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00:01 It's far better to know how to prevent disease,
00:04 than it is to learn how to cure it.
00:06 I love to teach people how to prevent disease,
00:10 so that they're never unhealthy, they don't ever feel bad...
00:15 So, we're going to talk about some of these ways of
00:17 PREVENTION in this program... We hope you will stay with us!
00:40 Welcome to "Help Yourself to Health"
00:42 with Dr. Agatha Thrash of Uchee Pines Institute
00:46 And now, here's your host, Dr. Thrash
00:51 I love remedies!
00:52 I have been gathering remedies from all over the world
00:56 for the last 40-45 years...
00:59 And I'm very happy that I can also learn some things
01:03 about how to prevent disease.
01:05 There are SO MANY good things that we can do...
01:08 just using the things of nature that can help us to
01:12 prevent disease.
01:13 One of those is SUNSHINE
01:15 And, Dr. Don Miller is going to talk with you now
01:18 about the benefits of sunshine... Dr. Miller
01:22 Well, I think one of the greatest benefits of
01:23 sunshine is... it's free!
01:25 It's up there, it just hangs out, and it gives us all
01:27 the benefits that we could ever want from any medication
01:31 and even more so.
01:32 And one of the biggest problems we have,
01:34 in certain environments, is infections...
01:36 and sunlight is a natural bacterial agent.
01:40 It will cleanse things.
01:41 As a matter of fact, if you see an animal that gets itself
01:43 injured somehow, it will crawl out into the sunshine
01:47 to heal itself, rather than crawl over into the shade.
01:50 And so there are certainly some wonderful benefits
01:52 to sunshine... But there's more than that
01:54 I've got a list of them here...
01:56 Besides destroying harmful bacteria,
01:58 it lowers the blood pressure.
02:00 Basically, as you get out into the sunshine,
02:02 it allows your vascular system to relax;
02:05 therefore, your heart stops pushing so hard to get the
02:08 blood through... your blood pressure goes down.
02:11 As a matter of fact, you might want to try an experiment.
02:14 If your blood pressure is mildly elevated,
02:17 take your blood pressure in the house, check what it is...
02:20 Go outside, give yourself a half-hour sunbath.
02:24 Now when I say sunbath, you don sit there and take off
02:27 all the clothes and lay there.
02:28 What you want to do, is just let your legs, your arms,
02:31 your face get exposed to the sun for about a half-hour.
02:34 And then, take your blood pressure again.
02:37 Normally, you will find a significant drop
02:40 in your blood pressure.
02:41 If you couple the sunshine with exercise,
02:44 it goes down even further.
02:46 And the nice thing is the effects of that sunbath
02:51 will maintain itself for a couple of days.
02:54 And so, on days when the sun isn't shinning,
02:57 it takes benefit of the sunshine you got last time it did shine.
03:03 It decreases blood cholesterol.
03:05 Cholesterol is a major problem in developed countries,
03:08 but sunshine will help the cholesterol go down.
03:11 It increases the vitamin D.
03:13 Now it is interesting that increasing the vitamin D...
03:15 is the same way in which it lowers the cholesterol
03:19 because we all have cholesterol in our bodies
03:22 just below the skin layer.
03:23 As sunlight strikes the skin, it converts the cholesterol
03:29 into a pre-vitamin D form.
03:32 And it goes out and becomes, in the liver, into vitamin D.
03:37 Now, since you've taken the cholesterol out of
03:40 that layer of the skin, where it needs to be,
03:42 it's been replaced by cholesterol that's flowing
03:45 in the bloodstream... where it also needs to be.
03:47 You see, cholesterol is a very needed part of our body.
03:50 And so, now that it has gone down in the bloodstream,
03:55 it's got to find some cholesterol to replace it there.
03:57 It's not going to send you out to get a hamburger...
03:59 What it will do... is take cholesterol from plaques
04:03 that might be building up in your artery walls;
04:05 therefore, bringing you back up to the level.
04:07 So, sunshine is good for both of those things.
04:09 It lowers excessively high blood sugars!
04:14 I know a young man... well, he's not so young anymore,
04:16 he's in his mid 30s.
04:18 He is a juvenile diabetic.
04:20 He has had this since he was a very young child.
04:23 To look at the man, you'd never know he had diabetes.
04:26 He's physically well-proportioned.
04:29 His eyesight is good.
04:31 He's doing extremely well.
04:33 But he has learned to regulate his body...
04:35 through diet, through exercise and through sunshine.
04:39 Sunshine can act as a natural insulin agent taking glucose
04:45 into the cells, and so is a very nice thing.
04:47 So if you have somebody who is diabetic,
04:50 SUNSHINE is extremely needed.
04:52 It increases our white blood cells.
04:55 Our white blood cells are those armies... the army that God
04:58 has placed within our bodies to fight infections and diseases
05:02 Sunshine will increase the number of the white blood cells
05:06 And not only the number, it will also increase
05:08 their motility through the body.
05:10 You see, as you get into the sunshine, it can raise your
05:13 body temperature just a small amount,
05:15 and any rise in temperature, will increase the movement
05:19 of these particular army soldiers in your system.
05:23 It lowers respiration rate.
05:26 Therefore, your breathing not only is slower,
05:29 but your deeper breaths are there.
05:32 And most people don't breathe properly in the first place.
05:34 We'll talk about that a little bit later...
05:36 But it does lower your respiration rate.
05:38 It strengthens your heart.
05:40 It slows your resting heart rate.
05:43 The word "resting" and "heart rate," our heart always rests
05:47 It beats and then it rests, it beats and it rests
05:51 The slower the heart rate, the longer the rest.
05:54 And so, if you want that muscle to rest, and that's the one
05:57 muscle in your body that works throughout your entire life.
06:01 When it stops working, you stop working.
06:03 It allows the blood to carry more oxygen.
06:08 Oxygen is absolutely vital to the body.
06:11 As a matter of fact, they've done some studies
06:12 They find that if you take a cell, and deprive it
06:17 of adequate amounts of oxygen, not all oxygen,
06:20 that would kill it...
06:21 But you just don't let it get a good healthy amount of
06:24 oxygen, within a short period of time, that cell becomes
06:27 a malignant cell. It becomes a cancerous cell.
06:29 And so, by getting more oxygen in the blood,
06:32 we've got more health to the tissues.
06:35 It increases our tolerance to stress.
06:38 We're living in a stressful world.
06:40 You go out in the sunshine, and you lay there...
06:43 Try it sometime!
06:44 Stress situation... usually stress happens inside.
06:47 You go outside, and it seems like the stress just
06:50 sort of goes away, because the sunlight
06:53 has a way of taking that stress away.
06:56 And, it prevents cancer of the colon.
06:58 Isn't that interesting?
06:59 Sunlight will decrease cancer of the colon.
07:03 Now, there's the negative side of sunlight.
07:06 You can get too much sunlight and cause sunburns.
07:09 Every time you cause your skin to be burned,
07:12 you're setting yourself up for damage down the line...
07:15 and other types of diseases.
07:16 And so don't let your skin get damaged.
07:19 Between 10 o'clock in the morning,
07:21 and 3 o'clock in the afternoon, stay out of direct sunlight.
07:24 But before then and after then,
07:26 sunlight is not a bad thing to have.
07:28 Now, that's talking about sun.
07:31 There's the other "Son. "
07:36 And there are many, many studies coming down the pike
07:39 today, that talks about the benefits of belief in something.
07:44 On the same line, there's been another study showing
07:47 that a person who believes error,
07:49 as strongly as a someone who believes truth,
07:51 even believing that error, will give them a more
07:55 impaired immune system.
07:57 So believing in truth, and God is the Truth,
07:59 believe in Him... He will help you.
08:02 We've seen studies... They've done some studies
08:04 about people who are prayed for, ... have less coronary events.
08:07 ...have less complications. They do a whole lot better.
08:10 And just that act of asking God to help you...
08:14 Going to somebody whose beyond yourself,
08:17 and saying, "Lord, I need your help. "
08:18 Just the peace of mind, and peace has a lot
08:21 to do with our health can do unbelievable
08:24 advantages to our health.
08:25 And so, the first 2 things, sunlight and trusting
08:31 in the Lord, are 2 very important laws of health
08:34 And I think you've got a couple of others, Dr. Thrash.
08:36 Yes, in fact, I've got a number of more.
08:38 But I would like to start right away by talking about EXERCISE.
08:42 The subject of exercise is such an important one that
08:46 if we know about exercise and we DO exercise,
08:50 then this can help us to cover a lot of other
08:56 broken health laws.
08:59 Just the fact that we exercise,
09:01 strengthens us in a number of ways.
09:03 And besides that, exercise is enjoyable...
09:08 that is if we are accustomed to doing exercise.
09:11 Now, if we are normally a couch potato,
09:13 it's going to be difficult for us to get out of doors,
09:16 and move around.
09:18 But if we are accustomed to moving,
09:20 then to get up and get out is going to be
09:23 something that makes us feel good.
09:26 And just to feel good even when we are sick,
09:29 or when we have been sick...
09:31 if we begin to move around,
09:33 we will just naturally feel a lot better.
09:35 And then, the fact that the immune system goes up
09:39 with exercise, this is something that be actually measured.
09:44 So that we can have people to do various kinds of exercise
09:48 We can check the number of T cells they have,
09:50 the number of killer cells that they have,
09:53 and these go UP with the amount of exercise that we do!
09:57 And just as with sunshine, getting exercise will make
10:02 the cellular portions of the immune system
10:04 much more active.
10:06 They move more rapidly.
10:09 They also become more hungry.
10:11 So that when they see a germ, they go there,
10:14 and they take the germ, and destroy the germ.
10:18 So to assist the immune system in this way, can be very helpful
10:22 to you in warding off disease, not only of the body,
10:26 but also of the mind.
10:29 The immune system, of course, has to do with such things as
10:32 depression, and warding that off, or even schizophrenia
10:38 and the various serious forms of mental illness
10:42 because of the fact that people with these kinds of illnesses
10:46 don't live as long as those who do not have those illnesses
10:50 unless they work at these natural laws of health
10:55 in a very serious and determined way.
11:00 Now exercise can be too much so that we can overdo
11:04 the matter, and it's an interesting thing that when we
11:07 overdo exercise, we actually reduce the functioning
11:10 of the immune system.
11:11 So we want to be careful about that.
11:13 As to how often we should exercise,
11:18 I can give you a quote that "some portion of every day
11:21 be spent in outdoor exercise. "
11:24 And having the exercise out of doors, is more favorable
11:27 than having the same amount of exercise,
11:30 and the same quality of exercise indoors.
11:34 Now, in addition to exercise, there is another aspect
11:39 of this matter of prevention of disease, and that is water.
11:44 So frequently, people get sick because
11:47 they don't drink enough water.
11:49 One of the simple things that people get is
11:52 they simply don't feel strong.
11:54 They feel tired, or they have lassitude that
11:57 just saps their energy, and because of this,
12:00 they want to stay indoors.
12:02 They want to just read, or do some kind of indoor game,
12:09 or just sit and shell beans, or whatever they can do
12:13 inside... rather than getting up and MOVING.
12:17 And when they move, they have so many good benefits,
12:21 that water plays right into this, that the amount of water
12:28 that we take gets us over many an illness
12:32 that we otherwise would have.
12:33 Now WATER, is the most abundant element on this planet
12:40 apart from air, and has been made by a
12:44 loving and all-wise Designer to be the universal solvent
12:49 And while it won't dissolve everything,
12:51 it certainly does dissolve a lot of things,
12:53 and most of those things that are inside the body,
12:56 it does dissolve those.
12:58 It acts as a vehicle for the transport of quite a lot
13:02 of wastes and raw products and nutrients
13:08 that come into the body.
13:09 It also is a vehicle for the transport of oxygen
13:12 and other forms of gases that we require
13:17 so much in the human body.
13:19 Wastes are also carried on this vehicle...
13:24 the vehicle of water,
13:25 and the various organs of the body... including the skin,
13:31 are kept healthy, the joints are kept mobile,
13:35 and strong, and gliding nicely because of plenty of water.
13:40 So use this universal solvent to good advantage.
13:45 And now, we have another one, and that is AIR.
13:50 Air is a precious boon of heaven!
13:53 And, Dr. Miller, what can you tell us about air?
13:56 You know, we can be very thankful if we live in an area
13:59 where we do have good air.
14:00 I've been in countries like Tokyo, Japan...
14:02 Many times the policeman will have stations they can go to
14:06 and put on a mask and breathe oxygen because there's
14:09 just not that much around because of all the
14:11 pollutions and the exhaust that surround them all the time.
14:15 But air is an extremely beneficial thing that
14:19 God has given to us...
14:20 And He has given it to us in exceeding abundance.
14:23 Now, thinking about air, when and where are you
14:28 when it just feels the best... as far as the air around you.
14:31 Let me put this a different way...
14:34 How do you feel when you go to the beach
14:37 when there are waves coming in?
14:38 Or how do you feel when you are near a waterfall?
14:41 Or, how does it feel to walk outside after a storm?
14:44 All of these things are doing something very special
14:48 to the air... they are releasing negative air ions
14:52 Now, an ion is basically a molecule that has either
14:55 gained or lost its electronic charge.
14:58 ...And these things are extremely
15:02 sedating and soothing to the body...
15:04 And so what we need to do is get plenty of
15:07 negative air ions.
15:08 Now I've already mentioned where you can get those.
15:10 Some of the places... around moving water,
15:12 where there are rapids, waterfall, ocean surf.
15:17 You can get them after a storm.
15:19 Have you ever smelled the air after a storm?
15:22 It just smells cleaner... it's because it's full of
15:24 negative air ions.
15:26 You can get it amongst evergreen trees.
15:29 I once heard an inspired person say that there is
15:33 healing in the balsam and in the pine...
15:36 just breathing the air in this area.
15:39 There's also negative air ions in natural settings...
15:45 Out in the forest, out in the woods,
15:46 up in the mountains... you're going to find
15:48 your negative air ions.
15:49 But on the same turn, there are things that destroy
15:52 these negative air ions.
15:54 One, is recirculated air.
15:55 We live in houses and work in buildings now that have
15:59 no windows that will open...
16:00 Everything is recirculated... they are recirculating
16:03 positive air ions which cause depression,
16:06 which causes mood swings, which causes headaches,
16:09 and MANY other problems... and so recirculated air.
16:13 Pollution decreases negative air and adds positive air ions.
16:19 Cigarettes smoke will do the same thing.
16:22 So what we need to do is get out into nature.
16:25 Get away from the cities, get out into the country,
16:28 and breathe the good, fresh air.
16:30 Now, along with the air... all right, I want to add
16:34 one last thing to the air part.
16:36 At nighttime, no matter how cold it is outside,
16:40 you should always have fresh air in your bedroom.
16:44 Turn down the heat, pile on the covers,
16:47 open up the window.
16:48 Now we're not talking about opening it all the way,
16:50 open it just enough to get enough air circulating
16:54 in your room; otherwise, you're going to wake up,
16:56 feeling a little bit drugged, perhaps a little bit grouchy,
16:59 a lot of problems come down the pike because we have not gotten
17:02 adequate amounts of air at nighttime when we are sleeping.
17:06 Now, in saying that, at nighttime besides sleeping,
17:10 we're doing something else.
17:11 We're always sweating... that's how we stay cool.
17:15 And so, as we sweat, we let off that moisture,
17:18 and so, going back to the sunshine thing,
17:20 every once in a while when you get a nice,
17:22 sunny, low-humidity day, take your mattress outside
17:25 and get it aired out.
17:27 You're going to find that you're going to sleep
17:28 a whole lot better after that experience.
17:30 There's another part of the "A" that we're looking at...
17:33 besides air... It is ATTITUDE.
17:35 Our attitude has a lot to do with how we feel.
17:39 There was a recent study done by Kansas State University
17:42 that basically showed that people who are always grouchy
17:45 get sick more, and are sick longer.
17:48 The Bible says, "A merry heart does good like a medicine. "
17:53 Find something to be thankful for.
17:55 I learned an extremely good principle some years ago.
17:58 It's called "the law of reciprocal influence. "
18:01 Basically, biblically, it says...
18:02 "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. "
18:05 My recommendation is, when you wake up grouchy,
18:08 here's what you do, you sing praises to the Lord.
18:10 Sing a hymn, sing a happy song, and you're going to find
18:13 that your mood starts to rise.
18:15 But it's people who are ALWAYS ANGRY who are ALWAYS SICK
18:19 are going to be the ones that are always grouchy,
18:23 and discontented with life. BE HAPPY!
18:26 And if you're going to be happy,
18:28 you're also going to find yourself being well.
18:30 There's a lot to do about attitude with
18:31 good health, Dr. Thrash. ... Yes there is!
18:33 And in addition to attitude...
18:37 we could say that REST... rest from a number of things
18:39 It's not just rest from labor, but it's also rest from noise.
18:44 It's rest from food sometimes.
18:46 You take a small rest from food, and that gives you
18:51 a GOOD overall rest.
18:54 If you turn off a whirring machine of some kind,
18:57 the relief that you get, is a kind of rest,
19:00 and so that can be very helpful to you.
19:03 We need, sometimes, a rest from people...
19:06 so that we can commune with God.
19:08 And don't forget... that you have essentially
19:11 a person in your automobile in the form of the radio
19:15 Some people get in the car, turn the ignition,
19:18 and the radio comes on...
19:20 so that they're never really alone.
19:22 And that time when they could be in their vehicle
19:25 communing with God, they lose, because the radio is on,
19:29 and that's a constant presence of someone else with them.
19:34 Now, rest can be a rest from our activities,
19:39 our secular activities once a week,
19:41 so that we have a Sabbath rest.
19:43 What an important time for a human being to take
19:47 that rest from all secular activities and live in a
19:51 holy atmosphere for a whole day.
19:54 What a privilege that is.
19:55 Now as we are going through these things,
19:58 I am beginning to recognize that you have arranged
20:04 these, Dr. Miller, in such a way that these things that we're
20:08 talking about spell a word. Yes, they do.
20:12 And I'm delighted to see that that it is.
20:15 Would you like to show what we've got here. Okay.
20:17 We have Sunshine, Trusting in the Lord, Exercise, Water,
20:26 Air and Attitude, Rest... that's as far as we've
20:32 gotten so far... let's keep going...
20:34 Diet and Dress... a lot of things to do with diet and dress
20:38 Self-Control, Hygiene or Cleanliness, and Herbs,
20:45 Innocence or a Clear Conscience, and then the last one
20:51 would be Purity of Life... and don't we need more
20:54 of that in this world that we're living in... Dr. Thrash
20:56 So we have the acronym, "STEWARDSHIP"
20:59 God has given us bodies.
21:00 He says, "You're stewards. "
21:02 Paul says, in Romans 12:1, "Present your bodies a LIVING
21:05 sacrifice," and we're stewards over this body.
21:07 Oh yes, and a part of that is DIET,
21:11 and you want to put the "D" in now.
21:15 Diet is a topic that we need to, very clearly, understand.
21:22 I'm going to be very short with the diet part.
21:25 3ABN talks a lot about diets,
21:28 and we have cooking schools and everything else.
21:30 I want to read you one case history.
21:33 You can do a search on the internet, and look up a man
21:37 by the name of Thomas Parr.
21:39 He was born in 1483.
21:43 He was born to a farmer there in England,
21:45 and he sort of tooled along...
21:48 went out as a tradesman some time during that time.
21:52 In the year 1563, he got married for the first time.
21:57 He was 80 years old.
21:58 He fathered 2 children.
22:00 Time went on, his first wife
22:02 having died by the time he was 120...
22:04 he married the second time, had another child.
22:07 He kept on going and he was doing great living on a very
22:11 simple abstemious diet.
22:13 He had a very simple diet out there on the farm.
22:16 Working on the farm, he was still working his fields
22:19 when he was in his 130s and 140s.
22:21 But at 153 years of age, he was discovered by the earl that
22:25 sort of was over the land on which he lived.
22:28 And he didn't know this guy was living there...
22:30 He said, "Wow! Wait until the king sees this man!"
22:33 And so he took Thomas Parr to the king's palace
22:38 there in London, and he said, "I want you to meet this man"
22:41 Can you imagine the stories this guy would tell?
22:43 You see, the king on the throne at that time,
22:45 was the 10th monarch since Thomas had been born.
22:49 So 10 monarchs had passed.
22:51 The guy's mind was completely intact... he was great stories.
22:56 They enjoyed him so much... that night the king said,
23:00 "Look, come and live in the castle with me...
23:03 And eat at my table, and just live a good life
23:06 from now on out. " And the guy said, "Good idea. "
23:08 He did. Two weeks later, he was dead.
23:11 Upon autopsy, they found his internal organs to be
23:15 organs of a young man, except for one problem,
23:18 they were extremely inflamed.
23:20 It was the diet.
23:21 The inflammatory diet of the rich foods and the rich drinks
23:25 that put the man who, 153 years, that could not kill
23:28 put him in the grave after 2 short weeks' diet.
23:31 Dr. Thrash, the foods that we eat are extremely important!
23:34 They're very inflammatory that's for certain.
23:37 Then also, in "D" is the matter of DRESS.
23:41 Dress can be healthful, or unhealthful.
23:44 One of the ways that it's unhealthful,
23:47 is that it's too tight.
23:48 It can be too tight in the waist, or around the knees,
23:52 around the ankles, around the wrists,
23:54 around the upper arms, anywhere that a garment
23:58 is so tight that it leaves a red streak when the
24:02 garment is removed, that is, of course, too tight.
24:05 Then it can be inadequate for proper warmth.
24:08 A lot of people, for one reason or other,
24:12 expose their extremities, and that leads to a reduction
24:16 in the efficiency of the immune system.
24:19 And so with these things...
24:21 Oh, there's one other thing that you need to know
24:23 and that's MODESTY.
24:25 Modest dress relieves of anxiety and a sense of
24:29 inhibition... that a person does not have when one has
24:35 completely modest dress.
24:36 So I recommend these things for the "D" part.
24:39 And now let's go to self-control... Dr. Miller
24:44 SELF-CONTROL... You know, normally when we talk about
24:47 self-control, we talk about don't smoke, don't drink,
24:49 and don't take drugs, and these are extremely important.
24:52 But there are other areas of our life where we need
24:54 self-control.
24:55 I would say, probably one of the runaway problems
24:58 with us in today's especially Western world,
25:01 is something as simple as overeating,
25:03 or eating too many things at a meal.
25:05 We need to be under control in ALL that we do.
25:09 You know, it's amazing... you see somebody
25:11 training for the Olympics, and they train diligently...
25:15 They've got to the point where they can slow their
25:17 pulse rate; they can slow their respiration down
25:20 on command, because they want to win that little piece of gold
25:24 And here we are, with streets of gold in which to gain
25:28 We need to do the same type of training.
25:30 Paul says, "I keep my body under,"
25:33 under control, under self-control that everything
25:37 that we do might be to the glory of God.
25:39 As a matter of fact, the Bible says that,
25:40 "Whatsoever you eat, whatsoever you drink,
25:43 whatsoever you do, do ALL to the glory of God. "
25:46 Self-control... extremely important.
25:48 And then, a part of the "H" is HERBS.
25:53 Herbs are provided by a Loving Creator,
25:56 and if we learn about the herbs, there are many of them
26:00 that can help us to get over disease without taking
26:05 any kind of serious life-threatening drug.
26:10 And now we have 2 more things...
26:13 Dr. Miller, do you want to tell us about 2 more things?
26:16 Very quickly, talk about HYGEINE.
26:19 Quickly, I'll just give you another case history.
26:21 A doctor from Hungry named, "Semmelweis"
26:24 ...A good friend cut his finger while doing an autopsy
26:28 and he died of the same diseases killing the women
26:31 in the hospitals and he thought...
26:33 "Hmmm, I think what the problem is... we're transferring
26:36 the diseases from the corpses
26:37 to the women that we're delivering. "
26:39 So he came up with a very simple solution!
26:42 "Why don't we wash our hands between patients. "
26:45 And as soon as he did, death rates fell.
26:48 As a matter of fact, the midwife hospital near them
26:51 had no where near the death rate that the regular hospital
26:55 did... who went through these things.
26:57 The other one is things like "INNOCENCE. "
26:59 The clear conscience.
27:01 You know, when we feel guilt, we are hurting our
27:04 immune system, so we need to make sure we have a
27:06 conscience, the Bible says, "Void of offence. "
27:09 And the last one is, "PURITY OF LIFE "
27:12 We need to look at things that will give us pure thoughts.
27:14 Listen to things that will give us pure thoughts.
27:16 And quite frankly, we are surrounded in a world
27:19 that is steeped in impurity.
27:22 God is looking for a pure people,
27:23 a special people in these last days.
27:25 And as we do these laws of health,
27:29 God's 14 Laws of Health,
27:31 we're going to find that we're far better able
27:33 to help our fellow man, help ourselves,
27:36 and to give glory to God!
27:38 Now all of these 14 Laws of Health are very
27:42 clearly defined by nature, and by reason.
27:45 So we hope that you have studied these very carefully
27:48 that you might prevent disease, and then
27:50 not have to worry so much about learning how
27:53 to treat disease once it has occurred.


Revised 2014-12-17