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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne (Host), Hannah & Caleb Rayne


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Program Code: HTH00022B

00:02 Welcome back. Paul, you know,
00:04 there is something actually that I wanted to mention
00:06 and that is that if we don't deal with ourself,
00:09 when we have our children and they are running around.
00:12 Now children are mirrors of us.
00:14 Did you know that? They mirror image us.
00:16 And so all of a sudden if we are not dealing with ourself,
00:19 we are gonna see ourself running all around our house
00:22 in the form of our children and then it really irritates us.
00:25 So we got to already take it to the Lord
00:27 and choose to deal with the self that we have
00:30 and then we are equipped to help our children
00:32 to deal with their self.
00:34 That is, I see myself running around and Caleb especially.
00:37 It's scary. It is.
00:39 It's like, why did they have to have all the stuff
00:42 I haven't overcome yet. Why don't they,
00:44 I suppose they have the other stuff as well,
00:46 we just don't deal with that because it...
00:47 But it doesn't bother us.
00:48 Doesn't bother us, that's right.
00:50 So, you know, we want to give you a very specific challenge
00:53 and this is kind of a strange challenge
00:54 and we wouldn't give this out for every program
00:57 but we want you to step forward for this program.
01:00 As we want you to spend some time praying about yourself.
01:05 And I think you can understand a little bit more
01:06 what I mean by that.
01:08 Just be still before God and say,
01:10 God, okay I got a self. I admit it.
01:13 I pray, you can get to that point
01:15 and if that is as far as you get,
01:16 praise the Lord. But if you can go a step further
01:18 you can say, God,
01:19 how does myself manifest itself on a regular basis?
01:24 And just wait for that still small voice.
01:27 May be it will be, you know, it's your ingratitude
01:29 or it's your temper or it's your, whatever.
01:34 I am let the Lord fill in the gap.
01:35 I don't want to predispose you do anything.
01:38 So pray, and then God will show you
01:40 and then by God's grace do battle with that.
01:43 And it's gonna lead us very nicely into the next program.
01:47 This program and the next program
01:48 kind a join together because once you recognize yourself
01:53 and it also goes into the last program, connecting,
01:56 but we wanna talk about a sword fight with the devil.
01:59 We gonna talk about practically how to take this self
02:02 and deal with it, so that it is conquered once and for all.
02:06 Well, not once and for all but, you know, day by day.
02:09 So join us on the next Happy the Home
02:11 for a sword fight with the devil.


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