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00:02 We see the glad sunshine and it makes us very happy.
00:04 And there are some physical benefits and emotional benefits
00:07 that we get from sunshine.
00:08 I'm Agatha Thrash, a staff physician at Uchee Pines
00:12 Institute and for the next half an hour, we will be talking with
00:16 you about the benefits and some of the problems with getting
00:20 too much sunshine.
00:21 So join us won't you?
00:42 Welcome to "Help Yourself to Health" with Dr. Agatha Thrash
00:46 of Uchee Pines Institute.
00:48 And now, here is your host, Dr. Thrash.
00:51 I can't imagine that our Heavenly Father could have shown
00:56 us His love for us in a better way, than with the sunshine.
01:01 It's always there, though sometimes we can't see it.
01:04 But it is always giving earth it's benefits.
01:08 Without it, we cannot live, nor could we produce any food, nor
01:13 a place for us to have shelter.
01:14 So, we can expect that there are many good benefits from it that
01:19 our physical bodies and our minds would derive
01:22 from the sunshine.
01:23 And with me today is John Champen and also, a little
01:27 later will be Don Miller and we will be talking with you
01:30 about some of the benefits of sunshine and some of the
01:33 cautions that we need to have.
01:36 I'm so happy that the sun goes all around the world and it
01:40 is able to bless and encourage so many in so many ways.
01:44 We are going to go to the screen now to look at some
01:45 of those benefits that are ours to receive every single day
01:49 when the sun is shining.
02:07 We see the benefit of outdoor exercise as opposed to
02:10 indoor exercise.
02:12 It also, here in graphics 2, we have a word from the Scripture
02:16 which encourages us.
02:24 Our next one, and we can testify to that, each of us has
02:30 experienced that.
02:31 Let's see what else it does.
02:34 Lowers blood pressure which we need.
02:42 Increases white blood cells to fight our infections and
02:47 to keep our immune system in the best shape.
02:50 Also lowers respiratory rate and slows resting heart
02:54 rate and we need that also.
02:57 Blood carries more oxygen increasing our health.
03:02 Many people are not aware of that
03:05 but that is a real benefit in sunlight.
03:22 We'd like to have that.
03:23 The more blood the heart pumps at each beat, the less
03:26 it has to work; the more resting takes place.
03:29 The blood output increases 39% for several days and the
03:36 benefits of this continue to last.
03:45 We feel better about ourselves, about our world,
03:48 about everything.
03:52 Crises met with less difficulty and we do have crises more
03:56 and more in our lives.
03:57 Calms the nerves and decreases the adrenaline... what a
04:03 blessing that is.
04:04 Also, our next graphics shows us that as the sunlight touches
04:05 the water, it purifies and kills many germs such as listed.
04:26 We see that there is not more water being produced every day
04:32 but God is able to purify the water that is, so that we can
04:37 have clean, pure, fresh water.
04:39 Our next graphics... Kills bacteria on the skin.
04:45 I remember my wife had an operation and after the
04:48 operation, she had a little infection there and they wheeled
04:53 her out into the sunlight and the sunlight was able to kill
04:56 bacteria that was on the skin.
04:58 It was marvelous... without anything else being done.
05:01 We see that sunlight also is good for arthritis.
05:18 It's a very comforting experience having the sun
05:22 warm the joints.
05:30 Dr. Thrash, the sun does a lot of good things, doesn't it?
05:33 Yes it does.
05:34 And I'm especially interested in your mentioning about how
05:37 it kills germs, not only on the skin but also in water.
05:42 So that we could take a jar of water and expose it to the sun
05:47 and it may have been contaminated before but we can
05:50 expect that with the exposure to sunlight, that we will have
05:54 some benefit in purifying water and making it so that it might
05:58 be capable of being drunk.
06:00 So, as each one of these benefits of sunshine stacks up
06:07 and we have one after the other, we are enjoined to believe that
06:14 our Heavenly Father loves us.
06:15 He wanted us to meet the tempter
06:18 Meet the great enemy with as many tools to fight
06:23 with as possible and the sun is certainly one of those.
06:27 Now Don Miller is here and he is going to tell you some more
06:31 things about the benefits of sun.
06:35 Really, I'm going to elucidate a little bit more on what
06:37 Brother Champen had just said on a few of these benefits but
06:39 I want to go back to when I was a child.
06:42 I remember when I was a little child, someone said if the sun
06:46 were one inch closer to this earth, we would all burn up.
06:49 I was afraid to grow.
06:50 I was afraid to jump for a long time.
06:52 But the Lord has that sun at just the right distance from us
06:55 to give us everything that we need for life and a lot of the
06:59 things that Brother Champen mentioned.
07:00 I want to go into a little bit more about how that really works
07:04 Let's think about the cholesterol thing.
07:06 You know, we've got good cholesterol.
07:08 As a matter of fact, sometimes we think that cholesterol
07:10 is a four-letter word.
07:11 Well, it is not.
07:12 Cholesterol is good.
07:14 If it wasn't good, our bodies would not produce it.
07:17 We produce all the cholesterol that we need.
07:19 Now, why do we produce the cholesterol?
07:21 We've got these natural oils in cholesterol in our skin.
07:26 As the sun strikes the skin, it turns that cholesterol into
07:32 vitamin D.
07:34 And, of course, we need vitamin D in our bodies.
07:36 And so that is one of the good reasons it is there.
07:38 Now the sunshine reduces our cholesterol through that method
07:42 and there was a study once done, not a study, a case history
07:46 of a woman who had her blood taken and her cholesterol was
07:50 333 and her triglycerides were 229.
07:55 They put this lady on a strict sunbath regimen,
08:00 did not change her diet, no exercise, did nothing else
08:04 but put her on a sunbath.
08:06 Gave her four days of sunbath.
08:08 Now, I'm not talking about just laying out in the sunshine for
08:11 four days long.
08:12 But each day, she got a couple of sunbaths.
08:15 In those four days, her cholesterol fell to 221 and her
08:20 triglycerides to 197.
08:22 That is over a 100-point drop in four days just from the
08:27 application of the sunshine to the skin.
08:29 I'd say it's a pretty good benefit.
08:30 Now, so we got our cholesterol coming down...
08:33 How about our blood pressure?
08:35 Well, let's take the step one step further with
08:38 the cholesterol thing.
08:39 We've got the cholesterol in the skin... the sunshine strikes
08:43 the skin, turns the cholesterol into vitamin D
08:47 But, we have to have cholesterol in the skin and so the body says
08:52 "hey, hey, we need some more cholesterol in the skin...
08:54 where are we going to get it?"
08:55 Where does it get it?
08:56 It gets it out of the blood.
08:57 It gets it off of the artery walls and
08:59 so it sends it up there.
09:01 Now, in doing that, it lessens the fat in the blood which
09:05 brings our blood pressure down because now the heart
09:08 is not having to pump so hard through those narrow streets.
09:11 Just imagine if you will... (many of you probably live in
09:16 large cities)... the interstate going around your city or the
09:19 largest street in your city...
09:20 rush hour traffic completely full.
09:24 What happens, and this happens quite often in many major cities
09:27 ...they are fixing four of the lanes and only two are open
09:30 one going in one direction and one in the other direction.
09:34 Everything gets slow.
09:36 Same thing in your body.
09:37 As these main arteries, our main highways, our main streets in
09:42 our body get smaller, it slows down the traffic.
09:46 But as we open that up, our traffic moves better; therefore,
09:49 our blood pressure gets lower.
09:51 Now also sunshine increases the oxygen-carrying capacity
09:56 of our blood.
09:57 How does it do that
09:59 Well, step one, our cholesterol is going down and
10:01 if our cholesterol goes down, we've got less
10:04 cholesterol in the blood.
10:05 Now, we do need cholesterol in the blood as part of our
10:07 clotting mechanism but many people have far too much
10:10 serum cholesterol.
10:11 That's when you go to the doctor or the lab and have your blood
10:14 drawn... that's called your serum cholesterol.
10:17 And we recommend that your cholesterol be about
10:20 100 plus your age.
10:22 And most people, it's 100 plus their age, plus their mother's
10:25 age and someone else's age in the house.
10:26 We want to keep our blood cholesterol down.
10:29 So, as our cholesterol falls, that means less fat in our blood
10:34 our red blood cells aren't aggregating or sticking together
10:38 And they are more capable of carrying a larger load of oxygen
10:42 down to the cells where it needs it.
10:44 And so, therefore, less cholesterol, more oxygen
10:47 to the cells.
10:48 It also reduces the resting heart rate.
10:52 Now, how does it do that?
10:54 Well, we have to go back to the same steps again.
10:56 When our cholesterol is falling down, our blood pressure is
11:00 going down and we are getting more oxygen to the cells
11:04 and to the muscles and so, therefore, our heart is saying
11:09 "I don't have to work quite so hard. "
11:10 Now how does your heart rest?
11:12 It beats and it rests, it beats and it rests.
11:16 Some people's heart goes like a like a humming bird's heart,
11:19 pumping so fast.
11:21 But you get your heart rate down to 60, 56, 54, there is
11:26 a lot of rest in between those beats.
11:29 All right, how about blood sugar
11:31 It will lower your blood sugar.
11:33 Now this is for people who have a high blood sugar.
11:36 It's not going to hurt your blood sugar if you are a regular
11:40 person but what it does is it sort of works on an enzyme
11:44 action and it changes the glucose in your blood, that's
11:48 your blood sugar, into glycogen and that is your stored sugar,
11:52 it stores it in the liver and it stores it in the muscles...
11:55 so that basically your blood glucose is going
12:00 down just by a sunbath.
12:02 I know a young man who is a juvenile diabetic.
12:05 He is in his mid 30s.
12:07 He has no manifestations, physical manifestations
12:11 of juvenile diabetes.
12:13 But he has learned how to control his blood sugar by his
12:16 diet, by exercise and by sunshine.
12:19 Now, yes, he does take some insulin but as a maintenance
12:23 dose, because he's got his body finely-tuned and in control
12:28 of his own intelligence and he can take care of it that way.
12:32 The immune response goes up when we get sunbaths,
12:38 also through this whole mechanism... the immune response
12:41 is encouraged by a healthy condition of the blood.
12:45 Our blood fats go down, the oxygen comes up, therefore,
12:49 our immune system is stronger and it raises, as
12:53 Brother Champen already mentioned, our white blood cells
12:55 in our body.
12:56 Energy and endurance also are increased by the application
13:03 of the sun to the body.
13:04 How does that work?
13:05 Again, we've got to go back through those steps.
13:07 Energy, what gives your body energy?
13:10 Now, granted one of the things that we've not talked about
13:13 is drinking water, that is one of them, but the other one is
13:16 oxygen.
13:17 Now, if you're not getting oxygen...
13:19 You ever notice how when you run what happens?
13:22 You start breathing deeper because your body says,
13:24 "we need more oxygen" and so you start breathing deeper
13:28 getting more oxygen to the tissues.
13:30 Well, if you have less fat,
13:33 if your blood is pumping better and stronger and more
13:36 effectively, you're pumping more blood with more oxygen
13:40 to the tissues, therefore, increasing your strength.
13:44 How about the endurance thing?
13:45 What gives you endurance?
13:47 What do you need for endurance?
13:48 You need the energy.
13:49 Where do you get the energy from
13:51 You get the energy from the glucose.
13:53 We've already told you that by the sunshine converting glucose
13:57 into glycogen, which is the stored condition of sugar,
14:05 in the blood, now it comes out of the muscles,
14:07 it comes out of the liver and when we really need that burst
14:11 of energy, that extra work because we're really working
14:15 hard, one day we've got all the energy that we need
14:17 to give us those things.
14:18 It increases our muscle strength not just because of the oxygen,
14:23 not just because of the glucose but because the sunshine somehow
14:27 They've done studies showing that those people who really
14:30 wanting to get into building their bodies, the best month
14:34 of the year to build muscle mass and muscle strength
14:38 is the month of July.
14:40 Now why would it be the month of July?
14:41 Well, because the month of July the sun is out the longest.
14:45 And you know, I'm often amazed at people who go to spas
14:50 to work out.
14:52 Have you ever noticed...
14:53 I drive by spas sometimes and I look over, I've never seen any
14:56 windows in these places.
14:57 They are inside this closed-in place, breathing everyone else's
15:00 carbon dioxide, laying in everyone else's sweat
15:03 when they could be out in the sunshine, fresh air and getting
15:07 more muscle mass, more oxygen more everything they can get
15:11 from being out in God's nature.
15:13 God has given us the sun for a very special reason.
15:15 And, we have listed a whole bunch of these reasons
15:18 Sometimes we just think it's so we don't have to bump into
15:20 trees in the daytime.
15:21 No, it's so we can have healthy happy, holy lives.
15:25 And that's what God wants us to have, Dr. Thrash, is happy,
15:28 healthy and holy lives.
15:29 Yes, I like those, the three H's
15:32 Happy, healthy and holy.
15:33 And, of course, that's the status that our Heavenly Father
15:37 wants us to have.
15:38 Now, since the time of the flood I suppose, when the canopy
15:43 that we had over the earth in the form of the firmament...
15:46 when that collapsed, and fell in and all the water up there came
15:50 down through the windows of heaven onto the earth
15:53 and we lost that protective canopy there, that filtered out
15:57 all the cosmic rays of the sun
15:59 Since that time, the sun has not always been only beneficial
16:04 to us but now sun can be harmful to us.
16:07 And I have a report here that tells about skin cancer as a
16:13 result of too much sunning.
16:16 In the last few years, because of continued dissipation of
16:20 those protective elements in the outer stratosphere of
16:25 earth's various layers...
16:28 Because of that, we are now getting more radiation down to
16:33 the earth and that is causing us to have more skin cancer.
16:36 Basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinomas and the most
16:40 treacherous and malignant of all skin cancers, the melanoma.
16:45 But, it has been found and this report mentions that,
16:48 that the diet can be helpful in reducing the likelihood that
16:54 a mole or a previous sunburn could turn into a melanoma.
17:00 The diet needs to be low in fats
17:03 It also needs to be high in fruits and vegetables
17:07 and backed up by plenty of vitamin C and selenium...
17:11 All of which we can get in fruits, vegetables, whole grains
17:15 nuts and seeds.
17:16 And leave off the refined and fermented products as much
17:21 as we can.
17:23 Now we know also that blistering early in life has a more
17:27 deleterious effect on the skin than blistering even
17:30 later in life.
17:31 And so we want to protect our children very carefully from
17:36 the blistering sun, so that they never have a sun burn.
17:41 And even a little bit of reddening should be avoided
17:45 if we can possibly do so.
17:48 We should protect the skin in such ways as by umbrellas,
17:54 and also by hats.
17:56 Now here is an umbrella... this is a major size umbrella.
18:01 And it is, of course, for more than one person, or a
18:05 very large person.
18:06 But because of the fact that it is so nice, you can see that
18:11 it's very good protection for one.
18:14 Now, I don't usually take a walk with that but when I'm going
18:18 for a walk on Sabbath, I usually take a parasol.
18:21 When I was a little girl, I had these very beautiful ones
18:25 that were hand-painted and silk that came from Japan.
18:26 But now I usually use one that's like this.
18:32 Just enough to give me a nice shade and it's very helpful.
18:38 Now when I work out in my garden
18:40 I take something like this.
18:43 This is a sun hat and you want a sun hat that will shade
18:48 the face as much as possible and make it so that especially
18:51 vulnerable parts are shaded by the broad-brimmed sun hat.
18:57 The nose, the chin, the cheeks and the forehead are those areas
19:02 that are most likely to be burned by the sun...
19:06 And so, of course, we want to be very careful to protect
19:09 those areas.
19:10 Now, as we think about other things that are a problem with
19:15 our exposure to sun, then we need to think about things that
19:21 are problematical for the mind as well.
19:25 Now in dealing with the mind, we know that there are several
19:32 things, several features of our life style that can elevate the
19:36 spirits and make it so that we are more likely to have a bright
19:41 spirit, rather than a gloomy or dull spirit and the sunshine
19:46 is one of those.
19:47 And apparently, it's the very light itself getting into the
19:51 eyes that acts as a re-setting stage for the entire psyche
20:00 and makes it so that we are more likely to have a glad heart.
20:03 So reset your set point there for being glad-hearted by
20:12 getting out in the sunshine as early as possible
20:15 Especially for women, it's good if women go out into the
20:19 sunshine very early in the morning and take their
20:23 exercise early.
20:24 In the morning, when I get up early, I first go outside to get
20:31 my outdoor exercise before the sun gets hot.
20:34 And, before the sun's rays are directly down which are more
20:38 damaging than sun rays coming in from the side.
20:42 Now, so far as exercise is concerned, one of the very best
20:46 times for us to exercise is early in the morning.
20:49 And after a meal, rather than before the meal,
20:54 although before the meal is fine too if you don't
20:56 overdo the exercise.
20:57 But after the meal, if it's mild exercise, it stimulates
21:02 digestion and gets things started with the digestive
21:06 process and makes it so that the individual is more capable
21:11 of digesting food.
21:13 In Alabama, I like to go out in the cool of the day, either
21:18 early in the morning or late in the afternoon.
21:21 Early in the morning when the sun's rays are not very hot
21:24 one can exercise more vigorously than one can in the middle of
21:30 the day, or even middle of the morning when the sun gets
21:34 very hot and, of course, one gets overheated if
21:37 one is not careful.
21:39 One should not exercise just before bed if one is the kind of
21:46 person that exercise stimulates their mind.
21:49 Some people can exercise just before they go to bed
21:52 and they don't sleep.
21:53 Other people are not that temperament at all.
21:57 They get out and exercise and go to bed
22:00 and sleep like a baby.
22:01 So, you have to decide which kind you are...
22:05 Whether you are the kind that benefits from exercise or
22:08 whether you do not benefit from exercise just before bed.
22:13 Now another thing that you need to know is that you should not
22:18 exercise if the area where you would exercise is dangerous.
22:22 If you are likely to slip or if you're likely to encounter dogs
22:29 or unfriendly people, then you would exercise indoors...
22:34 which means that you need some kind of exercise equipment.
22:36 But exercise will do you a lot more good if it's done
22:41 in the sunshine.
22:42 So if you have a sun porch, or any place, even a large
22:47 window where you can put the exercise equipment there and
22:51 do your exercising on the indoor equipment in the sunshine
22:55 and an open window where the air would be fresh...
22:58 that can be very helpful.
23:00 So, I think that if you understand these things, it can
23:05 be helpful to you to know how to handle your sunning and
23:10 your exercise better.
23:12 And now, Don Miller is going to give you another aspect of
23:15 helpfulness in these areas.
23:18 You know Dr. Thrash has mentioned the parasol and the
23:22 umbrella and the hat and I'd feel sort of funny walking
23:25 through the woods holding an umbrella.
23:27 And so, I usually do wear a hat...
23:29 But you know, there are things that we should do.
23:32 Many people, when it gets warm out in the west,
23:36 they take off clothes, thinking that that's going to make
23:39 them cooler.
23:40 And I have found, in my own experience, the more clothing
23:43 I put on, as far as covering my skin surface, the cooler that
23:47 I will be.
23:48 I usually always wear a long- sleeved shirt even in Alabama.
23:52 You see I'm from north, up in Ohio and Alabama is a hot place.
23:56 And I find that I'm much cooler wearing a long-sleeved shirt
24:00 because it's the skin being struck by the sunlight itself
24:04 which will cause some damage, especially during those
24:07 dangerous hours about 10 o'clock in the morning to o'clock
24:10 in the afternoon.
24:11 And so it's best to keep yourself well-robed.
24:14 I have yet to see someone over there in Arabia wearing Bermuda
24:18 shorts and a tank top.
24:19 They keep themselves well- covered.
24:22 In Bible times, in Christ's day they always wore the longer
24:26 robes, because that is a way to keep yourself cooler.
24:29 I remember one time I was in the Philippines, in the Marine Corps
24:34 and a buddy and I were walking out in the jungle and we came
24:37 to a little village on the South China Sea...
24:41 and we decided we would like to use one of their outriggers
24:44 to go canoeing.
24:45 And so we talked with the person, we paid them some money
24:48 and we took their little outrigger out into this
24:51 beautiful lagoon.
24:52 The trouble was, it was in the heat of the day, very tropic...
24:56 The sunshine was coming straight down on us and as I held that
25:00 paddle in my hand, my knuckles were blanched... which meant
25:06 the blood wasn't there to carry away the heat and
25:09 I got an extremely bad sunburn on my knuckles
25:13 as I was out there rowing.
25:15 As a matter of fact, even today my knuckles are more sensitive
25:19 to sunburn because once you've burned it, it's more sensitive
25:23 to the sunburn in the future.
25:24 It was burned so badly that they put me on light duty and I
25:27 couldn't go rappelling the next day, which really broke my heart
25:30 But we need to protect ourselves even our hands, especially where
25:34 we have bones right underneath, it will really give us a problem
25:37 I want to give you a few facts and figures about the sun...
25:40 Because the sun, we realize is 93 million miles away.
25:43 It takes about 8 minutes for sunlight to get all the way from
25:46 the sun to this earth.
25:48 That's a pretty quick trip.
25:49 And so whatever sunlight is striking outside your house
25:54 right now... if the sun is shining, it got out of the
25:57 sun 8 minutes ago.
26:00 Also, about 4.7 million tons of sun mass is lost every single
26:09 second because of the fact that it's burning, burning, burning
26:12 But they have estimated...
26:13 Now when I listen to man's thinking about how long
26:17 things are going to last, that the sun will last so many
26:19 millions and billions of years.
26:21 It will probably last forever because God has made it
26:24 to last that way.
26:25 And other nice facts and figures about sunshine but you can read
26:30 it in the encyclopedia.
26:31 Dr. Thrash, what else to you have to say about sunshine?
26:33 I should say a few words about some of the skin problems that
26:38 come with the sun.
26:40 Aging of the skin is largely due to the exposure that we have
26:45 to the sun.
26:46 And, we can have skin cancer as we've mentioned already.
26:50 We can also get cataracts because of too much sun.
26:53 And, we can get osteoporosis if we have too little sunning.
26:59 So, we need to be careful about that one also.
27:02 Breast cancer is more likely to occur in those who never see
27:06 the sun, than in those who are regularly out in the sun.
27:10 Then, of course, there is the "SAD" disease, or seasonal
27:14 affective disorder that people in the far north who rarely
27:18 see the sun... they have a depression and a sense of not
27:24 being very well because of not being able to see the sun.
27:28 Then there are such things as solar blindness and solar
27:32 cheilosis which is an inflammation of the lips and a
27:36 variety of other problems that can come from too much
27:40 sun exposure.
27:41 But let us not let things keep us from enjoying the wonderful
27:45 things about the sun.
27:47 The benefits that God has built into these are a sign of His
27:51 great love for man.


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