we have
26:32 that are constantly on duty in the skin, if we chill those
26:37 substances in the skin then we are going to reduce
26:41 the ability that the skin has to protect itself,
26:44 and also to put into the blood stream those healing proteins
26:49 that we so desperately need to keep the immune system
26:52 functioning at it's best.
26:53 Now we spoke a bit about cleanliness,
26:57 but I would like to mention a couple of things about
26:59 orderliness.
27:00 Orderliness, helps the brain also to be orderly
27:04 if we keep our premises clean, sweet smelling and in order,
27:11 it does wonders for keeping the brain orderly and making
27:16 the immune system have a high functioning capacity
27:19 and making it so that you can put out more work.
27:22 So I do recommend not only cleanliness, but also
27:27 orderliness be always thought of.
27:30 Now regularity in what you do is another important thing
27:35 that you do the same thing at the same time every day
27:38 making the work that we do on this earth much more effective
27:45 in blessing others and in Glorifying God,
27:48 and when we come to think of it our major reason for being
27:52 is to Glorify God and to Bless His people.


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