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00:01 Hello, I'm Agatha Thrash, a staff physician
00:03 from Uchee Pines Institute
00:05 and I want to welcome you to "Help Yourself to Health"
00:08 Today, we'll be talking about fatigue.
00:10 There are many causes of fatigue, and we won't be able
00:13 to cover them all, but we hope that
00:15 by the end of the program, you'll know a lot more about
00:18 how to keep from getting tired.
00:41 Welcome to "Help Yourself to Health"
00:43 with Dr. Agatha Thrash of Uchee Pines Institute
00:47 And now, here's your host, Dr. Thrash
00:51 Now of course, there are many causes of fatigue
00:55 in the world today.
00:57 Some of them are caused by physical activity.
01:00 But, as we have in the material that we have to present
01:03 to you today, there are also many causes
01:06 that have to do with metabolism.
01:08 And, some of these you'll be able to deal with...
01:14 And some of them are things that you can work at
01:17 but probably never fully accomplish.
01:21 Now the first one that we would like to talk about
01:23 is that of a chronic fatigue syndrome.
01:25 I suppose if it had more publicity than
01:29 any other type of fatigue, except maybe
01:32 sleep-deprivation fatigue
01:34 And with the chronic fatigue syndrome, there are a number
01:38 of things that you can do.
01:40 And, some of the causes are known to be viruses...
01:45 some causes may be metabolic...
01:48 some may be nutrient deficiencies.
01:51 And we may have time to cover a number of these,
01:54 but I've asked Don Miller if he would talk with you about
01:58 some things having to do with the chronic fatigue syndrome,
02:00 and maybe some things about how he treats chronic fatigue
02:05 This is Don Miller, who is a Lifestyle counselor
02:08 at Uchee Pines... Don Miller
02:10 Okay! First of all, we are very familiar with the term
02:16 chronic fatigue syndrome.
02:17 It seems to be another term they have for it anyway
02:19 is the yuppie disease.
02:21 It seems like it's only made its rise in the last 20 or 30 years
02:25 But as far back as the 1900s, there were some evidences of
02:30 this type of an ailment creeping in society.
02:34 In the 1980s, they sort of linked it somewhat to
02:37 Epstein-Barr virus, but in that link, they find that
02:41 some people with chronic fatigue syndrome, do not have the
02:45 antigen to Epstein-Barr virus...
02:47 and some people who do not have chronic fatigue syndrome,
02:50 do have the Epstein-Barr virus.
02:52 And so, that's not the definitive thing...
02:55 We can't just go in there and say... "We're going to make a
02:56 bullet that shoots just Epstein-Barr,"
02:58 because that might not be the problem.
03:01 So there are many different causes, or thought to be
03:05 causes for Epstein-Barr virus, or the chronic fatigue syndrome.
03:09 I think if we knew exactly what caused it, we could probably
03:12 find a solution for it, but we don't know.
03:14 But, as Dr. Thrash already mentioned, it could be
03:17 viral in nature.
03:19 And so if it's viral, what can we do for a virus?
03:22 There are many things that we can do for a virus.
03:23 There are other things that sort of act like
03:26 chronic fatigue syndrome...
03:28 Let's say like Lyme disease...
03:29 It makes a person very tired... malaise, and achy joints
03:33 which is chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms.
03:36 And, we've treated Lyme disease very, very
03:39 successfully over the years with something as simple
03:42 as hydrotherapy.
03:44 As a matter of fact, we have never had a patient
03:47 at Uchee Pines who came there with Lyme disease
03:51 that did not go away completely clear of the Lyme organism.
03:56 Basically it consists of putting a person into a hydrotherapy
04:00 tank, and you can do it at home in your bathtub
04:02 ...Raising their temperature up and I would normally get their
04:05 temperatures up quite high, upwards of 104 degrees
04:10 And I've even had them up to 105 degrees...
04:12 keeping them there as long as they can tolerate,
04:15 of course at the same time, keeping their head cool...
04:17 keeping them well-hydrated, keeping them encouraged
04:19 because it's very tough to go through this
04:22 particular type of a treatment.
04:23 And we find that that high temperature will kill
04:26 the Lyme organism.
04:27 We also find that it is a good way to kill off viruses...
04:31 And so, if it's a viral infection,
04:33 we give them hydrotherapy...
04:34 And there are other nutritional things that we can do
04:36 ...things like grapeseed extract
04:39 We've seen medical reports saying that grapeseed extract
04:43 or grapefruit seed extract, either one of those...
04:46 grapeseed, or grapefruit seed extract
04:48 ...Both will have a good effect on working on these viruses.
04:52 Another is toxic exposures... usually lead or other types
04:58 of things in our environment.
04:59 We just need to make sure our environment
05:01 is clean of these things.
05:02 Another one of the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome
05:06 is sensitivities... normally a food sensitivity, an allergy
05:10 And so, it's quite simple to find what those things are.
05:14 We eliminate everything from our diet which are known to be
05:18 food allergens and that's almost everything
05:22 But you can get to a very, very simple diet.
05:25 Now I would leave off some main things...
05:27 of course, all animal products, not just the meats,
05:30 but the milks, eggs and the cheese... leave those out.
05:33 They are shown to be some of the
05:34 major food allergens in the world.
05:36 Leave out all caffeinated beverages and foods.
05:39 When I say foods... chocolate goes in that class
05:41 We've got coffee, tea, cola and chocolate.
05:43 Leave off citrus... as good as citrus is, we're not saying
05:48 that citrus is bad, but many people are allergic to citrus.
05:51 Leave off many of your grains, especially wheat.
05:54 As a matter of fact, I've got a study right here that showed
05:56 that they took an Epstein-Barr virus, or some chronic
06:01 fatigue syndrome patients and it did just a
06:04 couple of things for them...
06:05 A wheat-free diet, treatment of allergies,
06:10 and psychotherapy.
06:12 And what we do with a patient along the lines of psychotherapy
06:16 is counseling, encouraging them.
06:19 I remember, very vividly, a patient I had a number of
06:22 years ago with chronic fatigue syndrome...
06:24 After a series, 2 different series;
06:27 1 series of 15 fever treatments and 1 of 20 fever treatments.
06:31 The fellow was still complaining of the fact that...
06:33 "I still don't feel like I have any energy"...
06:37 and he just felt like he still had it.
06:39 And I remember that morning, it was the morning when
06:42 it was doctors' rounds and Dr. Calvin Thrash
06:45 came into the room with me to meet this particular patient
06:48 and Dr. Calvin had his medical reports there and he said,
06:52 Well... I'll call him Bill... "Well Bill, it says here
06:56 that you no longer have the virus in your body,
06:58 or the antigens to the virus"
07:01 And, it was amazing, the transformation!
07:04 He was well! He just... "I feel GREAT!"
07:06 He walked out of there feeling perfectly fine.
07:09 There's something... and don't get me wrong
07:10 I'm not saying that this is all in your mind because
07:12 it's not all in the mind...
07:14 But many, many studies are showing that there is a
07:17 a link to how we feel about things... to how we're going
07:20 to react to those things.
07:22 And so, we did the fever treatments and we also
07:24 had them on a very, very close diet to make sure
07:26 that we were eliminating all kinds of food allergens
07:29 from his particular diet.
07:30 STRESS is another cause of chronic fatigue syndrome.
07:35 We realize that stress lowers the immune response
07:37 and so that's going to be a double whammy
07:39 We've got now a low immune response and not able to
07:42 fight whatever is causing the chronic fatigue syndrome
07:44 and so we realize that we need to reduce stress.
07:48 Now there are many stressors in our lives.
07:50 Noise can be a stress.
07:52 Just our work can be a stress.
07:55 Now, I can't say go out and quit your job...
07:58 but if you have the type of job that causes you lots of
08:01 stress during the daytime, we realize a very easy
08:04 cure for that is exercise neutralizes stress
08:08 And so, after work, go home and exercise.
08:11 Now I realize that when you get home from work
08:13 after a really tough day, the thing you want to do is
08:16 plop down and sleep and you will sleep.
08:19 It's no problem sleeping then...
08:21 But the problem is sleeping at 10 o'clock or 9 o'clock
08:23 when you should be going to bed.
08:24 But if you go out and get some good, vigorous cardiovascular
08:28 exercise, you're going to find that you're going to feel a
08:29 whole lot better... and this has also been shown to be
08:32 one of the ways to fight chronic fatigue syndrome.
08:37 One of the causes could be a marginal nutritional deficiency
08:41 and so, it may be a time to do some supplementation
08:45 But, I really like to suggest people to eat a large variety
08:49 of foods over a long period of time and a very small
08:53 quantity of food... a very small grouping of foods
08:56 at each particular meal.
08:57 Some people get into the habit of eating
08:59 the same thing every single meal
09:01 cornflakes for breakfast, whatever for lunch,
09:04 and the same thing for supper
09:05 Change your nutrients and try to get your nutrients
09:08 in as complex form as possible.
09:11 That means eating raw fruits and vegetables, or as little
09:14 preparation as possible...
09:16 you'll be getting more of your nutrients.
09:17 Ginkgo biloba has been shown to be very effective in
09:21 fighting chronic fatigue syndrome...
09:23 And is a very common tree now, it came from the Orient.
09:25 We see it all over the country right now.
09:27 As a matter of fact, Dr. Thrash has planted a string of those
09:30 Ginkgo biloba trees right down through Uchee Pines.
09:33 And so, I would suggest you get some of that.
09:35 You can find it in your health food store.
09:37 Licorice... now not the type that you get in the candy store,
09:40 the confectionary stores, but licorice as an herb
09:45 also has shown to be very effective in fighting
09:47 chronic fatigue syndrome.
09:50 Bilberries and blueberries...
09:53 These bilberries, blueberries and cranberries
09:56 breakdown the walls of viruses, so these are very good
10:02 in fighting any type of a virus that may be causing
10:05 the chronic fatigue syndrome.
10:06 And so, our thoughts are...
10:09 Keep your mind and your thoughts elevated by praising the Lord.
10:12 You know, I learned years ago this principle of
10:15 "The Law of Reciprocal Influence"
10:17 You get up in the morning...
10:19 you don't feel good... granted, you don't feel good
10:21 but what you need to do is tell the Lord, I praise you anyway.
10:25 You know, it's like the old Job-like situation
10:27 "Though He slay me, yet will I praise Him"
10:29 I received a phone call from a man one time years ago
10:32 who had chronic fatigue syndrome to the point where
10:35 he was completely debilitated.
10:36 He could do nothing more than lie on his bed
10:39 And he decided, after talking with us at Uchee Pines
10:42 to do 3 things in his life...
10:43 1. He was going to exercise.
10:45 2. He was going to do hydrotherapy.
10:47 3. He was going to improve the state of his mind.
10:51 His exercise at the beginning of his course
10:54 consisted of crawling across his floor on his
10:58 hands and his knees. That was it.
11:00 That's all the man could do, But he did that much.
11:02 Then his wife would help him into the bathtub
11:06 and give him a hydrotherapy treatment...
11:07 Raising his temperature as high as she could...
11:09 And I have found in my experience with
11:11 chronic fatigue syndrome, it's very hard to elevate
11:14 the temperature of one of these people.
11:16 But, you get it up as high as you can...
11:18 upwards of 102-103, hold it there for as long
11:21 as that patient is able to stay in there,
11:24 and then let them rest for at least an hour afterwards.
11:27 And the third thing was, he learned to praise the Lord
11:30 no matter how lousy he felt.
11:31 It took 2 years.
11:33 Now, many people who are suffering from
11:35 chronic fatigue syndromes have
11:37 it for many, many more years than 2.
11:39 But, he suffered for 2 years during the treatment process
11:42 At the end of 2 years, he was completely well!
11:45 He went back to work again.
11:46 He had no residual effects.
11:48 And so I think these very simple things are a whole lot better
11:50 than the armamentarium of drugs that they might be
11:53 suggesting in society today, Dr. Thrash.
11:55 Yes, I'm very much with you on that score...
11:58 And, of course, something as simple as a hot bath
12:01 One can take a hot bath for 20 minutes,
12:03 or one can take one for 45 minutes
12:06 And if you can only tolerate it for 20 minutes, that's fine.
12:10 That will help you a lot.
12:12 But if you can tolerate it, maybe 30 minutes or so,
12:15 then that may be better for you.
12:16 And, 45 minutes could sometimes be used as well.
12:20 Now there is literally a laundry list of symptoms that a person
12:25 can have with chronic fatigue syndrome
12:28 And, of course, in addition to just overwhelming
12:32 fatigue, let me mention a few other things as well.
12:35 One of those is depression...
12:37 And I have a list, we just wrote down all the things
12:41 that we could find that people have suffered from with
12:45 chronic fatigue syndrome...
12:47 ...fever, sore throat, painful lymph nodes especially in the
12:51 neck and under the arms, general weakness of muscles... not just
12:55 tiredness but also weakness, and muscle pain and discomfort,
12:59 the disabling fatigue needs to be at least 6 hours a day
13:05 and lasting for at least 6 months... but
13:08 most of the time, it's 24 hours a day... anytime they
13:12 think of it, they are tired; headaches, joint pains
13:16 and visual complaints, or other neurologic problems.
13:19 Sleep disturbance is one of the most difficult to deal with
13:23 and depression is also very difficult to deal with.
13:26 And then some people will have the onset at a very
13:31 definite time... they can tell you at least the day
13:34 or, by all means, the week and they can sometimes
13:40 tell you the very hour... "I was feeling good until
13:42 3 o'clock in the afternoon and suddenly I didn't feel good
13:44 and I felt tired every since... I had to go home and go to bed
13:47 and I haven't felt like getting up since then"
13:49 and that may be 6 months later.
13:51 So this is some of the laundry list of symptoms that
13:56 people with a chronic fatigue syndrome have.
13:58 Now, nutrition is one of the important things
14:02 that we can do for fatigue in general...
14:05 And Lidia Seda, who is my colleague at Uchee Pines,
14:09 she is a Lifestyle counselor and a VERY GOOD cook!
14:13 Well, thank you, Dr. Agatha, I appreciate that.
14:14 And oh, I can see that you have sea cakes! Yes, I do.
14:20 All right. I really like your sea cakes... tell us about it.
14:23 Well one of the main ingredients in sea cakes is kelp...
14:29 And kelp usually is very beneficial for those individuals
14:33 who may have thyroid problems.
14:34 We recognize that anytime the body is not working o
14:38 full capacity... whether it's an illness, an infection
14:42 insomnia, obesity...
14:44 anything that keeps it from being able to work at its
14:47 full potential, can be fatiguing
14:50 And having thyroid, or what's called "hypothyroid" can be
14:55 one of the conditions which can cause fatigue.
14:57 And kelp has been known to help with this situation
15:00 There's a good bit of iodine in it since it comes from the sea.
15:04 And so, when you make sea cakes, you always put kelp in it...
15:07 Always... So if you leave out the kelp,
15:09 which you could do, then you'd call it just "cakes"
15:13 You could call it... well, exactly... call it cakes
15:15 The other nice thing is that this recipe also calls for basil
15:19 And basil has been used for individuals to treat exhaustion
15:24 and to help build up energy. Yes...
15:27 It's a little bit of a pepper upper!
15:29 A pick-me-up... Yes it is.
15:31 And, of course, we're not using it in the same quantities
15:33 that a person may need but using it in your recipes
15:36 overall can be something that can help to boost energy
15:39 And it's a basic herb that many people have in their kitchen.
15:43 Well tell us what else you have in it because I'm sure
15:45 it's also very helpful.
15:46 Well, why don't we let the whole audience see what
15:49 exactly are the main ingredients for sea cakes...
15:52 and they are as follows:
16:24 Well now, there are several very good ingredients in that
16:27 that would help with fatigue.
16:28 I noticed onion... Onion has Quercetin in it...
16:35 And Quercetin is very helpful for fatigue.
16:38 It's a good general tonic.
16:40 It's a nice antioxidant.
16:42 It helps you not to age rapidly, ... so it's very good for that
16:46 And then I noticed also, it had rice in it.
16:48 Rice has a very good quality protein...
16:51 ...not a very high quality but what it does have is excellent
16:55 And so, those are very good cakes.
16:57 So we might call them rice patties or basil...
17:02 Basil cakes if you didn't use the kelp.
17:06 And many people do enjoy the taste of fish...
17:09 So this is good way of getting the taste of fish
17:12 without getting many times the high salt that we find in fish
17:16 Also, nowadays there's high contamination with fish.
17:20 Our waters are very contaminated either with pesticides,
17:23 or petroleums or chlorine...
17:25 Different types of chemicals that are not
17:29 beneficial for the body; and unfortunately,
17:31 in the fish, in the adipose tissue or in the tissues of fat,
17:35 they store that up in concentrated form
17:38 and we, unfortunately, then consume that...
17:40 So this is a way of getting the TASTE of the sea, I should say
17:45 and the benefits of kelp without getting some of the added
17:49 undesirable benefits of eating fish.
17:52 You know, as I smell these, they smell very much like
17:56 the salmon croquets that my mother used to make
17:59 when I was a girl. Oh really?
18:00 And I can just see myself taking a slice of bread and
18:03 putting 2 of these cakes on it with a slice of onion and
18:08 a slice of tomato and some lettuce and perhaps some
18:12 soy mayonnaise and having a nice sandwich... a very nice sandwich
18:16 I know once when I demonstrated this for a cooking class,
18:19 that we held, someone said, "these taste just like crab"
18:23 So you can see that it does satisfy the taste of those
18:27 who are fish lovers!
18:28 Yes, if you're a seafood person, this would be the thing...
18:31 the seafoods... Yes, exactly
18:33 and the other nice thing about this is that it also has
18:36 celery and celery has been known to help lower
18:39 blood pressure. Yes
18:41 And it's good for arthritis as well.
18:42 So, like anything that helps to get our health that much
18:46 better, can help fight against fatigue
18:49 And with this also, we have another recipe...
18:52 a tartar sauce that can go with it
18:54 And I'd like to share with the audience those ingredients
18:57 for the tartar sauce...
18:58 What you have is 1 cup of water
19:00 1/8 cup of Soy Supreme Powder
19:04 I understand the Soy Supreme Powder is made from
19:06 the whole soybean...
19:07 Yes, it's a better quality powder...
19:10 than many of the other ones.
19:11 1 teaspoon of salt 1/2 teaspoon onion powder
19:15 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder 1 tablespoon of tahini,
19:20 that's sesame seed butter...
19:22 and that's it... that's how you make it
19:25 And then you could add what I have here...
19:28 is a relish and what's nice about this relish is
19:33 it doesn't have any vinegar.
19:34 Oh, okay, so that means it was probably made with
19:38 lemon juice to give it the little bit of
19:40 sourness that you expect.
19:42 And a little bit of dill as well
19:44 to give it a little bit of that little, I guess
19:46 spiciness that people look forward to.
19:48 And you can just mix that in with the ingredients for
19:51 the tartar sauce and you would have your tartar sauce!
19:54 Oh yes, well I'm a label-reader and this looks very good.
19:59 It has a little turmeric in it which is now being
20:02 recognized as having anti-inflammatory properties
20:05 so that might help a little bit with chronic fatigue as well.
20:09 Ohh... may I have lunch with you when you eat these sea cakes
20:13 Of course, I'm hoping you will!
20:15 Very good. Thank you so much, Lidia
20:18 Appreciate that.
20:19 And I'm a lot less tired than I was just thinking about
20:22 maybe eating with Lidia and having some of
20:24 these nice sea cakes.
20:26 Now, there are many other reasons why people get tired.
20:30 And I have here one reason why people get tired...
20:34 And this is in teenage boys...
20:36 well actually 11 to 18 years of age...
20:41 They're suffering a lot of fatigue these days which
20:44 distresses me... I'm just sorry to hear that because
20:47 I remember that was the age when I felt
20:50 the most full of energy I think I ever have.
20:52 But tiredness has been linked to their lifestyle.
20:56 Let me read this to you... this comes from the
20:58 "Journal of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine"
21:00 It was published in 1999, and you know what they say?
21:05 After ALL this research that was published here...
21:09 then they come to the conclusion that there were
21:11 3 things that were involved in these boys' chronic fatigue.
21:15 Unhealthy food, I already knew that...
21:20 Bedtime was irregular. Well, you know, I already knew that.
21:26 Television-watching. I could have predicted that too.
21:32 So I suspect that these researchers got $100,000
21:36 to discover this wheel again.
21:39 Now, we need to remember this...
21:41 Unhealthful food, irregular bedtime and TV-watching.
21:46 Now if we will let our children go out and exercise
21:49 If we will give them the most healthful diet
21:52 it's possible to have, and if we will watch very carefully
21:56 what they're watching on TV, and that they don't watch TV
22:00 ...that they get out and exercise instead,
22:02 I suspect that we will eliminate a large part of the fatigue
22:06 that we're now seeing in the youngsters.
22:09 Now, not only can older folk and those who are
22:16 teenagers, but even infants can get very tired.
22:20 And when the infant gets very tired, if mother knows how to
22:24 do an infant massage, she is VERY likely to be able to
22:29 help her infant who may be very cranky and even
22:33 inconsolably crying because of the fatigue...
22:38 that his little muscles actually ache because of his
22:43 tiredness, and so because of that, if mother knows how
22:47 to do an infant massage, she can substantially reduce
22:50 the fatigue and the crankiness that her child has...
22:54 And so I've asked Shannon Jenkins, who is a
22:57 Lifestyle educator student at Uchee Pines, who has
23:01 a little niece and, you've been with little Tianna ever since
23:04 the day she was born.
23:05 Does she ever get cranky?
23:07 A little bit, yes.
23:09 Well, show us what you do in the way of a massage
23:13 when she gets cranky and tell us how it helps her.
23:17 I see you've got a chart here...
23:18 Yes, I do and I'm going to demonstrate here on Melissa.
23:22 First start with the leg and do a milking motion down the leg
23:28 ...just like this, just down the leg and
23:34 put a little pressure on it.
23:35 And then go to the foot, and like a fanning motion,
23:41 just press on the bottom of the foot.
23:43 And then, you can go back to the leg and do
23:49 like a rolling motion down to the ankle...
23:52 from the ankle to the knee, just like this.
24:01 And then you can move to the chest.
24:02 And over the ribcage, you can do a little fanning motion
24:07 just over the chest... and then you can go
24:12 from the chest ALL the way down the arms and back up
24:16 in a nice smooth stroke.
24:18 It looks like that gets the shoulders too.
24:20 Yes, the shoulders and all the way down the arms.
24:23 Then you can play a little bit with the baby.
24:26 ...Like peek-a-boo, you can put your hand over the face
24:29 and go back down to the ears and come back up
24:32 and across the cheeks.
24:33 Then over here, we can do a little massage on the cheeks
24:38 and down the jaw, and just play with the baby a little bit.
24:43 Does that help Tianna when she has that kind of thing?
24:47 Yes, they will like that, and after a few days,
24:49 they will respond a lot more positively.
24:50 They might not like it so much the first time,
24:52 but after a couple of days, they will love it.
24:57 Thank you very much, Shannon.
24:58 Now I hope some mother here will know a lot more
25:02 about how to deal with a cranky baby because of
25:06 the way that Shannon has dealt with little Tianna.
25:08 And, don't be afraid of an infant massage,
25:11 they may act as if they don't like it at first, but
25:13 you can be assured, as Shannon said, that they will like it
25:16 after a few times.
25:18 Now one of the big problems that we have in the modern age
25:21 is that of jet lag.
25:22 So, I've asked Don Miller, who is very acquainted with
25:25 jet lag, if he will tell you something about jet lag
25:29 and how to handle that very good cause of fatigue.
25:32 Yes, it's sort of like dealing with cranky travelers
25:34 in this case, because I deal with it a lot...
25:36 because I do spend a lot of time in Europe
25:39 and other parts of the world.
25:40 And, just a couple of simple things, and you probably
25:43 know some things... and if you do, let me know,
25:45 because I need all the help I can get.
25:47 But one of the things we like to try to do is try to start
25:50 acclimatizing yourself to where you'll be going.
25:52 Let's say I'm going to be flying to London next week...
25:56 I realize that they are about 5 hours ahead of us
25:58 That means at midnight their time, when they should be
26:02 sleeping, it's only 7 o'clock in the evening at my time.
26:05 Now what I should start doing then, is start going to bed
26:08 EARLIER to start getting nearer to their time.
26:11 It's not so bad the going to bed time because it seems like
26:14 we in America all go to bed too late,
26:16 but it's that getting up time.
26:17 Let's say if they sleep in and don't get up until 7 a. m.
26:21 that's 2 a. m. your time.
26:23 So if you start getting up earlier in the morning,
26:25 and going to be earlier at night a few days before you go,
26:28 you'll sort of lessen that gap in-between where you
26:32 are coming from and where you're going.
26:35 Another thing you need to do is stay well-hydrated
26:38 during your trip and immediately after your trip.
26:40 We find that you need to drink a lot of water.
26:42 Now, you understand that if you're flying across the
26:45 Atlantic ocean, or wherever you're going,
26:47 drinking a lot of water means you'll be getting up a lot
26:49 And so sometimes, I don't do that but I'll stay well-hydrated
26:52 a few days before and really, as soon as I arrive
26:55 at the airport, I will start drinking lots of water.
26:57 I usually carry my own water because it's a lot of
27:00 expense to buy water in airports but stay well-hydrated.
27:03 Also, it's very, very good... it's amazing, if you fast
27:07 even during the trip because that airplane food is not
27:11 that good anyway... and the day after the trip,
27:13 you'll find that you're going to have a lot less problems
27:15 and I try as much as possible to sleep on my trips.
27:18 I take some melatonin, I put an eye mask on...
27:21 It's always harder going east, than it is going west
27:24 and so the east side trips... do these simple things
27:27 and you should find some real benefit... Dr. Thrash
27:29 That's very good.. Thank you so much for helping
27:32 us to deal with this other very common cause of fatigue.
27:36 Now, of course, fatigue can be a part of a disease process
27:39 and if you can't explain it some other way,
27:41 then you do need professional help.
27:44 And I would like to say... The Lord is coming soon!
27:47 And in the earth made new, nobody will EVER be tired
27:52 We won't even need to sleep.
27:54 We might sleep but we won't need to.
27:56 Praise the Lord!


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