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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne (Host), Hannah & Caleb Rayne


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00:01 Welcome back to Happy the Home.
00:03 You may have been thinking in the break,
00:04 but you know I don't have time for all of these.
00:06 But there is some good news
00:07 I forgot to tell you and that is,
00:09 you are gonna save even more time
00:11 because just as much as
00:13 you are on a schedule for bedtime.
00:14 Guess who else is? Yup,
00:16 your children, on a schedule bedtime
00:19 and you get to save a whole bunch of more time too.
00:21 You know, I deal with many phone calls that come in,
00:23 mothers in distress
00:25 and I hear crying children in the background,
00:27 its 10 o'clock at night
00:28 and the first thing we always do there is schedule we get,
00:31 the children on the schedule.
00:32 And the next time they call,
00:34 everything is peaceful and mother is calm
00:36 and things are beginning to payout like
00:38 she has been longing they would.
00:39 So your children get to be on that schedule too.
00:42 Of course when the children are on schedule,
00:44 they get into bed at the time.
00:47 They are getting the rest that they need.
00:49 So they are calm during the today
00:51 and thing I like is it gives you and me time.
00:55 Now the children are gone
00:56 and you and I can spend sometime together.
00:58 Oh, we get to do brief on how the days go
01:00 and that's how many of these ideas
01:01 have come to our hearts. Yeah. So...
01:03 So what's your step forward today?
01:04 Our step forward is pretty obvious I think.
01:07 We want you to sit down with your spouse,
01:11 if that's possible if not sit with the Lord
01:13 and draft at least an evening schedule.
01:17 When you should go to bed,
01:19 that's only part for the evening
01:20 and then the morning, how that rolls out.
01:23 When you gonna get up,
01:24 when you gonna have breakfast,
01:26 if you can put in worship that's great,
01:28 when you're gonna have your personal worship,
01:29 that's great.
01:30 But at least get a schedule so that the morning time
01:34 can be something pleasant.
01:35 Hey, Carolyn we have time for a short prayer,
01:38 you want to lead us?
01:40 Father in heaven we thank you that you're God of order
01:43 and we pray that we would follow in your foot steps
01:46 and have order in our home
01:48 as well as everywhere else in the world.
01:50 We thank you father that you can lead us into that
01:52 and we pray this in Jesus name amen. Amen.
01:56 Great point, God is God of order.
01:58 If He had created man before He created the oxygen,
02:02 it wouldn't worked out very good. He had a plan.
02:04 It worked out, and creation was scheduled.
02:07 You know, on the next program
02:09 on Happy the Home we're gonna review
02:11 some of these very important things
02:13 we have been going over the last few weeks.
02:15 So join us for the next program on Happy the Home.


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