Happy the Home

Recap Programs 18 - 20

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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne


Series Code: HTH

Program Code: HTH00021B

00:02 Welcome back, you know, Carolyn,
00:05 what is our step
00:07 forward challenge for today?
00:09 For today it is to be determined
00:11 that we are gonna abide with Christ.
00:13 That we're gonna stay with Him
00:14 in a connection with Him throughout the day.
00:16 That's gonna mean that earnest prayer,
00:19 that we will listen to His voice
00:20 and make that choice.
00:22 You know, I have another challenge for you
00:24 and that is to try and count
00:27 how many times you hear that
00:29 that still small voice coming your way.
00:31 And now you have watched program,
00:33 you're gonna be more tuned into that still small voice.
00:37 So be watching out, be listening out.
00:40 You know, if the Lord is calling on you
00:45 to go over some of these previous programs
00:49 or if you are following along with Connected Family Book
00:52 then flip through some previous chapters
00:55 and see if there is anything there
00:56 that you've missed and pick up on those,
00:57 may be that's what God is calling you to do.
00:59 But most of all as Carolyn says
01:01 we want you to be abiding in God
01:04 it will make all the difference to your parenting
01:07 and it will to ours as well.
01:08 The next program is one
01:11 that we are really looking forward to.
01:12 It's entitled me, myself and I.
01:16 And it's gonna talk about, when we get into abiding,
01:19 it's gonna talk about the biggest enemy there.
01:22 So join us for the next program on Happy the Home.


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