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The Connection That Counts

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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne (Host), Hannah & Caleb Rayne


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Program Code: HTH00020B

00:02 Welcome back.
00:04 You know, in this program we have gone through
00:07 how to connect with God and then how to stay connected
00:12 and just for the fact that you have watched this program,
00:15 you are now going to be more sensitive
00:18 to that still small voice.
00:20 And, you know, we don't take any blame for that.
00:22 That is because God wants to.
00:25 He wants to have a part in your life.
00:28 And He wants to be close to you
00:30 because He wants to guide you,
00:32 so that you can have life more abundant.
00:36 So, today's challenge is to connect with God,
00:41 offer that simple prayer, go to a private place
00:44 and say God I believe now that I am connected with you
00:47 and then listen for His holy spirit's voice,
00:50 talking to you, guiding you through your day.
00:53 And God is ever sending messages to His people.
00:56 We just need to tune in to that lightest whisper.
01:00 You can take Chapter 20 of the Connected Family book
01:03 and read through that.
01:04 There we expand a little bit more on John Chapter 15.
01:09 We gonna close off here with a prayer.
01:11 Carolyn, why don't you lead us in prayer now?
01:16 Father in Heaven, we pray that you would
01:18 come close to us as we seek to connect with you.
01:22 Help us to hear you call into our hearts throughout this day
01:24 and the days to come.
01:26 And we pray this in thankfulness,
01:27 in Jesus name, Amen.
01:30 Again, we thank you for inviting the Rayne family
01:35 into your living room
01:36 and thank you for joining us in our living room.
01:39 You know, the next program is a review.
01:42 So, we gonna take all the topics that we have covered
01:45 so far in this practical section
01:48 and we gonna go over one by one,
01:49 including some of these programs.
01:51 So, join us on the next happy the home program,
01:54 as we review and revisit some important principles
01:59 that will not only change you, will change your family.


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