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A Sword Fight With the Devil

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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne


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00:01 Jesus did not lose self control or get irritated
00:03 and he didn't shot at disciples when they messed up.
00:06 Join us on Happy The Home as we look at how
00:08 Jesus overcame temptation and how His example can help us.
00:32 Welcome to Happy the Home.
00:35 We are glad to be with you again today
00:37 and we have the whole family with us today.
00:40 We have Carolyn in the middle, and then Hannah and Caleb.
00:44 And we are just.. Well, before we go there
00:47 we are from Restoration International.
00:50 You've probably got that message by now.
00:52 But there might be somebody
00:53 who is just tuning in for the first time.
00:55 Welcome to Happy The Home.
00:57 It's a program designed to enhance family life.
01:02 And we are looking at something today
01:04 that will be a benefit to Caleb,
01:06 who is 12 and Hannah who is 14.
01:09 But it would be a benefit to
01:10 a 90 year old and a nine month old.
01:13 Well, maybe not nine months old, but yeah a little one.
01:16 And we're just starting worship here.
01:18 And children, I want you look up in your Bibles,
01:20 and at home if you've got a Bible handy.
01:22 Or you might know this off by heart.
01:24 It is Matthew chapter 4, the points
01:28 where Jesus was tempted of the devil.
01:31 And we're gonna take a closer look.
01:33 And something that most of us know,
01:35 but it's easy to pass it by.
01:38 Verse 1, Jesus was led out
01:41 by the Spirit into the wilderness
01:42 to be tempted of the devil.
01:44 And verse 2, and when He had fasted forty days
01:48 and forty nights, can you imagine, children.
01:52 You guys feel like you starving
01:54 if you haven't gone, four hours.
01:56 This is forty nights and forty nights,
01:59 afterward He was hungry, I can imagine He was, verse 3.
02:03 Now when the tempted came to Him.
02:06 He said, if you are the Son of God command
02:10 that these stones be made bread.
02:13 Now Caleb, I'm gonna put you on this spot here.
02:15 Why didn't Jesus say okay,
02:17 well here is my chance to prove the devil.
02:19 I'm gonna turn these, and if I just do it right now,
02:22 and turn these stones into bread and I eat them,
02:24 satisfy my own hunger.
02:25 That will be great. Why didn't He do it?
02:27 Because He didn't do anything,
02:29 didn't make a miracle for Himself.
02:31 He didn't do a miracle for Himself.
02:33 So we, He fought the battle against the devil
02:36 the same way we fight it.
02:37 And so we can't, go ahead guys.
02:39 So why didn't He do a miracle for Himself?
02:43 'Cause He didn't need it,
02:45 He didn't want to go on for himself.
02:48 Well, partly because when Caleb feels really hungry.
02:52 Can Caleb make stones into bread?
02:54 No, so he wasn't gonna do anything that you couldn't.
02:58 Because that would give him the advantage.
02:59 And we would say, I don't have to resist now.
03:02 Jesus didn't resist now,
03:03 He just turned stones into bread.
03:05 So I'm just going down to the store,
03:07 I'm gonna buy my bread.
03:09 Same thing, so He didn't, but it was still
03:13 do you think it was a temptation, Hannah? Yeah.
03:16 I mean, I should imagine those stones
03:18 they almost look like bread, just like after forty days.
03:23 Do you ever get tempted to make stones into bread?
03:25 No, I haven't yet. Yeah, why is that?
03:28 Because I know I can't. 'Cause you know you can't.
03:30 Okay, verse 4 here is the important but.
03:33 But He, this is Jesus, obvious in context.
03:36 But He answered and said, so Jesus said to who, Caleb?
03:41 Satan. Okay.
03:43 So Jesus is now talking to the devil.
03:46 And He says it is written.
03:49 That would be a good name for a ministry, wouldn't it?
03:51 It is written "Man shall not leave by bread alone,
03:55 but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God."
04:00 Now what is, what is Jesus doing here,
04:02 He is quoting the Old Testament,
04:05 that's all Jesus had.
04:06 There was no New Testament,
04:07 He's quoting the Old Testament.
04:09 He's quoting the Bible to the devil
04:13 to push the devil away from Him.
04:15 He is using the power of the word to fight His battle,
04:19 rather then using His own power.
04:22 Now this is where it gets very interesting
04:24 and very applicable to us.
04:27 So Caleb, who was the devil's prime target of all
04:32 the people who ever lived, from Adam to Caleb.
04:35 Who has the devil targeted more then anybody else?
04:39 Jesus. Yeah, why?
04:43 'Cause He lived a perfect life.
04:45 He lived a perfect life.
04:46 And if He could get Jesus to sin.
04:50 He would be, Jesus would be defeated.
04:53 Jesus, Jesus would be defeated
04:55 and the human race would be defeated.
04:57 Because now we would have no savior.
05:00 The savior sinned as well.
05:02 But he didn't and how did he,
05:04 how did he resist?
05:05 It was with the word of God. It is written.
05:08 "Man shall not live by bread alone."
05:10 That came from somewhere in Deuteronomy
05:12 as well as Matthew here.
05:14 So is that how He consistently resist a temptation.
05:18 That's very good. Desire of Ages, okay.
05:22 Page 120, we've read this before family.
05:25 Jesus met Satan, Desire of Ages by the way,
05:28 a great book on the life of Christ, a fantastic book.
05:32 And I'm reading from page 120,
05:34 it says, Jesus met Satan with the words of Scripture.
05:39 We just read that in Matthew.
05:41 It says that it is, sorry, yeah, it is written,
05:45 every temptation, the weapon of His warfare
05:49 was the word of God.
05:51 In every temptation that Jesus had,
05:55 the weapon of His warfare was the word of God.
05:58 Now how often do we that? Let's face it.
06:03 You know what we do? We do this.
06:10 Why are you laughing now, you know, what's coming.
06:12 This is what we do,
06:13 Hannah standup, standup, all right.
06:17 You are the devil, well now you're not the devil
06:20 and I'm Jesus, but I'm not Jesus.
06:21 So this is make-believe.
06:23 And you're coming to me with a temptation.
06:25 And this plastic knife here is to
06:29 illustrate our human will, okay.
06:32 And so you come to me with a temptation
06:35 and I say go away, go.
06:36 I'm not gonna do that, 'cause I don't want to hurt you.
06:38 But, we use our flimsy human will here,
06:42 and we try to push the devil away.
06:44 Now if you were the devil, okay.
06:46 Well for starters if you were the devil,
06:48 you probably be way up here.
06:49 All right, do you think this would frighten you?
06:52 No, I don't think so.
06:53 No, because you could just reach out
06:55 and grab it and take it off of me or whatever.
06:57 You can sit down.
06:59 You know, I don't know
07:01 if you can relate to that, viewers at home.
07:04 But the devil comes to us with a temptation
07:06 and our puny human will is like,
07:09 I'm not gonna do it, I'm not gonna do it,
07:11 I'm not gonna do it.
07:12 Oh, yeah, I'm gonna do it.
07:14 And this is it, it's so flexible and bendy,
07:17 it doesn't do the job.
07:18 And that is like our human effort, our human will.
07:21 But there's something else that is much more powerful.
07:27 And we won't have you stand up, Hannah.
07:31 I've got something here that will frighten the devil.
07:33 It is a sword, it's the sword of the Spirit.
07:37 It's the word of God.
07:39 And so the devil's there and he's tempting me,
07:41 like he was tempting Jesus, turn these stones into bread.
07:45 And Jesus pulled out
07:46 and I'm just doing this for the effect.
07:48 But it's the word of God, is like a sword
07:50 and if you start swinging this thing around,
07:53 it's gonna frighten the devil.
07:54 If you start swinging the word of God around,
07:57 it's gonna frighten the devil.
07:59 Something a plastic knife will never do
08:02 because it's not gonna cut it.
08:04 This is our own, I'm not gonna do it,
08:08 I'm not gonna do it.
08:09 This is the word of God and Jesus used this,
08:11 you can see why it was effective.
08:14 Do you remember children, a few years back
08:16 we had that special Sabbath at home.
08:18 Daddy was gone, we didn't have a vehicle
08:20 and we studied this whole subject.
08:21 Do you remember that? Isn't that great.
08:23 We went outside and we got those nature,
08:28 different flowers and stuff
08:29 where we made pictures, you remember that?
08:31 Yeah. What did we make pictures about?
08:33 Do you remember?
08:34 It was pictures of Jesus in the wilderness,
08:36 being tempted by the devil.
08:37 And we still have those pictures there.
08:39 They're pretty old and dilapidated now.
08:42 And I still remember Hannah was really cute.
08:44 She couldn't bare the idea. It was September's fall.
08:47 So all the stuff we got was brown grassy things,
08:49 and it looked desert like.
08:51 This was Jesus in the wilderness
08:53 but she couldn't bare the idea of being so dull looking.
08:55 So she had the beautiful city in the background.
09:00 Do you remember that? Yeah.
09:01 Here is the point, I'm gonna let you carry on without.
09:04 But here is the point I want you to make with the sword,
09:07 and that is when we are at the point of temptation,
09:11 the very point of temptation.
09:13 Maybe we're about to, I don't know steal something.
09:20 Then it's the devil that is talking to us,
09:23 he is saying take it, take it
09:24 and you're thinking, it's not mine.
09:26 Its then when we say, you know,
09:28 blessed are the pure in heart or whatever.
09:31 We're actually talking to the devil,
09:34 at the point of temptation,
09:35 it's actually praying out to God.
09:38 But we bring God's word in and that's the sword.
09:40 That's the power that pushes the devil away.
09:43 You were gonna carry on
09:44 with something else there, Carolyn.
09:46 Well I was just, just gonna tell the viewers
09:48 after we had done that special Sabbath day.
09:50 We'd studied, we'd read together
09:52 about the temptations of Jesus.
09:54 We set the pictures on the pantry door
09:57 and when daddy got home, you remember,
09:58 you wanted to tell him all about those pictures
10:00 and you wanted to know where all
10:01 the little rocks had come from.
10:03 And you know, we really wanted to,
10:05 we felt like we really hit on something
10:07 as a family that we can.
10:08 And we wanted to kind of keep the momentum going.
10:11 And so we were praying about how can we turn
10:14 what we have learned about Jesus
10:16 and how He resisted and overcame temptations.
10:19 How we could do the same?
10:21 And so we came up with this idea of a box it's called,
10:25 and it is written box
10:27 because that was the whole subject
10:28 that we were talking about.
10:30 And we had this idea, that if we could just
10:34 think of Bible verses that really met with
10:38 a particular temptation we were having,
10:41 that we could quote those verses at the devil.
10:43 Memorize those verses,
10:45 so we can talk to the devil if you will.
10:47 And give him those verses,
10:48 that would make him run like that sword did,
10:50 it would be really useful.
10:52 And so what we did as a family,
10:53 in fact I have in this little box, I have here.
10:56 We sat down together, first of all,
10:59 and talked about what are the kind of temptations
11:01 that we bump into and different people,
11:04 here's the some of the temptations
11:05 the Rayne family has, okay.
11:07 Anger, arguing, bad habits, covetousness,
11:11 discouragement, disobedience, disrespect,
11:13 doubt, fear, foolishness, gossip, hasty words,
11:16 laziness, the list goes on.
11:18 Yes, guess what, we're real people just like you.
11:21 And so each one of us it added you know,
11:24 two or three of those that was our particular temptation.
11:28 And then we went away, Caleb was probably
11:30 only seven I think, six or seven.
11:34 And we were to go away and use our Bible concordance
11:36 to find verses that would help us
11:39 at the point of temptation.
11:41 And you know, wasn't it encouraging,
11:43 do you remember that children came back with Bible verses,
11:46 we had never even heard before.
11:48 You remember that? That's right.
11:49 I remember Caleb came back with one,
11:50 I thought, wow, that's a new one.
11:52 But it fits the situation perfectly.
11:54 And so we've actually created this into a little box
11:57 but I'm just gonna pull out.
11:58 So arguing, here is the card on arguing
12:01 and here is the, here is the Bible verses.
12:03 Proverbs 8:33, hear instruction
12:06 and be wise and refuse it not.
12:08 A good one, if you're tempted to answer
12:11 about your parents.
12:12 Or Philippians 2:14, Do all things
12:16 without murmuring and disputing.
12:18 So, how that would practically work is,
12:21 I ask Hannah to go do something
12:23 and she doesn't want to do it,
12:24 has that ever happened, Hannah?
12:26 All right, and so you know,
12:29 it would be, at that point as you're tempted
12:31 you can either try and workout, I've got to do it.
12:34 Mummy says, I got to do it,
12:35 I don't want to do it, maybe Caleb can do it.
12:37 Man, why doesn't daddy do it.
12:38 Daddy doesn't do anything.
12:39 And you know, you get all these thoughts start going around.
12:42 That's the devil just trying to tempt us and wind us up.
12:45 But that would be a great verse that you could quote,
12:47 what was it again, Carolyn?
12:49 Oh I'm sorry, I put it away now.
12:50 I was thinking of let all things be done
12:52 decently in order.
12:53 Lord, help me to the let all things be done
12:56 decently in order.
12:57 Get away saying, I'm gonna do everything decently in order.
13:00 That's God's word coming right into that situation.
13:04 Right, and you know
13:05 what we would do with these cards,
13:06 as we would put them in different places.
13:08 So maybe on the computer or on the refrigerator door,
13:11 or on our table, where we do school,
13:13 if we do school in at home.
13:14 We have one of those kind of cantering things
13:17 and we'll set them in the flowers, won't we sometimes.
13:19 This one doubting, you know, Wait on the Lord,
13:22 be of good courage He shall strengthen thine heart:
13:24 Wait, I say, on the Lord.
13:26 Great word for me, as a mom with my children
13:28 when I'm discouraged, and I'm thinking,
13:29 oh boy, they ever gonna get it.
13:31 So, it's right there and right
13:33 when you're tempted to be discouraged,
13:35 you can memorize these verses,
13:37 you can quote them back at the devil.
13:38 And you know what, the devil runs out of there.
13:41 That's the thing that I really want to bring out.
13:43 The devil runs when we use the word of God
13:47 at a point of temptation.
13:49 He did for Jesus, doesn't mean that the devil
13:51 will run away from you forever.
13:52 And you have a life free from temptation.
13:55 No way, but the devil will be back.
13:56 But at least you won that victory and he will go away,
13:59 he'll come back and you will use another one
14:01 and he'll go away and he'll come back.
14:03 But you are winning the victory
14:05 and it's the word of God, the power...
14:08 God's word is powerful, sharper than
14:10 any two edged sword we're told.
14:12 So we can't walk around with this written box,
14:16 strapped to our, yeah, it kind of looks like nice.
14:18 I'm here. It's just not gonna fly, sweetheart.
14:21 I suppose we could...
14:22 Could the viewers, I mean they can...
14:23 this is a recipe box,
14:25 with those A-Z things inside of it.
14:27 And the viewers could make with themselves
14:29 or can they get one of these?
14:30 Yes, you can those from Restoration-International.org,
14:34 you can go there and pick one up.
14:38 But there is a scripture here,
14:40 I haven't got the reference, it just came to my mind.
14:42 Thy word, its back in the Psalms, it's David, I know.
14:46 "Thy word have I hid in my heart that
14:49 I might not sin against you."
14:52 Now that's nice, we probably learned that
14:55 in Sabbath school or Sunday school or whatever.
15:00 But you realize the importance of that verse now.
15:03 Thy word, your word have I hid in my heart.
15:07 That at the time of temptation just like Jesus did,
15:10 I can quote it at the devil, I can quote it in pray
15:14 and I can be victorious, "Thy word have I hid
15:16 in my heart that I might not sin against you"
15:19 right then, right there.
15:21 So we can't carry the box around,
15:23 we can't strap it to our head or strap it our arm
15:26 like people do with their iPods
15:27 when they're exercising or whatever.
15:30 So and we you know Bibles are getting onto a computers
15:33 and little things so that we can carry them around.
15:36 But it's still not quick enough.
15:38 So how do you memorize?
15:40 Well, that's what I was leaving up to you
15:42 and get inherently, we need to get it in our heads.
15:44 We need to get these verses in our heads.
15:47 So, Carolyn is asking me how do I memorize.
15:50 Well, to tell you the truth this 45 year old brain
15:54 doesn't memorize very quickly.
15:57 And it's... there's no other way for me then work,
16:02 work at it. And, but I have found something
16:05 that makes it a little bit easier,
16:06 and it's singing.
16:08 And our children and our family we love to sing.
16:12 We are not great singers.
16:14 Well, actually the children aren't bad,
16:16 and Carolyn is not bad, its really me.
16:17 They have a CD, you remember.
16:18 Yes, they have a CD called what's it called?
16:24 Scripture songs and little lessons, that's right.
16:26 And its, there's a 22 scripture songs on there
16:29 that you're singing and I know every single one
16:33 of those scripture songs to memory.
16:36 If we started singing one now, I could sing it with you.
16:39 And those verses that we sing on that CD
16:43 have been so helpful to me.
16:45 I'm gonna talk a little bit about how practically
16:48 helpful they've been, just in a few moments.
16:50 You can get that CD again from Restoration-International.org.
16:55 How about you, Carolyn,
16:56 how do you memorize scripture?
16:58 Well, singing is a great way and I do,
17:00 do that a lot, you know,
17:01 when you, if you want your children
17:03 to memorize scripture by singing.
17:05 Then there is a great way to get that to happen.
17:08 That is you join them in that memorization.
17:10 Well, we have found that our children will memorize
17:13 these things as we become a part of it.
17:15 And guess what, you get to learn it too,
17:17 it's been a huge blessing to me.
17:18 So, that is one way. Another way...
17:20 And I just interrupt you, the thing is when we're
17:23 memorizing a song or a scripture
17:25 together as a family. The children get it first,
17:30 and then they're waiting for mom and dad to get it.
17:31 And they're helping us, now it doesn't go like that,
17:33 daddy goes like this. So that's one area
17:35 that the children could be way ahead of the parents.
17:37 You like that don't you, Hannah.
17:39 Come on, you like teaching daddy some things.
17:42 Yeah. Carry on, sweetie.
17:45 The other way that I like to memorize scripture
17:48 and I find is, if I get one those little A-Z cards,
17:51 little index cards. And I write the scripture,
17:53 it's the old fashioned way.
17:55 But write, somehow writing it out for me,
17:57 the actual process of doing that.
17:58 And then I'll stick it on the refrigerator,
18:00 or by computer and I'll just see it again and again
18:03 everyday, I'll memorize it that way.
18:05 How about you, Hannah? How do you memorize?
18:07 I find listening to audio
18:10 for something over and over again
18:12 will help me to get into my brain.
18:15 So then I can repeat it to the devil
18:18 when he tempts me to do something.
18:20 You know, it works really well for Hannah,
18:22 because just in this last year,
18:24 she memorized the entire Book of James, right.
18:27 So we be going somewhere and we say, Hannah,
18:29 could you please recite James chapter 3.
18:33 And she would just pause for a moment,
18:34 and I would come James Capter 3,
18:36 isn't that wow.
18:37 And you did that, Hannah, just purely by playing it
18:40 on your iPod and just having it
18:42 go round and round and round and round and round.
18:45 How many times did you it round?
18:46 I don't know a lot. Hundreds.
18:48 Probably. And it fixed it in your mind, that's great.
18:51 And Caleb, what were you memorizing at the same time?
18:54 Well, I was trying to memorize Jonah
18:56 however things don't go right...
18:58 He was memorizing the Book of Jonah.
19:00 Have you ever memorized the Book of Jonah?
19:02 He got the first verse down and I think, you know.
19:03 You know, he could quote a few.
19:05 He got a few, okay. He was doing good.
19:07 First chapter, good for you.
19:10 You've way ahead of me, buddy, way ahead.
19:13 So let's talk about how we can practically...
19:16 we're talking about the theory here.
19:18 So let's just do a bit of recap here.
19:20 Jesus when He was tempted, He quoted the word of God.
19:25 He quoted Deuteronomy to the devil.
19:28 He says "Man shall not live by bread alone."
19:31 Wasn't that a good one for the temptation He was in.
19:33 That was an excellent one.
19:35 And but Jesus had been diligent before then,
19:38 because He didn't have, He didn't pull out this
19:39 great big long scroll, and say, hang on,
19:41 hang on a minute, it's in here somewhere.
19:43 Oh yeah, here it is.
19:45 "Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word
19:48 that proceeded out of the mouth of God."
19:49 He knew it, it was in his mind.
19:52 So, we talked about that it is written box
19:54 and that is a great discipline for,
19:56 okay this is my temptation.
19:59 This is a verse that would fight it,
20:01 get it down on paper. Get it down on a card.
20:04 But then we got to go a step further,
20:06 so we've been talking about taking the word,
20:10 memorizing it, getting it inside our head.
20:12 So when the temptation comes, we can use it
20:15 and we're each gonna give you, I think the children as well.
20:17 We're gonna give you a practical example of how
20:20 that has worked in our life.
20:22 And we're gonna be vulnerable.
20:23 You know, you don't think that people on TV
20:25 have temptations but they do. They're just like you.
20:28 And you know, I can get tempted.
20:31 Even today on our way to the studios,
20:33 I was tempted. It's like,
20:35 so the children didn't have that much to get ready
20:37 and now I have to go back to the room
20:38 and I have to get the stuff they forgot.
20:40 Why can't they... and I was tempted.
20:42 But praise God. It wasn't a big temptations,
20:45 so I didn't really have to go too far with that.
20:47 But one temptation that I have on a fairly regular basis
20:53 and I can't tell you why, but because I don't know.
20:56 But you know, when I'm sitting on my lawn mower
21:00 and I'm going backwards and forwards,
21:02 we have a lot of grass up at our place.
21:03 And I'm going backwards and forwards,
21:04 it's a fairly mindless task.
21:06 All you have to do is just follow the track
21:08 and then turn around and come back.
21:10 And your brain can start wondering.
21:13 It can start going into all kinds of places.
21:16 You know those people, those meeting the other day.
21:19 And you know, I gave my heart
21:21 to the message and all they could do is
21:23 pick on the bits they didn't like.
21:24 And you start thinking, you know,
21:27 why can't people be more grateful.
21:28 And you know, don't they know that
21:30 we like staying at home, and we travel
21:32 all over the country for other people.
21:34 You start going down this pity party,
21:36 the devil's building you up to disgruntlement or whatever.
21:40 As soon as I recognize that my thoughts
21:43 are getting out of the control.
21:45 One of my favorite text is Philippians 4:8, and it's,
21:49 whatsoever things are pure, honest, lovely,
21:51 of good report, if there be any virtue,
21:54 and if there be any praise, think on these things.
21:57 So, I'm saying to the devil. Devil, get behind me.
22:00 Whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are pure,
22:04 whatsoever things are true.
22:05 That's what I'm gonna think of.
22:07 So, what I'm doing is two-fold,
22:10 I'm praying to God, I'm telling the devil,
22:13 get behind me.
22:14 I don't want impure thoughts
22:15 and it can get worst than that.
22:17 And guys, you know, what I'm talking about.
22:18 Ladies, you know, what I'm talking about.
22:20 Maybe children, you do as well.
22:22 But you know, God wants us to have blessed
22:24 are the pure in heart.
22:26 That's another one that I use on a regular basis.
22:29 And what I'm doing at that point is
22:32 I'm also reminding myself of the high calling
22:35 of God in his word.
22:37 Friends, this works, it works better than a plastic knife.
22:41 It works better than a... I'm not gonna think about that.
22:45 Because after a few minutes, I'm thinking about it again.
22:48 Use God's word at the point of temptation.
22:50 It is written, we read that.
22:52 I'm gonna read it to you again.
22:53 Its Desire of Ages, page 120,
22:57 Jesus met Satan with the words of Scripture,
23:00 "It is written."
23:01 In every temptation the weapon of His warfare
23:06 was the word of God.
23:07 It worked for Jesus and it works for us.
23:10 Carolyn, give us a practical example from your life.
23:14 Well, over this last year, I had some health challenges.
23:17 And you know, when your health is kind of going down,
23:19 you got to find solutions to that.
23:21 And so, we have put quite a lot of time,
23:24 money, effort, and brain power
23:26 into trying to fix that and it seem like,
23:28 every door we knocked on didn't open
23:31 and didn't give a solution.
23:32 So that was kind of challenging
23:34 and when you're on the road a lot and you're working
23:36 through those things, that can be quite hard.
23:38 And so, I was tempted to be discouraged
23:40 but my favorite Bible verse
23:42 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart,
23:44 lean not to thine own understanding,
23:46 Proverbs 3:5-6, in all thy ways acknowledge Him,
23:50 and He shall direct thy paths.
23:52 I've had to hang on to that verse many, many times in life.
23:55 And that was just another opportunity.
23:57 I can give you many, many, many situations
24:00 where that verse I'm hanging onto has brought relief.
24:03 And you know, sure enough, God followed through it,
24:06 just as He had promised.
24:07 And we did find the solutions
24:09 and I'm feeling fantastic now.
24:10 Excellent, I can tell. Hannah?
24:13 Well, it's often easy to be tempted to look
24:16 at different things and we're traveling.
24:18 They're like the, sometimes there's movies
24:19 on the plane that I know wouldn't be
24:21 wise for me to look at. Or things like that.
24:24 And James 1:12, this is a good verse, it helped me.
24:28 "Blessed is the man that endureth temptation,
24:30 "for when he is tried,
24:31 "he shall receive the crown of life,
24:32 which the Lord hath promised to them that love him."
24:35 So if I'm tempted to do something
24:37 that I know I shouldn't, then I can repeat that verse.
24:39 Oh look at something, that's very real.
24:41 Thank you, Hannah. How about you, Caleb?
24:44 Well, I sometimes I was scared of the dark.
24:47 And so the verse that helps me is Psalm 91 verse 5 and 6,
24:54 Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night,
25:00 nor for the arrow that flieth by day,
25:02 Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness,
25:05 nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.
25:08 So, it helped me sometimes when I'm afraid.
25:12 And I know, you know that off by heart,
25:13 I know you know the whole Psalm 91 off by heart,
25:16 it's just not quite easy to do
25:18 when a camera's pointing at you.
25:19 Thank you, buddy.
25:20 You know, I don't want to leave our viewers
25:22 with the impression that quoting the word of God
25:26 is some lucky charm.
25:28 You know, it's like oh,
25:29 here comes the devil, say a memory verse.
25:31 Bing! Devil goes away.
25:34 It's still a battle, you still have to surrender self.
25:37 Remember in our previous program,
25:39 we still have to follow Christ's example of
25:42 "not my will but Thy will be done."
25:44 But I tell you, a quote in the word of God
25:47 sure does help at the point of temptation.
25:49 But it's got to be combined
25:50 with the surrender of our heart.
25:52 We're gonna take a break now and then we'll back
25:54 after the break to conclude this program.
25:56 Join us in a few moments.


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