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00:01 Fibromyalgia is a word that you've probably heard,
00:04 a lot of people tend to have it especially in middle aged women
00:08 and some people think that it is all in the head,
00:11 but for these people, there are some surprises in store so
00:14 I hope you will stay with us as we discuss this rather common
00:17 disorder, fibromyalgia.
00:39 Welcome to Help Yourself To Health
00:41 with Dr. Agatha Thrash of Uchee Pines Institute
00:44 and now here is your host Dr. Thrash.
00:47 There are a lot of symptoms associated with fibromyalgia,
00:52 in fact they are wide spread in the body and sometimes
00:56 the person looking on who does not actually themselves feel
01:00 the symptoms, they think well this probably cannot possibly be
01:04 something that is real, it's probably simply something
01:07 that's just in the head, the person is just thinking these
01:11 things are true when they really are not.
01:13 But there is such a list of things that people can
01:18 suffer from, I'd just like to read some of these for you:
01:21 Can be, of course it's primarily diffuse and rather wide spread
01:28 pain, but with some tender points in certain areas,
01:32 in addition to these tender points, and the tenderness
01:36 all over, there may be fatigue, sleep disturbances, digestive
01:42 complaints of various kinds, bladder complaints of
01:45 various kinds, chronic head aches, feeling not well,
01:51 feeling sensations here and there that are not real,
01:55 hearing things that are not there, or having noises in the
02:00 head, being dizzy or unsteady on the feet, all of these are
02:04 things that people can feel and more, there are many
02:07 other symptoms that people with fibromyalgia may have.
02:11 The disorder is fairly common and for those people who have it
02:20 it's really quite a serious problem, it is not know why it
02:23 occurs but there are some things that are now developing
02:26 because of research that seem to point a finger in certain
02:30 areas so we would like to present some of those.
02:32 The diagnosis is based on the symptoms mainly and the history
02:36 of these symptoms and the treatment is unfortunately
02:40 non-specific, we just treat the symptoms and hope for the best,
02:45 but there is some good news and that is that it does tend to
02:49 sort of burn itself out, so after a few years the person
02:54 does say they are better and they are feeling quite well.
02:58 Now I would like to show you some of these tender points
03:02 and if you will look here at the board you will see these
03:06 points that I have drawn on the board, but then I would also
03:09 would also like to show you these on a person, so I've asked
03:13 Justina Thomas if she would come and help me to show that so
03:19 Justina come and I will let you just face the people
03:26 this way and I will show you where these points are located
03:29 on a real person: They are paired areas in all places
03:34 that you find these in the body, the tender points are paired
03:39 areas, one is right here, so if you push your fingers
03:44 right there for the person and they say ouch! then you've
03:49 probably hit the spot, now right here is another spot, so if you
03:54 press on this area just under the collar bone which is here
03:58 you press right there and the person says ouch!,
04:02 you've probably hit one of the tender spots, then right at
04:05 the elbow, right here and right here, always symmetrical
04:10 if you press in this area and the person says ouch!
04:15 then you've hit one of the spots.
04:17 Now there are two others as you can see at the knee,
04:21 now on back there are four paired spots on the front
04:28 and five paired spots on the back, as in the front
04:34 there are two on the neck high up, here is the base of the
04:38 skull right here and just below that on the neck there are two
04:42 points, then going out a little way on the shoulder, right here
04:47 there are two points, that feel tender?
04:49 - Yes! - She has it, and then
04:54 there are two other that are right here,
04:56 does that feel tender? - Yes!
04:59 Ok! She's probably got it, now to find this other one,
05:03 it's done simply this way, put your hands on the waist
05:06 and then just about just about the extent of your thumbs
05:09 if you just reach down like that you will find some little
05:13 dimples on the skeleton there and it's where those little
05:19 dimples are that you have the problem, then just under the
05:22 buttocks on the edges of the thighs you will find the other
05:26 tender spots, now fortunately Justina does not have the
05:31 problem but these are the spots that you can check,
05:37 just rub them or press on them and if you illicit pain and the
05:42 person has generalized pain and some of these other problems
05:46 then that may be helpful to make the diagnosis of
05:49 fibromyalgia, thank you Justina!
05:52 Now as I mentioned there are numerous research projects
05:57 going on, on this very baffling problem of fibromyalgia
06:03 and one of those has to do with digestive problems and
06:07 Dr. Don Miller who is here with me today, he is going to
06:13 tell you about one of these digestive complaints that
06:17 may have some pay dirt in establishing what this
06:22 disorder is, Dr. Miller!
06:25 - Yes, there are a lot of nice studies coming out.
06:27 This is from the annals of rheumatic disease, it says
06:32 in association between irritable bowel syndrome and small
06:35 intestinal bacterial growth has been found.
06:38 So IBS or irritable bowel syndrome which I'm going to
06:42 talk about right now could be associated with small intestine
06:48 bacterial overgrowth, let's go to the next one,
06:52 this comes Cedars of Sinai UCLA School of Medicine,
06:55 evidence that inflammatory bowel disease or Irritable Bowel
06:59 Syndrome could be associated with fibromyalgia.
07:04 Now we say that fibromyalgia could be associated with
07:08 Irritable Bowel Syndrome which could be associated with
07:10 small intestine bacterial overgrowth, so these could be
07:15 a causal link right here.
07:17 There is another study that came out as far as symptomatic
07:22 trying to see if there is symptoms here for
07:25 Irritable Bowel Syndrome, 92% of the people with IBS
07:29 have bloating, if you constantly feel bloated there is a good
07:33 possibility that you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
07:36 Of course we find that things in our intestinal tract can
07:40 certainly cause this type of bloating, now there are some
07:43 symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome that we
07:45 need to look at, there is basically three different types:
07:48 1. There are people with constipation that is accompanied
07:51 by pain, and of course I would say most people are chronically
07:56 constipated just because of the life styles that we have,
07:59 but constipation with pain normally constipation does not
08:02 have pain until we try to pass the stools, but we are talking
08:05 about constipation and constant pain.
08:08 2. Then there is alternating between diarrhea and
08:12 constipation, normally the diarrhea will come upon first
08:16 rising and at breakfast time and then the rest of the day
08:19 will be constipation, if you are following this pattern
08:22 good chance that you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
08:26 3. Then there is painless diarrhea accompanied by mucous.
08:30 So if you seem like you always have diarrhea and there seems
08:33 to be a lot of mucous in your stools then it could be a sign
08:37 that you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
08:40 There are other symptoms there, we have gas, of course gas
08:45 could be formed by many different things in our dietary,
08:48 our very lifestyles, if you find that every once in awhile
08:51 you have gas, the best way to find out what is causing my gas
08:54 is do what we call, keep a food diary, every time you have a
08:59 meal you write down what you eat and then you start
09:02 writing down symptoms.
09:03 If you have a symptom that every once in awhile you have,
09:05 write down the symptom, write down what you are eating until
09:09 you see a pattern developing, it seems like every time I eat
09:13 peanuts I start itching the next day, and if you find that
09:18 pattern, then apparently your problem is peanuts,
09:20 or your problem is beans, or greens or something else,
09:22 find out what it is.
09:24 A person with IBS will often be nauseated, this is something
09:29 going wrong in the stomach and in the intestinal tract
09:32 can cause nausea, bad breath, we realize that if you have
09:36 mal-digestion things going on in the intestinal tract,
09:41 it's going to back up and you will start to smell it
09:44 through the breath, bloating, weakness, appetite loss,
09:47 even faintness, all are signs of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
09:51 Usually it appears between the ages of 20 and 50, women have it
09:57 about twice as much as men do for some reason, and about
10:02 one fifth of the Americans have this particular problem
10:05 so it is not an uncommon problem and there are some
10:08 simple things that you can do for Irritable Bowel Syndrome
10:10 and if that's associated with fibromyalgia then this is the
10:13 tract we want to take to try to take care of it.
10:15 The reason why you have the sometimes diarrhea and sometimes
10:22 constipation is a spasmodic contraction of the colon,
10:26 if it goes to fast you are going to have diarrhea, if it goes
10:31 to slow you are going to have constipation because the purpose
10:32 of the colon is to take up moisture and prepare it for
10:37 exiting the body and so a spasmodic, sometimes it is
10:41 going to fast, sometimes it is going to slow, you are going to
10:44 have your diarrhea and constipation going
10:47 back and forth.
10:48 So what can you do to treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
10:51 Since it said over here in this one particular study that it's
10:55 associated with a bacterial overgrowth and also other things
11:00 growing in the colon, then there are some certain things
11:03 that we can take that are vermicides, that will kill off
11:07 worms, bacteria, funguses, and other things growing in
11:12 our intestinal tract.
11:13 Let me just read some of these I'm going to read them rather
11:16 slowly because if you think you have this problem and let's
11:19 go beyond this problem, let's go to where you are going to be
11:23 traveling in another country where you might pick up a bug
11:25 that you don't want to have or you might have some type of
11:29 intestinal parasites from whatever reason, if you have
11:33 pruritis ani, you are always scratching at the anus or
11:36 other things, it could be a sign and so here are some of the
11:39 things that you can take to help purge these things from
11:43 your system: Aloe Vera is very good, you can take it in
11:46 a number of forms, you can go to the store and buy some
11:49 Aloe Vera liquid and drink it that way, I like to just take an
11:54 Aloe Vera plant, I've got a bunch of them growing on my
11:57 window sill in my office, I'll take a whole leaf off,
12:01 cut it, cut the little spines off, wash it off, I'll drop the
12:04 whole thing into a blender along with a banana and some pineapple
12:08 juice and whiz that up and it makes sort of a chiffon
12:11 and so I'm getting my Aloe Vera juice in a very pleasant way.
12:14 Worm-Wood, now I'm going to mention a few herbs here that
12:18 are extremely good I would not travel over seas without these
12:21 things, Worm-Wood is one, another on is Echinacea,
12:25 Goldenseal, these are very common herbs in America,
12:29 Goldenseal is extremely expensive but get some,
12:32 have it on hand, cloves, now we don't recommend you eat
12:36 cloves all the time because they are a spice and can be
12:38 irritating to the intestinal tract, but it's very good for
12:42 expelling things that should not be growing there.
12:45 Burdock, another extremely good vermicide is Black Walnut,
12:51 I usually buy it in a tincture form, if you buy something
12:58 that's been extracted by alcohol I don't recommend you taking it
13:02 just taking the dropper and just putting it into your mouth
13:05 because any alcohol is not good, here's what I do,
13:08 I bring some water to a boil, (a cup of water),
13:11 I pour the water into a cup, I add my extract and let the
13:17 heat dissipate the alcohol, just a few moments and it's all
13:21 dissipated and then you can drink it with perfect safety.
13:24 Grapefruit seed extract, another thing I will not travel without
13:28 when I go overseas, I usually carry a few bottles because
13:31 I usually end up giving it away to other people I find
13:33 along the way, I will add it to all water I drink overseas
13:37 taken from a common source, I try to buy bottled water but
13:41 anyway the GSE, Grapefruit Seed Extract is extremely good for
13:45 expelling these types of things, and establishing a good flora
13:49 in your intestinal tract.
13:50 Pumpkin seeds and figs are very good, another thing is get some
13:56 Diatomaceous Earth, you can buy Diatomaceous Earth,
13:59 capsulize it, or you can buy it in capsules and take this for
14:03 about three weeks, if you have worms or other types of
14:05 parasites, they will eat it and it will cause them to
14:08 disintegrate, very good thing to take and it won't hurt you
14:10 at all.
14:11 Garlic, onion, cabbage and carrots, are extremely good
14:16 they are all high in sulfur, the animals that may be inhabiting
14:20 your intestinal tract don't like them so take those.
14:22 Garlic is extremely good, I go to places in the world
14:27 over there in Africa, I go to this place called Shingoma
14:30 and there is a lot of people living in the area with asthma
14:34 and worms and other things and so I take garlic to them
14:37 and I say plant the garlic, I give them enough to take
14:40 right then and enough to grow so garlic is great to have,
14:44 I would take some garlic drops or some garlic capsules with you
14:48 and extremely good for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
14:50 Bilberry, tarragon, and Mugwort also are very good as expellers
14:57 of these type of things from your system, so I would
15:00 recommend you take them.
15:01 You can apply heat to the abdomen when you have
15:05 Irritable Bowel Syndrome because it's very good for causing a
15:09 relaxation and taking away the pain, charcoal is very good
15:13 for the gas, now charcoal will take care of the gas but
15:16 find out what's causing the gas and then you won't have to
15:19 take it in the first place.
15:20 Swallowing air, now when do we swallow air, people who drink
15:24 soda's, all that fizziness they are swallowing that,
15:30 it will cause bloating and cause more gas, increase the
15:34 bran and fiber in the diet basically by eating fruits
15:38 and vegetables in their natural state and whole grains and
15:41 drinking plenty of water along with this, and extremely regular
15:46 be on a regular schedule, it's extremely good for Irritable
15:49 Bowel Syndrome, that means that you are eating at the
15:51 same time every day, you are going to bed at the same time
15:53 every day, you are exercising at the same time every day,
15:57 and never eat food before going to bed at night.
16:00 These are some simple things that you can do for Irritable
16:03 Bowel Syndrome, and as you follow these simple steps
16:06 God has promised if we do our part He will do His part,
16:11 so you are praying and if there is something that I haven't
16:13 mentioned ask Him, say Father what else can I do and He will
16:16 give you some simple things to do and if you find out
16:19 something that works for you you call us and let us know,
16:22 an that's pretty much how you found out all the simple
16:25 remedies that you put in all your books isn't it Dr. Thrash?
16:27 - We found a lot that way, I am very happy that there is
16:31 a lot of research now going on to establish the validity of
16:37 very simple things, take the one for fibromyalgia that just
16:41 came out about six or eight months ago about vitamin D.
16:47 Deficiency in vitamin D has a wide spread group of symptoms
16:54 some of them very much like fibromyalgia, so someone got
16:57 the idea, I think it was published in the
17:02 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and they found that
17:06 by giving people vitamin D they could make a change in the
17:11 symptoms that people have, so then they checked the
17:14 vitamin D levels of all the people that they had,
17:17 all patients who came in with fibromyalgia, they checked them
17:21 for their vitamin D level in the blood and they found that as
17:26 a general class the people with fibromyalgia tend to have
17:30 low vitamin D levels and so what we are now recommending
17:37 is that many people, not just people with fibromyalgia
17:40 but many people get an annual vitamin D level run in the
17:46 blood, it can be very revealing.
17:49 Now there is another one that comes out of Boston,
17:52 also very recently in the Boston University School of Medicine
17:57 did a very nice research project on vitamin D and it's
18:02 relationship to fibromyalgia and found essentially the
18:06 same thing, that giving vitamin D to people with
18:10 fibromyalgia will often improve their symptoms.
18:14 Here is another one that is published in a journal called
18:18 Medical Hypotheses and this one show that chronic
18:24 inflammation can be a problem for people who have
18:29 fibromyalgia, they found that the stress between various cells
18:35 of the vascular tree could release some nitrous oxide
18:41 into the blood and that caused a relaxation but in these
18:46 individuals with fibromyalgia they tended not to have such
18:50 good sheer forces and consequently did not release
18:54 as much nitrous oxide and so they postulated that chronic
18:59 inflammation was a factor so they did some tests that
19:02 revealed that chronic inflammation was going on
19:05 in these people and in the whole class of patients who have
19:10 fibromyalgia and by eliminating inflammation they could improve
19:15 the fibromyalgia.
19:16 Here is another very interesting study that was done with a
19:22 staphylococcus vaccine, what they did was to take the
19:26 staphylococcus and make a staph vaccine then they injected
19:30 it into patients with fibromyalgia and they found that
19:33 giving the vaccine improved a number of things about the
19:38 patient, their ability to neutralize a staph antigen
19:43 greatly improved and they also were able to neutralize a staph
19:51 toxin, that also improved, so while they were doing this they
19:56 discovered that the IGG, the Immune Globulin G was also
20:01 improved in these individuals but not in the controls,
20:06 none of these things were present in the control people
20:09 who were normal but did improve in the people with fibromyalgia,
20:13 so as you can see there are a number of things that are now
20:16 being found and another one of those is an interesting one
20:21 and Dr. Don Miller will talk with you about that right now.
20:25 - Sometimes I read some of these studies and I am absolutely
20:28 amazed at what science is investigating and I wonder
20:32 why did they go down this road but I'm glad they
20:34 went down this road.
20:35 This one from the Journal Of Women's Health, the title of the
20:39 study is asking a question: Use Less Cosmetics, Suffer Less
20:44 From Fibromyalgia, and basically here is one of the premises:
20:49 fibromyalgia patients often complained of dry skin
20:53 and so the person conducting this study hypothesized that
20:58 perhaps it's all this cosmetics and the dry skin and the
21:02 moisturizers could be causing the problem.
21:05 It says here over ambitious cleaning resulting in dry skin
21:10 and regular use of cosmetics as moisturizers could contribute
21:15 to their symptoms.
21:16 So he took a group of women who used make-up and who did not
21:20 use make-up and found out what is the result here?
21:24 After two years in the study here's what he found:
21:27 After two years there was a significant improvement in pain,
21:30 which is one of the major problems in fibromyalgia,
21:33 improvement in sleep, another symptom of fibromyalgia,
21:38 sleep loss, and stiffness, together with better physical
21:43 function and improved well being, something as simple as
21:47 not rubbing the stuff on your face and it could be a real
21:51 good way of not having the fibromyalgia problems Dr. Thrash
21:56 it sounds like a pretty cheap and sane way of doing it.
21:59 - A good way and I'm very happy that we have that one.
22:02 Here is another one that shows that if there is some kind of
22:08 obstruction to the intake of air when one is sleeping,
22:12 that can be associated very closely with fibromyalgia
22:17 and then if they put a machine for positive pressure air
22:22 then they found that these patients greatly improved.
22:25 Here is another one that hooked up some women with fibromyalgia
22:29 to an EEG, an electroencephalogram and they
22:33 found sleep spindles were abnormal in the women with
22:37 fibromyalgia, in fact they might have a decreased number and
22:42 decreased quality of the sleep spindles that are the
22:48 Hallmark of good sleep.
22:50 Another study showed that fibromyalgia might be an
22:55 auto-immune disorder, very complicated study but a very
22:59 nicely done and indicated that it may be associated with or
23:04 actually be an immune disorder.
23:07 Now another thing that Dr. Miller is going to
23:10 talk with you about is one of the Hallmark's of fibromyalgia
23:16 and then I will tell you a few things to do to treat it.
23:20 - Well I'm going to mention one thing that is very good for
23:23 perhaps treating the symptoms and the problems caused by it.
23:27 This was found in the International Journal of
23:30 Psychiatry Medicine, they were trying to study the fact that
23:34 fibromyalgia is often caused by stress, psychological stress
23:40 it's been linked both with the beginning of fibromyalgia
23:43 and the symptoms severity and so they found that people
23:47 who are religious, and here is the conclusion of the study
23:49 right down here at the bottom. These data, the data they have
23:53 in the study suggests that the religiousness of a person,
23:57 the religious spiritual connection with God may have a
24:01 protective effect upon a patient with fibromyalgia.
24:04 There's another thing that you can do as far as perhaps
24:08 diagnosing fibromyalgia, we find that women with fibromyalgia
24:14 urinated eight or more times during the day compared to
24:17 six times for women who do not have fibromyalgia.
24:21 So perhaps there is something about the abnormally high
24:25 frequency in urination that's characteristic feature of
24:27 fibromyalgia so that's just one of the other signs that if
24:31 you have frequent urination during the day and sometimes
24:34 urgency means you've got to go but you can't go very much,
24:37 it could be a sign that it is in fact fibromyalgia.
24:40 - Very good diagnostic feature there, now as to the treatment
24:45 some of these are very nice treatments.
24:48 Here is one that's depressed mood often means that the kind
24:54 of treatment that you are going to give may be a failure
24:57 so the first thing to do is to relieve the depression that
25:02 person feels, and often the fibromyalgia itself makes the
25:06 person depressed, they wonder what is wrong with me,
25:10 people think that I am just putting on, I really don't
25:13 feel good, I'm not lazy I'm sick, and yet they look good
25:17 and they are strong but they just have these disabling
25:23 symptoms, so first correct that and any other kind of treatment
25:29 that you do will be more helpful.
25:32 Then here is one of Spa therapy, I like this one, it almost makes
25:38 me want to have fibromyalgia just to get t do the treatment.
25:41 This was a study done in Turkey, it would be nice to go to a Spa
25:45 and get a treatment at the Spa and enjoy the Spa.
25:50 Here is one swimming, another good treatment, but people with
25:55 fibromyalgia who entered into a swimming therapy,
25:59 they did far better than those who did not do it, and while
26:03 none of these treatment is entirely curative, they do
26:07 help so much that they are well worth the trial to do.
26:11 Here is another study, this was low intensity aerobic exercises
26:16 such as walking, or riding a bicycle at low speed, nothing
26:23 that's exhausting nor debilitating for a person
26:27 who is not well but something that they can easily do and
26:32 the tender points improved and the general tenderness also
26:35 improved quite a lot.
26:36 There is another one that I would really enjoy and that's
26:40 baths in the Dead Sea, that's sounds like a fun thing to do.
26:46 Here is one that is obvious what it would help and that is
26:51 hyperbaric oxygen therapy oxygen given in a chamber that
26:56 is under pressure and that has found to be helpful for
27:00 a number of patients.
27:01 Then here is one that was done in Utah, giving patients Ribose
27:09 which is a sugar that's associated with the energy
27:13 capsules that we make in the body, and this was shown to be
27:18 very helpful in repleating the reserves of energy that
27:24 these people have with fibromyalgia.
27:27 Now again the good news is that fibromyalgia tends to get better
27:34 in a few years, and even if it is all by itself even if it's
27:38 not helped by any of these nice treatments it will still get
27:43 better eventually, so the woman should not be depressed,
27:46 she should not be discouraged, she should do some of these
27:49 exercises and expect that the Lord is going to give her
27:52 complete relief, may the Lord Bless you with relief.


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