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Women's Health Issues Pt. 1

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Participants: Don Miller, Valerie Shreiber, Agatha Thrash


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00:01 Hello, I'm Agatha Thrash
00:03 a staff physician at Uchee Pines Institute
00:06 which is a medical missionary training institute
00:09 in Seale, Alabama.
00:12 We deal with women's problems a lot there
00:15 and some of the problems that women have are quite unique.
00:19 And one of my associates and I will be discussing
00:22 some of these problems in the next half an hour
00:25 and we hope you will join us.
00:47 Welcome to "Help Yourself to Health"
00:49 with Dr. Agatha Thrash of Uchee Pines Institute
00:53 and now, here's your host, Dr. Thrash.
00:57 I suppose most of women's problems actually involve
01:01 the entire family...
01:02 Because as anyone who knows who has ever lived with someone
01:06 who had premenstrual syndrome,
01:09 the unhappiness of the woman who is suffering from the
01:14 premenstrual syndrome actually spills over and involves almost
01:18 everyone in the family.
01:19 PMS or premenstrual syndrome does occur before
01:25 the menstrual period actually begins.
01:28 And some women have trouble with it a good bit of the month.
01:32 Not just at the premenstrual time,
01:35 but also in the period around the ovulation
01:39 or, for some women, they have very few days through the
01:42 entire month when they don't feel uncomfortable with it.
01:45 Some of the symptoms include irritability, fatigue,
01:51 just a sense of not feeling well
01:54 They may have nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite.
01:57 They may have a voracious appetite.
01:59 They may have specific enjoyment, or even cravings
02:03 for various foods or drinks.
02:05 And the problems that women have with PMS
02:10 can be quite pervasive and involve her entire life.
02:13 And, of course, those things that involve women can
02:18 involve the husband and the children and even the neighbors.
02:23 Because of the irritability that the woman feels,
02:26 sometimes she involves everyone around her
02:29 with that irritability.
02:31 Now I'd like to make this appeal to women who have PMS.
02:35 It may be that you do not feel well...
02:37 It may be that you feel like a witch...
02:40 But you do not need to make everybody around you feel
02:43 or know that you feel like a witch.
02:46 What you must do is to realize that other people have the right
02:51 to feel good and to be happy
02:54 and you have that great privilege of helping them
02:57 EVEN though you don't feel like it.
02:59 You still have that privilege of helping them to feel good...
03:03 And as women, to minister and to nurture is a part of the
03:07 thing that gives us the greatest satisfaction in life.
03:10 As so, we should recognize that this is a part of what we can do
03:15 even when we feel bad.
03:17 Now, if you feel bad with premenstrual syndrome,
03:21 there are several things that you can do.
03:23 In fact, I'd like to write on the board a list
03:26 of all those possible treatments that you can give to yourself
03:32 When we think about the fact that these treatments
03:35 are standard... they involve very simple things
03:41 We do not have to spend a lot of money to get these things
03:45 and we do not have to go to any large medical center
03:49 All we have to do is to enjoy those things that we have
03:53 in our own homes as good treatment areas.
03:56 Now let's notice this...
03:58 Well, I'll just make a list of everything that you can
04:02 draw upon to treat yourself.
04:04 Let's start off with hydrotherapy.
04:08 "Hydro," of course, means water and "therapy" means treatment.
04:14 So any kind of treatment that has to do with water,
04:17 that's what you're going to be dealing with
04:20 when you deal with hydrotherapy.
04:21 It may be steam. It may be ice.
04:23 It may be water.
04:24 It may be cold. It may be hot.
04:26 It may be tepid.
04:28 Whatever it may be,
04:29 you will find that water lends itself to a lot of different
04:33 kinds of treatments.
04:34 We'll be talking about those doubtless, and we want you
04:38 to recognize that as you treat yourself for PMS,
04:43 you have water treatments available and they are
04:46 quite effective.
04:47 Now the second thing that we have available is diet.
04:50 You might think... well, there isn't much in diet
04:52 that could help me with PMS but that isn't true...
04:55 There are many things in diet that can help you.
04:58 Then, of course, there is exercise.
05:00 Now, exercise for PMS can be vigorous, or it can be
05:07 quite mild and it can be specific...
05:11 It can be just one area involved in the exercise.
05:15 And then, of course, there is passive exercise...
05:18 which is massage.
05:20 Now we have always thought of massage as being
05:24 something that was just psychologically nice
05:27 But actually, massage is a treatment.
05:30 It changes the pH and the circulation to various tissues
05:37 and, of course, is quite a good treatment.
05:39 Then another treatment that we have is herbal remedies
05:45 Now you will notice that I have put herbal remedies
05:49 AFTER I've put all of these others.
05:51 Herbal remedies are good remedies and I like them.
05:55 BUT, herbal remedies should not be the FIRST thing
05:58 that you go for in any kind of treatment routine.
06:02 And then, here is another one that should not be the first...
06:05 and that is nutrient supplements
06:07 Nutrient supplements are such things as...
06:10 vitamins and minerals but do not go for that first either.
06:17 Always start with the other things first,
06:21 and then go to nutrient supplements.
06:23 And then, there are some special treatments
06:28 that we might think of...
06:29 Special treatments like charcoal and a variety of
06:34 things of this nature.
06:36 And then, there is also trust in Divine Power.
06:42 Now again, we might not think of trust as being a remedy
06:48 but it IS a remedy.
06:49 We have been given trust in Divine Power...
06:54 We've been given prayer as a remedy.
06:57 And we should, of course, be mindful of the fact
07:00 that there is a great power in all of these remedies, but
07:06 not to forget prayer.
07:08 Now I would like to start in talking with you about
07:12 the things having to do with the treatment of PMS
07:14 with diet.
07:15 I like to deal with diet because
07:18 it's something that everybody is doing every day.
07:20 So I have asked one of my associates, Valerie Schreiber,
07:24 to help me to present that matter to you
07:28 because she's about the best cook that I know.
07:31 And I think that as you see what she has prepared here,
07:34 you will agree with that too.
07:35 But before we get into that,
07:37 I'd like us to just consider some of the herbs
07:41 that are available.
07:42 And, she is going to talk with you about some of those.
07:45 Valerie, if you had a patient who came to Uchee Pines
07:48 what would you tell her that she could do?
07:50 How would you handle it.
07:51 Okay, some of the first things that I would probably
07:54 talk to them about besides diet...
07:56 and we know that diet is a major key in PMS.
07:59 We know that high estrogen levels in the body play a major
08:03 role in PMS in women's conditions.
08:08 And so, some of the things that I would talk to them about
08:11 would be herbs...
08:13 And there are various herbs today on the market
08:16 that you can go to your local health food store...
08:19 and that are made and designed especially for women
08:22 and the various conditions that they have...
08:25 Like, for instance, PMS.
08:26 One of the ones that the women love the most and they say
08:32 it's a miracle for them, is the "chaste tree"
08:37 or chaste tree berry herb that they use
08:40 and women are always saying, "Boy, that's just a miracle
08:43 when I use this herb"
08:44 And there is a nice formula that you can put together
08:47 ...there's skullcap, dandelion and chaste tree... seem to do
08:51 wonders for women during this PMS time.
08:55 However, also we know that phytoestrogens play a role
08:59 and you can buy phytoestrogens;
09:01 however, they are made from a soy product...
09:04 and so you can get it from just eating good soybean dishes
09:09 that you can have.
09:10 A few more things that I'd like to share with you
09:12 is they have discovered in some studies that excess estrogen
09:16 is known to increase the body's demand for B vitamins
09:20 and especially B6.
09:21 And B6 does play a role in relieving
09:25 extra fluid in your body as well
09:27 And so that could be a major reason why it helps them
09:31 through the PMS time because you bloat up and swell up
09:34 and you have the irritability which also B6 plays a role
09:38 in the mental processes and your emotions
09:41 And some of the foods, and I've told you this on another
09:45 show... is bananas... is real high in B6
09:48 and your beans and your nuts and naturally,
09:51 your soybean products are, you know, the Cadillac out there
09:54 walnuts, whole grains have B6...
09:57 So I would encourage you women to increase these types
10:01 of foods in your diet on a regular basis.
10:03 And, in case you have a really serious condition,
10:06 you might want to jump start yourself by taking some B6
10:10 and then incorporate the foods at the same time
10:13 and then eventually you won't need to do that.
10:15 Also, magnesium deficiencies have been shown to be
10:19 prevalent in women with PMS.
10:21 So you may need to take some magnesium salts that you
10:24 could get at your local health food store...
10:25 But I also encourage you, at the same time,
10:28 start to incorporate foods that are high in magnesium
10:31 and those would be... seeds, and the fruits that
10:34 have a lot of seeds in it...
10:35 like your berries, and okra is a vegetable that has
10:38 a lot of seeds in it.
10:39 Grains...
10:41 So if you incorporate, really God's program into your life,
10:46 you will find that ALL these PMS and problems that you
10:50 really have, will begin to disappear because
10:52 it's all in God's plant kingdom.
10:54 Foods that you may want to consider or take as a
10:59 supplement for a short time would be vitamin E.
11:01 They have shown that vitamin E decreases many of the symptoms
11:05 of PMS including headaches and depression,
11:08 and breast tenderness, as well as weight gain due to bloating.
11:12 So again, we're back to the plant kingdom...
11:15 Almost ALL of God's plant kingdom,
11:18 the foods that we're usually used to eating,
11:21 have vitamin E
11:23 ...although the grains have a higher level of vitamin E...
11:26 your grains, nuts and seeds.
11:27 And so, those are the things that are important for you to
11:34 use but I have another one that I'm especially impressed with...
11:38 and have had wonderful results, not only with my own self,
11:42 but with a number of women that I have helped...
11:46 And that is using the natural "Pro-Gest" creams.
11:50 Now, I know there are many that are on the market
11:54 and you can check with your local health food store
12:00 to find out which one is the very best to use,
12:04 and usually they have the very good ones.
12:06 Now I want to just read to you a little bit about them
12:09 from one of the companies that says, Natural Progesterone Cream
12:12 is a completely natural nutritional supplement
12:15 containing extract of a plant known as the wild Mexican yam.
12:19 Now, please don't get this confused with the sweet potato
12:22 yam because I've heard women that have said...
12:24 "Oh, I'll just eat lots more sweet potatoes"...
12:26 No... it doesn't come from that.
12:28 This plant makes a substance identical to progesterone
12:32 produced by the human body.
12:34 When applied topically,
12:36 it absorbs through the skin and is transported directly
12:39 to the receptor sites where it is needed.
12:41 Because this form of absorption bypasses the liver,
12:46 receptor sites receive the cream much more efficiently
12:50 than oral way of taking it, or suppositories.
12:54 Now, how would you use the natural progesterone cream?
12:57 Well, in your menstrual cycle, you would use it from
13:01 day 16 to days 24.
13:02 However, when you buy these creams,
13:05 they usually will have a nice brochure for you that will show
13:09 you how to do the cycling with your creams
13:12 but it's usually from day 16 to days 24
13:15 and you would put it on your very thin, fleshy parts of
13:20 your body.
13:21 And you don't want to use it but every 4 days in the same spot...
13:24 So, what I suggest that you do is,
13:26 you get a sequence going and the sequence would be
13:28 right here above your breasts,
13:30 underneath your arms in the fleshy, soft areas
13:34 ...then at your midriff, your tummy and then right between
13:38 your legs and if you need another spot, you can go down
13:40 a little closer to your knees, but on the inside.
13:43 And then if you have this sequence going,
13:45 when you finish at the very last spot,
13:48 then you can start up again, and work your way down.
13:51 And you keep doing this...
13:52 and that way you'll never get it in the same spot
13:54 more than 4 or 5 days apart,
13:57 and that's what is the very best to do.
14:00 Now for women that are concerned about the amounts of estrogen,
14:06 because that's one of the things that the natural Pro-Gest cream
14:10 does... is it helps to balance out your hormones because we
14:14 have seen in studies... that most of these women's problems
14:18 and PMS and bad menstrual cramps and so forth,
14:22 are coming from high levels of estrogen...
14:25 And Dr. Agatha is going to talk to us a minute about that
14:28 as far as diet goes.
14:30 BUT, for those that are interested,
14:32 there is a lab in Oregon called, "ZRT Labs"
14:35 and they do a saliva test...
14:40 and you can send to this lab and you can get this little vial
14:44 You just fill it with your saliva, send it back to them
14:46 and it's the most accurate way to test hormones.
14:50 And so I suggest for you women out there that may be
14:53 concerned about having high estrogen because it plays a role
14:56 in several female cancers as well...
14:59 that you may want to do this
15:00 and you can do this without a doctor's prescription,
15:03 and it is definitely a licensed, reputable lab that does this.
15:07 That sounds good...
15:08 and when you have a patient who you are suggesting
15:12 these things for... it's effective for them, is it?
15:15 Very effective...
15:16 And once they find out that they have an estrogen imbalance
15:20 in their natural progesterone,
15:21 they begin to use these creams
15:23 and I have seen marvelous things happen with women.
15:26 I have seen... let me just tell you about it...
15:28 I have seen one woman in particular who had
15:30 some of the most severest PMS I had ever seen...
15:34 and then she had the worst menstrual cramps I'd ever seen.
15:38 And she began to use this cream and she's normal... I mean...
15:42 I couldn't believe it... she was SO normal.
15:45 I'm glad to hear that about these...
15:47 I have not used these as much as you have...
15:50 So I'm happy to hear that they are effective.
15:52 I've seen them in health food stores and other places,
15:55 but I've not know that they were effective.
15:58 We should make a distinction between PMS and painful
16:03 menstruation.
16:04 Painful menstruation is a serious problem of women
16:08 but painful menstruation is not PMS.
16:11 It is a fact that a person with PMS may also have
16:15 painful menstruation.
16:16 But it isn't essential that the person with the PMS
16:22 have painful menstruation.
16:24 So let me just distinguish between these two for you.
16:26 With painful menstruation,
16:28 the pain usually comes on at least no more than
16:32 one day before the bleeding occurs.
16:36 And so as you recognize that the timing is also important
16:41 whereas, PMS will often come on a week or, at least several days
16:46 before the menstrual period and often
16:48 with the onset of the bleeding, the person no longer
16:52 has the irritability and the bloating and those other things
16:56 that we often associate with the PMS.
16:59 So as you consider the distinction between these two,
17:04 do not try to treat PMS in exactly the same way that
17:08 you do painful menstruation.
17:10 Now, since painful menstruation is so separate,
17:16 we will take that up as a separate topic...
17:20 But now to go to the diet things that you have
17:25 available to you...
17:27 I would like to ask Valerie to help you to understand
17:30 some of those things since a bit of that manipulating
17:36 of foods, while much of it is very simple
17:40 and very straight forward,
17:41 there are some things that it will help you if you see
17:44 somebody who has dealt with these problems in women
17:47 a good bit.
17:48 So, Valerie, as I look at these wonderful things here,
17:52 it just makes me sorry that it's not dinnertime right now.
17:55 Yeah... So what do you have?
17:57 Well, we know that phytoestrogens are so
18:01 important in women's diet...
18:03 And so, what I have developed here is...
18:05 I use soybeans or tofu...
18:08 Now would you just tell me what phytoestrogens are?
18:11 Maybe someone there does not know what "phyto" means
18:14 and I'd like to really tell you because... "It's plant"
18:16 Yes... it just means plant.
18:17 It just means "plant. "
18:18 Yeah... and being a botanist primarily, or I started out
18:24 in botany... In my experience with science I like to tell
18:28 people that "phyto" just means plant.
18:31 That's probably a better way to really tell you out there,
18:34 is that it is plant foods and so it's the important
18:40 estrogens that we can get from natural products...
18:42 Isn't that just wonderful to know that you can get
18:44 your natural hormones just from eating the foods that God
18:48 has provided for us.
18:49 The plant hormones are very similar to those that
18:53 are human hormones. yeah.
18:56 Okay, so what I'm going to show you here...
18:57 I try to make it as easy in the kitchen as I possibly can
19:00 because my time is limited and I know your time
19:03 is probably limited as well.
19:05 And so what I have done is, I have made a cheese,
19:09 but I usually start out and I take tofu...
19:13 and this is just a real simple one, mom, for you at home
19:16 that don't have a real lot of time,
19:19 there are various ways that you can use... oh.. Soy Supremes
19:22 and different soy flours but a REAL quick one...
19:24 is to just take tofu, and you can use the silken tofu,
19:27 and you can use this tofu...
19:29 Now there different kinds of tofu, I understand...
19:34 This is the silken? No, this isn't the silken,
19:37 this is the firm and it's just packaged a little different.
19:41 There are some that are packaged in little tubs with
19:43 water and then there's the silken one that's on
19:45 your regular shelves and that comes in soft and medium
19:48 and firm, I think, and extra firm... Yeah
19:52 And so, when I start out, many times I will use
19:56 the firm because I do a couple of things with it.
19:58 I blend it in my blender...
20:02 ...this is a quick one I'm going to show you.
20:03 You can buy Hidden Valley Ranch Dip Dressing and it really has
20:08 absolutely nothing in it but just parsley and garlic and salt
20:14 And so there are no other bad chemicals in it for you...
20:17 So it's a pretty good one to use for a real quick dressing
20:20 Now, I START out that way...
20:22 and when I get through, it has firmed up and now I have
20:26 sort of like a mayonnaise... and you can probably see here
20:30 the consistency is very much like mayonnaise.
20:33 And, so I'll leave that plain...
20:37 Then, I will dip out some more
20:40 and I will put a seasoning in this because I like to have a
20:43 spread for my bread...
20:44 And so I will then put in, many times,
20:48 I'll put dill in this one, or I might put basil in it
20:52 and right here, I have a little bit of paprika on it
20:54 And you could see right here, I will just spread this for you
20:57 It makes just a nice spread for your bread.
21:00 And so after I finish that,
21:04 I still have some left in my blender,
21:07 and now I have to add just a little bit more water to do it
21:11 because it's too thick for a salad dressing.
21:14 So, I will add the water to it and
21:20 I will just stir it up this way
21:22 Now, I might say to myself, "Hmm, I think I will put
21:27 a little bit of basil... I love basil dressing.
21:30 So I'll sprinkle a little bit of basil in it,
21:34 Smells good...
21:36 And I'll tell you, the smoke flavor just gives a real good
21:41 delicious flavor to the salad dressing.
21:43 So, I will just put just a little bit in..
21:47 don't have to put very much.
21:51 And see... what's nice about doing this is the same batch
21:54 but you can have 3 different flavors...
21:56 for your spread, one for your mayonnaise and
21:58 one for your dressing.
22:02 So now this is done, and you can make it...
22:04 you know, if you like a real thick dressing,
22:06 you can make it nice and thick.
22:08 I usually have just about this consistency...
22:12 ...just how you see it happening right here.
22:14 And so now, I have a wonderful dressing...
22:17 And what's so nice about it, is I've made 3 things
22:21 out of one of these.
22:23 Now, then I'll have... you know how you have your blender
22:27 and you look down in your blender and you say...
22:28 "Boy, all that good leftover stuff in there... I hate
22:32 to rinse it out with water and just throw it down the drain"
22:34 So, I don't do that.
22:35 What I do is... that's the day I make my cheese.
22:38 So then I take another package of tofu like this.
22:42 I put it in here and I go ahead and add the Emes gelatin
22:48 and various other seasonings that I want to make my cheese
22:51 and then I go ahead and make my cheese.
22:53 And then I feel like... well, I've used everything
22:57 I have no waste, I guess you could say, leftover...
23:00 Because I've got my spread, my mayonnaise, my salad dressing
23:04 and I have my cheese.
23:05 And right here in front of me,
23:07 you will see that I have a nice cheese
23:11 And this is a white cheese that I make and it is absolutely
23:14 scrumptious.
23:16 And I'm going to cut you a piece right now
23:18 and show you how nice and firm this turns out...
23:26 ...well, let me get it here...
23:32 You can see... It looks really firm.
23:34 You put it on a nice sandwich
23:37 and you can see just how nice and firm it is.
23:41 And I used just tofu to do everything that
23:45 you've seen here today.
23:47 Well, I'm amazed that so many things can be made
23:54 in one step...
23:55 You can make the mayonnaise, the dip or the spread,
23:57 and the salad dressing all in one step.
24:00 And that makes it so nice for mothers that are busy...
24:03 is to be able to do it all in one day and then it lasts you
24:06 for the rest of the week.
24:07 And I like that cheese... I'm sure you spent a good bit of
24:09 time on that one... developing that one just right.
24:12 And I like the garnishing, when you garnish it nicely...
24:15 that makes the family want to eat it... For sure.
24:18 Now, I hope that this gives you a bit of a handle on PMS
24:23 and helps you to know that you do not need to feel
24:26 hopeless and helpless against this disorder.
24:29 It is due to some kind of hormone imbalance...
24:33 But there are probably also some sensitivities,
24:36 perhaps food sensitivities,
24:38 or perhaps other kinds of sensitivities...
24:40 maybe pollution in the atmosphere
24:42 or whatever that may also be a part of the total syndrome
24:47 of PMS.
24:48 But we'd like to go into the matter of painful menstruation
24:53 for you now.
24:54 Painful menstruation is usually pain in the lower
24:58 abdomen but it may also include the back.
25:01 It may include the thighs or the legs, or it may be
25:05 the entire abdomen.
25:06 Some women have pain in many different places with painful
25:10 menstruation...
25:11 and it is all due to the same kind of thing.
25:14 It is sort of a cramping of the uterine muscle.
25:17 The uterine muscle is quite a firm and BIG muscle
25:21 and it is, of course, quite strong
25:23 And if it cramps long enough, or the blood vessels cramp
25:26 long enough, then of course, you're going to get pain.
25:30 Or if certain blood vessels dilate,
25:33 such as blood vessels like varicose veins.
25:36 If they dilate a lot, if they dilate long enough,
25:39 then you're going to be having pain with it.
25:42 Now, because this is due to cramping,
25:46 then there are some simple things that we can do
25:48 ...such things as massage, as heat, as the application of ice
25:53 and whatever these things may be that you decide on,
25:57 they are very useful and will be helpful.
26:01 In fact, one of the very simple things that a woman can do is
26:04 simply to drink hot water.
26:07 But certain hot herbal teas are also extremely nice
26:12 and you can take those as well.
26:13 Once upon a time, there was, I believe the name was
26:17 "Lydia Pinkham's Compound" and I remember in my youth
26:22 ...this was what every woman was using and it was very effective.
26:26 My parents sort of poo-poo'd the idea that there might be
26:31 anything wrong with... or any beneficial thing with
26:36 Lydia Pinkham's Compound because it also was sort of
26:40 used in jest a good bit.
26:42 But, there is no question but that Lydia Pinkham's Compound
26:46 was helpful.
26:47 Now also, the use of ice can be very helpful.
26:51 Ice can be applied to the lower abdomen,
26:54 or it can be applied to the back.
26:56 A hot bath can also be helpful.
26:59 A walk can sometimes be helpful.
27:03 We had one woman who worked with us at Uchee Pines one time
27:08 who could be expected to be absent from work 2 days
27:11 every month because of painful menstruation.
27:14 And she would be practically prostrate.
27:16 One time, she was away from Uchee Pines
27:19 and it was not possible for her to lie down
27:21 and so we said to her...
27:25 Why don't you try some other thing and that other thing
27:29 turned out to be charcoal.
27:31 She took a big dose of charcoal
27:32 and then shortly thereafter another big dose of charcoal
27:36 and 30 minutes after that...
27:38 another big dose of charcoal
27:40 and she was not in pain at all that month.
27:44 So we were all thanking the Lord for these very simple things
27:47 that can be SO effective in the treatment of something
27:51 that can be as disabling
27:52 as painful menstruation.


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