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Women's Health Issues Pt. 2

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Participants: Agatha Thrash, Don Miller


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00:01 I'm Agatha Thrash, a staff physician at
00:03 Uchee Pines Institute...
00:05 and we will be discussing for the next half an hour,
00:08 some afflictions that women have that are very uncomfortable
00:12 Women's problems involve everybody,
00:14 so we hope you'll stay by.
00:36 Welcome to "Help Yourself to Health"
00:38 with Dr. Agatha Thrash of Uchee Pines Institute
00:42 And now, here's your host, Dr. Thrash.
00:46 Women are actually quite sturdy!
00:49 You may think, from some of the afflictions that
00:52 women suffer, that perhaps we are really fragile.
00:55 But we live longer than men.
01:01 We can endure longer than men... a lot of times.
01:05 And sometimes the way that we conduct ourselves indicates
01:10 that we have more stamina than men have.
01:13 But we have certain very vulnerable areas...
01:18 And in these areas, we do become fragile.
01:22 And one of those is painful menstruation.
01:24 Now while there are a number of treatments that you can get,
01:28 some of these treatments are treatments that you can get
01:30 from a health food store...
01:31 Some of them are from your grocery store
01:34 and most of them are things that can be done...
01:38 can be simply incorporated into any well-run home.
01:41 But I have asked one of my cohorts at Uchee Pines,
01:46 who is a massage therapist, to help me show you some
01:50 things that can be done for women who are having
01:53 a real problem with painful menstruation.
01:56 So this is my associate, Valerie Schreiber,
01:59 and Valerie is a massage therapist, as well as
02:03 an excellent cook...
02:05 And we need all of those skills to help women to cope
02:08 with their painful menstruation
02:10 and other afflictions that women have.
02:13 And also my granddaughter, Melissa, is going to be
02:16 the subject and I'm sure that every woman will see her
02:21 getting this little massage and wish that it were she
02:25 But, at any rate, we will show you and maybe you can get
02:28 some person to help you when you need this kind of help.
02:33 Okay, Valerie, what can you show us?
02:35 Okay... I'm going to show the women out there
02:41 how they can... if you have someone in your family,
02:43 your husband, or a friend, or one of your children
02:47 can do this to you.
02:49 The nerves leading to the uterus primarily
02:51 come out on the right side of the low back
02:54 and so, a way to massage is to take the heel part of your hand
02:59 and find the spine, go right on the opposite side of the spine
03:04 and just circle.
03:05 Just do circles like this and press.
03:08 Usually feels absolutely wonderful to them...
03:11 and just move down, circle and press down deep.
03:16 And you can just move over like this and you can even go
03:20 over here into the buttocks area and circle as well.
03:24 And you can, many times, relieve the menstrual pain
03:29 cramps when you do this.
03:31 Now, I know some of you are out there saying...
03:34 "Well, I don't have anybody to do this for me. "
03:37 So, I'm going to show you how you can do this
03:41 with a tennis ball.
03:42 Now you can take one tennis ball and you can get up against
03:46 a wall... or, you can lie down on the floor and put the
03:50 tennis ball right here in your back,
03:55 as you can probably see...
04:02 right here in your back and then you lean up against the wall,
04:05 or lean on the floor and just roll it and move it around
04:09 and it will relieve and you can station it at various parts
04:13 of the spine and it will work.
04:15 Just like... I can show you right here on Melissa now.
04:18 And you press against it.
04:21 Now, another way that you can do this...
04:23 You can get yourself a nylon stocking and you can put
04:26 2 tennis balls, tie a knot in it like this
04:30 and this will go on both sides of the spine...
04:34 And I tell you, this is a GOOD back massage.
04:36 You can probably lie down on that...
04:38 You can lie down on it...
04:39 and you can actually put it on the wall
04:41 and you can scoot up and down sort of like this
04:44 And this will roll up and down your spine...
04:48 ohhh... and it feels absolutely wonderful.
04:49 And you can put a ball right here on the buttocks area
04:55 And you can press against it
04:56 and it's just a wonderful massage.
04:58 Well, that's a second way.
05:01 Now a third way that you can do this is,
05:03 I'm going to show you on Melissa...
05:04 You can sit on the floor.
05:07 I did this exercise for my back, probably most of my life.
05:12 And it was always wonderful for relieving backaches
05:16 and menstrual cramps.
05:18 You just hug your legs like this and you rock...
05:22 You would just rock back and rock forward
05:25 and rock back and rock forward.
05:27 Melissa... we can't do that right here on the table...
05:30 She might fall off, so we don't want that to happen.
05:33 But you can get the general gist just by looking at this.
05:36 You just rock back and forth
05:37 and then you can rock sideways.
05:39 If you're on the floor, it doesn't matter if you wobble.
05:42 Yeah... right... but we're on a table, so it's not going
05:44 to quite work but on the floor is where you want to do this.
05:46 And so, you can rock back and forth,
05:48 and then you can rock sideways.
05:49 And many times, Dr. Agatha, this is wonderful...
05:53 I can testify to how good this treatment is.
05:55 Ah yes... Now are there some heat treatments or
05:58 ice treatments that work well for this too... Yes.
06:01 One of the other things...
06:02 and we do this SO many times at Uchee Pines...
06:06 I cannot count them.
06:07 We just do a simple hot foot bath.
06:10 A hot foot bath is SO good.
06:12 And you know, I've had them say to me...
06:14 They're in terrible cramps and they're in misery
06:16 I say, "Look, I want to put your feet in some hot water. "
06:19 They'll go... "That's not gonna work. I need something else. "
06:22 And I say... "Look, just TRY it. "
06:24 Yeah... "I hurt much too bad for that simple thing to be helpful
06:27 ...Give me a pill or whatever.
06:29 I just beg them... Let's try it.
06:31 So I put their feet in hot water
06:32 and in 10 minutes...
06:34 In fact, we just had a recent situation
06:35 with one of our students.
06:36 And we put her feet in hot water for 10 minutes,
06:39 it was probably less or close to it.
06:42 And all of a sudden, her eyes got big, you know...
06:45 And she was like... OHHH, IT'S GONE.
06:49 And she was so amazed.
06:51 And so I tell you ladies, that is one of the wonderful
06:54 treatments because usually in the uterus,
06:57 you have maybe a half a cup of blood
07:01 and just that much congestion will cause a tremendous
07:05 amount of pain.
07:06 So, when you feet are in the hot water,
07:08 what it does is, it pulls that blood away from
07:11 the uterine area and that's why it relieves the pain.
07:14 So I suggest you can just sit in your bathtub,
07:17 or put your feet over the bathtub and put them
07:19 right in the hot water... it's just wonderful.
07:21 If you have a headache, it will relieve it too.
07:23 Oh yes!
07:25 So for a lot of afflictions in the abdomen
07:27 or in the pelvis, or in the head,
07:30 you can do the hot foot bath and it's really quite effective.
07:33 One of the most marvelous things about these very
07:36 simple remedies... is that they are so simple...
07:39 and yet so effective.
07:40 The problem is that because they're so simple,
07:44 people literally do not believe that they could be helpful.
07:47 "I'm just too sick for that very simple thing to be of any
07:51 help to me"... and we hear that quite a great deal.
07:53 Another problem that women have is the menopause syndrome.
07:58 Now the menopause syndrome can begin shortly before
08:02 the menopause with hot flashes.
08:05 She may still be having periods.
08:07 But she may begin to have hot flashes and that may be
08:11 her first indication that she is entering into the menopause.
08:15 Now most women, once they have gone through the menopause
08:18 ...they are very, very happy that they no longer have
08:21 the periods with the emotional upsets and the hormone
08:25 imbalances and the bloating and the difficulties that
08:30 women have associated with the menstrual period.
08:33 They are very happy for that...
08:35 but they do have some other symptoms that can be a problem.
08:39 And so Valerie, do you have something that you do
08:43 for women that you see and your friends...
08:45 What do you do that can help a women with menopausal syndrome
08:50 OK... Melissa. I have a couple of favorite things that I use.
08:56 In your local health food store,
08:58 there are many herbal compounds that are put together that
09:03 are very good for menopause...
09:05 And, of course, the Pro-Gest cream is excellent...
09:07 But, one of the other treatments that work so well for me
09:11 and so well for many other women is what we call...
09:13 "adrenal stimulation. "
09:14 And so, I'm going to show it to you on Melissa,
09:18 but before I do, I want to show you where the
09:20 adrenal glands are, so that you can get an understanding
09:23 If you measure between the inferior aspect of your scapula,
09:29 or your shoulder blade, you can just say your shoulder blade
09:31 and your waist... go halfway up,
09:34 which would be... like here is her waist,
09:37 go halfway up and then one more finger
09:40 and then go right over next to your spine
09:42 and both of them sit there on top of your kidneys
09:44 And this is just absolutely the most wonderful
09:47 treatment... it can just...
09:49 Dr. Agatha... stop the hot flashes... It's amazing!
09:53 It's just absolutely amazing!
09:55 I love this treatment.
09:56 The adrenals are involved in the entire hormone axis
10:00 And so, of course, treating the adrenals can be very helpful
10:04 in helping a woman to deal with the menopausal problems.
10:09 So, what are you going to show us here on Melissa?
10:14 Okay, what I want to show you is...
10:16 we're going to pretend that where I have this towel is
10:18 really her bare skin because you want her back to be bare
10:22 so that you're going to work right on it.
10:24 Now, you can do this a couple of ways...
10:26 I did go to Wal-Mart and bought one of these packs...
10:32 it's sort of like a hydroculator pack...
10:34 and you can either make it cold or hot
10:36 So, you can put this in your microwave and this makes it
10:39 kind of quick and it will last for about 3 or 4 exchanges
10:42 so that you can have 2 of these,
10:44 Or, you can go ahead and take a towel, just like this,
10:48 wet it down, fold it over, put it in a plastic bag
10:51 in your microwave and heat 2 or 3 of them up at a time
10:54 and you can use it this way.
10:55 Now this treatment is very fast and that is the
10:58 major reason that I've used this type of hydroculator pack
11:01 because I can do it 3 or 4 times on the back
11:05 without having to get another hot one.
11:07 So now I have heated this up in the microwave,
11:10 I will wrap it into a towel like this
11:15 And I will bring it out and put it on her back
11:18 Now this treatment has to go 1 minutes, 1 minute, 1 minute.
11:21 Fast stimulation... usually 6 exchanges are sufficient
11:26 I put 7 because that's God's perfect number,
11:29 so I go back and forth 7 times.
11:30 This goes on the adrenals?
11:31 This goes right over the adrenals... it's hot.
11:34 Now how I have done this, and let me just show you...
11:37 I have taken a ziplock bag filled it with ice,
11:42 then I have taken a hand towel and got it wet
11:46 Now this is the way to do it real quick...
11:49 I take the ziplock bag, lay it down on the wet towel,
11:53 and then I can just pick it up like this and it's good and wet.
11:57 So, I put the hot on and my timer rings
12:04 I grab this here like this, pull this back...
12:07 dry it off just a minute and put the cold on for 1 minute.
12:11 Now this will stay... I keep it right here
12:13 This will stay here for just...
12:18 nice and hot for at least 3 or 4 exchanges.
12:20 I leave this on just about a half a minute to a minute
12:22 I take this off, just dry it with this towel
12:25 ...back on again.
12:26 Aw... easy. Yeah, very quick.
12:28 And then I just pull that back again when it rings
12:31 wipe that, put that on.
12:32 And so you can do this very quickly...
12:34 However, you do need someone to help you do this.
12:37 I have tried to figure out how to do this by myself
12:40 by having a hot one and my cold ready
12:44 and it is quite a work to do it yourself but you can.
12:46 But, let me tell you what some women have told me
12:48 and they have had results...
12:50 Now, I didn't do this myself,
12:51 but I've had a number of women that I explained
12:54 how to do this treatment but they didn't have
12:56 anyone to help them.
12:57 They got in the shower,
12:58 they turned back to the shower
13:00 and they were able to turn their shower off and on
13:03 quick enough...
13:04 And they would do this stimulation and they
13:06 had good results.
13:07 I suppose you sort of aim right about the middle of the back
13:11 or between the shoulder blades. Um hm.
13:13 Sounds good.
13:15 And they had very good results doing that.
13:17 Melissa, do you feel better now?
13:20 This is, of course, for the menopause.
13:22 But it can also be used for many other things.
13:25 Any time you wish to stimulate the adrenals,
13:28 this one is a good one.
13:29 As for asthma, it is also very good for fatigue.
13:32 And sometimes I tell people who fall asleep in church
13:36 that it would be good if they got a good adrenal stimulation
13:39 before they go to church so they can stay awake
13:41 during the church service.
13:43 Now another affliction that women have...
13:47 it's principally women,
13:49 and that is osteoporosis.
13:51 More than 90% of osteoporosis occurs in women.
13:55 It also is not a very comfortable disorder.
14:01 And we often use soy proteins for that and soy in many ways...
14:08 just as we do for the menopause.
14:10 And so again, I have asked Valerie Schreiber
14:13 if she would show you some things in the use of soy.
14:17 As I look at these things here, I see some of my very favorite
14:21 foods and so tell us about some of these...
14:24 This looks like breakfast...
14:26 one of my favorite breakfast foods... Right.
14:28 This is another one of these sequences of doing foods
14:33 so that you end up with more than one thing.
14:35 But I start out with soybeans...
14:37 These are soaked soybeans? Soaked soybeans.
14:41 You just soak them overnight and they look just exactly like this
14:45 Then I take them and I put them in a blender
14:48 and when I blend them, it looks like this... See
14:55 Ah... yes.
14:56 Now you can do many things with this.
15:00 Yours look just like mine when I blend it up like that.
15:03 And so then, I take it over here into the frying pan
15:08 yes... and I scramble it... just like you would eggs.
15:11 No differently... is how I do this.
15:14 And you could put various seasonings...
15:17 I have in here turmeric, because you know, that gives it
15:19 the yellow flavor and makes it kind of look like the real thing
15:21 But you can put some chicken-style seasoning in it,
15:24 garlic, onions, whatever you would choose...
15:28 and many times, Dr. Agatha, I put green peppers and
15:31 red peppers and onions in here and shitake mushrooms
15:35 and, ooh, is it ever delicious... Sounds good but
15:37 I think I would call this the real thing...
15:39 Yeah... and the other is the substitute.
15:42 The substitute, right.
15:43 And so anyway, here I have eggs... let's say scrambled
15:49 soy eggs in the morning
15:51 And so I always make a real big batch
15:54 and so that I have that for breakfast and then
15:57 I take... it looks just like this,
16:00 and I put it into a bowl and I make egg salad.
16:04 And right here, I have the egg salad.
16:06 Now what's in here, Dr. Agatha, is... I just have my mayonnaise,
16:10 that I made earlier and I put mayonnaise in it,
16:14 I chop up celery, onion and some of those sweet pickles
16:17 you get at your local health food store
16:18 and I just mix it all together and it makes a
16:20 wonderful egg salad.
16:21 Now I can tell you one more step you can do from this...
16:24 is you can take out this and add a little homemade mustard
16:29 to it and you can make something that looks a little bit
16:30 like a deviled egg.
16:32 How do you do that?
16:33 Well, you just take a portion out, like this...
16:36 and actually, you just can cut this in half and make a whole
16:40 little bowlful of it and you just make some homemade
16:43 mustard and you just mix the mustard in...
16:46 and you can take a portion at a time out... is how I did it.
16:49 I bought the little round corn chips...
16:52 and I just put that on a little corn chip... Oh yes...
16:55 and I sprinkle paprika over top of it
16:57 and it looked just like a deviled egg and
16:58 I thought it taste like it too.
17:00 Well that sounds very good.
17:01 And I'm certain that it will be a very great help
17:04 to those who need to increase their soy, their phytoestrogens,
17:09 and soy is, of course, a very good way to do that.
17:12 Now, we use soy in a lot of things that you might not
17:18 think of them as being helpful.
17:19 For instance in cancer,
17:21 soy products of all kinds are really quite useful in cancer.
17:26 But the soybeans themselves, as we have shown you just now,
17:30 are the very best possible way that you can use soybeans
17:34 rather than some commercial product.
17:37 So see if you can find the soybeans themselves
17:40 and prepare those in hundreds of very tasty ways.
17:45 And it isn't necessary for you to do exactly as we have done
17:48 but some way devise methods of using soy so that you can
17:53 increase the phytoestrogens from soy.
17:56 I think it would not be wrong if you had soybeans
17:59 every day the rest of your life.
18:01 I know one man who is now, almost 90,
18:04 who has had soybeans every day of his life
18:07 since he was about 45.
18:09 So certainly for him, it has been a very good thing.
18:13 Now concerning the matter of osteoporosis or
18:16 thinning of the bones,
18:17 we need to give firm attention to that,
18:21 and focus on this because from early in life,
18:25 a women needs to be strengthening the bones
18:27 because she is prone to get osteoporosis later in life.
18:31 And I have asked Don Miller, who has studied this matter
18:35 at some depth, to talk with you about osteoporosis...
18:39 Don Miller is an associate of mine at Uchee Pines Institute
18:43 and he will talk with you now about
18:45 some things of osteoporosis.
18:47 Okay, Dr. Thrash, osteoporosis,
18:50 I'm going to say at the very beginning, is not just
18:53 an old lady's disease.
18:54 Two other groups are apt to get osteoporosis...
18:58 One, men can get osteoporosis.
19:00 And so, don't think that we are immune to the disease...
19:04 it just more happens to be in a woman's realm,
19:08 than in a man's realm.
19:09 What makes a woman more susceptible to osteoporosis
19:13 is the fact that she usually does not have as much muscle
19:15 mass, or as much weight.
19:17 So that shows you that if a woman, a little bit heavier
19:20 and we're not talking about overweight
19:22 because that has its other whole set of problems with it
19:25 But if a woman is a little bit heavier, she is less likely
19:29 to get osteoporosis
19:30 And here's the reason why...
19:32 Our bones need a daily shake up.
19:34 They need to be stressed.
19:35 Every time you stress a bone, you're telling the bones...
19:38 "Look, we need to build more bone mass. "
19:40 And so, it sends out and it brings more calcium
19:44 from the bloodstream and starts building a better
19:46 base of the bone.
19:48 Now I mentioned another group...
19:49 But I want to read a little piece of an article
19:53 I received in a magazine on an airline flight some time ago
19:57 The headline of the article was, "Sick Kids. "
20:01 This is very interesting...
20:03 It says.. "Osteoporosis, a dangerous thinning of the
20:08 bones that usually takes place in women after menopause
20:11 is now being found in adolescent girls. "
20:15 Now, what are they basing it on?
20:17 Why do they think that these young girls...
20:19 ...We're talking about young girls getting osteoporosis...
20:22 They're basing it on the fact that soft drink consumption
20:26 has doubled and tripled recently.
20:29 It's all this drinking of the soft drinks.
20:31 Now, they also say that it's because it's replacing
20:33 the milk in the diet.
20:35 And, I don't go with that because milk has its own set
20:40 of precautions for osteoporosis which I'll explain in a moment.
20:44 But it's ALL the drinking of the sodas.
20:46 Now, another word for soda is soft drinks...
20:50 what also makes soft bones.
20:52 What is happening is the soda is full of phosphoric acid
20:56 and it's the phosphorus that causes the bone
21:00 calcium to go down because it causes the
21:03 blood calcium to go down.
21:04 This is the way it works...
21:06 We have in our bloodstream, plenty of calcium.
21:09 It's there for a number of reasons.
21:10 It's used for a clotting mechanism
21:14 It's used for neurotransmission...
21:16 It needs to be out there for that and a number
21:18 of other things... hormones and everything else.
21:20 Well, when we take in a large amount of phosphorus,
21:24 the calcium says, "I've got to go somewhere else"
21:27 And so normally, it goes to the kidneys
21:28 and it's excreted from the body.
21:30 That causes other problems.
21:32 We start having a calcification in the kidney area
21:35 causing some kidney stones.
21:37 Two other things will cause the same reaction
21:39 with the calcium...
21:40 is a high protein diet and a high sodium diet.
21:45 Now there is one food that's very high in calcium,
21:48 very high in protein, very high in phosphorus,
21:52 and very high in sodium
21:53 and that very product is milk and all dairy products.
21:56 And so as we take in this quantity of milk,
22:01 it's going to cause the calcium to say...
22:03 "I've got to leave for now"
22:05 That's why we see the need... the daily requirement
22:09 being raised higher and higher.
22:10 I've seen some figures as high as 1500 milligrams
22:13 for calcium a day
22:14 But one very sage Harvard researcher says that...
22:18 a woman needs about 128 milligrams of calcium per day.
22:22 Now why this disparity between 128 and 1500...
22:27 It's because, and he said it himself in an article,
22:29 it's because the lifestyle that would require us
22:33 to keep the calcium in place,
22:35 is a little bit too rigorous and we're not willing to do it.
22:38 We're not willing to leave out the dairy products.
22:40 We're not willing to leave off the soft drinks.
22:44 We're not willing to leave off the caffeinated beverages.
22:48 A woman who drinks, postmenopausal, one cup of
22:51 coffee or, I might say, brown drinks a day...
22:54 Brown drinks being coffee, tea, cola and chocolate.
22:58 One cup a day, she'll lose 1.4% of her bone calcium
23:03 every single year.
23:04 Added to that, cigarette smoking...
23:07 and not too many cigarettes,
23:08 she'll lose another 1% of her bone calcium every year.
23:11 So, let's say between the ages of 50 and 60,
23:14 if she just... "I just drink a little bit of coffee
23:17 and just smoke a couple of cigarettes"...
23:19 In that little action, she'll lose 24% of her bone calcium
23:23 in one decade from those 2 bad habits
23:26 And usually, if you have those 2 bad habits,
23:28 you've got many other bad habits with it.
23:30 And so, how do we keep from getting osteoporosis?
23:33 One, we get our calcium the way God packaged it.
23:36 I've not seen too many cows with osteoporosis.
23:39 And it's funny, cows seem to be able to wean themselves
23:42 at a very young age.
23:44 And I've not yet seen a bull out in the field suckling
23:47 on a cow.
23:48 No... a bull is out there eating legumes, is out there eating
23:52 greens, is out there eating grains...
23:53 And that's where we should get our calcium from.
23:56 When I was a child, we had a farm,
24:01 and my sisters and I would go out into the fields
24:03 and there was one thing we loved to do...
24:05 in the corner of one of the fields where we would have
24:07 a couple of cows, we'd raise for beef, I used to be a beef eater
24:10 ...there would be a big blue block.
24:13 Now some of you know what that big blue block was.
24:15 That big blue block was salt.
24:18 And we'd walk up... we didn't know any better,
24:20 and we'd go slurp, slurp and we'd lick on that big salt block
24:23 Well, that salt block was there for the cows to lick on because
24:26 they've got much higher quantities of sodium
24:29 in their bodies.
24:30 As a matter of fact, a cow... a mother cow,
24:34 in her milk, will have 4 or 5 times as much sodium
24:38 as human milk will have.
24:40 Now I believe that a great Divine Designer designed the
24:43 milk for the baby cow
24:45 and He says... "Hmm, this baby cow needs a little bit more
24:47 sodium" and so He put a lot more sodium in mother's milk.
24:51 He looked at the human and says, "Hmm, needs a lot LESS sodium"
24:55 and put a lot less sodium in mother's milk.
24:57 And so when the human baby nurses from its mother,
25:02 it's receiving a very low quantity of sodium.
25:04 But somehow, we want to put our children on dairy milk
25:08 somewhere in their lives
25:09 which makes their sodium go up,
25:11 which starts making them, setting them up
25:13 some day for osteoporosis.
25:15 We need to do exercises every day.
25:18 We get on a good vegetarian diet,
25:19 we do exercising every day,
25:21 we stay away from caffeine, we stay away from colas,
25:25 we stay away from tea and chocolate...
25:26 all of which are going to cause us to lose our bone calcium.
25:29 We NEED to do these simple things
25:31 And these simple things, we're going to find,
25:34 will protect us.
25:35 Now one of the BEST,
25:37 as a matter of fact, I think it's the BEST source of
25:39 calcium that I know of... is just good old greens.
25:41 ...Collards, mustard greens, whatever these greens may be
25:45 very high, but strawberries have calcium, peaches,
25:50 apricots, figs.
25:52 As a matter of fact, extremely progressive
25:56 nutritionists today will say that there's really
25:59 no need to have an RDA for calcium because it's
26:03 so common out there, we don't need to sit there and say
26:07 have to take this much because if you're eating
26:09 anything, you're eating calcium.
26:11 So calcium intake is not the problem.
26:13 It's calcium outgo that's the problem.
26:16 Lower the protein intake,
26:18 lower the phosphorus intake,
26:19 lower the sodium intake...
26:21 You'll keep your calcium.
26:22 Work on your bones, do some muscle work.
26:25 Do some walking.
26:26 Get out there and exercise which will cause
26:28 your osteoblasts to lay down some more bone matrix
26:31 and you will not get osteoporosis.
26:33 And so, pretty simple things, Dr. Thrash...
26:36 a way to keep from getting osteoporosis.
26:38 Yes, and I've heard you mention about smoking
26:41 that smoking is also a serious problem
26:44 causing osteoporosis.
26:45 Now, he mentioned that coffee, tea, colas and chocolate
26:51 were a factor and we'd like to show you
26:55 some substitutes for these harmful things
27:00 in the form of carob.
27:03 And I'd like to just point to you that there are some
27:07 absolutely delicious things which Valerie has made...
27:10 What do you have here?
27:11 Well this is carob Bavarian cream...
27:14 Oh... so you have a recipe for that?
27:16 Yes I do.
27:17 I'll have to get that from you.
27:18 And this is... you can make your own cream.
27:21 And I just kind of put the carob pudding and whipped cream
27:25 and mixed it up, going all the way up the dish which
27:27 makes it quite attractive. Ah ha... it does.
27:29 And very appetizing and the kids really love it... I'm sure.
27:33 My little secret to carob is to put mint in it or peanut butter
27:39 in it and it makes it very delicious...
27:40 ...makes it creamy and nice... um hmm
27:41 Yes, well I'm certainly happy that we do not have to be
27:46 limited in what we can eat.
27:48 There are many delightful things without having
27:50 anything that we're going
27:52 to find harmful to our bodies.


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