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00:01 Some of the important things that people complain of
00:03 when they go to doctors' offices are allergies, backache,
00:07 "I'm tired," skin problems, headaches...
00:12 these very common things of life.
00:14 Most of these can be handled by people in their own homes.
00:18 And just ordinary people can be taught how to handle
00:21 these things responsibly in their own homes.
00:25 So, we'd like to talk with you about some of the ways
00:28 that, in your own home, you can do SAFE things.
00:30 You can do effective things for these for the GREAT bulk
00:34 of human ills that afflict people.
00:37 For the next half an hour, I and a helper from
00:40 Uchee Pines Institute will be talking with you about
00:44 these kinds of things.
00:45 I'm Agatha Thrash, one of the staff physicians
00:48 from Uchee Pines Institute.
00:49 We'd be happy to have you join us.
01:11 Welcome to "Help Yourself to Health"
01:14 with Dr. Agatha Thrash of Uchee Pines Institute.
01:17 And now, here's your host Dr. Thrash.
01:22 Skin problems make up a large part of the
01:25 afflictions of mankind.
01:27 And some of the simple ones are like eczema...
01:31 and I say simple because even though I can tell you
01:35 about how to treat it,
01:36 eczema can be a very great challenge.
01:39 But some of the things that we have tried for skin eczema
01:44 consist of soaks in cold water,
01:49 or cold water soaks on the skin,
01:53 or moisturizing, or various kinds of liniments and ointments
01:59 and you will try that too if you have eczema.
02:02 But one of the most successful things that we have tried
02:05 is... what we call "Vaseline milk"
02:07 And I have asked my granddaughter, Melissa,
02:10 if she will show you how we make up Vaseline milk
02:14 in our own home.
02:15 What you do is to simply dip the hands in water,
02:20 such as we have here, and then shake off the excess as you see
02:23 And then take a bean-sized lump of Vaseline
02:28 such as this... and rub it between the palms
02:31 And Melissa is going to do that now.
02:32 Just scoop up the Vaseline, or other types of petroleum jelly,
02:37 from the jar and then vigorously rub it between the palms...
02:43 trying to make an emulsion.
02:45 And there's a little resistance here, so you'll need to really
02:49 work at it a little bit...
02:50 and then you will see that it does get a little bit cloudy
02:53 after you have done this for a little while.
02:56 And, let's see what it looks like.
02:58 It looks a little cloudy...
02:59 a little bit milky and that's what you want.
03:01 Once it gets milky, then it's ready to smooth on.
03:04 Now, watch the way that Melissa smoothes it on...
03:07 She's going to go in the direction of the skin lines
03:11 because the eczema is usually on the hands and the skin lines
03:16 crack open.
03:18 Now if you go against the skin lines so that you pull
03:22 in a wrong direction, then of course,
03:24 you will have a tendency to open up these skin lines more.
03:29 Thank you, Melissa.
03:30 Now once you have this, of course, your hands are
03:35 sort of greasy and you won't be able to touch anything
03:38 that's paper for a little while.
03:40 So, remember that you do not pull in THIS direction...
03:49 You rub the Vaseline emulsion on the hand in
03:55 this direction only... not in this direction.
03:59 And that also brings up another thing...
04:01 and that is "no scratching"
04:02 because people usually scratch in this direction,
04:05 or even if they scratch in this direction...
04:07 it's still going to open up the skin lines
04:11 in little microscopic cracks
04:14 and doing that then keeps the eczema going
04:18 ...because it allows the substances to which the person
04:23 is sensitive, to get in those tiny, little cracks
04:26 and then it's exposed more to the skin cells
04:30 and that makes the skin continue its eczema.
04:34 And while the scratching may not have started the eczema,
04:38 the scratching does continue it.
04:39 And so your treatment will be largely ineffectual
04:43 because of the fact that you're continuing to keep it wide open.
04:46 One time I had a patient who was instructed on
04:51 not to scratch... so I saw her doing this kind of thing...
04:55 during the time that I was talking with her and
04:56 telling her what to do.
04:58 And, for a moment I thought... "Is she just being noncompliant
05:02 right here in front of me"
05:04 But, after a little bit, I said to her, when she began
05:09 to do this rubbing... "Uh uh, don't scratch it. "
05:12 She said, "Oh, I wasn't scratching it. "
05:14 And I said... then I thought, "Well she thinks that the
05:18 fingernails are the only thing that you can scratch with. "
05:21 But rubbing it against something else,
05:23 or rubbing it against your clothing,
05:25 is just as bad as scratching it with the fingernails.
05:29 You will try many things and, of course, you should try
05:32 to avoid soapy water or detergent water,
05:35 cleaning fluids and that kind of thing which makes eczema
05:39 much worse.
05:40 Now, Don Miller is here with me, who is one of the ones
05:45 that we depend on to teach about home remedies.
05:48 So, what do you have for us... Don Miller
05:50 Okay... One of the banes of many peoples lives is staying awake
05:54 They just can't stay awake in the daytime
05:56 Every time they turn around they're falling asleep again.
06:00 Now, I need to stress the fact that the best way
06:03 to keep from falling asleep in the daytime
06:06 is make sure you fell asleep in the nighttime...
06:09 at the right time in the nighttime.
06:12 The SOONER you go to sleep at night,
06:14 the BETTER will be your daytime experience the next day.
06:17 But let's say you're having a hard time staying awake...
06:21 I remember years ago when I was in college,
06:23 I was sitting there in geology class and
06:26 a classmate of mine... I was about 4 rows back
06:28 and he was about the 1st or 2nd row over to my left
06:31 and he had a very interesting technique
06:33 for staying awake while he was in the classroom.
06:36 He would sit himself at his desk...
06:39 and he would have a pencil held in his hands
06:43 sitting on top of the desk... a sharpened pencil.
06:45 And he had everything measured out.
06:47 This guy was precise.
06:49 And he'd be sitting there listening to the professor
06:52 droning on about circs and about alluvial plains
06:56 and everything and his head would slowly start going down,
06:59 down, down and he'd go down so far, he'd hit the pencil
07:02 and he'd come right back up again.
07:04 And he'd listen for a while longer and he'd start getting
07:06 tired and he'd start going back down again
07:09 ...he'd go down, hit that sharp pencil,
07:11 and right back up again.
07:12 Well, he'd leave the class every day with a little brown mark
07:15 in the middle of his forehead
07:17 But, he stayed awake for the MOST part most of the class.
07:20 And so that's one way... I don't recommend that
07:22 because, you know, the lead, the fact that you might
07:25 miss one of these days and get some other part of your head
07:27 So, let's don't do that...
07:29 Let's think about some much easier ways.
07:31 One is just... if you know you're going to be falling
07:34 asleep, OR you have a propensity to fall asleep,
07:38 carry some things with you.
07:40 You can have, in a little plastic bag,
07:42 a wet handkerchief... as cool as possible,
07:45 when you feel yourself getting tired, pull it out
07:47 and just press it on the eyes.
07:50 And that will help you sometimes.
07:52 Another thing that you can do is open your eyes
07:55 as wide as they can go and then close them as
07:58 tight as they can shut...
08:00 And usually a few actions like that will help you to stay awake
08:04 Now I don't recommend that while you're driving
08:06 down the road because that part of keeping the eyes
08:09 real closed is not very safe.
08:12 But I'll mention another way to do that in a moment.
08:14 Other things that you can do is at breakfast time...
08:17 as you are peeling your orange, keep a piece of the peel.
08:21 Put it into a plastic bag,
08:23 then in the daytime when you're feeling tired,
08:25 bring that peeling out, bend it in half and squeeze it
08:29 and some of that little oil, that's in the skin,
08:32 and just smell it.
08:33 It has a way to wake you back up again.
08:37 Now, I know some people who carry a little vial
08:39 of ammonia with them and they'll open... ohhh...
08:42 and they'll wake themselves up,
08:44 and they'll wake up everyone else around them.
08:46 But you can do that...
08:47 that's what smelling salts used to be...
08:50 You can try that right there.
08:51 You can carry with you a brush and start
08:55 stimulating your skin... stimulating a part of your body
08:58 with a brush and that will help stay awake.
09:01 You can squeeze a major muscle...
09:02 You can be sitting there massaging your arm or
09:04 reach down there and grab your thigh and just squeeze
09:07 those muscles... That will help!
09:08 You can sit there and, if you are driving,
09:11 ...I've done things like hang my head out the window...
09:14 I can yell. I can sing and do all these things.
09:17 But if everything else fails, in my experience to stay awake,
09:21 there's one, especially when you're driving
09:23 which you can pretty easily do, especially if you have
09:27 cruise control,
09:28 is as you're driving down the road and you're feeling
09:31 tired, just lift one foot up off the floorboards
09:35 ...just keep it up and you can do that sitting at home
09:37 and if you're in a class and you don't want to sleep,
09:40 just lift the foot up off the floor.
09:41 And as long as that foot is off the floor,
09:44 you WILL NOT fall asleep.
09:46 Pretty soon, your whole concentration is on keeping
09:50 that foot up in the air...
09:51 And you're sitting there holding it and holding it...
09:53 and as a matter of fact, you're getting even more awake
09:56 because you're holding it there...
09:57 And when finally the forces of gravity and the weight of your
10:00 shoe and everything else says, "I can't do it anymore"
10:03 it goes down... the other leg comes up.
10:05 And basically, you pedal yourself...
10:07 all the way through class.
10:08 You pedal yourself all the way through Illinois or California
10:11 or wherever you're going... up and down, up and down.
10:13 I have found this to be a rather effective way.
10:16 Now, the great Winston Churchill had a technique which
10:21 I have found very effective for myself.
10:23 When you are so overwhelmingly tired,
10:26 take a nap!
10:28 And this is what Winston Churchill would do,
10:30 he'd be sitting there in Parliament,
10:31 and they'd be droning on... and he had a habit
10:34 He'd be sitting there and all of a sudden
10:37 his head would go down... his chin would be on his chest
10:41 It would stay down there for just 2, 3, 4 minutes...
10:46 and he'd come back up again.
10:48 And he'd be perfectly refreshed.
10:50 I find the same thing for myself.
10:52 If I'm in my office and I'm just getting overwhelmingly
10:55 tired... I just get up and I lay down on my floor
10:59 I don't sit there and go home.
11:00 I just lock the door, lay flat down on my floor,
11:04 and I'll be asleep in a second
11:06 And I find that if I just sleep for 1 minute,
11:09 I am completely refreshed...
11:11 And it really helps if I wake up to the phone ringing
11:14 or a knock at the door...
11:15 Then I've got some adrenalin flowing...
11:17 because... oh-oh, someone's going to catch me
11:19 AND the fact that I have had that little bit of rest
11:23 to get me over the hump.
11:24 So, those are some of the things I DO to keep awake
11:26 And I think they're better than taking a NoDoz
11:30 or a cup of coffee, Dr. Thrash.
11:32 I think you're right on both of those.
11:34 Afflictions in the mouth are also problematical
11:38 for a lot of people.
11:40 Something like a toothache can upset your budget,
11:44 as well as your schedule.
11:46 Especially if it comes at night and you have to get up
11:49 and call a dentist and the dentist has to come
11:53 to attend you in the middle of the night.
11:54 That will be very straining on your budget.
11:57 So, there are some things that you can do that will sometimes
12:00 will tide you over and get you through a night.
12:02 Or can sometimes get you over the toothache.
12:06 One of those is clove oil.
12:09 You can find this sometimes at a grocery store,
12:12 or at a department store, or anywhere they sell
12:15 aromatic oils.
12:16 Just get a little bit of clove oil and take up
12:21 something like a Q-tip or the end of a Q-tip
12:27 that has the cotton on it,
12:28 wet it with the clove oil and put it right against the
12:31 tooth that aches.
12:33 Now as you put it there, you will immediately recognize
12:37 that your gum begins to have a little anesthesia.
12:41 And it isn't long before the tooth nerve itself
12:44 begins to have a little anesthesia.
12:46 And that's, of course, very delightful because
12:48 the toothache begins to subside.
12:51 Another thing for a toothache...
12:52 is a little compress made of charcoal.
12:56 Take a little piece of paper towel,
13:00 which you can cut in a little square,
13:03 maybe an inch or 2 inches in a square.
13:07 And just make up a little thick paste of charcoal
13:11 Put it on that little square.
13:12 And I like to have people put it on a spoon...
13:15 and then they can maneuver it a little better back into
13:19 the jaw where the tooth is aching
13:23 And in this way, they can get it into the proper place
13:27 and pull the jaw down, or the lip down over it
13:30 and hold it in place
13:31 And often within 5 minutes or so,
13:34 the charcoal paste will cause the toothache to be going away.
13:41 Another thing in the mouth that you can use
13:43 the charcoal for is a gum boil.
13:46 Sometimes you'll have a little swelling on a gum,
13:49 or you may even have an abscess.
13:52 And the charcoal compress is good for that.
13:55 If you have a tooth abscess, you do need the services
13:59 of a skilled dentist but, before you can get that,
14:02 you may need to treat it somewhat yourself.
14:04 So the charcoal compress will sometimes take the pain
14:08 and swelling out of the gum where the abscess is
14:13 and so will aloe vera.
14:15 If you have aloe Vera growing in your home,
14:17 take a little bit of one of the blades... a little segment of it
14:21 Peel one side of it only.
14:24 Leave the other side unpeeled because that makes it stiff
14:28 and holds it stiff long enough for you to get it into place.
14:30 So then you put it in the gutter... either up or down
14:35 where you have the abscessed tooth and that will also
14:38 help to remove the inflammation and pain
14:44 from the abscessed tooth.
14:45 Turmeric mouthwashes... Hot turmeric mouthwashes
14:49 can also be helpful.
14:50 Take a tablespoonful, or even a teaspoonful
14:53 of turmeric and stir it in a large glass of water
14:56 and gargle with that, or do your mouthwash with that.
15:01 You can then expectorate that, or you can swallow it...
15:05 either way.
15:06 If you swallow some of it,
15:07 it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.
15:10 It is also a local anti-inflammatory agent on
15:14 your abscessed tooth.
15:16 Now aphthous ulcers, or mouth ulcers
15:19 can be treated extremely simply.
15:22 When you recognize that you're getting a mouth ulcer,
15:25 you feel it there, or you see that swollen
15:30 taste bud on your tongue...
15:33 and you know that the mouth ulcer is coming...
15:36 At that point, don't delay...
15:38 at that point, drink a glassful of water
15:41 every 10 minutes for an hour.
15:42 And in most cases, the mouth ulcer will not develop.
15:46 But if it does develop, then you can use the turmeric
15:49 mouthwash, or take a little paste of turmeric
15:52 and simply put it on the place where you have the
15:56 mouth ulcer and it will help a lot.
15:58 But even after it develops, if you've neglected it,
16:02 or it comes on and you weren't able to take the glassful
16:05 of water every 10 minutes for an hour at the beginning,
16:08 when you do recognize that it's there, then take the water.
16:14 Sometimes people will get a mouth ulcer to develop
16:16 from a place where they have bitten the tongue,
16:18 or bitten the inside of the mouth...
16:20 Again, it's the glassful of water every 10 minutes
16:23 for an hour and in most cases, the water itself
16:26 will have a healing effect on the place where you have
16:29 bitten it and the interior of the mouth heals,
16:33 and so does the entire gastrointestinal tract
16:37 has an extremely fast rate of healing...
16:40 It's one of the fastest tissues in the body to heal
16:43 and so it will often heal very nicely without any further ado.
16:48 And now... Don Miller.
16:50 It looks as if you've got some nice things here to show.
16:53 Well every time you talk, I think of other things
16:55 about what you're talking about.
16:56 You've got a show and tell.
16:57 I do have a show and tell but I want to tell something
16:59 about what she was just talking about...
17:01 Because I used to be plagued with these canker sores
17:04 or mouth ulcers.
17:08 And I have found in my experience,
17:09 if I allow myself to become dehydrated,
17:12 I am much more likely to develop a mouth ulcer.
17:16 And so, if I'm brushing my teeth,
17:18 and I jam my gums with my toothbrush,
17:20 I KNOW I'm going to get a mouth ulcer.
17:23 At that point, as Dr. Thrash says,
17:26 I drink a glass of water every 10 minutes for an hour.
17:29 And normally, it will not develop.
17:31 Other things you can use on a mouth ulcer...
17:34 I have used, at times, goldenseal paste
17:37 A little bit of goldenseal...
17:38 I just sprinkle it right onto the ulcer once it has developed
17:42 and it has a very nice antiseptic effect
17:45 and will sometimes completely take it away overnight.
17:48 I've also used things like...
17:50 I do really strange things to myself...
17:53 I'll do ANYTHING to get rid of a mouth ulcer.
17:55 I have tried putting cayenne pepper directly on
17:59 the mouth ulcer trying to cauterize it because
18:02 maybe that came from the thought years ago...
18:05 I was stationed in Key West, Florida...
18:06 a good friend of mine who was a doctor,
18:08 I had a REAL bad one on the inside of my lip and he said...
18:11 "No problem, I'll take care of it"
18:12 Went into the clinic there at the Naval Air Station...
18:15 He took out this long stick...
18:18 it looked like a match with a black head on it
18:21 And he opened my lip up and he dried it off,
18:25 and he took this thing and just touched it.
18:27 Well it was silver nitrate.
18:29 It burned like fire for about 5 seconds
18:33 and that's the last I ever felt of that particular canker sore.
18:36 It was gone with the wind.
18:37 And so sometimes the cayenne pepper WILL help.
18:40 Sometimes putting salt on it...
18:42 I put salt... I've done EVERYTHING I could
18:44 to get rid of these things.
18:46 But I find if I keep from traumatizing myself,
18:49 and if I keep myself well-hydrated,
18:51 I'm a whole lot better off.
18:52 Now I've just mentioned salt...
18:53 Let me give you a nice remedy that we can do with salt.
18:56 Many times we have sinus infections... we have sinusitis
18:59 We've got stuffed up sinuses.
19:01 MANY people have these things.
19:03 First of all, why do you have a stuffed up sinus?
19:06 Probably an allergy.
19:07 Find out where your allergen is and get rid of it.
19:09 But a GOOD thing to do for this type of a problem,
19:14 OR at the beginning of the cold and flu season...
19:17 I recommend that everybody at the beginning of the
19:20 cold and flu season...
19:21 OR if people in your environment are coming down sick,
19:24 do a nasal irrigation.
19:27 Very simple to do.
19:28 All it takes is... get a pint of water.
19:31 This isn't a full pint but you get a pint jar,
19:35 and that's the best way to do it.
19:36 You just get a pint jar... don't sit there and have to figure out
19:38 ...all right 2 cups is this thing or that thing.
19:40 2 cups - 1 pint of water that's body temperature...
19:44 Just slightly warm water and then take a teaspoonful
19:49 of salt... place it into the water.
19:52 This becomes what we call a saline solution
19:55 because your body is saline.
19:57 Now the first time I heard about this treatment,
19:59 I sat there and listened and I said... "Good treatment. "
20:03 And I learned this treatment by using a Waterpik.
20:07 There is a special attachment for a Waterpik that has a
20:10 bulb on the end and you just sit there and you put this
20:13 bulb up one nostril and you turn the machine on
20:16 and it just pumps that water up, it goes through your sinuses
20:20 comes out your other nostril,
20:21 comes out your Eustachian tube... you're spitting it
20:23 But it's really GREAT and I thought...
20:26 "That's a nice treatment. "
20:27 Well, about a month or so later,
20:29 I felt like I wanted to try it because I probably
20:32 needed it at the time.
20:33 And I forgot one part that I don't want you to forget.
20:37 I forgot the salt.
20:39 I just put warm water in there...
20:42 stuck this Waterpik thing up my nose,
20:44 turned it on and it felt like I had a bunch
20:47 of little guys in my head with hammers just hammering away.
20:50 Now I thought... Hmm, I must really be sick...
20:53 so I've got to go ahead and endure this pain.
20:55 And I endured a whole pint of warm straight water up my nose
21:00 And then it struck me later on "ah... saline"
21:03 Use saline.
21:04 Now you may not have a Waterpik...
21:06 You may not have all this fancy equipment,
21:08 but there's one piece of equipment that
21:10 almost all of us have and that is the good old hand.
21:13 And all I do when I'm doing this thing is I pour some
21:17 water in the palm of my hand...
21:18 I hold one nostril shut and just sniff it up your nose.
21:24 And I keep doing that a few times on this side,
21:26 a few times on this side... back and forth, back and forth
21:30 If you don't want to use your hand,
21:31 I've used a large spoon.
21:32 Just take a large spoon, hold one nostril shut
21:35 and... breath it ALL UP in...
21:38 You're not going to drown in the spoon,
21:40 or in the palm of your hand.
21:41 It doesn't go down into your lungs...
21:43 it just goes into your sinus passages,
21:45 down your Eustachian tube...
21:46 And this has a very nice clearing process
21:49 and clearing effect on the sinus passages
21:52 AND it will protect you
21:54 from the colds that are coming down the road.
21:56 At the beginning of cold season...
21:58 stay well-hydrated, do some nasal irrigations,
22:01 stay away from the sweets...
22:03 And just like Dr. Thrash mentioned,
22:05 if we have one of these things developing in us,
22:08 a cold... she mentioned this about a mouth ulcer...
22:12 If you feel that first symptom of a cold,
22:15 the treatment of choice...
22:16 a glass of water every 10 minutes for an hour.
22:19 You do that and then in-between the glasses,
22:22 you walk outside and you take 40-50 deep inspirations of air
22:30 And almost ALWAYS, this will shortstop the disease
22:35 as long as you are doing everything else right...
22:36 staying away from the sweets, getting to bed on time,
22:40 getting your sunshine, and exercise,
22:43 Paul says, "It's your reasonable service to present your body
22:47 a living sacrifice. "
22:48 And I think these are pretty reasonable, Dr. Thrash.
22:50 That's why they're called simple home remedies.
22:52 Simple home remedies.
22:54 Earaches are another part of the bane of mankind.
22:58 And earaches can be due to a stopped up Eustachian tube.
23:03 It can be due to an affliction in the external ear
23:07 in what we call the ear canal.
23:10 Or, it can be an infection in the middle ear which
23:14 has the ossicles... the hammer, anvil and stirrup in it,
23:18 just behind the eardrum.
23:21 Wherever it may be, you can always treat it by treating
23:25 the back of the throat
23:26 because the Eustachian tube which comes from the middle ear,
23:29 down through the head and the end of it
23:33 is back on the back of the oropharynx, way into the
23:39 nasopharynx.
23:41 It's right there where you want to get the treatment
23:44 at the end of the Eustachian tube.
23:46 And so, if you gargle, you will gargle so that
23:50 the fluid that you're gargling with will be hot against the
23:54 opening of the Eustachian tube
23:56 And that reflexively gives a treatment to the middle ear.
24:00 So for children and for others that you don't want to
24:04 irrigate the ear, or they will not allow you to put a
24:07 compress on the side of the head,
24:09 they may allow you to either irrigate, again with a Waterpik
24:13 or with a plain bulb syringe that you just inject the water
24:18 into the back of the throat as far as you can.
24:21 With this, you may get a very good treatment to the ears.
24:25 So remember that... that it doesn't have to be
24:27 always on the outside that you treat the ear...
24:30 You can treat the ear through the gargles in the mouth.
24:34 Gargling may also be good for a cough.
24:39 You might think that gargling would not help with that,
24:42 but because the gargle also helps the sinuses,
24:45 and a postnasal drip from inflamed sinuses often goes
24:51 down into the bronchial tubes and that causes you
24:55 to have a cough... that can be treated also by the gargle.
25:01 Now I'd like to say a word to people who are overweight...
25:05 A lot of times, people who are overweight
25:08 make a BIG mistake.
25:10 They say... "I'm going to go on a diet and
25:14 I heard Dr. Thrash say you eliminate free fats and you
25:17 just take 2 meals a day,
25:19 and you eat nothing between meals,
25:20 and you become a total vegetarian,
25:22 and eat nothing after 4 o'clock in the afternoon,"
25:26 and these are all very good things.
25:29 They are good things that I can almost guarantee
25:32 they will cause you to lose weight.
25:35 Almost ALL people will lose weight just on those things.
25:38 Eliminating the free fats... that's margarine,
25:40 mayonnaise, fried foods, cooking fat, salad oils,
25:43 and even nut butters for a while.
25:45 And then being a total vegetarian.
25:48 A person can eat a sufficient quantity...
25:51 so that they do not feel uncomfortable.
25:53 And then, another thing is that of omitting the 3rd meal.
25:58 Just taking 2 meals a day, and omitting supper.
26:02 And in this way, I can almost guarantee
26:06 that you will lose weight.
26:08 But many people say, "Well I will do that but
26:11 then I will take a vacation every once in a while.
26:14 I will perhaps use one weekend a month
26:18 that I will eat this or I will eat that... that's off my diet"
26:21 Let me encourage you not to do that.
26:23 Because anytime you do that, it is no kindness to yourself.
26:27 You may think, I will sort of pat myself a little bit...
26:31 I will give myself this kind of vacation,
26:34 and I will feel better about everything
26:37 and I will not TOTALLY leave ALL those things
26:40 that I once enjoyed.
26:42 I can almost guarantee on this too...
26:44 that if you take that attitude about it,
26:47 the time is coming when you will be back on the same
26:50 kind of diet that you have already PROVEN
26:52 You've already PROVEN that that kind of diet
26:55 makes you overweight.
26:56 And so, if you go back to that even one weekend a month,
26:59 or when somebody has their 50th wedding anniversary,
27:03 or whenever...
27:04 That vacation from your diet, will do the same thing for you
27:08 that a vacation from your MARRIAGE
27:10 would do to your marriage.
27:11 If you took a vacation from your marriage
27:13 one weekend a month, that would not do anything
27:17 very beneficial for it.
27:18 And the same thing is true with any lifestyle habit.
27:21 Let us say you're stopping smoking,
27:23 do not take a cigarette every once in a while.
27:26 Some people say, "Well, I'll only take 1 cigarette
27:28 per day... and that's all... just one.
27:31 To these individuals, I can almost guarantee
27:33 that you will be back on the cigarettes full force
27:37 before too long.
27:38 Simple things make for a strong life...
27:44 And our lifestyles are a lot of habit
27:49 and a lot of hard work at times
27:51 ...But they very much pay off.
27:53 And I recommend to you, that you establish
27:56 the very BEST habits
27:57 that you can for a good life.


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