Happy the Home

Recap Programs 22 - 24

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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne (Host), Hannah & Caleb Rayne


Series Code: HTH

Program Code: HTH00025B

00:01 One thing we didn't get to cover in the program was,
00:05 we have lived on a schedule for many years.
00:08 And it's actually just feels like no more life to us.
00:10 It's not a discipline any more.
00:12 Of course it is to get off the ground.
00:13 But a couple of summers ago,
00:16 we wanted to get a greenhouse built on our property
00:20 and we couldn't afford to pay somebody to do it.
00:22 So we did ourselves and it was a large greenhouse.
00:25 It was a quite big structure.
00:26 And so we just threw everything into it.
00:28 The children were helping us.
00:29 Our friends, the Brown family were helping us
00:32 and we just got on and we just threw the schedule out
00:35 of the window essentially to try and get it done and...
00:38 By the end of it, the children were begging us.
00:40 Can we please get back on a schedule?
00:42 Children thrive on a schedule.
00:44 The stability and certainty in a child's life
00:47 is essential for the peace and happiness
00:49 that they are looking for.
00:50 So we really encourage you, a schedule is a key thing.
00:55 So write out a schedule,
00:56 even if it's just a bed time
00:58 and a getting up time and a breakfast time,
01:00 that would be enough to get you going.
01:03 You know in our next program,
01:05 which is the last program in this Happy the Home series.
01:07 We want to, we've got a little twist
01:10 or I should say a little loop
01:12 that we want to throw you through.
01:14 The program is entitled 'Building on Success'.
01:18 And we're gonna give you a few more things.
01:20 But we're gonna tease you a little bit
01:22 with that join us for that next program.
01:24 It's called 'Building on Success'.
01:26 And it's the last program in this Happy the Home series.
01:29 It will be Carolyn and I at first
01:31 and then the children will join us near the end.
01:33 Take care and God bless.


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