Happy the Home

Building On Success

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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne (Host), Hannah & Caleb Rayne


Series Code: HTH

Program Code: HTH00026B

00:01 We'd like to welcome you back
00:03 and our first challenge for you is to simply
00:05 thank God for the progress and the victories that your
00:08 family has enjoyed as you gone
00:10 through this program together.
00:11 I know that you won't, you won't recognize
00:15 your own advancements that you have made in this.
00:18 But be encouraged. God sees it.
00:21 You have made some steps forward,
00:22 even if it's been baby steps.
00:24 And when we've talked in this program about
00:26 going back and doing over, it's not in any sense
00:30 of the imagination because there's been failure.
00:33 Seldom do we do something perfectly first time round.
00:38 And you know, we have been through this program,
00:41 passed this program twice as a family already.
00:44 And we shared earlier, the first time we went around,
00:47 it led to Hannah's Baptism which will be
00:50 happening in just a few weeks time.
00:52 But we want to encourage you,
00:54 get hold of some materials, get hold of
00:56 The Connected Family Book or get hold of the DVDs
00:59 and get together with some friends
01:01 or just another family
01:02 and go through this program together.
01:05 It is in the water that we learn to swim.
01:08 We think of a very appropriate way
01:11 to end this series together is, in prayer.
01:16 And so wherever you are,
01:17 I'll invite you to bow your heads.
01:19 We're gonna kneel down here.
01:21 And Hannah would you lead us, and then I'll have
01:23 a prayer also. Sure.
01:30 Dear Heavenly Father.
01:32 Thank you for what we have
01:34 being able to do together and please be with us
01:36 the rest of this day, and as the viewers continue
01:40 to do the things that we have
01:43 suggested to these programs.
01:44 And thank you for all you have
01:46 done for us in Jesus name.
01:48 Amen. Amen.
01:50 Father, thank you for family.
01:51 You were the one that invented
01:53 that little institution and although we do see
01:58 a road in way around us,
01:59 we pray that our families can be your families.
02:03 We thank you that we're part of the family of God.
02:05 But we pray that You would draw our hearts
02:07 close to each other that we
02:09 would connect with each other,
02:11 and we thank you for this, in Jesus name, Amen.
02:15 We have really enjoyed being with you
02:17 here on The Connected Family,
02:19 on Happy the Home, and we pray
02:21 that as you go through it all again.
02:24 It will be a real blessing to you and your family.
02:27 From the Rayne family, we say till we meet again.


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