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00:01 Hello, I'm Agatha Thrash, a staff physician from
00:04 Uchee Pines Institute.
00:06 This is an institute for the training of medical missionaries
00:09 and also for the deepening of the personal spiritual faith of
00:14 the patients as well as our workers.
00:17 We are taught very clearly in the Bible that the human being
00:23 can trust in divine power.
00:25 This is the topic that we'll be talking about
00:27 for the next half-an-hour.
00:29 We invite you to join us.
00:51 Welcome to "Help Yourself to Health" with Dr. Agatha Thrash
00:55 of Uchee Pines Institute.
00:58 And now, here's your host, Dr. Thrash.
01:02 The GREAT majesty of God teaches us that
01:05 we can trust in Him.
01:07 And there are many other things that teach us
01:10 that we can trust in Him.
01:11 The evidences of His great love for us teach us that we
01:15 can trust in Him.
01:16 Faith IS trusting God.
01:19 Believing that He loves us.
01:21 Then, if we have this understanding, we can trust
01:25 Him when we're sick.
01:26 We can trust Him when we fall into bad fortune of some kind.
01:30 In the Bible, we are taught that healing and forgiveness
01:36 are almost synonymous.
01:38 Let me read to you something that I think will be helpful...
01:42 "Jesus taught that forgiveness and healing were in
01:45 some instances practically synonymous"...
01:47 as in the case of the palsied man of Matthew 9:2-6.
01:53 And the impotent man at the pool of Bethesda,
01:56 yet, in the case of the Apostle Paul who suffered from
01:59 an affliction given as a protection from the
02:02 self-exaltation that seemed to threaten him,
02:05 far from shaking his faith,
02:08 the misfortune seemed to strengthen it.
02:11 "My grace is sufficient for thee,"
02:15 and that was sufficient for Paul.
02:17 He was satisfied with the explanation that God gave
02:21 in that instance.
02:22 But if Paul had been of the emotional or personality
02:28 disposition to distrust God,
02:31 at that point, he would certainly have had the
02:34 opportunity to do so.
02:35 And so may we, when we fall into any kind of sickness...
02:38 whether it be a cold, or whether it be some serious
02:42 thing like cancer.
02:43 We may be tempted to say,
02:44 "God has departed from me, or I have done something
02:48 so terrible that He is not going to bless me in this matter.
02:52 And why doesn't He heal me?
02:54 Certainly, I have prayed and others have prayed and
02:58 He could heal me. "
03:00 We may find ourselves in the same position that the Hebrew
03:04 worthies did when they were being thrown into
03:06 the fiery furnace.
03:07 I'm sure that when they said,
03:10 "Our God can save us from your furnace"...
03:14 I'm sure that they could have said,
03:16 "Yes, He will save us. We know He will. "
03:19 And then, they began to be bound up.
03:23 When they were tightly bound,
03:25 I'm sure they could say then,
03:27 "Lord, when are you going to save us?"
03:30 Then the men lifted them up and carried them towards the furnace
03:34 "Lord, when are you going to save us?"
03:36 And then when they began to be swung into the fiery furnace,
03:41 I'm sure at that time, all hope died...
03:44 And they then said, "The Lord is NOT going to save us.
03:48 We're going to meet our death in this fire. "
03:50 And so they were thrown into the furnace.
03:53 If at any time prior to that, they had been delivered,
03:56 they would not have seen the FULL majesty of God.
04:00 It's the same thing, often, in our illnesses.
04:03 Sometimes we must experience the pain.
04:06 We must experience the weakness and the nausea or whatever
04:10 difficulty our disease brings on us.
04:13 And then, after we have experienced these things
04:17 and we see the mighty power of God to heal us,
04:20 we can then know that we have been healed.
04:23 That it is God who has given us that great healing.
04:27 Now in the Bible, we are often seeing Christ as simply
04:31 putting His hand on someone or speaking a word to someone
04:36 and they were immediately healed.
04:38 And we might wonder why it is that God does not do that today.
04:42 Well, it is that in the Bible God simply bypassed
04:47 man's part.
04:48 He wants to teach us by this that He has a cooperative
04:52 venture with us in this experiment with sin.
04:56 That's the case with our forgiveness as well.
04:59 He has His part.
05:01 We have our part to play in our forgiveness and in
05:04 His reinstatement of us into the joy that we have
05:10 in His salvation.
05:12 Now with disease, in the Bible we bypass the diagnosis...
05:19 We bypass all the treatments that man can do.
05:23 We do not have to see all of those things go by
05:30 before we see the healing.
05:31 Take in the instance of infectious fever,
05:35 we didn't have to see all that man can do,
05:38 or in the issue of blood, or the blindness,
05:41 or the epilepsy, or the insanity...
05:44 or even death.
05:46 We did not have to see all these things go through
05:49 to their completion in the Bible.
05:51 We can see that God has the power to do these miracles,
05:56 to do these healings, to bring about the transformation of
06:00 bread and fish into enough food to feed a multitude.
06:04 We can see all of those things in the Bible.
06:08 What about in our lives today?
06:13 Is it possible for us to see a case of divine healing now?
06:17 And Don Miller, who is one of my coworkers at
06:21 Uchee Pines, a lifestyle counselor and a helper
06:26 in our education department,
06:27 Don Miller will talk with you about a case that he had
06:32 that tells about the divine intervention of God.
06:37 It's a privilege to work with God's simple remedies...
06:40 And 3 years ago, in 1999 or how many years ago that was,
06:44 a man came to Uchee Pines who had a problem.
06:47 It was a serious problem.
06:49 And he had done all that he could think to do and all
06:52 that he could find to do and as far as regular medicine
06:56 could allow him.
06:57 He had spent 2-1/2 years...
06:59 He had spent a quarter of a million dollars...
07:02 and he had been to 23 different doctors
07:05 to try to find out what his problem was and
07:08 how to cure him of his problem.
07:09 And he was no better for his time with these doctors
07:13 and the money going out.
07:15 And finally, he said, "Well I'll go Uchee Pines. "
07:18 And he came to Uchee Pines and I had the privilege of
07:20 having this brother as my patient.
07:23 And each day, we would take him into the treatment room
07:26 and I read some literature and I said,
07:28 okay, it was something to do with his intestinal tract
07:31 he had some type of a problem in there...
07:33 and I read through some of Kellogg's materials
07:36 and other materials and I did some very simple things...
07:39 I would do a Russian steam bath on him each day
07:42 and after the Russian steam bath
07:44 I'd have him stand up in our Russian steam bath room
07:47 and I took a hose with cold water and I would spray it
07:51 in a very sharp spray and I'd start on his ascending
07:55 colon and I would just work up the ascending colon,
07:59 across the transverse colon and down the
08:02 descending colon.
08:04 Every day I would do this.
08:05 And we did these simple things.
08:07 We were doing our part.
08:09 He was, at last, doing his part.
08:11 We had him on a good diet and lots of fiber.
08:14 We were doing the things that we knew to do and
08:16 just praying for that miracle.
08:19 Well one Friday night,
08:21 my patient was lying in bed.
08:24 He was sound in sleep, his back was to his wife,
08:26 who was in another bed on the other side of the room.
08:28 He was facing the wall and he heard his name called.
08:32 And he woke up, and he rolled over to see what
08:35 his wife wanted and she was sound asleep.
08:37 So he rolled back over again to go back to sleep,
08:40 and he heard his name being called again.
08:43 And he was wide awake now...
08:46 and a voice told him, "Brother you are healed. "
08:51 And you know what, he WAS healed.
08:54 The next morning, in church on Sabbath morning,
08:57 he asked permission to come forward and give a testimony.
09:01 And he gave the testimony about how long he had wrestled with
09:04 this problem, and how much money it has cost him and
09:06 ALL the doctors he had seen
09:08 and all the things that we had done.
09:09 Then he says but, "last night God told me I was healed. "
09:14 And he was, indeed, healed.
09:15 He went home...
09:16 whatever the problem was...
09:17 completely clear of the problem.
09:20 God blessed... and I think that's the way God does
09:22 His miracles nowadays.
09:24 We did all we knew to do.
09:26 We were faithful in giving God the glory with the
09:29 hot water, the cold water, the forceful water...
09:32 And God then gave the results.
09:36 Yes, it was a miracle.
09:37 We consider it a miracle.
09:38 Every healing is a miracle because
09:41 we don't deserve it in the first place.
09:42 But God blessed that day and I'm very thankful for
09:45 the experience I had with this brother... Yes.
09:48 That's a very wonderful story.
09:49 Thank you, Brother Don.
09:51 Sometimes people come to Uchee Pines with various
09:56 expectations of healing there.
09:59 It may be that they have spent a lot of money... a fortune
10:04 on their illness and still are not well.
10:07 They may also feel that somehow through our prayers,
10:11 the Lord may hear us when they have not heard others.
10:15 Generally speaking... we should believe that prayer,
10:20 no matter who offers it,
10:21 it will be effective with God.
10:23 God wants people to trust in Him.
10:28 God wants us to know He will hear EVERY prayer.
10:32 And I would like to write for you on the board
10:35 some of the various phases of prayer so that you will
10:39 know just what it is that represents the very best of
10:44 prayer that we know.
10:45 This is the prayer that the Lord gave to us.
10:48 And the first thing is the address.
10:51 As you know, the Lord taught us to say, "Our Father"
10:55 So address, we address Him as "Our Father. "
11:01 This is the term that He wants us to give Him.
11:05 OUR Father... how intimate, how personal...
11:09 how sweet that is for us to say, "Our Father. "
11:14 Then, we should picture where He is... His location.
11:19 He is in heaven... and we want to know that
11:23 that's where He is.
11:25 He IS in heaven and we picture in our minds where
11:29 heaven is, what it's characteristics are,
11:31 how beautiful it is...
11:32 and the POWER that there is there.
11:35 And the many attendants that He has for us.
11:38 Then, the next part of prayer is the characteristic.
11:49 Characteristic of God.
11:51 Our Father, which art in heaven, HALLOWED by thy name.
11:57 He is hallowed.
11:58 He is a holy being...
12:00 SO holy that a man cannot approach Him,
12:03 we can only know of Him through the imagination.
12:06 Imagination made perfect through the, or still imperfect
12:11 but honed by the experiences that we have in the Bible
12:17 that tell us about our Heavenly Father.
12:19 And then, the next thing is the character of God.
12:24 That is in His name... hallowed be thy name.
12:30 The name of God IS His character.
12:34 And so we think of His purity, His virtues, His honesty
12:39 His honor, and we compare that to our own which falls
12:43 very far short.
12:44 Then, the next part of the Lord's Prayer is the WORK that
12:48 He has given us here on this earth.
12:51 Here on this earth is where He wants us to experience
12:58 our relationship with Him.
13:00 Then, the next part, after "Thy kingdom come,"
13:03 is our submission.
13:05 "Thy WILL be done. "
13:11 And the next part is our petition.
13:14 And the Lord wants us to present our petitions
13:17 to Him at that time.
13:18 Our petition is important to Him...
13:24 not that He doesn't know already what we need.
13:27 He DOES know already what we need before we ask...
13:30 He already knows what we need,
13:33 and He is all ready... He WANTS to give us what we need
13:37 and what we want.
13:38 Then the next part is repentance.
13:45 Repentance is a very important part
13:49 of the attitude that we must have about ourselves
13:52 when we approach God.
13:53 But not only is it repentance for our past deeds,
13:57 but it is also deliverance.
14:00 "Deliver us from evil. "
14:06 Now after these aspects of prayer,
14:08 then we have the final part of prayer...
14:12 And that is a literal SOARING of the thoughts about God.
14:17 We want to know that He is hallowed... that He loves us.
14:24 We want to give glory to Him.
14:26 Our gratitude should flow over to Him for the wonderful
14:31 things that He has done for us.
14:33 When we present our petition, as we go through all of these
14:37 parts of prayer...
14:38 and it isn't necessary that it be canned but that we know
14:42 that these are things that God SEES that the human being NEEDS
14:47 in prayer.
14:48 As we go over these things, God then looks at our petition
14:52 and can see that it's the heart-cry.
14:56 I would like healing but I am submitted to Your Will.
15:00 If it is not best for me that I be healed,
15:02 I am still submitted to Your Will.
15:05 And so as we go through these parts of the Lord's Prayer
15:10 and yield ourselves at every point,
15:13 repent and have the gratitude that the Lord only can fill
15:17 the heart with as we know Him.
15:18 Then we are very much prepared to accept His will in all things
15:23 Now in trust in divine power,
15:27 John Champen, who is one of my coworkers at Uchee Pines,
15:31 will talk with you about another aspect.
15:33 John Champen is one of our health educators.
15:36 He is in administration there
15:38 and I'm very happy to hear what you're going to say
15:41 about "trust. "
15:42 John Champen.
15:44 "Trust"
15:45 We find that church-goers live longer.
15:49 That's one blessing there,
15:52 and that prayer for the sick means shorter hospital stays.
15:56 Also, that God blesses the health of those who trust in Him
16:00 These are 3 very good reasons to trust the Lord...
16:04 A longer life... people will do anything today to live longer.
16:09 Some of the people in hospitals, their last days there
16:13 anything and everything is done to prolong life.
16:16 And yet, if they would trust in God,
16:18 they would find that He would lengthen their lives many times
16:23 and have shorter hospital stays
16:26 and our health is improved.
16:27 God has given directions on how we can do that.
16:30 We have a part to play and that part is very important.
16:34 We're told that we are to trust in the Lord
16:36 with ALL our hearts, and lean not unto our own understanding.
16:40 In all our ways, we should acknowledge Him and He
16:44 shall direct our paths.
16:45 It's very interesting that as when we come into the world,
16:50 we come into the world dependent
16:51 We are totally dependent on others to do for us.
16:54 We have no ability, no strength, no anything
16:57 when we come into the world.
16:58 But the Lord provides for those who come into this world.
17:01 But we see that as we grow older,
17:04 we begin to trust our mothers and fathers and our big sisters
17:09 and cousins and whatnot.
17:10 And then we learn to lift that trust higher to the Lord.
17:15 There's a great need for that.
17:16 Within the heart of each individual,
17:18 there is a need for trust.
17:21 We WANT to be able to trust.
17:23 And we sense also that we need to be able to trust God.
17:30 What is trust?
17:32 Trust is confidence... confidence in God.
17:35 Can we trust Him?
17:36 Is God trustworthy?
17:38 Every day we say things like "Well, tomorrow I'm going to do
17:42 thus and so and I
17:43 plan to go here and there and accomplish this and that.
17:47 And yet, tomorrow is in God's hands... it always has been.
17:51 And WE are in God's Hands.
17:53 And we always have been, whether we recognize it or not.
17:57 And we see that the sun goes around every day,
18:02 according to its appointed path.
18:04 The months change, the years change and we get older...
18:09 and we're wondering whether we can trust God.
18:11 And yet every beat of our heart,
18:13 every cell in our body, is under the control of God.
18:17 Can we trust Him?
18:18 Can we NOT trust Him?
18:20 It's amazing that we don't trust Him...
18:23 and yet, we don't trust Him as we need to and as we can.
18:28 We're to trust with all our heart...
18:32 everything about us should be trusting God.
18:35 In this world, it used to be that a handshake and a word
18:39 was enough.
18:40 We could have confidence in an individual that we had some
18:44 experience with and then whatever they said,
18:46 it was good enough.
18:47 A handshake and we would be satisfied with that.
18:52 Trusting another's word...
18:54 Christians are called to be people of their word.
18:57 If they say they are going to do something...
18:59 If they say they're going to be there...
19:00 If they say... whatever,
19:02 we should be able to trust them.
19:04 And we DO and we put a lot of confidence...
19:07 We will say that so and so is very trustworthy,
19:09 and I feel so comfortable with that person as a part of my team
19:15 But can we trust GOD?
19:18 Has He not given evidence to each of us that He's trustworthy
19:23 Day after day, as long as we are alive,
19:27 we have evidences about us that God is a Person of His Word
19:32 A God of His word, if you will.
19:36 Can we trust Him?
19:37 Should we trust Him?
19:39 And, if we trust Him...
19:41 Can we trust Him all the way?
19:43 Can we put our full confidence in Him?
19:45 I think we can.
19:47 We see in the Scripture stories where this exactly was the
19:52 experience where confidence and trust was put in God
19:55 right with their very lives.
19:57 Now let's think of it this way for a moment...
19:59 Our lives are in His hands anyway...
20:03 Everyone that is watching this program today is being
20:07 kept alive by the power of God.
20:09 Whether we know it or not,
20:11 whether we recognize it or not,
20:13 whether we acknowledge it or not,
20:14 we are kept alive by the power of God...
20:17 A loving Father...
20:18 and as Dr. Thrash showed us just a few moments ago,
20:22 He invites ALL to call Him... Our Father.
20:26 He is The Father of all Creation.
20:28 A wonderful God...
20:30 He is a very patient God.
20:31 And I believe He is Trustworthy.
20:33 I believe we can and should trust God.
20:36 Thank you so much for those thoughts.
20:39 Certainly our trust in God can be bolstered by the fact
20:43 that we read in the Bible where He could even transform
20:48 a little bit of food into enough for a great multitude of people.
20:53 Don Miller is going to take another of the Bible stories
20:57 and tell you some of the special aspects of it.
21:01 Don Miller.
21:02 Dr. Thrash just sort of alluded to the fact that sometimes
21:06 Christ would take a few loaves and a few fishes and greatly
21:09 multiply them.
21:10 And that was a miraculous feat.
21:11 How can you do this?
21:12 There was the creation of matter that Christ did when He was
21:16 on this earth.
21:17 He did the same thing in many of His healing situations.
21:20 I like the story there in Luke the 5th chapter.
21:24 Let me just read a couple of verses, beginning with verse 12.
21:26 And it says... "And it came to pass, when He was in a certain
21:29 city, behold a man full of leprosy"...
21:34 Picture this thing... FULL of leprosy.
21:37 To be FULL of leprosy means you are pretty much devoid of
21:41 yourself... your nose had fallen off, your fingers had fallen off
21:46 He was FULL of leprosy... not just a little white spot here
21:50 and a white spot there.
21:51 The man was FULL OF LEPROSY.
21:53 ...who seeing Jesus, fell on his face..
21:56 ...or what was left of it...
21:58 and besought Him, saying, "Lord, if thou wilt,
22:01 thou canst make me clean. "
22:04 He wanted to be clean of his situation.
22:06 ...And He put forth His hand
22:09 weren't supposed to... these were called "untouchables"
22:12 Jesus put forth His hand and touched him saying,
22:16 "I will, be thou clean. "
22:19 Something happened here beyond what we really read in the Bible
22:23 It goes on to say...
22:24 "And immediately, the leprosy departed from him. "
22:27 It wasn't that a white patch now became whatever the
22:31 skin color was.
22:32 What happened was... he became a nonleper.
22:35 He became the same as he was before he had leprosy.
22:39 FLESH appeared... His nose came back.
22:42 His fingers came back. His toes came back.
22:45 Otherwise, how would you tell he no longer had leprosy,
22:49 because the next thing Christ told him to do is
22:51 ...Go show yourself to the priest and offer the offering
22:56 that Moses told you to do for the cleansing of leprosy.
23:01 Jesus had caused flesh to come back...
23:05 This was a miracle.
23:06 The man had done his part.
23:07 And basically, he could do nothing about his
23:10 physical condition.
23:11 But he came to the only one who could.
23:13 And Christ did not just ARREST the problem,
23:17 He reversed the problem.
23:18 And that's what Christ wants to do with all of our physical
23:21 situations.
23:22 He won't do with all of them now,
23:24 but one of these days, when He comes in the clouds of glory,
23:27 we shall be changed in an instant.
23:30 I'm looking forward to that day, but until that day,
23:32 I believe God still has some miracles in store, Dr. Thrash.
23:37 I do too and I'm so grateful for these Bible stories.
23:41 There is another Bible story...
23:43 The story of a man who was by a pool.
23:47 This man had a most serious disease.
23:52 We would, today, give it a name.
23:54 But John Champen is going to talk with you about
23:57 the Bible miracle that occurred to this man who had such a
24:02 severe neurologic problem that he was paralyzed.
24:05 Paralyzed for 38 years, Dr. Thrash.
24:08 Not being able to walk.
24:10 Desiring, looking forward to the time when the waters
24:13 would be moved...
24:15 as he believed that that was the time for healing.
24:18 But every time that happened, someone would
24:20 step down before him.
24:22 Jesus came by and He looked upon him.
24:25 He asked the question, "Wilt thou be made whole?"
24:30 Do you want to be made well?
24:34 He could have paused and questioned...
24:38 and lost his opportunity, but he didn't
24:42 The faith that God had given him, took hold of those
24:46 words of Christ.
24:48 Took hold... he hadn't walked,
24:50 he KNEW that he could not walk.
24:53 And yet the hope that was in the words of Christ
24:56 touched his heart.
24:59 He put forth the effort.
25:01 Well the effort didn't do anything for him actually.
25:04 But it was the faith factor.
25:06 It was demonstrating his faith in the Word..
25:09 And by demonstrating his faith in the Word that came to him,
25:14 God gave him the power.
25:15 What a blessing it was to that family that day.
25:18 And for the friends and loved ones.
25:19 When he arose, took up his bed, and just as Christ
25:23 had invited him to...
25:25 He went home.
25:27 I think that was a wonderful day for all,
25:29 don't you, Dr. Thrash?
25:30 Oh yes, that was a great day!
25:32 Not only for the man himself,
25:34 but as Brother Champen said, it was a great day for
25:38 all of the family and for everybody who saw...
25:41 it was a great day for miracles and a great day for a blessing.
25:45 Not everybody accepted it as a blessing,
25:48 but it could have been to everyone.
25:50 Now, as we think about the way that we go about
25:54 the healing of disease...
25:55 The first thing is that of the diagnosis.
25:58 Let us take the woman with the issue.
25:59 The issue of blood which she had had for many years,
26:03 around a decade.
26:05 Now, she had spent a lot of money and gone through
26:07 a lot of things with various physicians trying their
26:11 treatments and none of them had helped her.
26:13 If she had been here today, we would have probably
26:16 made the diagnosis of either intermenstrual bleeding
26:19 or postmenopausal bleeding.
26:21 As the case might be, we would do an evaluation of her and
26:25 find out what her problem was.
26:26 Then after we had made our diagnosis,
26:29 then we would institute a special treatment
26:31 such as black cohosh and maybe some hot baths,
26:36 maybe some massage, maybe some exercise...
26:39 whatever would be specific for her.
26:41 Doubtless we would have given her several herbal remedies.
26:45 And then we would have expected improvement to begin...
26:48 pretty much right away.
26:49 And then we would expect a convalescent period...
26:53 that after a time, she would be completely well.
26:57 Maybe even able to tell others and to minister to others
27:02 who have a similar affliction.
27:04 This is the usual course that man goes through.
27:07 But when God performs a miracle,
27:10 He often bypasses all of those steps.
27:12 All of the diagnosis, the evaluation,
27:17 the institution of various kinds of treatments,
27:20 the convalescent period...
27:22 all of that He bypasses and goes from the persons being sick
27:27 to the persons being well.
27:29 And when we come to think of it,
27:30 it is this experience that we will have when the Lord
27:35 appears in the skies.
27:37 We have all been born brain-damaged.
27:39 We have all been traumatized by this life by many
27:43 different things that happen to us.
27:44 And yet, the Lord will GIVE us that very special blessing
27:49 when He comes in the clouds
27:51 and He takes away all
27:52 our diseases
27:53 and our change comes.


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