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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne (Host), Hannah & Caleb Rayne


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00:01 One of the biggest roadblocks
00:03 to being a good parent is self,
00:04 the selfishness that dwells in all of us.
00:07 It gets in a way of everything
00:08 even our good intentions and best efforts.
00:11 Join us on today's Happy the Home
00:13 as we look at- Me Myself, and I.
00:40 Welcome to Happy the Home.
00:42 And we want to thank you again for inviting us
00:45 into your living room.
00:47 We have a most interesting program today.
00:51 It's one that everybody will be out to relate to.
00:55 It's called me, myself and I.
00:58 And in previous programs,
01:01 the one we had last week was a review,
01:04 but then before that we talked about
01:05 the connection that counts and we talked about
01:08 the importance of abiding in Christ and connecting
01:12 with God and listening to the still small voice.
01:15 But if you've been seeking for that experience
01:18 and we hope you have.
01:19 You will have come across something
01:22 and everybody has a different name for it,
01:25 but we call it Self.
01:27 And it's a...well, Carolyn what,
01:30 tell us a little bit about self.
01:33 Well, to be quite honest it wasn't until
01:35 I was 30 years old that I even knew a hard one.
01:38 Thirty! What did you do for the first 30 years?
01:43 Oh! My good enough years I didn't realize,
01:45 you know if, if you quick tempered
01:48 or irritable or you're just that kind of person,
01:51 I just thought that is just how you were until
01:54 and that's just what you be like.
01:55 So what is self?
01:58 I mean, I know I am asking you,
02:00 what is self?
02:01 Well, somebody will describe it
02:02 is this animal inside of you that want to kind of ...erupt.
02:08 Can you relate?
02:10 Have you got some animals inside of you
02:13 that wants to erupt, wants to growl,
02:16 and wants to have its way and wants to domineer,
02:20 or may be just to be totally silent and sulky
02:24 and not say a word?
02:26 It's also that yucky stuff inside
02:29 and we all know that yucky stuff feeling.
02:33 I remember we were just newly married
02:36 and you wanted me to buy you a Citroen Dyane.
02:41 It was a car in Europe many years ago.
02:44 And they were cute little cars.
02:46 It was a French car and the head rolled off.
02:49 I said to Carolyn, hey when you learn to drive
02:52 'cause she learned to drive very late,
02:54 I'll buy you a Citroen Dyane.
02:56 And I didn't really mean a great,
02:59 there wasn't a great deal of vital commitment
03:01 in that but I know you took it pretty seriously.
03:04 Oh! I believed you.
03:06 Well, that's a fair enough thing to do.
03:07 And then you passed your driving test
03:10 and all of that and I fulfilled my part.
03:14 I went to the Citroen garage and I started looking
03:18 at these Dyane's as they were called
03:21 and I was horrified.
03:22 This thing was a go-kart and now I hope we haven't
03:25 got any Citroen Dyane fans watching.
03:27 I sure we will. We probably will.
03:29 This goes, probably goes to France as well.
03:31 So anyway I went to the garage
03:33 and I looked at this thing and the exhaust pipe
03:36 was like a garden hose.
03:38 It was a six volt battery, not a twelve volt battery
03:42 and this was a thing that did me,
03:44 it had the name Beam on the headlamps
03:48 and then the dip
03:49 was actually a physical lever.
03:51 You pushed it forward and the headlines went down,
03:53 and then you pulled it back and they went up.
03:55 But I thought this thing isn't even a real car.
03:58 And so I went back to Carolyn,
04:00 it was in our early days when we haven't really
04:01 learned to communicate that well.
04:04 And I just said, hey Carolyn I went and looked
04:05 at one of those Citroen Dyanes,
04:07 what a piece of junk those things are.
04:09 We aren't getting one of those.
04:11 And you remember your response.
04:13 I was horrified.
04:14 We've been married just a few months.
04:17 I was horrified.
04:18 And it just totally burst my bubble
04:20 and I didn't know what to do about it.
04:22 So I didn't really speak to him for about two days.
04:25 I remember. Well it was just
04:27 at the same time we were making some reforms
04:29 in our diet and you had made me
04:30 this meal that I was supposed to eat
04:33 before I went off to work and it was,
04:37 it wasn't very tasty to tell the truth.
04:39 And I said to Carolyn, can I,
04:41 can I have some salt to go on this.
04:44 And I remember she just took the salt
04:45 and she just...slid it across the table
04:48 and didn't say a word.
04:50 And surely you didn't speak to me,
04:53 hardly anything but acknowledgement...
04:55 And of course I got over it.
04:57 You got over it, and we got over it.
04:58 But that is just a manifestation of self.
05:03 It goes into a sulky, poor me.
05:07 Now that's one form of self.
05:09 Now that might be where my wife goes.
05:11 I go to the other way and I get a bit more vocal
05:14 as self gets a bit more alive
05:16 and to illustrate this I want to take you back.
05:19 Carolyn and I, after we got over
05:22 Citroen Dyane experience, a few years after that we,
05:26 no it must have been before that.
05:29 We went to African Missionaries.
05:31 And we were taking a trip down
05:33 to South Africa to buy a vehicle.
05:36 And we won't go into the details
05:37 but we bought this Mazda and we were driving back
05:41 to Zambia where we were stationed
05:45 and we were going along the road and Carolyn
05:49 there was potholes, in the road,
05:50 typical African road.
05:51 The car was loaded.
05:53 I was trying to get back. We were late.
05:55 Oh, they need to know about these potholes.
05:57 Some of these potholes you can lose
05:59 whole vehicles in the pothole
06:01 and we saw that.
06:02 Yeah. They were huge.
06:03 They've been a vehicle down there for years. oh! yeah.
06:05 But anyway this road we were on was a good road.
06:08 There wasn't any of those kind of potholes,
06:09 but every now and then you.... you'd hit something.
06:13 And my dear wife said to me,
06:14 why don't you say it again what you said?
06:17 After we had been done several of these,
06:18 and you need to know there is no AAA
06:20 or whatever these people use these days.
06:22 There is none of that out there.
06:24 There is a few monkeys in the bush
06:25 and a few hogs on the road
06:27 and there is nothing for hundreds of miles.
06:30 And so he was doing one of those
06:32 and I just turned to him and said,
06:33 sweetheart do you not think it
06:35 might be best to slow down.
06:36 We'd already had one tyre go out
06:38 on the journey down there, the other direction.
06:41 So guys, what do you think to that?
06:43 Do you think that some sound advice?
06:45 You think you better slow down, well...
06:48 So we don't do a tyre. Well it just caught me wrong.
06:51 It's like, who is driving this vehicle,
06:55 and who is carry in the burden
06:57 of trying to get his back on time.
06:59 I didn't say all of that but I thought
07:01 that and it just agitated me, but it couldn't have been
07:04 just a few seconds later. Literally.
07:06 Literally, a few seconds later,
07:08 bang we hit another pothole. Pssss.... Oh!
07:13 And at that point it goes, at that point
07:14 you got to know there is only one thing to do
07:19 and that is to keep totally silent and I did.
07:21 I never said a word.
07:22 I was thinking plenty but I did not said.
07:25 We haven't been married very long
07:26 but we had learned when to be quite and when to speak up.
07:28 We've been married about two months I think.
07:31 And so I go to the back of the vehicle
07:33 and I've got to get the spare tyre out
07:36 and its where is it.
07:37 It's right on the bottom of the trunk
07:39 and the trunk is loaded.
07:41 It took me hours to get all of those cans
07:43 and that stuff in there.
07:45 So now in the side of the road,
07:47 in the middle of nowhere I got to start
07:48 taking all the stuff out.
07:49 So I had a real attitude inside.
07:52 It's like, it's almost like it was hurtful.
07:55 We got a flat tyre, but it certainly wasn't my fault.
07:57 But it's my jump to get over it.
07:59 Anyway the law in Zambia, which is where
08:01 we were at this point is, that you have to put
08:03 a warning triangle out.
08:05 I mean it is a kind of a city rule
08:07 because you don't see a car
08:08 from one week to the next.
08:11 And so that's why the roads are in such a bad shape.
08:13 So anyway I say to Carolyn, put this warning triangle.
08:17 It's on the lid of the hood.
08:19 Put this warning triangle out and I'll start unloading this.
08:23 Well you didn't say like that.
08:24 You just kind of stuck the thing at me, put this out.
08:28 So I took off of it and I put it out.
08:31 And I am unloading the vehicle,
08:33 getting all the cans out, got to the spare tyre
08:35 and just as I'm doing that I'm thinking,
08:38 what is the deal? I just feel like somebody is boring
08:43 in the back of me, somebody is watching me.
08:46 But we're at in the middle of nowhere.
08:47 And I looked around and there is my dear wife, Carolyn.
08:51 She can't be more than the length of this sofa away
08:54 from where I'm sat and she's standing there
08:58 with a triangle at her feet and I'm thinking,
09:02 so I yelled it's just.
09:04 This is what we're talking about self.
09:06 And I'm sure you can relate.
09:08 It was too much, the stress of the trip, the flat tyres.
09:12 It was my fault and so I just yelled out
09:15 at her with all my might, even though she was only,
09:17 five feet away from me. I said not there.
09:21 I strained it all out. And she just picked up
09:25 the triangle and off she walks
09:27 and she starts walking and I think,
09:28 and I think, well good we got that thing.
09:30 But still, still not really wanting to recognize it
09:34 this was me. I was out of control.
09:36 And so I'm pulling over the cans out and,
09:39 you know, who cares where they land
09:40 and I get the tyre out and I get this thing on
09:42 and give it a few kicks in the process
09:44 and got it tightened up and I'm just starting
09:47 to low the cans back into the back of the trunk,
09:49 and I think where is she?
09:51 Where...you're so nice now, I can't believe I did it.
09:53 And I said where is she? And I didn't know.
09:56 And there is she. She is a dot.
09:58 It was a dead straight road.
10:00 I can see it now as I look at you.
10:02 Dead straight road and there is this dear wife.
10:05 She must be about a mile and half away by now,
10:08 still walking with a triangle.
10:11 And I shout to her, not there come back.
10:15 And she starts coming back.
10:18 We come a long way, don't we?
10:21 I still don't know where to put the triangle.
10:24 Even today to this day,
10:25 I still don't know about the length
10:26 of the couch away, but anyways.
10:28 But now he can have a little bit
10:32 Still I don't think the length of the couch is far enough.
10:34 Okay. In my mind something like about 50 feet, right.
10:38 Just so the idea of the triangle being,
10:40 anyway we won't go there. We won't go there.
10:43 We had been there probably about four or five times.
10:45 On the triangle thing in our married life
10:47 I know she doesn't get it, so I'm not gonna waste
10:49 your time trying to help her to get it.
10:51 May be it's me who needs to get it.
10:52 But we just want to tell you the story
10:55 because I'm sure you can relate.
10:57 I'm sure you could write your own script
10:59 of how self operate those animals.
11:03 You know, the Bible, carry on.
11:05 You gonna say something.
11:06 Because I know they can relate
11:08 because the greatest battle
11:09 that we ever gonna have to fight
11:11 is actually the battle against self.
11:14 It's the biggest battle there is out there.
11:15 It is. There is no doubt it.
11:17 It says here, my experience that
11:19 I was explaining and your experience is very clear
11:22 for us here in Romans 7 and its 18 and 19,
11:26 verses 18 and 19.
11:27 And entering to this verse, come on enter in with me.
11:31 You've just been laughing at me.
11:32 Now laugh at yourself as we read this together.
11:35 I know that in me, that is in my flesh,
11:38 nothing good dwelleths, for to will is present with me,
11:42 I wanna be a good husband I wanna be patience
11:45 to will is present with me
11:47 but how to perform what is good I find not.
11:51 For the good that I would I do not
11:54 and the evil I'll not to do that I practice.
11:59 That was my experience in that situation.
12:03 But you know, you talked about early discovering.
12:07 You had a self at age 30 but does it,
12:10 is this just a disease that infects adults
12:13 or how does it manifest itself in our children?
12:17 What do you think viewers?
12:18 Do you think self starts around about 30?
12:22 Well... You can assume that.
12:24 If it doesn't your hush you need to callk
12:26 in because we need to talk to you,
12:27 because it started way earlier than that,
12:29 in our hush. You know self starts in infancy.
12:34 Do you believe that? It seriously does
12:35 and if we don't deal with it then it goes
12:38 into toddlerhood and if we don't deal with it
12:40 then it gets into the young childhood
12:42 and if we don't deal then it gets to being horrible,
12:45 by the time it gets into the teenage years
12:48 if we haven't dealt with self.
12:50 So what is the manifestation of self in infancy?
12:53 Well I can just share with you
12:55 and I'm sure you have all been there
12:56 if you have children, I can remember
12:58 with our children that one of the first manifestations,
13:01 not the only one but one of them
13:03 that I remember is the arching back.
13:05 You got the child on your lap
13:06 and all of a sudden they arch the back
13:08 because they don't wanna be there.
13:10 They want to be in different position,
13:12 they are not happy. That is self right there.
13:15 They probably at that point can't talk
13:17 to you in words anyways, they can talk in other kinds
13:20 of ways, but not in words you can understand.
13:23 And so...And that's only a very small manifestation itself.
13:24 And I suppose that's because they are only small.
13:25 And it starts in small ways, well if grows,
13:33 and then it grows that's what you are saying.
13:34 Yeah, so if we don't deal with that manifestation
13:37 of I don't like this in our infant,
13:40 it will place way into toddlerhood
13:42 and we all had it and we've all seen the toddler
13:45 was picked up and put on the lap
13:46 and they kind of push their back,
13:48 back and they slide off your lap on to the floor
13:50 in a big heap because what are they telling you?
13:53 I don't wanna do this. I don't enjoy this.
13:56 I don't want to do this. Right.
13:58 It's like I don't want you
14:00 to have that triangle right behind me.
14:01 Right, right. And so they are arching back.
14:02 They are pushing themselves off your lap
14:04 when they're bigger before you know it.
14:07 And it's no question of doubt in my mind
14:08 to what it leads to.
14:10 The next stage from there is tantrum throwing.
14:13 And you think what is that got to do
14:15 with arching the back.
14:16 But it's the same demonstration of I don't like this
14:19 and I'm gonna show you my protest
14:21 and this is how I'm gonna do it.
14:22 You know, it makes me think of that little girl
14:24 in Africa when we were there,
14:25 she is four years old and she would put her hands
14:29 on her hips very definitely and she go, I don't like.
14:33 And that what she was saying.
14:34 She was four. And we thought woo...
14:36 what she kind a be like if she is 24.
14:38 The thing is I found as you were doing
14:39 that I don't like, I found myself laughing.
14:42 Yeah. Because it's kind of funny.
14:44 But what is funny in a four-year-old,
14:48 isn't funny in a 14-year-old
14:50 or a 24-year-old. You know, in an older child,
14:52 a 10 year old it tends to lend itself
14:55 to just plain refusing to corporate and obey.
14:58 Right. Where does that go from there into teenage years?
15:01 Well when you get into the teenage years
15:03 and mom may say something, hey can you run down
15:06 the store and get me something.
15:08 And he says... do I have to. It's again the,
15:13 it's just the will the human laziness.
15:17 The human I don't want to. I don't like.
15:21 It's that coming out.
15:22 The rolling of the eyes or sometimes with teenagers
15:25 it just comes out in attitude.
15:26 Sulkiness or silence. Yeah or grumpiness
15:29 or whatever, and then of course as we get
15:32 into adult life we don't need any example.
15:34 So we started with an example there of,
15:37 you know, me yelling at Carolyn or yelling at the children
15:40 or yelling at anything, you know, the dog or whatever.
15:42 But you know, how, the question is though,
15:44 how do we overcome the selfishness.
15:49 That's really what it is. We call it self.
15:51 But that's the short version.
15:52 The big version is Selfishness.
15:54 You know, Jesus showed us.
15:56 Did you have something to ask first or no?
15:58 I want go into this because I'm just conscious on the time.
16:02 Well no, you are fine. Okay, all right.
16:03 Jesus showed us how to overcome self.
16:06 You know, you think Jesus had a self?
16:07 Well, hang on. We're getting into some heresy here.
16:12 Jesus had a Self.
16:13 Well Jesus, if you go to Matthew 26:39,
16:17 there you see Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.
16:20 He is up against the ultimate sacrifice.
16:24 It's right before Him.
16:26 He can see it all coming together
16:28 and He says this in His prayers in verse,
16:30 Chapter 26 of Matthew, verse 39.
16:33 O my Father, if it is possible let this cup pass from me.
16:40 And He prayed that prayer three times
16:42 if you read there in the Gospels.
16:44 What is He saying, what is He saying in modern English.
16:47 He is saying I don't know that.
16:50 I'm ready to go through with this crucifixion thing.
16:51 I don't know that I'm ready to take upon me
16:54 the sins of the world. He was being tempted.
16:56 He was being pressed and it was made
16:58 to look ever so dark. But He is the victory.
17:02 He is the key and it worked for Christ
17:04 and it will work for every one of us.
17:06 It says, the next part of the verse,
17:08 Nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will.
17:14 There is the surrender. Here is Christ surrendering.
17:19 He is letting self go. He is giving it back
17:22 and He is saying no, not my will but your will be done.
17:26 That's the rest of the verse.
17:27 We need, when we sense that self coming out,
17:28 we need to surrender self.
17:32 You know, people think of surrender is defeat,
17:35 but when it comes to the Christian walk,
17:36 Surrender is victory.
17:38 It is all sweet victory.
17:41 So how do we overcome self?
17:43 Well it's a choice. It's a motivated choice
17:47 as we fall in love with God
17:49 because we're spending time in His word
17:51 and we wanna live for Him.
17:52 Then we come to the point that
17:54 we've to make a decision.
17:56 We've to say no, I'll not.
17:58 By God's grace we won't do in our own strengths.
18:01 But you know, imagine a situation
18:03 maybe I'm speaking to the ladies
18:04 on these so and probably not, probably the guys as well.
18:08 So you're sitting there
18:09 and, well I know you're not sitting there.
18:12 I'm getting ahead of myself in the story.
18:13 You jump on the bathroom scales
18:15 and your eyes go really wide as you look down
18:18 and you think, oh no. How can that be?
18:21 And it's not generally because you're lighter
18:23 than you think you're.
18:24 You know, when you get to about 40, 45 things
18:27 start expanding, don't they?
18:29 And it's not your IQ, generally.
18:31 Or your bank balance.
18:32 Or your bank balance, and you know,
18:34 you think yeah I know how it is
18:37 and then the Holy Spirit comes in.
18:38 You know, when you're sitting there
18:40 watching the TV late at night,
18:41 snacking on all those biscuits and all those,
18:44 you know, cookies, cookies.
18:46 Yeah biscuits that's European term,
18:47 but you know, and so you have the thought.
18:50 Yeah, and I've haven't been exercising.
18:52 I said. I even brought that membership
18:54 for the gym and I haven't been once.
18:56 So you start thinking okay,
18:59 I need to get back on track.
19:00 And so you promise yourself, yes
19:02 I'm gonna go to the gym
19:04 and I'm gonna stop eating late at night.
19:06 Anyway so few nights later you've had a hard day
19:09 with your children and you sit there
19:10 and you're watching 3ABN and you think,
19:13 oh yeah a bit peckish.
19:15 Yeah, I could do something.
19:16 You go to the refrigerator.
19:17 Right now we're back into the battle.
19:20 The greatest battle that was ever fought
19:23 is the battle against self.
19:24 So you're peering into the refrigerator
19:27 and the thought comes to you.
19:28 You said you wouldn't gonna do this.
19:32 Now what do you do?
19:34 Now the time to make the decision is really difficult
19:37 not to eat the last bit of apple pie
19:40 when you're fixed on it,
19:41 when you're almost drooling over it.
19:44 So shut the refrigerator, grab yourself a drink
19:47 and do something. Get on the phone
19:50 to your friend and say hey, how are you?
19:52 And get into a conversation.
19:53 Because it is possible to eat and be on the cell phone
19:55 at the same time but it's a little bit more difficult
19:58 well go out for a walk or just drink so much water
20:01 that you feel like you don't want to eat anything else.
20:04 But do something.
20:05 See there is another Bible principle coming
20:09 into play here that we should make
20:11 no provision for the flesh.
20:14 I haven't got the reference on that.
20:15 But look it up, make no provision for the flesh.
20:17 I think that's actually the King James translation
20:19 which is lodged in my mind from years back.
20:22 So make no provision for the flesh.
20:23 That means that you don't walk at the temptations,
20:27 they're not gonna leave it.
20:29 I'm not gonna leave the apple pie,
20:30 let me just grab the apple pie.
20:32 Let me just have a little crumb of the apple pie.
20:35 No you gonna get away from the apple pie
20:37 otherwise you're just gonna get sulked
20:39 and you know how weak you are.
20:41 I know how weak I'm.
20:42 Carolyn, have you got any thoughts on this subject?
20:45 Well I was gonna move on
20:47 to how to really deal with self and...
20:50 That's what I was talking about.
20:51 So you're just gonna carry on.
20:55 Okay. You know, the most important thing
20:57 is first of all as we said rather than beginning
20:58 is to recognize you got one.
21:00 And hopefully you're not 30 and finding that out now.
21:03 But recognizing that just the fact that I'm just,
21:07 everybody in my family knows,
21:08 all my friends know I have a short fuse.
21:10 I'm a quick tempered person that's just an excuse for self.
21:15 And we may have excused if for these years
21:17 to say this is just the way I've always been.
21:19 My grandpa was that way, my great grandpa
21:21 and that's just how I'm too.
21:22 I inherited, don't you know, doesn't matter
21:25 where you got it from. It can be got rid off.
21:27 So the first thing is to recognize it
21:29 and then to ask God earnestly for help to overcome it.
21:34 And you know the thing the funny thing
21:36 about self is that even if we don't see
21:38 we got one guess what, everybody who know
21:41 just know we do and they could tell you
21:43 exactly what yourself is, if you wanted to ask them.
21:46 It's a great point Carolyn that everybody has got a self.
21:49 You watching this program, me presenting this program,
21:50 we all have a self and we go a lot further if we'll admit it.
21:52 Everybody else knows it already.
21:59 You know, one thing I found,
22:00 when you start trying to deal with self,
22:03 when you become, when you recognize it,
22:04 self is just a master skimmer.
22:11 It will get itself out of any situation.
22:14 And so what happens is so,
22:16 I've got a self and I recognize that
22:19 we're okay so this temper thing that's self.
22:22 That's not allowed anymore.
22:24 So you seek to get rid of it
22:25 and you know what your self will do.
22:27 It will start seeing the temper in everybody else.
22:31 Oh, the children are doing something wrong.
22:33 You're saying children that's your self doing that
22:36 and you know you shouldn't yell at your brother.
22:39 And you yell at them telling them not to yell.
22:42 It's your self trying to cast out their self
22:45 and it causes misery. So what self will do?
22:49 I'm just letting you into a secret here.
22:50 Maybe it's not a secret to you, but it was for me
22:53 for a long while, is that your self
22:55 rather than dealing with itself it will start dealing
22:58 with everybody else itself.
23:00 And you'll say that person, they are wrong to do
23:03 that and we start getting into all critical.
23:05 Friends take your eyes off of everybody else's self
23:09 and get it into your situation
23:12 and where your weaknesses are.
23:14 Another thing that we wanna talk about on self is,
23:19 well you already mentioned this that we tend to
23:21 blame on our inheritance.
23:23 We kind of it's just the way I am.
23:27 Well once we recognize that this is really who we're.
23:32 It's kind of, can be devastating we need to
23:34 be on our needs with the Lord.
23:35 He has seen it all along, He has known all along
23:38 and He has been leading us in our lives to the point
23:40 where we can't recognize it and deal with it.
23:42 And then it's our opportunity to convince it to God
23:45 and ask Him to take it away.
23:47 And it will develop humility in us
23:50 because you can't go around being proud,
23:53 while trying to get rid of self.
23:54 The two things diametrically oppose.
23:56 Here's another thing we've to do,
23:57 if we really wanna overcome self
23:59 and that is we can't feed self.
24:01 You know, if you're trying to,
24:04 well then the Bible verse I'm thinking
24:07 of here is Roman 6:11,
24:10 it says reckon yourselves to be dead indeed
24:13 to sin but alive to God.
24:14 You've got to reckon yourself dead.
24:16 So you're tempted to go somewhere on the way,
24:19 boy you are tempted that you know
24:21 you shouldn't and self wants to.
24:23 You'll not conquer self by feeding self.
24:27 You'll make it bigger.
24:28 You'll make it stronger.
24:29 So you've got to reckon yourself.
24:31 You got to say to yourself by God's grace
24:33 I don't do that anymore.
24:35 And then you get you bow your head
24:38 and you say God please help me now.
24:40 I need you right now because my self
24:42 is so strong and you are crying out to God.
24:45 And I tell you from personal experience
24:47 that God will answer a sincere prayer like that.
24:51 You're not the harte publican in that prayer.
24:55 You're the penitent one.
24:59 You're the one wanting victory
25:00 and God loves that kind of stuff.
25:02 So don't feed self, don't make provision for the flesh,
25:08 don't fill the refrigerator
25:10 with all those kind of foods
25:11 or whatever your battle is the Holy Spirit
25:14 will translate this into your life,
25:16 anything else before we take a break?
25:18 No. You're good. We're gonna take a break
25:20 here and join us as we close out this program
25:23 in just a few moments.


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