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Organizing Confusion

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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne (Host), Hannah & Caleb Rayne


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00:01 Mom, how do you spell president?
00:03 Well, what is the game with?
00:04 Wife, I've got to go, the time working on.
00:05 Okay, okay, okay.
00:06 I'm doing it. I'm doing it. Here it is.
00:07 Whatever you do, don't take your jacket off
00:09 because the back isn't ironed.
00:10 Okay, well it's good enough.
00:12 What did you want to spell again?
00:13 Where is my, where is my shoe?
00:15 Your shoe! The other one.
00:16 The last time I saw it was in the bathroom,
00:18 go take a look in there.
00:20 Okay, kids we got to go.
00:21 Come on Caleb.
00:22 Woh! Come on Hannah.
00:24 It's time to go. I don't have my book.
00:26 Well, boy yeah,
00:27 it's just the usual morning chaos around here.
00:29 You know, how that's like.
00:30 Yeah, well, it's kind of exhausting, isn't it?
00:32 I feel tired before the day even starts.
00:35 You know, that's chaos and you can probably relate.
00:38 But we're gonna talk about this in our program today
00:42 organizing confusion.
00:43 So join us in just a few moments.
01:07 Welcome to Happy the Home.
01:10 And the little scene we painted there
01:12 before the intro was not exactly a Happy Home
01:16 but that can be a normal home,
01:19 and what we wanna do in this program
01:21 is we wanna take the appos a little bit
01:23 and investigate it, but... Can you imagine?
01:26 I'm just been thinking is you're talking.
01:28 What it would be like
01:29 if the airlines didn't have schedule?
01:31 So you sure put the airport and it's just, it's chaos.
01:34 A free for all yeah,
01:35 you don't know where you going,
01:37 when you are going there.
01:38 Nobody is to take your bags.
01:39 Nobody fly the airplane.
01:41 It will be wild, isn't it? How about if you go to town,
01:45 you know, you go to the doctor's office
01:47 let's say, and you know,
01:49 the doctor comes out in his pajamas
01:51 like you were in your pajamas.
01:53 It would be chaos, wouldn't it?
01:55 You know, somehow we have gotten into the mindset
01:59 that a schedule is important everywhere.
02:02 The doctor's office needs to have a schedule.
02:04 The store needs to open on-time.
02:07 And the airlines need to be on-time
02:10 and everything needs to be scheduled
02:11 and just right. Except for.
02:14 Where? The family!
02:15 We are sure, I mean at home
02:16 you can just kind of whatever,
02:17 whenever, can't you?
02:19 Well, that's what happens, but there is gonna be,
02:22 there is gonna if it's benefits to a schedule,
02:25 the airport and in the store and in the appointment,
02:30 then it's gonna be a benefit to a schedule at home.
02:32 So let's, let's if you could remember that scene
02:35 that we had to open this program,
02:37 Carolyn was there doing the ironing.
02:41 Why would you doing the ironing then, Carolyn?
02:43 Well, of course it hadn't been done
02:44 and you needed it, right then.
02:46 So how could we fix that?
02:47 I mean let's just be real practical.
02:49 Well, it would be really simple.
02:50 Just as part of your family schedule,
02:53 you have a time when ironing is done.
02:56 It's simple! All you need a closet.
02:58 A lot of people don't need a closet
03:00 because all the stuff kept in ironing basket.
03:02 Or the drier! Or the drier.
03:04 So friends when you build your house
03:07 you have this big closet, all right.
03:09 Or you can hang things.
03:11 Yeah and it's that, that's what is force.
03:13 So it's a discipline.
03:15 It's been connected to God.
03:17 It's saying, yes, I'm gonna sit down for an hour now
03:21 and I'm gonna get the ironing done.
03:22 So it's not just chaos,
03:24 every time you need something unexpected.
03:27 What was another part in that little skit
03:30 that we played out there, Carolyn?
03:31 Well, Caleb was going
03:33 over his spelling test for the morning.
03:36 Last minute thing because...
03:38 Because he hadn't done it the night before. Right.
03:40 So again it's a discipline thing, isn't it?
03:42 Staying on track, having a time for certain events,
03:46 and there was me.
03:49 Well, I was pestering you for my shirt
03:51 and we've been through ironing but,
03:53 you know, I had gone to bed light
03:55 and so I was up late
03:57 and so everything was just my panic.
03:59 And that's why we didn't have time for worship,
04:02 because it was you know,
04:04 we were just, we were way behind so...
04:06 And Hannah shoes, who knows where they were,
04:08 because if she was careful
04:10 and put them in the right place every time
04:12 and she knew where to find them.
04:13 That's not a schedule of time. No.
04:14 That's more tidiness.
04:16 That's more of a schedule of stuff.
04:19 Everything is meant to have the place to go in it
04:21 or meant to put it back there.
04:23 Again that's the discipline that we're talking about.
04:25 We've got to have time to do those kinds of things.
04:27 So...talk us through Carolyn,
04:32 how do we get from the chaos
04:35 that we role-played there
04:37 to something that would be enjoyable
04:39 and that we could sit down as a family
04:42 and we could have family worship
04:43 as we have been talking about
04:45 in some of the other programs.
04:46 Can I, can I just turn as to Bible verse
04:48 before we do that.
04:49 You can do what you want.
04:51 You know, the wisest man who ever lived
04:53 was king Solomon we are told in the Bible,
04:56 and one of the, his verses that he wrote was
04:59 Ecclesiastes 3 and verse1.
05:01 And you can read the whole of that chapter.
05:02 It's really quite interesting.
05:04 But in verse 1 it says
05:05 to every thing there is a season,
05:07 and a time for every purpose under the heaven.
05:11 That means there is a schedule for everything.
05:15 That's pretty all in composing.
05:17 It's interesting that Solomon would write that
05:19 because from what I remember of Solomon,
05:22 he was very wealthy.
05:24 He tried out everything, didn't he?
05:26 He tried out having a palace.
05:27 He tried out having a thousand wives
05:30 or kind of like that.
05:31 He tried out anything that was to try out
05:34 and in the end he said it's all vanity
05:36 and vexation of spirit,
05:38 but then he said there is a time for everything.
05:40 You know, this all, there should be organization.
05:43 Things go a lot smoother.
05:45 So talk us how do we get from,
05:47 how do we organize confusion
05:49 which is the title of today's program?
05:51 Well, if you're watching this thing,
05:53 that little skit which was not real life,
05:55 we are trying demonstrate for you have many lives are.
05:58 If you are thinking that was just like us this morning.
06:01 Then here's what you need to do.
06:02 Go and get a pen and paper
06:04 and you may take notes during this
06:06 but after this program, sit down together
06:09 or if you are single parent just you and the Lord
06:11 and start planning out a schedule.
06:14 Now you're gonna say, how do I start?
06:15 That's what many people say.
06:17 Well, start off by putting onto your piece of paper
06:20 those things that are set in concrete in your family.
06:23 Like for example, the time your husband goes to work,
06:26 the time the children need to be leaving for school,
06:28 things are immovable that you can't change.
06:31 You start off with writing those things down first.
06:34 Then you're gonna start calculating back from that
06:38 when you need to be getting up,
06:39 And what you need to do if you're gonna figure out
06:42 when you need to get up?
06:44 Once you figure out when you gonna,
06:46 is that what your asking me?
06:47 So if I have to be out of the house,
06:49 let's say 8 o'clock
06:50 and we wanna feed in a breakfast together
06:53 and we wanna have worship together,
06:54 you got to work back.
06:55 I was thinking before that. Okay.
06:57 What will be successful? What will make it a success?
06:59 So we figured out that we need to get up let's say,
07:02 I'm just picking a number, 7 o'clock,
07:04 6 o'clock in the morning.
07:05 Now we've got a work out,
07:08 most people do not get anywhere near enough rest.
07:14 And the reason we struggle to get up in the morning
07:17 is because our bodies are not ready to get out yet,
07:20 because I didn't go to bed until one o'clock.
07:22 And it's like, get up 6 o'clock?
07:25 You got to be kidding.
07:26 I need more than six hours of night.
07:27 Oh yeah, you do need more than six hours of night.
07:30 Everybody needs more than six hours of night.
07:32 But you know, we kind a get use to less and less sleep
07:35 and not just adds to us being cranky
07:37 and struggling to connect with God,
07:39 it's just as vicious cycle
07:40 which is becoming normal life.
07:43 God never intended it to be that way.
07:44 So here's how we get up early
07:47 and we cover this in an earlier program,
07:50 it is not rocket science but is so powerful,
07:53 you go to bed early. Go to bed early.
07:56 Come on Paul, I'm serious.
07:58 If you go to bed early what you're gonna miss out.
08:01 So you're gonna miss a few TV programs,
08:04 or you're gonna spend a little bit
08:05 less time on the web.
08:06 Well, it's not doing you any good anyway.
08:08 Or you might not be able to go as many places,
08:10 but hey come on, what is more important.
08:13 This is Happy the Home.
08:15 This is the program that's designed to help us
08:17 have a Happy Home life.
08:19 Let's not trade for another TV program,
08:21 or another late night.
08:23 So go to bed a little bit earlier
08:25 and then you can get up earlier.
08:27 You can still get the same amount of sleep
08:29 you having now, if not more
08:31 and then you are on-schedule for an enjoyable morning.
08:34 You can be up with the birds.
08:36 It doesn't have to be chaos.
08:38 It can be organized. It can be calm.
08:41 And you can get out and people can say
08:43 man you are so bright and breezy in the morning.
08:45 And you can say yeah been up two hours
08:47 before I get to work
08:48 and that's why I'm bright and breezy.
08:50 So where do we get next Carolyn?
08:52 Well, going to bed at decent hours
08:55 as Paul says would enable us
08:56 to get up on time in the morning.
08:58 So wouldn't you figured out when everybody needs
09:00 to be out of that door and you crank back from there
09:03 and figured out okay then breakfast
09:04 needs to be at a certain time rather than just,
09:07 you know, bunch of food thrown on the coffee table
09:09 and people grab it as they went out the door.
09:11 So you're talking about the whole family
09:13 having breakfast together. If possible.
09:16 Now, if daddy has to leave 5 o'clock in the morning
09:19 and you've got younger children
09:20 then we know we have to be realistic.
09:22 But if he is not happened to be out of the door
09:24 until 7:30, you could sit down
09:25 at 7 have breakfast together. Yeah.
09:27 So that's just suggestion and then...
09:29 And we do that, don't we? Yeah, we do.
09:31 We have breakfast together as a family.
09:32 And before that, you wanna have family worship.
09:36 We talked about family worship.
09:37 It's not gonna happen unless you schedule it.
09:39 So on your piece of paper you are just putting time,
09:42 you are putting events, you are putting rising time,
09:45 family worship, breakfast out of the door.
09:48 You are putting these different things
09:49 on your page, things for your family have to happen.
09:52 And then you gonna stop
09:53 putting times by those things.
09:55 They are out of the door you know,
09:56 when that's gonna be so that's easy.
09:57 You could start it right in.
09:59 But if you have been listening to this program
10:01 and felt the burden that the Lord
10:03 has put on our heart,
10:04 you're gonna want to crank back a little bit earlier
10:06 to have personal devotions, time with you and the Lord.
10:11 So then you can start calculating back,
10:13 when do I need to get out of my bed
10:15 so that I can have time with the Lord,
10:17 I can have family worship and a breakfast together
10:20 before my family leaves for work.
10:23 You know, don't you agree with these viewers
10:24 that home would be happier, if we did this?
10:29 You know, it's a matter of what do we want in life.
10:33 Do we want life to be running us
10:36 or do we want to be running life.
10:38 I mean you saw the scene open this program.
10:41 And if that's day in, day out, that's stressful.
10:45 That's impact in our health.
10:47 That's impact in our attitude
10:49 as well as training the next generation
10:51 to leave in a chaotic fashion.
10:53 So, we've got to start getting a handle on life
10:56 and it is so much more enjoyable,
11:00 having a schedule just calming down.
11:03 It says in the scriptures, it just comes to my mind,
11:06 be still and know that I'm God.
11:09 Where was God in all that confusion?
11:11 There's no time to pray in a situation like that
11:14 and then the first time somebody pulls out
11:16 in front of you on the road, it's....
11:19 ...because it's just an extension of the chaos
11:22 that happened in the home.
11:23 But if everything was sweet and we have time with Lord
11:27 as you were saying then we could pitch
11:29 in through the day totally different,
11:31 totally different people.
11:32 Now once you would made a schedule
11:35 and you've outlined those few things.
11:36 And I haven't gone through all of them yet.
11:37 Okay, carry on, carry on.
11:39 Well, I want to crank back to,
11:41 you know, it takes a while to get this thing under way
11:43 and if you think that after this program
11:45 you're gonna write these things down
11:46 and by tomorrow morning the rest the weeks gonna
11:48 roll on this beautiful schedule
11:50 I can already tell you
11:52 no matter what your circumstances are,
11:53 isn't gonna happen quite that way.
11:55 We have to start with a few basic things,
11:57 habits die hard.
11:59 And so it's been our habit to do just whatever whenever.
12:02 It's gonna take a while to get that more under control.
12:05 So you might, if you get to the end of the week,
12:07 depending on when this is aired of course
12:09 and all you have achieved is going to bed
12:11 and getting up at the right time,
12:13 then praise the Lord you have been successful.
12:16 And then the following week
12:17 we can start adding in that worship times
12:19 and getting that so organized and breakfast time
12:22 and gradually you are adding in the basics.
12:25 And not just breakfast time by the way
12:27 that needs to be scheduled time but the evening.
12:29 You can figure out
12:31 whenever your family gets back together.
12:33 You can figure out as you look
12:34 at the comings and goings of your day,
12:36 just how you can do so that you could have
12:39 at least one meal together as a family around your table.
12:42 Can you imagine what that would be like?
12:44 I know of some people it hasn't happened in years.
12:48 But friends it used to happen years ago
12:50 when families were much more connected than they are today
12:53 and that's why the book, The Connected Family
12:55 that we have been sharing from
12:57 all these messages are from
12:59 is to encourage families to be connected
13:02 and this is just one more part
13:04 of how that connection can take place.
13:07 You remember when you first got the burden
13:11 to make a schedule.
13:13 And being the detail sort of person you are,
13:16 you got a piece a paper and you wrote out,
13:18 we didn't have the children at that point.
13:20 Well, I didn't have a computer
13:21 than either. Right.
13:22 So you were just writing out and you had pretty much
13:25 I'm gonna do this for half an hour,
13:27 I'm gonna do this for the next half an hour
13:28 and you have a few blanks of things
13:30 and you remember what you did, tell the viewers.
13:31 Well, you know, I didn't have a computer.
13:33 If you go to a computer
13:34 and doing on this computer is great
13:36 because over the next week or two
13:37 you're gonna change a whole lot
13:39 as you start to kind on hone in on the areas
13:41 that need work on, but I didn't have that.
13:44 And I didn't have anybody telling me either
13:46 how I could go back the schedule
13:47 and so I had all done it by hand
13:49 and I went to the local staples
13:51 or whatever, go to photocopy and I got 40 copies
13:55 because each, each week was going to be different.
13:58 And I came home and Paul said you got how many,
14:01 I said I got forty copies.
14:03 He said why did you do that?
14:05 Don't you know we will change 40 times
14:07 before the week is out? And he was right.
14:09 I had to tweak a whole lot of things because you,
14:12 you suddenly find as we did you schedule
14:15 that worship is gonna be at this time
14:17 and breakfast right after
14:18 but you didn't schedule time
14:20 to get breakfast ready. Oh, oh.
14:22 So you can have to tweak around
14:23 with the few things in there and then,
14:25 you know, you didn't schedule,
14:26 you didn't schedule that you will have to take showers,
14:28 where's that gonna fit into the day.
14:29 There are few basics and you know,
14:32 as we go on, as you start to get these things in place
14:35 and things begin to take on a certain semblance of order
14:38 be encouraged, don't be fretful
14:40 about what isn't taking place yet.
14:42 Work on one thing at a time and then you'll start
14:45 being able to scheduling family time.
14:48 Can you imagine? We talked about family time
14:50 and you may have wondered all this time,
14:52 how it just doesn't happen.
14:54 Well, it won't unless you schedule it.
14:56 So we have a certain time of day, 5:30 to 6
14:59 or somewhere in there, we start family time. And...
15:02 So now, at first you were talking about
15:05 scheduling in the morning
15:06 and I think that's where our viewers need to start.
15:09 We need to, well actually the evening and the morning
15:12 with the first day we were told in Genesis.
15:14 So when we're taking about scheduling in the morning,
15:16 it just starts with bedtime.
15:17 Get to bed at a decent hour.
15:19 Then you can get up.
15:20 Then you can roll out a schedule
15:22 for the morning time.
15:23 And that's probably as for as you need to go
15:25 for the first week or two or month or whatever
15:28 and just leave the evening fluid
15:30 except for the going to bed time
15:33 because that is what leaves the ground work
15:35 for the next day.
15:36 But then as you feel like you are getting
15:38 in control of the morning hours,
15:40 then you can start trying a schedule the evening
15:43 and you know, we have lived our family
15:46 has lived on a schedule for a long time now.
15:48 It doesn't even feel like a schedule.
15:50 It's just normal life.
15:52 Right, right. And...
15:53 You know, another thing I was gonna add
15:54 that we haven't put in yet is the ironing.
15:56 We talked about the ironing.
15:58 You saw me there in the pajamas
15:59 doing the ironing.
16:00 That isn't normally happening because,
16:02 praise the Lord, we have figured out
16:04 when in the day that needs to happen.
16:05 And at the end of the day,
16:06 well, 4 o'clock, 5 o'clock in the afternoon
16:08 or something like that,
16:10 is when we follow laundry and do ironing.
16:11 And if we just do a little bit each day it's done
16:14 and come the end of the week it's all done.
16:16 It's all in the closet.
16:17 So put away as part of the schedule.
16:19 We get out of the way before we can enjoy the evening.
16:23 Now you may be wondering, okay.
16:26 I'm here and you don't like it.
16:27 But I can see the sense of the year,
16:29 airport has to happen,
16:30 doctor's office test to happen,
16:32 and my employers they like a schedule.
16:33 They like me to show when I shouldn't,
16:35 knock off when I should be
16:38 and I don't like it in the home
16:39 but I see the sense of it,
16:41 but, you know, what are the real benefits?
16:43 Well, we as Paul said
16:45 we've been on a schedule for many years.
16:47 And it wasn't easy at first to figure
16:49 but it's been a huge blessing thereafter.
16:52 So by the time our children came along
16:54 we were already with the family schedule,
16:56 the two of us, and so our children kind of just came
16:59 and became a part of that schedule.
17:02 And if you got little people
17:03 and maybe you want to get and take a nap
17:05 and just don't, nap time is part of schedule.
17:09 And infants thrive on schedule.
17:13 Now they don't tell you that when they are first born.
17:15 And they want to eat any odd time day or night
17:17 and you are just supposed to kind of slot into that.
17:20 But actually you can encourage
17:21 your infants become a part of it,
17:24 so that they aren't fretful because the meal comes before
17:27 they are fretting for it.
17:28 Many children are climbing the walls
17:30 and their parents think, ah! Oh,
17:32 they need to take a nap right now.
17:33 Well, what if they had a scheduled nap time
17:36 that took them to their nap
17:37 before they ever climbed the walls.
17:39 It can happen friends.
17:40 I can testify that really does happen even for us
17:44 on the road as much we are,
17:46 when nap time would come around our children
17:48 would sit in the airplane and fall sleep
17:50 because they were so used to that being
17:52 what they would do at that time of the day.
17:54 That's beautiful I mean I like...
17:56 Do you remember that? Yeah, I do.
17:57 And I like to take a nap as well before I get all cranky.
18:00 Never mind the children.
18:03 So it just lends, it just gives a peace
18:06 and security and a stability in the home.
18:08 That's the word I was hoping you're gonna use
18:10 because I've noticed that it gives us a stability,
18:15 as children just thrive in that.
18:17 I mean they are used to at school.
18:19 This lesson starts and then this lessons ends
18:21 and then they have the break
18:23 and then there's next lesson and then they have lunch.
18:25 They are use to it and they come home
18:27 and there isn't anything. It's all wishy-washy.
18:29 There's no, there's no boundaries.
18:30 It's like, it's like walking out
18:34 in a big open room
18:35 and there's nothing to guide you.
18:36 You don't know where you are going and what to do.
18:38 And so they end of being cranky and miserable
18:40 and but we've got some guidelines.
18:43 Well, there's discipline to get if off the ground.
18:45 It channels us all in the right direction.
18:47 We get it lot more done as well.
18:49 Well, we do. We do.
18:50 And in the book, The Connected Family,
18:52 wish I know you have seen a lot of,
18:55 I'll assure you a lot of times, but in the book,
18:57 The Connected Family, there's some schedules in there
19:00 to give you some ideas.
19:02 We don't want you to copy our schedule.
19:05 We don't you just to be exactly what the realms do.
19:07 Nobody we know does exactly what the realms do.
19:09 We don't want you to either.
19:11 But it has to be tailor-made to what your family needs
19:14 and the beauty of a schedule is it saves you time.
19:18 You may say, oh come on.
19:20 How can it you save me time
19:21 because I gonna have to do all these different things.
19:23 Well, you still have to do it.
19:24 You still gonna wear clothes.
19:26 They still need to be washed.
19:27 They still need to be ironed.
19:28 You still got to fix food. It has to happen.
19:31 But if you schedule into it into your day, guess what.
19:34 You end up with time you didn't know
19:36 you had for the other things like family time,
19:39 like just being still and knowing that God is God.
19:42 Wish you can do because
19:43 these other things are taken care of
19:45 and it gives you a huge peace of mind.
19:48 And I wanna talk to the moms just for a moment here,
19:51 moms for you, if you are the one at home,
19:55 if you are not at home mom
19:56 just like I'm when I am not on the road with my family
19:59 then this is your privilege.
20:01 Whatever you do, don't think, oh thanks Carolyn.
20:04 You've really made my life harder now.
20:06 I wanna encourage you, for a while I did feel like,
20:09 you know, this is just,
20:11 I am the one who has to roll this thing out.
20:13 Nobody else does.
20:14 Well, it isn't actually that way in our family
20:16 but for a while I really need
20:18 to kind of gear the family up to,
20:20 picking up their part on the schedule,
20:22 but once, once that happens
20:24 all you're doing is overseeing this happening
20:27 and it's a great feeling.
20:29 You feel like you and the Lord
20:32 are in control of life,
20:33 rather than life being in control of you.
20:36 And now in our family,
20:38 this schedule has been rolling out for so long
20:40 and of course we change it as things to take place
20:43 differently as our children get old
20:44 and have different needs but pretty much
20:46 we don't have to go, ha... so what do we do now?
20:49 We just all know.
20:50 It's all just a part of who we are
20:53 and if you walked into our home,
20:54 you wouldn't see it looking on the refrigerator
20:56 even though it's there by the way.
20:58 I wanna encourage you post it somewhere
21:00 where the family can see it. It's there.
21:03 And the only people who ever look at it are guests
21:05 that come to our home because we already know it
21:07 and we're just rolling out
21:09 as if it's just normal life going on.
21:11 And that's what it will be like
21:13 and I wanna encourage you,
21:14 it is such a fantastic feeling.
21:17 I know not so long ago we added to our schedule,
21:21 a family book after we are at it.
21:23 And you know, we scheduled that in
21:26 and you know, it's got push out quite a few times,
21:28 but what a joy,
21:29 we get chance to go for a walk as a family.
21:32 You know, live by in the country
21:34 now we can walk in the country.
21:35 For as much as we actually get it done another day,
21:38 and get it achieved in a day, you know the children,
21:40 I home-school the children
21:41 and we were also working from Home
21:42 For The Ministry that we are part of,
21:44 canceling appointments, phone calls, emails
21:47 and all kinds of things that are busing up our day.
21:50 But you know, I just wanna tell our viewers
21:52 you remember this, about two or three years ago
21:55 in the summer time we decided that
21:57 we needed to build a green house,
21:58 quite a big green house.
22:00 So we couldn't really force someone to come in and do it.
22:02 So we were going to do it ourselves,
22:03 and you now living where we do,
22:05 way up in the northwest corner of Montana
22:07 the growing season is pretty short and unpredictable.
22:10 We had, you know, five inches of snow
22:12 on June 10th, wasn't it?
22:14 That same year we were building the green house.
22:16 So anyway we were frank to get trying to get
22:19 this green house built that summer
22:21 so that we could get things planted in it that summer.
22:24 And so for a month our schedule
22:27 went pretty much out of the window.
22:28 We were working into the evening
22:30 to get it done before darkness fell
22:32 and we were just, you know,
22:33 Hannah was pretty much fixing meals
22:35 while we were trying to get the green house build.
22:37 Caleb was a great helper in that project.
22:39 that he was and our schedule pretty much didn't happen.
22:43 And can I tell you by the end of that four to six weeks,
22:46 the children were begging us
22:48 when can we please get back on schedule.
22:52 They weren't saying, yeah hoo...
22:53 we can finally do whatever we want
22:55 and whenever we want to.
22:57 They were, they've missed the stability that home was
23:01 and you know we wouldn't advocate you do that
23:03 except for sometimes you have to for something like that.
23:07 But when you're trying to build up a schedule,
23:09 we would encourage you to be pretty rigid
23:12 for a few weeks particularly that you have stick
23:14 to what you've agreed to do as a family.
23:17 And then as you get use to,
23:19 you can be a little bit more flexible from here,
23:21 from time to time here and there.
23:22 So Carolyn, but it, it is hard
23:25 to get a schedule off the ground. Oh, yeah it is.
23:28 And you need a lot of prayer to get it going.
23:29 Okay, that's what I was coming to.
23:31 We can't do that in our own strength. No.
23:33 And if mom and dad can get together
23:36 and they can just at least make an outline
23:40 and I think you know viewers where we are going
23:42 with the step forward challenge
23:44 for today's program.
23:46 We're not gonna give it you now.
23:47 We will give you that after the break,
23:48 but you know, we've got to sit down.
23:51 We've got to get that on paper and then,
23:54 you know, it's not necessary that have to roll it out
23:56 past the children, it's, we got to present it
23:58 in a positive way.
24:00 You know, if the airlines do better with the schedule
24:04 and surely they do.
24:06 I know sometimes you feel like
24:07 they haven't got a schedule and planes being cancelled
24:10 or it's an hour late taking off,
24:13 how irritated we get when somebody else
24:16 doesn't have a schedule?
24:17 Or we go to the store and IT says open at 9 o'clock
24:20 and it's 9: 30 and is still not open.
24:22 It's like come on why.
24:24 And we get intolerance of other people,
24:27 not living on a schedule because it messes it up.
24:30 I came here and I expected the store to be open
24:32 or I expected the flight to be leaving
24:34 or I expected the doctor to be here today
24:37 and he is not here.
24:38 We get all irritated and be jangled and it messes us up.
24:41 But friends if a schedule works for the airlines
24:44 and a schedule works for the stores
24:46 and schedule works for the employee,
24:49 a schedule works at home as well.
24:51 This program is entitled Happy the Home
24:54 and our testimony to you is that a schedule,
24:58 even just a skeleton schedule at home
25:00 will bring joy that you haven't yet experienced.
25:05 But as Carolyn says
25:07 it takes a while to get it off the ground.
25:09 So we gonna take a little break at this point
25:11 and we will be back shortly after for our step forward
25:14 for today's program. Join us in a moment.


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