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00:01 Today on Happy the Home it's review time.
00:04 Join us as we quick fire through a review
00:08 of some vital topics, soul power, winning worship
00:12 and a connection that counts.
00:39 Welcome to Happy the Home.
00:40 I'm Paul Rayne from Restoration International,
00:43 this is my dear wife Carolyn.
00:46 We're so pleased to be with you again.
00:48 Thank you for inviting us into your home
00:52 or your setting wherever you are right now.
00:54 You know, we're gonna spend sometime
00:56 the next half an hour or so
00:58 going through very quick fire.
01:01 The last three programs that we have had on
01:04 Happy the Home we're gonna be looking
01:06 first of all at soul power, which was program number 18
01:10 and it corresponds to Chapter number 18
01:14 in The Connected Family
01:15 which is a Companion Book that goes along.
01:18 Of course if you seen previous programs
01:20 you know all about The Connected Family.
01:22 We hope you've got yourself a copy because
01:25 this is feeding you through your eyes and your ears.
01:29 But the book will also give you chance to just
01:31 go at your own pace to read it and to contemplate.
01:34 And then we have all of the step forward challenges
01:38 that are in the book and more.
01:39 There are also places there to rewrite scriptures
01:43 in your own words and a place to journal
01:47 your responses to the program
01:50 and then how the activities went.
01:51 So please pickup a copy of the Connected Family.
01:56 You can get it in your ABC.
01:57 You can get it right here from 3ABN as well.
02:01 So, let's get on with program number 18,
02:04 Carolyn. It's soul power.
02:05 We all need soul power.
02:08 And on an earlier program
02:10 we demonstrated parents are losing their tempers,
02:17 as they come into a situation,
02:19 and its this just not enough desire
02:24 in a parent's heart to be cool to prevent us from
02:28 blowing it in the situation.
02:30 And you know we need a power outside of ourselves,
02:34 no matter, if we're strong will German,
02:38 or we think that we've got it all together
02:41 we need a power outside of ourselves,
02:44 because soon or later we're going to get
02:46 into a situation, we cannot handle in our own strength.
02:50 And I just want to pay a little tribute
02:52 here to mothers.
02:53 If you are at home looking after the children
02:57 or even if you're not at home and you're
02:59 still looking after the children it is a job
03:02 that you deserve a medal.
03:04 Carolyn you deserve a medal.
03:06 I know it's easier for us men to go out to work
03:11 and do all kinds of hard things we can climb towers,
03:15 we can drive trucks, we can manage people,
03:18 but that is pretty simple stuff compared with
03:21 molding a little life, bringing up children
03:26 in the way of God.
03:27 So, thank you and thank you moms
03:29 and dads for all that you do, because it will show
03:33 in the next generation the work that we do know.
03:36 Let's get on to soul power.
03:37 You know, Carolyn prayer is an important power
03:42 to soul power and what are some of the things
03:45 that you would pray about in your prayer time
03:47 to help you be a better mom.
03:50 I would be praying for patience because I know
03:52 that's my biggest weakness, oh one of my many but,
03:57 one that's really come from my eyes is being a mother,
03:59 so praying specifically for patience to be calm,
04:02 to speak sweetly to the children,
04:04 not to speak in a harsh irritated voice.
04:07 But you don't strike me or I should imagine anybody
04:10 that you meet as an impatient person.
04:12 So, why you praying for patience?
04:15 Well, I didn't think I was impatient either
04:18 and as a nurse and a midwife for over many years.
04:21 I could be very patient with my patients.
04:23 But when I had my children, somehow our children
04:27 seem to bail to go to a certain spot
04:30 right in there that sparks things.
04:32 And I didn't know, I had that stuff there
04:35 until I had the children.
04:36 They bring out the worse from us, don't they?
04:40 And that's why we need soul power because
04:42 as we connect to God, which is another program,
04:45 we're going to review, that power comes in
04:47 and it can make us a different kind of parent.
04:49 We don't, we don't have to be a parent
04:50 that we looses it, every time our children
04:53 do something wild or not so wild.
04:56 What's another thing you pray about Carolyn?
04:58 You know, I pray about the temptations
05:01 things that tempt me and ask the Lord to help me
05:04 to resist those temptations when they come to recognize
05:07 that it is a temptation and to resist it when it comes.
05:11 That's another thing, I specifically pray about.
05:13 I know prayer that I specifically have is
05:16 praying by name for my children.
05:20 I did it this very morning.
05:22 Its father you know its hard being a kid these days,
05:25 please help Hannah, please help Caleb
05:28 to make good decisions help them to love you,
05:30 help them to have a sweet disposition,
05:33 a happy day and then I'm praying Lord,
05:36 what can I do to help them through their days.
05:39 So pray for your children, that's sounds so basic,
05:43 why do we even have to mention that.
05:45 Because I'm a dad who loves my children by Gods grace
05:49 and this times that we just forget but their day goes on,
05:54 so, pray for your children every single day.
05:56 You know,
05:59 what for me let me tell also to the camera
06:01 rather to my wife because you know this already.
06:05 For me the best time to pray is early in the morning.
06:07 I get up early and spend some quality time with God
06:12 and then I can pull my heart out to God.
06:14 So praise start your day with pray,
06:16 pray specifically for you children.
06:19 Now another part of soul power is
06:23 spending time in God's word.
06:25 And again just recapping for the viewers,
06:28 what did you do in the morning with God's word
06:32 that helps you be a better parent,
06:33 is there anything that brings to mind.
06:35 Well along with prayer I like to search
06:38 through the Bible to things that are very specific to me
06:41 so when I was restudying about patience
06:44 I was digging through the Bible looking
06:45 at the different Bible characters,
06:47 looking at the life of Christ and seeing how
06:50 He and other Bible characters responded to circumstances
06:53 where they were tempted to lose their patience
06:56 and then asking the Lord to take me through the day
06:59 with those thoughts.
07:00 Because as we behold to Christ in His word
07:04 and as we see how He dealt with it
07:06 and He ask questions any He didn't retaliate
07:08 and He was gentle and all of those things
07:11 having affect on us.
07:12 It affects us for the day ahead.
07:14 You know another way that I like to get
07:18 into God's word, well I want to mention
07:20 to a specific verse here.
07:22 Its 2 Corinthians 12:9.
07:25 It says my grace is sufficient for you
07:28 my strength is made perfect in weakness.
07:31 And I said praise the Lord that your strength
07:34 is made perfect in weakness because there is
07:37 plenty of weakness here.
07:38 And so I that's actually a promise my strength
07:42 is made perfect in your weakness power.
07:44 When you feel your need I will come and help you.
07:48 So spend some time in God's word,
07:50 it will give you the power that you need to be
07:52 a different kind of parent.
07:54 You know, often times we think that
07:56 we can be a good parent just by kind of
07:58 I gonna be like a good parent today
08:00 and I'm not going to shout at the children,
08:04 I'm not going to be impatient,
08:05 I'm gonna do it and we try to do it
08:07 in God in our own strength.
08:10 I don't know how old your children are
08:12 but don't try and parent in your own strength.
08:18 Because they will rattle you enough to the point
08:21 that you come unglued.
08:23 We need to spend that time in pray number one
08:26 and in God's word number two.
08:28 How about another way Carolyn that we can connect with God
08:33 in the morning there in our personal time,
08:36 the soul power?
08:38 Memorizing Bible verses is a great way.
08:41 You know, one of my favorite children reading
08:43 Bible verses Proverbs 22 and verse 6,
08:46 train up a child in the way he should go,
08:48 when he is old, he will not depart from it.
08:51 You know, there are times join your day
08:52 when you can become very discouraged as a parent.
08:56 And memorizing, remembering those scriptures,
08:59 putting them to memory so that when you do get
09:01 to those discouraging circumstances
09:03 you can bring those back out and they can keep you going
09:06 through the day, that's a great encouragement.
09:08 That verse Proverbs 22:6 must be a great encouragement.
09:13 Because moms I know, your at home,
09:15 you are grinding away you going
09:17 to the children's bedroom.
09:18 It's a mess.
09:19 It was messy yesterday and it's like, blimp.
09:25 Will they ever get it? Will I ever get it?
09:27 Will anybody ever get it?
09:28 Why are we just throwing the towel and forget it?
09:30 Maybe a messy bedroom is just want I need to expect.
09:34 Maybe disrespectful children, maybe,
09:37 maybe I'm just I'm some kind of weird,
09:39 the standard is too high,
09:42 here it says train up a child.
09:45 Training takes time when soccer players
09:49 or ball players go for training
09:50 its not over in five minutes, its on going.
09:53 So yes train up a child in the way you should go,
09:58 and when he his old he might go off track for little while
10:00 but he is not gonna go far away.
10:02 So let's move on, well now before we go for further on,
10:05 where are we going to find time
10:09 for all this in the morning?
10:11 I mean if you go to bed you know,
10:13 at 11 o'clock or 12 o'clock and you get up just in time
10:16 to you know, have some basic food or cup of coffee
10:21 and then you out the door where you gonna get time
10:23 to do all this stuff.
10:25 Praying and being still and believing God's word
10:28 and asking the Holy Spirit to bless your day.
10:30 Friends it took me years to figure it out
10:32 and it's not rocket science.
10:34 You got a get to bed earlier,
10:36 go to bed an hour earlier you could do that,
10:39 you could go to bed an hour earlier tonight
10:42 and then you get the same amount of sleep
10:45 and you get up an hour earlier.
10:47 And then the whole morning,
10:48 you know, the morning is a time
10:50 when the birds are singing, the air is fresh
10:53 and everybody else is asleep.
10:54 It is the forgotten part of today.
10:57 So I encourage you, again by God's grace
11:00 get to bed an hour earlier shut the internet off,
11:03 shut the TV off, whatever is you have to do,
11:07 so that you can go to bed a little bit earlier
11:09 have some quality time with God in the morning.
11:12 Lets move on we got to go bit faster here.
11:14 Winning worship wise, He tell us a little bit
11:16 about what we covered in program 19.
11:19 Well, we well pray to Family Worship,
11:21 we been kind of doing that over these
11:23 different programs, but really with a little bit
11:25 more direction to it explaining that
11:27 Family Worship is something that we should do
11:29 twice a day morning and evening
11:31 just as they did in the Bible times.
11:33 And it should be interesting to our children.
11:35 We explain how when Hannah was six months old
11:37 they are about to speak started off Family Worship
11:40 just like we would always done just the two of us.
11:42 And she find an interesting and your children will.
11:46 We also discuss how we need to be enthusiastic.
11:49 While you said your children will find Family Worship
11:52 and interesting, is that all you meant?
11:56 They will, if we don't cater into their needs.
11:59 Okay, I got it.
12:00 How about something that's relevant
12:01 to your family?
12:03 If you got little tiny tots you're gonna be doing
12:05 something different that we're doing
12:06 right now as a family.
12:07 But make it relevant.
12:09 If you've got children in their late teens
12:11 or early 20's, you are going to be looking
12:12 at stuff in Family Worship,
12:14 that's relevant to their life.
12:16 Make it connect with your child, where they are
12:19 and above all us, be enthusiastic.
12:22 If you are about to announce tomorrow morning
12:24 guess what family, we're gonna have worship.
12:26 Don't just kind go apologetically,
12:28 oh well I thought to tell you but this but kind of,
12:31 we're kind of so gonna have to do this.
12:33 Don't do it that way,
12:34 as they'll cash your enthusiasm or lack of it.
12:38 You know, Family Worship for us has become
12:42 a spiritual training class.
12:45 For us not to have Family Worship
12:48 would be like not sending our children to school
12:50 and not giving them an education.
12:52 You know, it would be like not having breakfast.
12:53 Yeah. I mean.
12:55 It's the spiritual food. It is.
12:57 We actually always have in the morning before
12:59 we have the physical food.
13:01 That's great, that's very true
13:03 but I'm just sensing if we were to abundant worship
13:07 now we would have protest from own children.
13:09 Not that we're about to do that,
13:10 but yes what breakfast this to your body
13:14 Family Worship is to your spiritual life.
13:16 So if you're feeling hungry, if you're feeling light
13:19 you know, this got to be more to Christianity
13:22 then what I'm experiencing.
13:23 Friends, it's because you're not eating
13:26 God's word regular enough or enough of it.
13:29 And Family Worship is a great time.
13:31 It's a training course.
13:32 It is where we teach our children to pray.
13:35 And I could remember when Hannah
13:36 and Caleb were little, we teach them to put
13:38 their little hands together and say dear Jesus
13:40 please help me, please help me,
13:42 be a good boy, be a good boy.
13:44 That's where it started.
13:45 Now the children they pray on their own.
13:48 Of course they do.
13:49 They are 12 and 14 years of age,
13:51 but it's making a difference.
13:53 You know, I ask Caleb I forgot
13:56 what the specific was, but not so long ago
13:58 he was struggling with something
13:59 and I say Caleb did you prayed about it.
14:01 He says yeah, I've been praying about it.
14:03 And I thought, oh he lost something
14:04 that's what it was, and I thought well praise
14:07 the Lord he is gaining an experience with God
14:09 and it started in Family Worship.
14:11 It's the nurturing side.
14:13 It's the part of Christianity that many people skip
14:17 and it's like trying to go to university
14:19 without going through Grade School.
14:20 Yes, you've got to get that Family Worship, dad.
14:23 What are some other things we've done with our children
14:25 over the years for Family Worship?
14:27 Before we you go there, I would just like to share
14:28 with our viewers that Family Worship
14:30 we treated Family Worship like school.
14:33 And by that I mean this is a training ground.
14:35 We're not expecting perfect children in Family Worship,
14:38 but by daily going over how they need to be in worship,
14:41 how they need to be attentive, how they need
14:44 to participate, if we are singing a song,
14:46 we're all singing the song.
14:47 We are not just one person just staring at the window
14:49 and being totally checked out.
14:51 We're all part of that.
14:52 And as they learned how to be in Family Worship,
14:55 they learned how to be in corporate worship.
14:57 It's that people who come to us.
14:58 How is that you know children just would sit in church?
15:01 And we explain because we've told them
15:03 how to sit in Family Worship and it was
15:05 very definite purpose that we had.
15:08 Now just they would gain the spiritual instruction
15:11 but they would learn how to be in front of God
15:14 in worship before Him.
15:16 So, now you're asking me about what we did?
15:19 Oh, good you can remember my question.
15:21 Yeah. It was very good.
15:23 what we did, well from ages of you know, four, five, six
15:27 or ten, they were using, I don't have it with me
15:29 but if you go to where they need to go to?
15:32 You need to go to Restoration-International.org.
15:36 Go to the free downloads section and there we've got
15:40 a document as a PDF I think where you can get
15:42 all these resources that we're talking about.
15:44 So rather than saying you go to this place for this
15:47 and this place of that, just go to
15:49 Restoration-International.org and then go to free downloads
15:53 it's right there on the homepage you can
15:54 download the PDF that's got always info in it.
15:57 So you carry on some other different things we did.
15:59 So, we're using My Bible First lessons.
16:02 It's great lessons and take the children through
16:03 the Bible in a three year cycle that use
16:05 it in church for Sabbath school.
16:07 My Bible First!
16:08 My Bible First, I love the title don't you?
16:11 That puts it right in prospective where the Bible
16:13 should be in the life of your child.
16:15 And they are really wonderful because you can
16:17 use them not only for Family Worship,
16:19 as we've done it for many, many years but the children
16:21 can years for their personal devotions as well.
16:24 And so then by age 10, of there about they move
16:27 into my Bible studies, again go three years through
16:30 the Bible but packing in all kinds of stuff.
16:33 In fact, those could use it in a Sabbath school class
16:36 and get a huge blessing out of it.
16:37 Its so action packed and information packed.
16:40 So we've done that for many years and the beauty of this
16:43 is for your parents, particularly for you,
16:45 for moms and dads, but when you are thinking
16:48 about Family Worship, one of the first things is
16:50 whatever will we do every morning we're gonna have
16:53 to come up with some new idea.
16:55 My Bible First you've got three years worth of ideas
16:59 and when you are done with three years guess what,
17:02 you just start over again.
17:03 And we've gone over that three or four times now.
17:05 Three years cycles in our family.
17:07 They really put some thoughts into that
17:09 because it takes so little parent preparation time.
17:13 You're busy, I'm busy and it's like Family Worship,
17:16 what do we gonna do for Family Worship.
17:18 But you just pull it out like we did on the last program.
17:22 and you just read it together and you get
17:24 in the word together and it sparks
17:26 of conversation together.
17:27 There is no preparation time.
17:29 Was perfect too, is it you're dealing
17:31 with children from about four or five years old,
17:34 all the way through into your teens and 20's.
17:36 Because if you got a family of a big age span
17:39 then you can still uses this in Family Worship
17:42 because particularly in the lessons that our children
17:45 use now there is, there is in there,
17:47 there's not just the Bible references
17:49 but there's whole sections per week that they need
17:51 to read across Object Lessons,
17:53 Desire of Ages and all of those great books.
17:55 go with it, all kinds of stuff.
17:57 You know, for me sometimes I'm just gonna
17:59 be real open with you that sometimes
18:02 in my personal devotions I can be going through
18:05 a bit of dry spell, but then we come
18:07 to Family Worship and we're opening up
18:09 to my Bible says and it's like,
18:11 I got my blessing from Family Worship,
18:14 teaching the children where I might have missed it
18:16 in my own worship.
18:17 So it's not just for children.
18:19 It's for parents as well.
18:20 And I want to mention parents, if you're thinking
18:22 yeah it sounds like a great idea
18:24 but I don't think I can be bothered, you know,
18:26 the spiritual education of your children,
18:30 the books stops with you mom and dad.
18:32 It does not stop with the Sabbath school teacher.
18:35 God isn't gonna in Judgment Day is gonna say,
18:37 where is the Sabbath school teacher of Hannah and Caleb?
18:40 I want to talk to them.
18:41 He is gonna go to mom and dad.
18:43 He is gonna come to us.
18:44 And so we need to make sure that our children
18:47 are getting a good spiritual education.
18:50 Their hearts are being renewed and so we heartily
18:53 recommend the, My Bible First
18:56 and the My Bible Says Lessons,
18:57 again go to Resotration-International.org,
19:00 and will point you where to get those materials.
19:04 You know, it's really been a thorough education
19:06 for our children.
19:07 Hannah is, I think I told you this.
19:10 Let me tell the viewers.
19:12 Hannah, our daughter is gonna be baptized
19:14 here in a couple of weeks time
19:16 and the pastor came around and, you know,
19:18 as is custom he wanted to before she joins the church
19:22 he just wanted to give her kind of a spiritual checkup.
19:26 And she knew the pastor was coming around,
19:28 but she had no idea what he was going to ask.
19:31 And I hadn't said a word.
19:32 And the pastor, I appreciate it what he did,
19:34 he kind of floundering at the deep end.
19:36 He said, so Hannah after we had a little bit of chat,
19:40 he says what does the 2300 day prophecy mean to you?
19:43 And I'm sitting there thinking,
19:46 well, I'm glad he didn't ask me that question so outright.
19:48 And you know what she had answers to give him.
19:51 And I thought, well you know,
19:53 not that's you know the only thing
19:55 but it was a kind of jumped into the deep end
19:58 and she responded.
19:59 She had a good education,
20:01 spiritual education, praise God.
20:03 Okay, we've got to review the program 20,
20:07 remember Chapter 20 in the book,
20:09 The Connection That Counts.
20:11 And if you remembering that we spend the first part
20:13 of the program going through John chapter 15,
20:17 we're not gonna go there again.
20:19 Again we encourage you get the Connect
20:21 you've got the book over there,
20:22 can you just pass it to me?
20:25 The Connected Family Book, if you go to Chapter 20,
20:29 in there we talk quite extensively
20:33 about this connection that counts and how it relates
20:36 and how it has its source there in John 15.
20:41 Sorry I went blank momentarily.
20:43 I'm not going to take time to read all of John 15.
20:46 I'm just gonna read a couple of verses.
20:47 It says there in John 15:4 and 5,
20:50 abide in me, and I in you.
20:54 As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself,
20:57 unless it abide in the vine neither can you,
21:02 unless you abide in me.
21:04 And we talked extensively in the last program
21:07 about that, and how practically to connect,
21:11 we gonna review that now, and then how to abide.
21:13 So let's go through some of those steps, Carolyn,
21:16 on how to connect with God.
21:19 Because our viewers are gonna find themselves
21:21 at all different stages.
21:23 We gonna have some that have never connected.
21:25 We gonna have some viewers that are connected.
21:28 We gonna have viewers who think they are connected
21:30 but are not connected, and we are not judging,
21:32 but just from our observations.
21:35 How do we connect with God, what's step number one?
21:37 Prayer!
21:38 It happens as we pray, okay.
21:41 So is this a private prayer, is this like say
21:46 in grace over a meal or what is it?
21:49 No, this is a very private prayer.
21:51 Okay, it is.
21:52 Jesus said we should going to our closet.
21:54 I don't think that literally means the closet,
21:56 but maybe it does for you.
21:57 But goes some are quietly where just you and the Lord
22:00 and you can just pull your heart at to Him
22:02 telling Him everything that he already knows
22:04 but He want says to tell Him,
22:06 not because it makes Him feel good but because
22:08 He knows it will be a blessing to us to do so.
22:10 And the closet is fine folks.
22:12 I've been in the closet on my knees
22:13 many a time, or the bathroom or wherever you can get
22:16 some quietness.
22:18 You know, of course in the bathroom,
22:19 public bathroom, you are not on your knees
22:22 and you're not praying out loud,
22:23 but you know this you can be on your own.
22:26 Then second step in connecting with God
22:29 is we've got to confess the sins that we know
22:31 God is impressing us all.
22:33 If we want to connect with God
22:34 and we have just gonna you know, punch the neighbor
22:38 on the nose, we can't say, hey God I want to connect
22:40 with You and God is gonna say,
22:42 oh good I'm glad you wanna connect with me.
22:44 Gods gonna say I'll give you the power to go
22:46 and make it right with the neighbor next door.
22:48 So, confess.
22:49 I'm sorry, I did this or I'm sorry I did that
22:52 I wanna to clean heart give me a clean heart God.
22:55 And then what was the first step, Carolyn?
22:57 Asking God for repentance!
22:59 Asking God for repentance! You know,
23:01 we're told in Acts that repentance is a gift.
23:04 We think sometimes we have to work it up.
23:06 We've to okay I've got, got to trying
23:09 and give this up before I can competent to God.
23:12 No, God wants to give us
23:13 the gift of repentance and He will.
23:15 He'll say, I'll give you the power to change
23:20 and that's all part of this connection process.
23:23 So in prayer we confess. We ask for repentance.
23:27 We accept that from him.
23:28 And then last, and probably easiest but in some ways
23:32 the heart we can miss this, we are on our knees
23:36 and we're in that prayer, we need to believe
23:39 that we're now connected to God.
23:42 There is a connection between us and Him.
23:44 Just like when we get online and we are connected
23:48 to the web or whatever.
23:49 Now we can start doing, you know,
23:52 we've got the power to be out to browse.
23:54 We can go places.
23:55 Once we are connected to God then everything is possible.
23:59 With me all things are possible and when He says,
24:02 with me, it means when you connected to me
24:04 a whole new world opens up.
24:07 So that's how we connect to Christ, its in prayer.
24:10 We confess known sins.
24:12 We ask God for repentance and then we believe
24:15 that we're connected.
24:16 And it's not we are not connected by feeling.
24:19 We are connected by faith.
24:20 You might not feel any different, but just take it
24:23 from the promises of God's word
24:24 you are now connected to the source of all power.
24:28 Then we got to go out and we got to live with this power.
24:31 We got to stay connected. We got to stay connected.
24:33 How do we do that?
24:34 I was gonna ask you that question.
24:35 you gonna ask me that question.
24:36 You know its choice by choice.
24:39 And you,
24:41 you gave a little story
24:43 about sledding down the road, our children
24:46 they wanted to go sledding in the dark
24:47 down a very steep hill
24:49 and Carolyn didn't want to do it.
24:51 Remember you sharing the story.
24:52 But she chose, she chose, that's the important part.
24:55 She said God give me the desire to do this.
24:58 You gonna say something.
24:59 that doesn't mean that every single time
25:01 the children want to go sledding that I have
25:02 to choose to go sledding.
25:04 Right! If God is calling me
25:06 to go sledding I need to listen to that.
25:08 But every time God calls us to obey Him
25:11 we need to obey Him.
25:12 So it might be that you are working out in the house
25:15 and you know, God gives you a thought,
25:18 hey before you go to work you need to swing
25:20 by such and such place and give them a ride.
25:23 I don't want to go.
25:24 Well if you want to stay connected with God
25:26 and you are having that thought to do
25:28 a good deed then you got to know its God
25:31 of course and that's so still small voice,
25:33 we will cover that cover that in other programs,
25:36 but if you know that's God calling to you,
25:38 you got to surrender.
25:40 Jesus surrendered His world.
25:42 He said in Gethsemane not my will
25:44 but your will be done.
25:46 That is a secret to stay in connected.
25:48 Surrendering our will, our wants, our desires to God
25:53 and then we can stay connected.
25:54 And He will, when He asks us to do something,
25:57 He give us the power to do it.
26:00 So, we want to encourage you to connect with God
26:03 right now and then listen to his still small voice
26:06 through the day and stay connected.
26:08 We are gonna take a break here
26:09 and we will be right back with you
26:11 in just a moment.


Revised 2014-12-17