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A Sword Fight With the Devil

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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne


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Program Code: HTH00023B

00:01 Carolyn, what's our challenge
00:03 for today's program.
00:04 Well, our first challenge is to figure out,
00:06 if it takes too much time, it probably won't.
00:09 But figure out your biggest potential temptation
00:12 and then go find some Bible verses.
00:14 So that the next time you're tempted with that,
00:17 you can get those ones memorize
00:19 and you can use them on the devil.
00:20 Okay, that's good.
00:21 That's very practical, the other one is,
00:24 once you've figured out which is your most venerable sin
00:27 and you've got a Bible verse that can counteract to that,
00:32 then just write it out, carry it around with,
00:34 stick it in your pocket, whatever, but then use it.
00:37 That's the other part of today's challenge.
00:40 Use that verse on the devil and see
00:43 how it makes him run.
00:45 It's like pulling out that great big sword
00:47 and poking it at him.
00:48 He's got no other choice.
00:50 He's got to run from the word of God.
00:52 He hasn't necessarily got to run
00:54 from our grinding our teeth.
00:55 So we got time for a short prayer,
00:58 so let's bow our heads, family.
01:00 Father in heaven, thank you for Jesus example.
01:04 We thank you that it is written, worked for Him.
01:07 And Father, I pray that as we remember to use it,
01:11 that your power will work through your word
01:14 and it will give us victory.
01:16 In Jesus name we pray, amen. Amen.
01:20 Our next program is another really good one.
01:23 It's called organizing confusion.
01:26 And we're gonna role play a typical home
01:28 and then we're gonna take that apart.
01:29 So join us on Happy The Home for our next program.
01:33 Organizing Confusion.


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