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00:01 Hello, for very active people rest may seem to be a waste
00:06 of time, but many people understand the benefits
00:10 of rest and for them it's a blessing.
00:12 I'm Agatha Thrash from Uchee Pines Institute,
00:15 there we recommend that people get plenty of rest,
00:19 so we hope you will join us as we discuss the whole topic
00:22 of rest as well as we can in the next half an hour,
00:25 join us, won't you.
00:46 Welcome to Help Yourself To Health
00:49 with Dr. Agatha Thrash of Uchee Pines Institute,
00:52 and now here is your host Dr. Thrash.
00:59 Probably the most important thing to a life of restfulness
01:04 is trust in God.
01:06 Certainly our love for God, our trust in Him brings a life
01:11 of restfulness, but there are some things that
01:13 you can do also.
01:14 You can make your life, you can make your surroundings,
01:18 you can make your home, your car, and your schedule,
01:21 you can make these all very regular, very orderly,
01:27 very balanced, and as you do that, you'll find that your life
01:31 does have a great deal of restfulness.
01:33 I would like to show you my schedule, while it may not be
01:37 ideal, and it may not be something that will fit you
01:40 I hope that as we go through my daily schedule,
01:43 you will that I have tried to make it as regular as possible.
01:47 Notice that I try to get up at five in the morning,
01:51 and I immediately get ready for outdoor exercise.
01:55 This outdoor exercise is going to be vigorous so I want the
01:58 proper clothing for outdoor exercise, very vigorous
02:02 and sometimes it is even hard labor.
02:05 Then right away at 5:05, generally I can begin devotions,
02:11 and my devotions will usually last until it's time for
02:16 family worship at about 6:45.
02:18 Then we have a breakfast around 7:00 every morning when worship
02:23 finishes, we don't cut it off exactly, but when worship
02:27 is finished then we have breakfast, and usually I can
02:31 count on breakfast lasting about an hour from the time
02:35 we sit down and get served, eat, brush teeth, and everything
02:41 is ready for us to take our leave from the house,
02:46 usually I can count on about an hour so at about 8:00
02:50 I can expect that I can go outside for outdoor labor.
02:53 Now you will notice in the next graphic that I will be
02:59 showing you here that after hard labor, then at around
03:04 10:00 in the morning I come inside from hard labor
03:08 where I have gotten some sunshine and some relaxing
03:13 and sometimes very difficult labor and shower and dress
03:20 and go to the office.
03:21 Then during my office time it's usually rather busy but
03:27 about 1:00, most of the time, fairly promptly at 1:00,
03:32 sometimes a little bit before, sometimes a little bit after
03:36 1:00, I get the opportunity to go to my home and have
03:42 some quiet time.
03:43 At that time I may have prayer or read the Bible,
03:46 or take a short nap.
03:49 I like to take a nap before a meal rather that after because
03:53 after a meal naps are inhibiting to the digestive process
03:59 so we don't want to do it after a meal but rather have the body
04:03 relaxed and rested before the meal.
04:05 Then I can expect that about an hour will be occupied
04:11 in the whole process of lunch time, then back to the office
04:15 around 2:30 until some time after 8:00 I'm in the office,
04:22 then I go home for evening devotion.
04:26 Evening devotion may last a little longer than until 9:00
04:32 but usually bed time is at 9:00, and bedtime is then
04:38 a time that has followed a regular and fairly relaxing day.
04:44 So as you see as this kind of schedule may give you some
04:50 ideas as to how you can make a schedule for yourself.
04:54 I have not mentioned in this schedule any interruptions,
04:59 and you may think oh that would be very boring if I had to
05:03 get up the same time every day and do the same thing
05:05 all the time.
05:06 I just wish it were possible to do that very thing and to
05:11 maintain the schedule so accurately as I have put it
05:14 there, but if you will have a schedule, then those
05:17 interruptions that come... I did not mention the five
05:19 telephone calls that may come during breakfast,
05:22 or the two people who may come to visit me during
05:26 the time I'm doing outdoor labor.
05:28 So I try to account for those in some way, I try to make
05:32 certain that I attend to telephone calls in a way
05:37 that will make it so that I can use as little time
05:41 as possible in that, and maybe make an appointment
05:43 later for a more extended call.
05:45 Or if people come to visit me during my outdoor labor
05:49 I'm very happy for that because I just give them the extra
05:51 shovel that I have there for that very purpose,
05:53 or an extra hoe, or I put a watering hose in their hand
05:58 or something of that nature.
05:59 I don't mind people visiting during my labor time because
06:04 it just gives me an extra hand at work.
06:06 I do not stop to visit, for the most part it has to be
06:10 an extremely unusual person for me to actually stop my labor
06:16 to entertain somebody, usually that will be a sick
06:20 child, I will stop for that.
06:23 There are many more things about restfulness than just being
06:27 regular about your habits, and I have here with me Don Miller,
06:31 and Don Miller is a lifestyle counselor at Uchee Pines
06:35 and he will talk with you also about some things having
06:38 to do with rest. Don miller!
06:40 Ok! I just want to tell a story first Dr. Thrash.
06:43 When I was first at Uchee Pines years ago, a brand new worker
06:47 and one evening she says brother Don, I need to talk with you
06:50 tomorrow morning at 8:00 at my son's home, I said fine,
06:53 I will be there.
06:55 So at 8:00 the next morning there I was standing at his
06:57 step just waiting for Dr. Thrash to show up, I was new and
07:00 and I was going to talk with Dr. Agatha Thrash,
07:03 and I was waiting, and I said she is not a very punctual
07:05 woman is she.
07:06 I kept looking at my watch, pretty soon I heard
07:08 Brother Don, and I heard it coming from down the hill
07:12 in the bush and I looked down there, and there she was
07:14 just a whacking the bushes and calling my name.
07:16 I walked down there and she handed me a hoe,
07:18 she said ok let's talk, for the next two hours we talked
07:21 and we worked in that woods, so if you ever go to visit
07:24 Dr. Thrash between 8:00 and 10:00 in the morning
07:27 wear your work clothes because that may be what you are doing.
07:30 There are many types of rest and I think back to my
07:34 military experience, in the military they tell you there are
07:37 four types of rest, there is Parade rest, at ease rest,
07:41 and fall out.
07:42 We learned how to do all of those things, if we could only
07:45 learn to do as well the four types of rest that God has
07:49 given to us, we would be a whole lot better.
07:51 The first type of rest is just the relaxing rest
07:54 where you have had a busy day, you just sit down and relax,
07:59 you may lay in the hammock, you may sit in the chair,
08:02 it's just a change in pace rest.
08:04 The second one is the meditation rest,
08:07 we are going to fill each one of these out as we go along
08:10 but that meditation rest where we rest in the Lord,
08:12 He said come unto Me all ye that labor and are heavy laden
08:15 I will give you rest.
08:17 The other one is to rest in sleep where at night time
08:21 and it's best at night time, we lay down and let our bodies
08:24 fully get a good night's rest.
08:26 The forth type of rest which is the most precious type of rest
08:30 there is, is the Sabbath rest and I'm going to fill that out
08:33 a little bit later about this great thing called the
08:36 Sabbath rest.
08:37 So God has given us four ways to rest and we need to have
08:40 all four of them to truly be balanced people Dr. Thrash.
08:44 Yes, and meditation is one of those that I like very much.
08:48 Meditation is a state of the mind in which a person allows
08:55 the mind to focus on one thing and you hold that one thing
08:59 in the mind for quite a while.
09:01 Now anyone who has studied brain physiology knows
09:05 a topic cannot be held at one spot in the brain for very long
09:12 we sort of wear out the chemicals to think
09:15 in that particular area, so then we need to transfer it
09:18 to another.
09:19 As it is transferred there we enrich it with things that come
09:23 from various parts of the brain that have been stored there
09:27 in other parts of the brain so that we bring the entire
09:30 brain, or we can bring the entire brain into focus as
09:35 as we engage in the meditation process.
09:38 When I meditate I like to take a Bible with me,
09:41 my very favorite to meditate is to take a Bible, go into
09:47 nature in some way, either by a stream,
09:49 that's my preferred place, or in the deep woods and there
09:54 sit on a log or a stump and read a passage in the Bible.
10:00 Let the mind savor that passage and think about it
10:04 from all angles, this angle, and that angle, another angle
10:09 and all the time bringing in various aspects of those stored
10:15 thoughts and stored information that I have through a
10:18 life time of experiences.
10:19 Now I'm very fortunate some times that I have someone else
10:24 who will go with me.
10:25 Perhaps a friend or a relative who will go with me to
10:30 my meditation spot and then that person also meditates
10:36 at the same time.
10:37 Somehow it enriches your meditation experience
10:40 if you have someone else with you who is also
10:43 reading the Bible, and will occasionally share
10:47 a passage, but not just keep up a constant chatter.
10:49 That's not the time when you are meditating,
10:52 it's not the time for a constant chatter.
10:54 Just a shared passage occasionally with a gem
10:59 of thought that the other person has that may be also for you,
11:02 something that is enriching to the mind.
11:05 Sometimes you will see something in nature that
11:10 you just want to share with someone, see a little animal
11:14 or an ant, or a mineral perhaps beside you that you just
11:19 like to share with someone.
11:21 So it is nice if you have someone with you in those times
11:26 in your meditation process.
11:27 Prayer is often a part of meditation, so you pray,
11:32 you read a passage, and you say dear Lord this is a
11:36 very high standard, how can I possibly meet this standard?
11:41 Then you talk with the Lord about that, then you meditate
11:46 on ways and the Holy Spirit brings to your mind ways
11:50 that you can accomplish what is mentioned there in the Bible,
11:54 or will enlarge to your understanding something
11:57 about the spiritual world where God lives,
12:02 or the work that God has given to us to do.
12:06 These are some things about meditation that I think will be
12:10 beneficial to you.
12:11 Rest is not all just meditation and lying down,
12:19 but some of it is, some of it is relaxation that might come
12:24 that one might have with a foot rub.
12:26 I have with me Valerie Schreiber who is one of my co-workers
12:31 at Uchee Pines, a Lifestyle Counselor and one of our
12:34 educators there and with her is my granddaughter Melissa
12:38 and Melissa is going to have a great good fortune
12:41 of having a foot rub. Valerie!
12:44 Thank you! At our home foot massage
12:48 has been a big part of our life, in fact we were massaging
12:52 our children's feet when they were little and even though
12:55 they are in their 39 and 40 year old now, they still love
12:59 their feet to be massaged.
13:00 In fact we were just on a vacation together and
13:03 my daughter said, before you go home I have to have
13:05 my foot massage.
13:06 So I want to show you how you can massage feet
13:10 and relax the person.
13:12 We had a patient recently at Uchee Pines that was suffering
13:16 from drug withdraw, and she would be very nervous
13:19 and very agitated, so I went in and just started massaging
13:23 her feet and talking to her and before long she would
13:26 just start to clam right down.
13:27 So Melissa you come here and I'm going to show you
13:31 how we do it in our home.
13:43 First we take the feet and I kind of circle them like this
13:48 and then I circle them the other way, and then I push them up
13:53 and do a stretch on them, and stretch them back like this.
13:56 Many times I go up the leg and just massage up the leg,
14:01 it feels real good to them to massage up the leg like this,
14:06 you just kind of cupping it like this, just going up
14:10 and it feels sooo good.
14:15 The I just take my hands and I start doing little circles
14:20 down the feet... In fact many times
14:23 I just go down the feet this way, and then do the toes,
14:27 the toes somehow when you massage on the toes,
14:31 and you kind of circle them around and massage around them,
14:36 it relaxes them, your body somehow to massage the toes
14:42 it just feels good and kind of relaxes you a lot better.
14:45 So I circle down the toes, circle them, go across them
14:50 like this, many times I just shift hands and I go right down
14:56 the feet just like this, and massage.
15:00 Then you get underneath the feet, and underneath the feet,
15:07 again you would take your thumb and you do circles
15:11 like this, and you just circle all around like this.
15:16 Some people can be ticklish, and if they are ticklish
15:22 then you would do a flat move.
15:24 A flat move would be just like this, you would take your hand
15:28 and you would go down the feet like this and down like this,
15:33 and across.
15:37 Or you can take your fist like this and go right down
15:41 just like this, and that can also relax them depending upon
15:47 whether they are ticklish or not.
15:49 Otherwise you just start kneading the feet
15:52 with your fingers, moving them up like this and go across
16:00 this way, and I get way over here in the arch,
16:05 and work the arch real good, then I pick the leg up
16:11 and I do the heel, I massage all around the heel and turn it
16:16 a little bit and massage.
16:18 Oh, it feels so good! Some people like it firm
16:24 and some people like it more tender, so you can do more
16:27 of a soothing stroke.
16:29 I used to tickle my mom's feet a lot when she was
16:32 feeling bad, and I would just tickle them and do just like
16:36 this with them, and I would tickle up her legs and
16:40 it would just relax her and put her right to sleep.
16:43 So you can do this in various ways, no set method,
16:47 just get in there and use your hands and work on the feet
16:50 and you will get results, and see the person calm right down
16:54 and go right to sleep.
16:55 Are you ready to go to sleep Melissa?
17:05 I don't know if I can talk about sleep right after seeing
17:08 that very nice relaxing massage.
17:10 Wouldn't that make you want to go to sleep?
17:12 Let me talk with you just a little bit about sleep.
17:17 Sleep is sort of a mystical thing and we don't know
17:22 exactly what sleep is, we just know this
17:25 that it is relaxing, that it is refreshing both to body
17:29 and to mind, it is also relaxing to the spirit.
17:32 If you have something that is really weighting down on you
17:35 and you are able to make a good sleep time, then you can
17:39 awaken being very refreshed.
17:41 There is a kind of rest that we want to understand
17:46 better than we do, and that is the Sabbath rest.
17:50 How to observe this wonderful day, that we might receive the
17:54 blessings from it.
17:55 I think one of the best reasons, maybe the biggest reason
18:00 to obey beyond that of wanting to please our Heavenly Father
18:04 is to want to receive the blessing that He has put it that
18:09 Commandment for us. So when He says "Remember"
18:11 my Sabbath Day, I want to remember it in the very way
18:16 that He says "Remember it," knowing that He knows best
18:21 what that blessing is. Don Miller would you talk
18:23 with us some about the Sabbath rest?
18:26 The Sabbath rest is a great gift that God has given to man.
18:30 We look back at creation week, God was very busy that
18:33 first week, He made all the things in the universe
18:36 that first week, and on the sixth day He made man,
18:39 the crowning act of His creation.
18:41 The best gift that he could give to man was the Sabbath
18:44 the very first day, man's first full day was the Sabbath day
18:49 and he could spend that day alone with God.
18:52 What a special blessing, and God still wants man to have
18:56 that experience with Him.
18:57 We realize that the year is based on how long it takes
19:00 for the earth to go around the sun, the month
19:03 is based upon how long the moon to go around the earth.
19:06 The day is based upon how long it takes the earth to go around
19:10 on it's axis, but what's the week based on?
19:15 The week is based on creation.
19:17 We say that there is nothing astronomical about that,
19:20 there is nothing physical about that but science has found
19:24 that there is a seven-day cycle in nature,
19:27 there is a seven-day cycle in man.
19:29 We know about the 28 day cycle, the eighteen month cycle,
19:32 there are many hair cycles that we have, but there is
19:35 a number of studies a Dr. Hallberg from
19:38 The University of Minnesota in charge of the chronobiology lab
19:43 has studied with a number or scientists around the world
19:45 and he said that there is a Circaseptan Rhythm, a seven day
19:50 Circadian rhythm as we can call it.
19:53 Three studies that they have found I want to just mention
19:56 very briefly here.
19:57 They had one study, they had a man, they place him in a cave
20:03 for a number of months so the nothing was affecting
20:06 his internal clock.
20:09 Nothing was around him to do anything stressful.
20:12 The sun didn't come up, the sun didn't go down,
20:15 he was just monitored as far as his heart rate,
20:18 after a number of months they found that his heart followed
20:22 a seven-day cycle.
20:23 They took another man for 15 years, a healthy man,
20:27 and they measured the stress hormones in his urine.
20:31 Every day they measured those hormones,
20:33 and after a 15 year period they found that there was a
20:36 definite pattern in the stress hormones every seven days.
20:40 They took a group of 70 young men who had their wisdom teeth
20:44 pulled, they measured their faces and their jaws
20:48 and you would expect that at first there was swelling
20:51 and slowly the swelling would go down.
20:53 But they found that every seventh day, for the first two
20:56 cycles swelling would increase seven days and at 14 days.
21:01 They find that people who have kidney transplants,
21:05 their biggest crisis day is the seventh day,
21:08 the second biggest crisis day is seven days later,
21:13 that means that we do have a seven day rhythm that we follow.
21:16 Now away from that they have found in nature, certain insects
21:21 and animals that not only keep a seven day cycle,
21:23 they keep the seventh day cycle on the Sabbath,
21:28 The seventh-day Sabbath, the Biblical Sabbath.
21:31 Certain insects and animals do no work, there is a
21:34 certain type of bee that on the Sabbath doesn't make honey,
21:38 doesn't go out there and gather pollen, it rests
21:41 on the Sabbath day.
21:42 I believe that God has in nature, examples
21:45 for us to follow. God gave us the Sabbath
21:48 as a rest, a day in which we spend that special time
21:51 with Him.
21:53 I can't even imagine Adam on that first Sabbath day
21:55 saying ughh! I am going to do some lay activities.
21:58 No! I think he spent that whole day alone with God
22:02 from as soon as the sun went down until
22:04 that sun went down at the end of the Sabbath.
22:07 He spent special hours, special time with the father
22:11 and I think that's exactly, no, I don't think, I know
22:14 that is exactly what God wants for us to do now.
22:16 He gave us the Sabbath as a gift, He said the Sabbath
22:20 was made for man, not man for the Sabbath
22:22 and He says I want to talk with you this day.
22:25 I believe on the Sabbath day God has special blessings
22:29 in store, I believe that He wants to pour out His richest
22:32 blessings, as a matter of fact I believe that on the
22:35 Sabbath day God is more busy than any other day of the week,
22:38 because it's on that day that we spend more time talking
22:41 with Him.
22:42 More time requesting things of Him, and on this day
22:46 God is always trying to show us that He loves us with an
22:49 everlasting love, so if you have not yet experienced
22:53 the Sabbath rest I think you should.
22:55 A few years ago there was a couple at Uchee Pines,
22:59 that came to Uchee Pines, they were sort of counseling
23:02 with me about some marital problems and I don't know
23:05 anything about marital problems so I went to talk to Dr. Thrash
23:08 and I said Dr. Thrash, they've got these problems
23:11 what should I do?
23:12 She said ask them how they observe the Sabbath?
23:16 I believe just like flying in an airplane...
23:19 I'm a pilot and if your plane goes into a spring,
23:21 they say the best thing to do is to let go and it will
23:25 right itself.
23:26 I believe that if our lives are out of control, let go on the
23:30 Sabbath and let God hold you that whole Sabbath day
23:33 and I think you are going to find some real rest
23:36 and some real healing Dr. Thrash.
23:38 Yes! It's a more important item than we have understood.
23:42 Now we cannot exhaust the whole topic of rest but I have asked
23:46 John Champen if he will make a discussion for you
23:50 of some of his observations of the topic of rest.
23:54 This is John Champen who is one of my co-workers
23:57 at Uchee Pines, a Lifestyle Counselor and an Educator there
24:02 and works in Administration also, so at this time
24:07 John Champen.
24:08 One of the most interesting aspects of rest
24:11 that I have found is that we need to be able to give
24:14 our guilt away.
24:15 People are not able to rest at night or during the day
24:19 because they feel guilty, their minds are not at ease,
24:23 their conscience bother them, they try to push these things
24:25 to the side, or they try to get a friend, or someone else
24:28 to sit down and share these things with.
24:31 When I finished junior high school my mother wrote
24:36 in my autograph book these words: "What's in your heart
24:42 let no one know, nor to your friends your secrets show.
24:46 But when your friends become your foe, then all your secrets
24:51 they shall know. " There is something to that,
24:54 God wants you to bring these things to Him,
24:56 bring your problems to Him, bring your concerns to Him,
24:59 and give your guilt away.
25:02 In a little book entitled Steps To Christ,
25:04 the chapter entitled Give Your Guilt Away,
25:07 the rest that we can have depends quite a bit upon
25:12 giving our guilt away.
25:13 Let the Lord take those things that are bothering you,
25:17 those thing that are not right in your life, and you know
25:20 they are not right, let Him take them and you can enter
25:23 into the Sabbath rest and enjoy all the rest
25:25 that God has for you Dr. Thrash.
25:27 Yes! Just as with all other activities of life,
25:32 rest can be over done, we can rest so much that the body
25:38 begins to be sick in some way, or to degenerate in some way,
25:43 and we can also recognize that as we rest to much the mind
25:48 begins to malfunction.
25:50 People who sleep to much and have to much leisure time
25:55 they often have a superficiality of their character
26:00 and their personalities begin to express themselves
26:03 in a sort of giddiness, and also some people who are not
26:08 so disposed as others in their mental expression,
26:11 others may get a depression from too much rest.
26:15 Also resting to much or sleeping to much is actually a sign
26:20 or depression, if a person tells you they sleep all day
26:25 then they can go to bed and sleep all night, the next day
26:28 they can do the same thing and just get up to eat
26:30 and go to the bathroom, these individuals may be
26:33 sick with depression.
26:34 If they are, there is a certain special program that you should
26:39 give to them, and one is to tell them to go to bed
26:41 two hours earlier than they put their bed time.
26:45 Then eight hours later they must get up, then they put themselves
26:49 in a very brightly lighted room and stay there until
26:52 the sun rises.
26:54 When the sun rises they should get out into the sunshine
26:56 and there have their circadian rhythm sort of re-set,
27:02 so this can be a help to the person who has depression
27:06 to know that to much sleeping can also be a problem,
27:10 then people can find that their rest, relaxation, their sleep
27:15 is robbed by such things as coffee, tea, colas, chocolate,
27:22 even highly spiced food can rob people of their sleep.
27:26 Recognizing these things can help the person who has
27:31 a problem sleeping to know how to have a diet that
27:34 will cooperate with them in making certain that they
27:39 have the best opportunity for rest and sleep.
27:42 Now we hope that these things that we presented to you
27:47 will be for you a help in your total obedience to the
27:54 eight natural laws of health.


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