Help Yourself to Health

Non-serious Illnesses, Pt. 3

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Participants: Agatha Thrash (Host), Don Miller


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00:01 Even very healthy people can get sick.
00:04 In fact, sometimes the most healthy people seem to
00:08 come down, very frequently, with some kind of illness.
00:12 To find the cause of an illness, may require a good long
00:16 process of elimination.
00:18 So, we'd like to talk with you about some of these things
00:21 and how you can get so that you can avoid some illnesses
00:25 and so that you can be healthier after you've had an illness.
00:29 So, stay with us!
00:50 Welcome to "Help Yourself to Health"
00:52 with Dr. Agatha Thrash of Uchee Pines Institute
00:56 And now, here's your host, Dr. Thrash
01:00 Now finding the reason why you have a sickness
01:03 may require quite a good long time of
01:08 elimination of various things.
01:09 You may say, "Well, it might have been due to this,
01:12 or it might have been due to that"
01:14 But the first thing to ascertain is why you think you got sick.
01:19 So, take a look at your habits!
01:21 Look at every habit of life.
01:23 What time you go to bed.
01:25 How you eat. How you drink.
01:27 Do you have your windows open at night so that you have
01:30 good circulation of air in your bedroom at night.
01:33 Just scrutinize every point...
01:36 What did I do last night?
01:38 Did I lose sleep? Was my pillow comfortable?
01:41 Was it cold in my bedroom?
01:44 You know you just ask all sorts of questions of yourself
01:47 so that you can find out what it is that's involved
01:51 in your having gotten sick.
01:53 So the first thing that you do is to eliminate
01:56 all those health habits that lead to sickness.
02:00 Then, look at your surroundings.
02:02 Is there something in your surroundings that makes
02:07 your surroundings unhealthful?
02:09 If so, do your best to eliminate those.
02:12 And as you work with this kind of thing,
02:14 you can make your environment you can make yourself,
02:17 you can make your habits... all very much more healthy.
02:21 Now when you have found out the reason for your problem,
02:25 then you assist nature in the evicting of those conditions
02:32 that have resulted from broken health law.
02:34 And then obedience to law makes it so that health is not
02:38 necessarily something that's a happenstance...
02:42 It's not by chance that we are healthy,
02:44 or not by chance that we become ill.
02:48 Now, the way to assist nature is by obedience to the usual
02:54 laws of health... having to do with the way that we
02:57 drink, eat, sleep, rest, breathe... all of those things
03:04 ...posture, warmth, hydration, all of those things that
03:08 have to do with the laws of health.
03:11 We want to observe those and be right on top of our lifestyle
03:18 Now there are problems at times with a stomach upset.
03:22 Some people are upset in the stomach when they
03:25 take any kind of unusual food...
03:27 Or, when they eat more than one food of a certain class
03:31 at the same meal... they join those things together
03:34 they're going to get sick.
03:36 Sometimes it's a serious illness that lasts a day or so,
03:39 sometimes it's a few minutes to a few hours
03:41 But by learning who you are, by learning the kinds of
03:46 things that affect your health, you can, little by little,
03:50 get so that you can improve your health.
03:53 With stomach upsets, there's a wide variety
03:55 of things that can cause a stomach upset.
03:59 One of those things is a simple viral infection.
04:04 It may be specific for the gastrointestinal tract.
04:09 One of the enteroviruses that specifically
04:13 hits the intestinal tract.
04:15 We might call it the intestinal flu.
04:17 Those viruses are numerous...
04:20 there are many different kinds of those.
04:22 Then, there are some bacteria that can also cause a
04:27 gastroenteritis... an inflammation of the stomach,
04:31 and the small bowel... "gastro-enteritis"
04:35 What are some of those... like salmonella
04:37 That's a typhoid-like germ, and can cause
04:42 a quite serious illness... even life-threatening.
04:46 Then there is another one... a very close relative
04:50 of the salmonella called "shigella"
04:55 and this one can be life-threatening as well.
04:57 What happens with these germs, these bacteria
05:01 ...they cause the infection of the surfaces
05:06 of the intestinal tract, and when the surface is involved,
05:11 you may get an ulceration which then gives you
05:13 a bloody diarrhea which is called "dysentery"
05:17 When diarrhea becomes bloody, then it's called "dysentery"
05:21 And the bloody diarrhea can be so intense that the person can
05:26 become anemic, or they can become even fatally dehydrated.
05:31 So it's important at the very outset to make sure
05:34 the person with a bacterial infection of the
05:38 gastrointestinal tract stays well-hydrated.
05:42 Principally, that means drinking plenty of water.
05:45 Now because nausea and vomiting can be a part of the problem
05:51 with a gastroenteritis... the individual with the
05:55 gastroenteritis may tell you "EVERYTHING, even the thought
05:59 of putting ANYTHING into my mouth... I have an absolute
06:04 revulsion to that"
06:06 So they cannot take water because it makes them nauseated
06:09 and then they vomit.
06:11 You encourage them to take charcoal... because charcoal
06:16 is the treatment of choice at the beginning of ANY KIND
06:21 of gastroenteritis.
06:22 You have an upset stomach? Think FIRST of charcoal.
06:25 If you don't have charcoal available immediately,
06:27 then think first of water.
06:30 Start drinking water... drink plenty of it, all that you can!
06:34 If you're nauseated, you take the charcoal,
06:38 stir it into water, drink it down.
06:41 It stays down about 5 minutes, not feeling comfortable
06:45 any of the time, and eventually it comes back up.
06:48 Then what do you do?
06:50 Take it again immediately.
06:52 In fact, have someone, if you can't move around very well,
06:56 have someone make another glass of charcoal water for you
06:59 and be just ready to drink it again...
07:02 immediately after you have vomited.
07:04 With that immediate drinking of the next glass,
07:09 you capitalized on a little device that the body has
07:15 called a "refractory period. "
07:17 It's a time when you cannot vomit because you have just
07:21 completed that reflexive cycle of vomiting,
07:24 and you cannot vomit, and so that can be very helpful.
07:28 Another type of gastroenteritis is "E. coli"
07:33 That's a parasite... You might think that we don't
07:37 have much E. coli in this country that's the
07:43 "Enterobius coli," which is a little parasite...
07:47 You might think we don't have much of that
07:49 in this country, but we do.
07:51 We still have this kind of ameba ... amebic dysentery
07:57 We still have that, and so people can have that,
08:00 and the ulcerations of the intestinal tract caused by
08:05 this ameba can, indeed, cause a serious problem.
08:11 They can have nausea and vomiting...
08:13 They can also have the dysentery...
08:15 In fact, they are likely to have dysentery.
08:18 Now with the germ, the little bacillus,
08:24 that we call E. coli, or "Escherichia coli," this one is
08:31 a germ that also invades the wall of the bowel
08:36 and causes ulceration.
08:38 With these ulcerations come both nausea and vomiting
08:41 or an upset stomach and diarrhea.
08:44 It can last virtually for years if it isn't treated correctly.
08:49 There are some natural remedies to use to treat
08:52 both the parasites, as well as the E. coli germ
08:57 and these can be very helpful, very effective in ridding
09:03 yourself of these problems.
09:05 Now, at this time, Dr. Miller is going to talk with you about
09:10 another kind of gastroenteritis, and that is a food poisoning
09:16 type of gastroenteritis.
09:17 Dr. Miller, have you ever had a problem with
09:20 that in all your travels?
09:21 I hate to think about the problems I've had with
09:24 food poisonings.
09:25 I think the last time I had one, I was in India...
09:28 And I had been traveling around, and I was going to a little area
09:32 where another person on our team was talking to some people
09:36 and he had been invited to these people's home that evening.
09:40 So he thought he'd take me along with him.
09:43 So we went into this lovely home, lovely people
09:46 They were very hospitable there.
09:48 And, as we were sitting there chatting with our translators,
09:52 they brought out 2 trays laden down with grapes.
09:56 And they brought one to the other man and one tray to me.
10:00 And, here I'm sitting there with a big tray of
10:03 freshly washed grapes.
10:05 And I smiled and I said to my translator, "I can't eat these"
10:10 and he says... "You have to"
10:12 I said, "I can't eat these, they just washed them"
10:14 And he says... "You HAVE to eat those, they'll be offended"
10:16 I said, "But they washed them in their water. "
10:18 You see, I wasn't used to their water.
10:20 It's amazing that in your country, you're used to
10:23 the organisms that are in the area,
10:26 but you go somewhere else, and it's not that way.
10:28 Well, I finally relented and ate the grapes.
10:31 I did not want to offend the people.
10:33 And I GOT one of the worse cases of food poisoning
10:36 I've ever had that night.
10:37 I was in misery the entire night and half the next day,
10:41 because of the fact that I got something into my body
10:44 from a food that I was eating.
10:46 Food poisonings are on the rise.
10:48 and we wonder, why are they on the rise?
10:51 Now usually, we used to think most food poisonings are
10:56 caused from animal products, and still, there is a huge
10:59 amount of diseases coming from animal products.
11:02 But now, is on the rise in fruits and vegetables too.
11:06 And the reason why is, there is contamination on the foods.
11:10 You remember a few years ago, there was an outbreak
11:12 of hepatitis A linked to SCALLIONS!
11:17 Now how in the world do scallions get hepatitis A?
11:20 Well the scallions didn't have hepatitis A,
11:22 the person who was picking the scallions,
11:25 or maybe in the back room with the scallions
11:27 had hepatitis A... cross-contaminated and the
11:30 person consuming those products got the hepatitis A.
11:34 So I'll just say, at this point, what you need to do
11:38 is make sure that ALWAYS, every time you receive
11:41 fresh produce, that you wash it.
11:43 You see, people are getting more wise about their diets now
11:46 and are eating more fresh produce, and that's a good thing
11:49 We're to be eating fresh fruits and vegetables
11:51 And I think that's what God wants us to do,
11:54 and that is what we should do.
11:55 But we need to make sure...
11:57 They did a study of 1003 food samples in 1999 and 2000
12:04 to see what type of bacteria, if there were bacteria,
12:08 coming from 21 different countries.
12:10 When they examined the 1003 different food samples
12:15 coming from other countries, 4.4% had bacterial infections
12:19 upon the food themselves.
12:21 And if we would take them into our bodies,
12:23 we would get that thing.
12:26 I was in Singapore one time years ago when I was
12:28 in the Marine Corps, and I was sort of in a confines
12:32 with a young man... we were on a tour of the
12:34 City of Singapore, and he told me that he had had
12:37 3 cases of food poisoning in a couple of months' period of time
12:42 What he liked to do, he liked to go down into the back street
12:46 where just the people from the local areas lived
12:49 and eat what they ate.
12:51 He got one case of food poisoning, I remember
12:53 particularly from eating jellyfish.
12:56 I don't know how you eat a jellyfish...
12:58 I guess with soy butter or something,
13:00 but he ate a lot of jellyfish and got extremely sick
13:04 with the food poisoning from that.
13:05 So what we need to do... is stay away from the
13:07 strange foods... Make sure that we CLEAN the foods.
13:10 I don't say stay away from the strange foods.
13:12 Make sure we have washed them very well.
13:14 What happens when you go to a restaurant?
13:16 You can't wash and you can't go up there
13:17 and take your salad bar, and then go back to the
13:19 bathroom wash it all off.
13:21 So basically, you are at risk when you no longer
13:25 have control of the preparation of the food
13:28 in your own hands.
13:29 Dr. Thrash has already mentioned the best thing you can do
13:32 for a food poisoning is the charcoal.
13:35 The body's natural reaction to a poisoning is to purge.
13:39 To get rid of it and if you feel that way,
13:42 go ahead and get rid of it.
13:43 That's the best thing to do,
13:45 and then take the charcoal until your symptoms
13:47 are gone, and that's a good thing.
13:49 There are other things that cause the upset stomach
13:53 and one is drugs.
13:54 We're talking about medicinal drugs.
13:56 EVERY medicinal drug is irritating to the stomach.
14:00 No matter what it is, it's going to cause some irritation.
14:03 And so, some people are more sensitive to one
14:07 drug than another.
14:08 And so, I just want to give you that warning.
14:09 If every time you take your drug, you feel like you're
14:11 nauseous... I had a case one time,
14:14 of a patient who came to Uchee Pines,
14:16 and she had a large amount of problems.
14:22 And, she was taking 34 different medications.
14:25 Well, I went back and took her list of medications
14:28 to our PDR, "Physician's Desk Reference"
14:32 and I ran the side effects of the drugs and found out
14:35 that she was taking most of her drugs for side effects
14:38 of her drugs.
14:39 I remember when I was stationed in Key West, Florida,
14:42 we had a warrant officer there at the Marine barracks
14:46 and he LOVED fiery foods.
14:48 He would eat fiery foods 3 meals a day,
14:51 and he lived between those meals on Tums.
14:54 Now was Tums the medication for his problem?
14:59 No, the medication for his problem was
15:00 quit eating the fiery foods.
15:03 And so find out what's irritating the stomach,
15:05 leave those things off, and I don't think you'll have
15:08 the problem anymore.
15:10 Is that okay, Dr. Thrash?
15:11 That's sounds good!
15:12 Yes, if we leave those things alone... that cause the
15:15 the stomach to be irritated, then we also have a strong
15:20 and healthy stomach, so that it can RESIST such infections
15:24 as H. pylori.
15:26 Now, you have probably heard of H. pylori recently
15:29 in relation to peptic ulcers.
15:32 Now when I was in medical school, we didn't know what
15:36 caused peptic ulcers.
15:37 We really thought that it was due to some kind of emotional
15:41 problem, and too much acid in the stomach.
15:44 Well I'm sure that both of those can be a part of the overall
15:50 problem that enables you to lose your resistance to
15:55 the H. pylori, and so it invades your stomach,
15:58 any by invading your stomach, then it gets a toehold
16:02 in your gastrointestinal tract, and can give you symptoms
16:06 throughout the intestinal tract.
16:07 But the symptoms in the stomach are usually pain,
16:10 but can also be nausea, can be a sense of burning,
16:15 or a tightening in the stomach.
16:17 You can also get a "dumping syndrome" from an
16:21 ulcer in the stomach where the stomach does not
16:26 hold on to the food long enough and it passes quickly
16:29 into the small bowel and gives you a sense of faintness
16:34 and fatigue, and weakness immediately after you eat.
16:38 It can also do the reverse.
16:40 It can cause a constriction of the pylorus,
16:44 so that you cannot empty the stomach,
16:46 and then you have an uncomfortable full sense
16:49 of pressure inside the stomach.
16:52 All of these can be due to the H. pylori germ.
16:56 Now, the H. pylori germ can affect you...
17:01 can invade your tissues better if you've been using
17:05 fiery foods, or various kinds of drugs, or you don't
17:09 drink enough water, or you take aspirin, or vinegary foods
17:15 ...All of those kinds of things can weaken the wall of the
17:18 stomach and make it so that that germ can penetrate
17:22 the lining and make you have a ulcer there.
17:26 So we get a peptic ulcer in that way... So what can you do?
17:29 Well fortunately, there are some VERY GOOD THINGS
17:32 that you can use for ANY kind of gastroenteritis
17:36 whether it be due to shigella, or salmonella, or one of the
17:41 viruses, or whether it's due to H. pylori
17:44 and that's garlic
17:45 Garlic, without a doubt, is one of our most widely useful herbs.
17:53 Now there are times when people will tell you...
17:56 "Well I took garlic and it didn't help. "
17:58 Then your next question should be... "How much did you take?"
18:00 And most of the time, if it didn't help at all,
18:03 it was because, if it's a gastroenteritis,
18:05 because they didn't take enough.
18:08 And "enough" is often just short of making the person
18:13 feel uncomfortable so that they may actually feel
18:17 a bit more nauseated as soon as they have had the garlic
18:21 to be introduced into the stomach.
18:24 So the garlic needs to be diluted enough with something,
18:28 either fruit juice, like tomato juice, or some other fruit juice
18:33 that you might choose... or just with water
18:36 and then drink it slowly, sip it,
18:39 and in this way, you can avoid that nausea that
18:42 that comes from taking too much garlic too quickly.
18:45 Then we have also a wide variety of other herbal remedies
18:49 such as goldenseal, Echinacea, grapefruit seed extract,
18:54 elderberry extract which you can make yourself from
18:58 elderberries that you pick yourself in a nearby swampy area
19:05 So these are some things that you can do for the H. pylori.
19:08 You need to treat it for a whole month so that
19:11 the germ does not hide itself somewhere in its little ulcer
19:18 so that your treatment is not effective.
19:21 Now, as we consider some other things that can cause
19:26 an upset stomach, emotions are one of those things.
19:29 And I'm sure that Dr. Miller, as you have traveled around
19:33 in doing health education in various parts of the world,
19:36 that you have had a variety of emotions...
19:40 loneliness, or maybe sometimes even fear or anxiety
19:44 What can you tell us about how emotions can upset the stomach?
19:47 Well, I can only talk from my own personal experience.
19:51 Have you ever heard someone say...
19:52 "You make me sick to my stomach"
19:54 Well that really does happen.
19:55 I want to just mention a couple of case histories
19:58 in my own experience.
19:59 I was at a place one time, and I was eating with some friends,
20:03 and the phone rang in the background...
20:05 it wasn't really going to bother me... the phone ringing
20:08 But then the person answered and said, "Hey Don,
20:10 it's, we'll call him, Joe is on the phone. "
20:13 As soon as the name "Joe" was mentioned,
20:15 my appetite went, my stomach knotted up,
20:18 and I felt sick to my stomach because I wasn't
20:20 getting along too well with Joe.
20:22 That was emotions.
20:24 Some time later, we were at a meeting.
20:28 Sometimes we used to meet together at Uchee Pines
20:30 we'd have all night prayer meetings,
20:32 and there was another young man at Uchee Pines
20:35 who stood up... This was LATE at night that night
20:38 and he turned around... He was sort of in the
20:41 front of where we all were.
20:42 There was about 11 of us there...
20:45 I was in the back of where we were.
20:46 And he said, "I'd like us to pray tonight.
20:48 There's someone in this campus I just can't stand
20:52 and I'd like to pray that I'd be able tolerate him. "
20:55 Well, one of the men said, "Why do you want to
20:57 tolerate him? Why don't you pray that you could LOVE him?"
20:59 And he says, "Not even possible, if we could just pray that I
21:03 could tolerate him, that would be fine. "
21:04 And so, we got down... We all prayed sincerely
21:09 that the man would be able to love this other person.
21:12 And when we got done praying, we all got up
21:16 from our knees and sat and this man stood up
21:19 and says, "I can't believe it, GOD HAS DONE IT."
21:23 "He's given me love. "
21:24 And he walked out from the pew.
21:26 He walked up the aisle, to the back of the chapel,
21:29 turned around, walked up behind me,
21:31 placed his hands on my shoulders, and says,
21:34 "I LOVE HIM NOW!"
21:36 I didn't even know he didn't like me.
21:38 He and I right now are the BEST of friends!
21:43 He told me, later on, that when I would come into the
21:45 cafeteria, he would lose his appetite.
21:48 We had NEVER even TALKED, but sometimes emotions,
21:51 sometimes Satan likes to drive wedges between people.
21:54 Yes, loneliness can make you sometimes a little bit upset...
21:57 And perhaps being in danger, or fear
22:02 that can cause you some upset.
22:03 You see, what happens... As a matter of fact,
22:05 Pavlov did some interesting studies.
22:07 He would observe the stomachs.
22:09 As a matter of fact, they did another study with human beings.
22:11 Let's go away from the dogs.
22:12 Let's go to human beings.
22:13 A man had received an injury to his stomach.
22:17 And unable to heal, they put a scope from the outside
22:22 right into the stomach, so the doctor could actually
22:24 observe... this was many, many years ago
22:26 ...could actually observe right into the stomach
22:29 And normally, the stomach was a nice pink substance
22:34 and just really nice.
22:35 But he said when the man would get sometimes a little bit
22:37 irritated, it would start to get red.
22:39 But one time, the man was EXTREMELY upset... EXTREMELY!
22:44 The man looked in there, and the stomach was blood-red
22:48 and drops of blood were appearing
22:50 on the surface of the stomach.
22:52 Our emotions have a huge effect on how we are.
22:55 I remember, it must have been November 5, 1979,
23:00 I was preparing my favorite breakfast!
23:04 I wasn't really into this health reform back then,
23:06 so I was eating some pretty strange things that morning.
23:08 It was my FAVORITE breakfast!
23:10 A half a dozen soft-boiled eggs, about a quarter of a loaf
23:13 of bread, torn up with a big hunk of butter in there.
23:15 That was my favorite breakfast.
23:17 So I had the eggs right at 3 minutes,
23:19 I was getting ready to go through the breaking them
23:21 open and dumping them in and all that slimy stuff,
23:24 and the phone rings...
23:25 And it's my mother, and she told me at that point
23:27 that my father had just died.
23:29 And immediately, my stomach was in knots,
23:32 I took the whole thing and dumped it in the garbage can
23:35 I had no appetite whatsoever.
23:37 I was sick to my stomach.
23:38 Our emotions have a profound effect.
23:41 We're told we should not eat when we are emotionally upset...
23:43 And I would REALLY recommend that.
23:46 We should be calm.
23:47 Our mealtime should be the happiest time of the day.
23:49 And so all the tensions that we have sometimes around our
23:53 tables... are causing chronic upset
23:56 stomachs, and we don't need that.
23:58 We need to digest this food, Dr. Thrash...
24:00 that's how we're going to live.
24:01 Yes, our food needs a good calm atmosphere.
24:05 So if you're tired, or overwrought,
24:07 when you start into a meal, take a little time
24:10 and rest and relax, and pray to the Lord
24:13 that your tensions will vanish.
24:15 Another thing that can cause the intestinal tract to react
24:20 is that of motion.
24:22 Motion can be one that one is actually experiencing,
24:26 or the motion can be completely outside of one and affecting
24:30 one not at all, except the eyes.
24:32 One time, I was in a foreign country with my granddaughter
24:37 who has always had motion sickness.
24:39 We have been treating her motion sickness since she was
24:42 quite a tiny infant.
24:45 I don't usually have motion sickness, and I was very
24:48 pleased that I didn't.
24:50 And I was in charge of a little group who were going to
24:55 a place where we were going to present a health program.
24:57 And I felt that I needed to be the very paragon of virtue
25:02 in this matter, and not get motion-sick,
25:05 but the road was a very winding one...
25:07 It was up and down.
25:08 It was a mountainous road, so we were doing this kind of
25:11 thing, and it wasn't long before I began to feel not-too-good.
25:15 So I said to my granddaughter who was sitting next to me...
25:19 How do you feel? Are you all right?
25:22 Are you handling this road all right?
25:23 She said... OH YES! I'm doing fine!
25:25 I was hoping that she would say to the driver...
25:28 "No, we need to stop. "
25:29 But, she didn't, so I waited about 10 minutes,
25:31 and I said, again, "How are you feeling?"
25:34 Again, she said, "I'm doing fine. "
25:36 I was doing WORSE.
25:38 So it wasn't but just about another 10 minutes
25:41 when, AGAIN, I said, "How are you feeling?"
25:44 "Do you feel all right?"
25:46 Again, she didn't come through for me.
25:49 She said, "I feel FINE."
25:51 I said, "Well, I don't. " So I reached over and
25:54 tapped the driver on the shoulder and I said,
25:56 "You need to stop... and right away!"
25:58 So, I was quite sick.
26:01 I could hardly wait for him to stop,
26:03 but once he stopped, I was very happy that we were not
26:06 still in the car.
26:07 Now, are there things that you can do for motion sickness
26:11 that will make you able to tolerate this kind of motionness
26:14 ...up and down, around and about, and the answer is... Yes.
26:18 I don't know why, occasionally, a person who is not usually
26:23 motion sick, will become motion sick under certain circumstances
26:27 Maybe it's the condition of the stomach before
26:31 you start on the trip.
26:32 Whatever it is, occasionally, people will have a problem.
26:36 If you have to travel a lot, and you're a passenger in a car,
26:39 you're more likely to get sick, as a passenger,
26:41 than as the driver.
26:43 Always take with you, a little bottle of mint oil.
26:48 You can buy this from a drug store.
26:50 You can also buy it from a grocery store
26:52 in the spice counter.
26:54 And, when you begin to feel this nausea,
26:58 don't wait until you have a full-blown case,
27:01 simply take the top off and tip the bottle,
27:04 and wet the end of your finger and you can just lick that off
27:08 And often that's ALL that's required to make it so that
27:12 your motion sickness just goes away very miraculously.
27:17 Ginger is also good for that.
27:19 You can buy the tablets, or the lozenges.
27:21 Those are very good for motion sickness.
27:25 Now with motion sickness, you can expect that it may
27:29 last for only a few minutes, but with some people
27:32 it will last most of the day.
27:34 Now, while the discussion of these simple things is not
27:40 that kind of thing that's going to make you so knowledgeable
27:43 that you can hang out a shingle,
27:44 these things should be able to help you live much more
27:47 comfortably in the world, and to be a real minister
27:52 to those who live in your home,
27:54 and in your close environment.
27:57 May God richly bless you.


Revised 2014-12-17