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The Connection That Counts

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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne (Host), Hannah & Caleb Rayne


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00:01 Without a connection to the web, we can't receive email.
00:04 And without a connection to our power source
00:06 we wouldn't even be watching this program.
00:09 So in the spiritual world, without a connection to Christ,
00:13 neither we know our children can truly live for God.
00:17 Join us for another Happy the Home
00:20 as we investigate the connection that counts.
00:46 Welcome to Happy the Home.
00:48 I'm delighted to have my whole family with me again today.
00:51 We've got Hannah. How old are you again Hannah?
00:53 Fourteen, fourteen, and Caleb is twelve.
00:57 Carolyn, we are not telling you her age,
00:59 and I'm not telling you my age either.
01:01 But we're from a ministry called Restoration International.
01:05 And we have had such an enjoyable time
01:07 bringing this Happy the Home programs to you.
01:09 We are on program 20 just now, which is entitled,
01:13 the Connection that Counts and it corresponds to chapter 20
01:19 in the Connected Family Book, which is the companion book
01:23 of that goes with this program.
01:25 So, when you are watching program 20, you know,
01:29 that you corresponds with chapter 20 in the book.
01:32 And you know, as we said before
01:35 the open there, you know without a connection
01:39 with God all of our efforts to live the Christian walk
01:43 are not as fruitful as they could be.
01:46 Now, we are partway through a family worship here,
01:49 and so we're inviting you to join us.
01:52 If you watch the program last week
01:54 you know we ended on a family worship.
01:56 We are right here, and we are in
01:59 John Chapter 15 verses 1 through 5.
02:05 And I'm gonna... I'm in verse 1
02:07 as I'm reading to you children, and to Carolyn.
02:09 And children as is my normal custom,
02:12 I might spring a question on you at anytime,
02:14 okay so be prepared.
02:16 It's good if you follow along, you're follow along
02:19 on your iPod Hannah, yeah,
02:21 Caleb, you're at John 15. Just getting to.
02:23 All right, it says that is Jesus speaking words in red.
02:28 "I am the true vine,
02:31 and my Father is the vinedresser.
02:35 That means the Father is the want to looks
02:38 after the vine, don't we see that in the life of Christ.
02:42 And His Jesus words again verse 2.
02:44 "Every branch in me that does not bear fruit,
02:50 he takes away, the vinedresser takes it away,
02:53 the Father takes it away.
02:54 And every branch that bears fruit,
02:58 what does He say next Caleb? He prunes it. That's right.
03:01 What is prune mean Hannah?
03:03 That mean take off some of the branches,
03:05 take out the bad parts and leave the good.
03:07 All right, interesting, so this is good fruit.
03:10 This is a branch of the tree
03:12 that is bearing fruits and it could sit back.
03:16 That's interesting, let's carry on.
03:19 That it may bear more fruits.
03:22 Now it tells us why he prunes it,
03:23 so it may bear more fruit.
03:25 Now Carolyn, what kind of fruits He is talking about.
03:28 This obviously is kind of parable
03:31 that Jesus is telling to get over the point,
03:34 the importance of connecting with God,
03:36 but he is talking about fruit here.
03:38 What's the fruit of the spirit?
03:41 Love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, kindness,
03:46 temperance those kind of things.
03:48 Okay, excellent, let's go on to verse 3,
03:51 You are already clean because of the word
03:56 which I spoken to you,
03:57 I'm gonna come back to that in moment.
03:58 And then He says, Abide in me, and I in you.
04:03 As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself,
04:07 unless it abide in the vine neither can you,
04:10 unless you abide in Me.
04:11 So children are you understanding
04:14 that it's only as we connect with God.
04:18 It's only has we abide in God that we connect to the power,
04:22 you know, often times Caleb we'll tell you to,
04:25 you know, tidy your room or don't talk
04:30 with your mouth full or you know, pay attention
04:33 or whatever all kinds of instruction the parents give.
04:36 And you might sometime say daddy, I want to,
04:40 but I just can't, I just don't want to.
04:43 Then that's kind of knocked him on, isn't it,
04:46 I want, but I don't want to.
04:48 But often times that is the case,
04:49 we want to, but we can't
04:51 because there is an attitude deep down inside us.
04:54 Children we need to connect to God.
04:58 He then gives us the power, this is what this is telling us.
05:01 He then... you got to fill out.
05:03 So, to how do we actually do that?
05:05 How do we actually connect, that's a great question Hannah?
05:09 Okay, I was gonna leave that little bit,
05:11 but that's good I want to get to that point.
05:15 We pray, point number one, so viewers we are going
05:19 through here a practical,
05:21 real practical how we connect the God.
05:24 I don't know where you are in your Christian walk?
05:27 I don't know what went on this morning
05:28 or this afternoon or last night or but how do we connect to God.
05:33 We're gonna answer those questions in four
05:35 very simple points that even children,
05:38 even your children could understand.
05:41 How we connect to God
05:42 is in prayer, that's were it happens.
05:45 It doesn't happen,
05:46 you don't have to go shopping to connect to God.
05:48 You don't have to switch on the TV to connect to God.
05:51 It happens in prayer.
05:52 So that's where it happens, number one.
05:54 So I hope you're keeping notes because I'm gonna ask you
05:57 afterwards after we've gone through,
05:59 what the points are? So, if it happens in prayer,
06:03 when does that happen Caleb during the day?
06:05 In the morning when we get up. In the morning time, right.
06:08 And for you when would that happen
06:11 first part of the day? What would you be doing?
06:14 I would be having my quite time at home with the Lord. Right,
06:17 so that is why personal devotion is so important
06:20 because that is the opportunity for us and our children
06:24 to connect first with God first thing in the day.
06:28 You don't wait till the end of the days.
06:29 It's bit like the car, you don't put the gas
06:31 till the end of day when you've been everywhere.
06:32 You put it in first, so you can get there,
06:35 and you quite times be like that.
06:36 We get powered up by being connected to God
06:39 and then we go to our day with Him
06:41 rather than waiting till the end of the day.
06:43 We've messed up whole day along
06:44 and now we're gonna go connect with God.
06:46 Great point, so you asked Hannah.
06:49 How do we connect to God it happens in prayer.
06:52 And like mummy is saying, it can be at the beginning
06:54 of the day and that's where the major connection is.
06:57 But sometimes we need to reconnect during the day,
06:59 but we just take it for the morning connect
07:02 at this point, okay so we pray.
07:04 Then what we do number two is we confess, confess what?
07:10 You confess anything that you know is wrong
07:13 between you and God. Do you have to confess anything?
07:17 Of course, you know what like was it in the last six months?
07:22 No. How often you said you end up confessing.
07:25 Every time we sin. Every time he said...
07:29 means you're missing everyday, right?
07:30 Confess really is just another way
07:32 of saying asking forgiveness. So, you asked Hannah.
07:35 How do we connect in prayer, we go to God,
07:37 and we say God please forgive me for an anything
07:41 that's on your heart, anything that you know
07:43 is not right between you and God.
07:45 It might be lot of things, it might be nothing.
07:50 All right, so if it's... if the day
07:53 or if it's just the beginning of the day,
07:54 maybe that goes pretty quick.
07:55 There is nothing necessarily in your heart,
07:57 maybe you had an attitude with your brother or whatever,
07:59 you can confess that maybe you didn't want
08:01 to get out of bed and spend time with God,
08:03 you could confess that, so number one.
08:05 Does that ever happen?
08:07 What like don't want to get out of bed.
08:09 Oh, you have bad attitude, yeah.
08:12 Yes, she say yes, because people
08:14 get this impression you go around with wings.
08:16 You just go and have him hidden behind you right now,
08:18 but you actually do have them.
08:19 I don't have anything back there.
08:22 Do you think you go back there is a microphone, yeah.
08:24 In fact, I would say she is much likely,
08:26 more likely to have an attitude then she is to have wings.
08:29 I think she hasn't flown away yet.
08:30 Right. And we deal with attitude
08:32 on a very regular basis not wings.
08:36 Okay, numbers three,
08:37 so in prayer we confess we ask forgiveness.
08:40 The next part is we ask God to give us repentance.
08:46 What is repentance Hannah?
08:48 To be say or sorry for something and to stop doing
08:52 and start doing what you know you should.
08:53 Okay, so asking for repentance is asking God for power
08:57 to not do what you just ask forgiveness for.
09:00 So maybe we would go like this, we're all in the context
09:04 of wanting to connect with God. God I want to connect with you.
09:07 Please forgive me for having an attitude
09:09 with my brother this morning and God please give me
09:11 the power not to do it again.
09:13 This is simple stuff, don't you think?
09:15 Anybody could do this.
09:16 And then number four
09:18 is believe that now we are connected to God.
09:22 Believe that we're connected to God.
09:24 It doesn't take you, you don't have to go to college,
09:26 you don't have to go to the top of some mountain somewhere,
09:29 it is, it's happened that quick.
09:32 We are connected to God,
09:33 if we pray asking for forgiveness,
09:36 confessing asking for repentance then we believe.
09:41 We are now connecting to God by faith, that's it we are.
09:47 So, how do we stay connected?
09:50 That's a very good question Caleb?
09:52 Because there be no point in being connected
09:53 and not staying it right to be like plugging something
09:56 into the power like the vacuum cleaner,
09:58 It works good if you connected,
10:00 what if it doesn't stay connected.
10:01 So could you connect to God, how we just to explain?
10:04 Hymns in prayer, we confess our sins
10:07 ask for forgiveness, we ask for repentance
10:10 and then we have to believe it is happened.
10:12 Not because we feel it, but because we've prayed
10:16 and God has forgiven, He has given us the power.
10:19 Now we are connected. We are abiding in the vine.
10:23 But Caleb question is a good question.
10:25 So, how do we stay connected?
10:26 This is where it gets a little more difficult.
10:29 Not but it gets difficult to understand
10:33 and I think if you know where we're going here,
10:35 it gets difficult because every thinking side of us adults,
10:41 children wants to be disconnected from God
10:44 because we want to run our own life.
10:46 We want to do it our way.
10:49 And so what I've got here is you know
10:52 we have to understand the role that the Holy Spirit
10:56 plays in our Christian walk.
10:59 And as we've had that time with God in the morning,
11:02 then we've invited God into our life
11:05 when we connected with him.
11:06 Then the Holy Spirit will go with us
11:10 through the day and he will talk to us.
11:14 Caleb do you hear the Holy Spirit talking to you.
11:18 What kind of things does the Holy Spirit
11:20 say to a 12 year old boy?
11:22 I'm putting you on the spot here,
11:24 I know you haven given this any though,
11:26 but maybe Jesus approx in making your mind right now.
11:29 What kind things did He say?
11:31 So, when I'm doing something that like I'm walking along,
11:35 and I see something on the floor
11:37 I don't just walk past in, don't thing about it.
11:40 Well like your clothes, yeah, or like something in the kitchen
11:44 or is that what you're thinking?
11:45 Yeah, I picked it up when Jesus says to me. All right,
11:49 now be honest Caleb,
11:53 you hear it or rather you hear Him
11:56 I should say because that's the Holy Spirit
11:59 or is angles that's God in some manner of form talking to us.
12:04 Do you always say oh,
12:07 that was the Holy Spirit talking to me.
12:11 I must obey right away is that how it is for you?
12:14 No, thank you for you honesty. Is that how it is for you?
12:18 Is not how it is for me sometimes we covered
12:20 that in our earlier program.
12:22 Hannah, what sort of things what the Holy Spirit say
12:24 to you enjoying a typical day.
12:26 Oh, I could be transferring stuff on my iPod
12:29 or doing something like that, and Caleb wants do something
12:32 with me and I have to be willing to stop doing
12:34 what I would enjoy doing and to do something with him.
12:36 All right, so does the Holy Spirit
12:38 actually come to you sometimes and say Hannah put that down
12:41 and goes and spend a bit time with your brother, yeah, yeah.
12:43 Good, good that is excellent, and you know that comes
12:48 from your quite time and even I know in my
12:51 own Christian walk there was years
12:53 that I didn't walk with God, but He still talks to us.
12:56 So, if you haven't had quite time
12:58 ever in your life, if you've never spend anytime
13:01 in prayer with God then that still
13:04 small voice is still talking to you,
13:06 maybe he is talking to you right now.
13:07 I have no idea, but you do not have
13:10 to be a professing Christian
13:12 to have God talking to your thinking place,
13:15 we used to call it when the children were younger.
13:17 It's the conscience that's often times
13:19 what is called, it's like, is anybody looking,
13:22 no nobody is looking I will do it,
13:24 that's your conscience saying don't do it, don't do it Paul.
13:28 So, you know...
13:31 when the Holy Spirit coarse to us.
13:35 Caleb that was the classic example of you're walking
13:38 through the house and there is something
13:41 on the floor and the Lord says to you
13:45 in that still small voice, is it audible you actually hear
13:48 a voice like mummy or daddy's voice?
13:50 No it just in your brain, is that right?
13:54 With that call to pick it up,
13:58 do you realize this is part of the abiding in Christ?
14:02 With the call to do it comes the power to do it.
14:08 All we need to do is choose.
14:12 We don't have to have the power to do,
14:14 we just have to choose to say,
14:17 okay God right now I'm gonna do your will.
14:21 Every time the Holy Spirits voice comes to you,
14:25 all you've got to do is the same thing every time is yes,
14:29 I'm gonna choose to do that.
14:31 And then you choice to pick it up
14:33 or put it away or not doing.
14:35 Now, you know Carolyn you've had an example of this,
14:39 I know it's in chapter 20 of The Connected Family Book
14:44 you wrote out this whole experience
14:45 that you went through when Hannah and Caleb
14:49 wanted to do something.
14:50 Why don't you tell our viewers a little bit about that?
14:52 Well, as we shared in the past,
14:54 we live up in the Northwest corner of Montana,
14:57 lot of snow in the winter time.
14:59 And where we live now is kind of ways are in the burnies,
15:02 so to peak up to the mountains
15:03 and the road in is very small road is about
15:07 three quarters of a mile to a mile long all uphill.
15:11 And so what we think when the snow
15:13 through lands our children want to do.
15:17 Yeah, but anything like your children,
15:18 they want to pull out the sledges and they want
15:19 to shoot there in uphill and this is steep hill
15:22 and is very fast, isn't it children?
15:25 Is it a lot of fun? Yeah.
15:28 How fast is it Caleb do you think
15:30 in miles per hour, any idea? Fifteen, twenty.
15:35 Fifteen, twenty, yeah, we're doing every bit of that,
15:38 every bit of that is fast.
15:40 You know is if that is enough guess now I want do.
15:43 They want to do in the dark you know,
15:46 is dark it's scary, it's cold, it's fast.
15:49 What about this mummy here
15:50 do you think I really want do that?
15:52 There is nothing inside of me that has a slightest interest
15:56 in going outside sledding in the dark.
15:59 And so I can still remember one particular occasion
16:01 the children were all excited about the idea of sledding
16:05 and I really did want go.
16:07 And so when I'm stairs, you know I'm saying Lord
16:10 I don't want do this and the still small voice
16:14 was saying go aside and enjoy this with your family,
16:17 I told you, I enjoy with, okay let them go out there,
16:20 but he has got to put enjoyment in here because I don't do this.
16:24 So, anyway I got my gear on and the children were like
16:26 oh, wow! Mummy is coming to and they were amazed
16:29 that I was actually going to get in the sled.
16:31 I think I did do the whole thing as far as I remember.
16:34 And you know the thing about the way the Holy Spirit works
16:37 is if we are willing to do our feeble little steps forward
16:41 to get involved in what he is asking us to do.
16:43 He will go us the joy of doing it
16:46 and it was a lot fun, wasn't it?
16:48 In fact I still remember it because the other thing
16:51 the children like to do is not just go down the hill,
16:53 I mean that's one thing and that super fast
16:55 and is run sharp corners and all kind of stuff.
16:59 But when you get down to the bottom
17:00 that's a long whole back up except for what they like
17:03 is for daddy to get the car
17:05 or the tractor and pull them backup.
17:07 So guess who is been pulled backup.
17:09 And I still remember I was lying on my stomach
17:12 in the sled over all those bumps,
17:15 I got so ill by the time I got to the top of the hill.
17:19 I've never sat in one of those and done that part again,
17:22 but you know we've gonna listen to the Holy Spirit.
17:24 He is willing to give us if we ask him
17:27 and be willing to receive.
17:29 So, that's a fun illustration,
17:33 but so you were abiding in Christ
17:37 in that situation because you thought
17:39 you knew he was asking you do this for your children
17:42 and it was a choice, it was a choice
17:44 to have to overwrite the feelings.
17:47 But was it, can you say that there was the tiniest bit
17:51 of enjoyment in it or was just oh, Shit! Terra.
17:55 I think there were the bits, there were bits
17:58 and you know the road and there are certain parts
18:00 I enjoy and then those parts of the road
18:02 that gets steep and narrow, and windy and I don't like that.
18:05 I had a situation on the same road
18:07 just a few weeks ago and it was dark and it was icy
18:11 and we were going down there fast.
18:12 And I've got a helmet on which we use
18:16 when we go skiing and then I've got what I called
18:18 Mr. Brighty, my headlamp there, and the whole place is lit up
18:23 and I'm going fast and then all of sudden
18:25 I'm going that fast and bouncing so much
18:28 that my headlamp slipped off my helmet
18:31 and everything just went pitch black
18:33 and that was an abiding moment as well.
18:36 It was like oh Lord help me I know this is big icy banks
18:40 somewhere in this blackness and it's totally black,
18:43 and so I chose just the bail.
18:44 I just got out the sled and we came to a slide in whole.
18:47 But you know, as we choose to put our faith in God
18:52 and we abide in Him, He opens up a whole new world.
18:55 Hannah, if you got an illustration
18:58 of either connecting to God
19:00 or abiding with God a practical situation.
19:07 Did I put you on the spot?
19:11 Often these things I may not feel like doing
19:13 at the moment like helping mother in the kitchen,
19:15 or something quite that. Right.
19:16 But at that time I try to go
19:19 and praying I could. So what process goes
19:20 on your mind just speak to the camera.
19:23 What process goes in your mind, so mom comes to you and she says
19:26 Hannah I need your help in the kitchen
19:28 and you are in the middle of doing something.
19:30 What's the battle and what thoughts go through
19:33 your mind talk in to the camera.
19:34 Well, I can often think you know,
19:36 I don't want go in the kitchen right now.
19:37 Often times mother even won't ask me to,
19:39 I just know that I need to and because I can hear getting
19:43 everything ready for breakfast out there,
19:45 so I need to choice to lay down what I would like to do
19:47 and do I know the Lord's calling me
19:49 do and go help here. So go ahead Carolyn.
19:52 I'm just wanted to encourage the viewers you know,
19:54 that really does happen, and I know it does.
19:57 And it's quite often that Hannah will come out into the kitchen
20:01 and say mummy can I do something for you.
20:03 And I haven't said a word or I haven't gone crashing
20:06 around the kitchen, everyone needs to know
20:08 that I need help right now, I'm doing one of those.
20:11 And I've seen that many times and I appreciate that Hannah
20:15 because that is you listening to the Holy Spirit
20:18 that's encouraging, isn't it?
20:19 And lets go back to our reading
20:21 that we were at the beginning John and this worship time
20:24 is kind of getting elongated.
20:26 On the last program we talked about short and spirited.
20:29 We just...we kind of combine in a bit of worship
20:31 with a bit of conversion with them
20:32 and with you, so this is a mix bag.
20:34 But I'm going back now to John Chapter 15 and verse 4,
20:40 "Abide in Me, and I in you.
20:42 As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless
20:45 it abides in the vine neither can you unless you abide in Me."
20:50 Verse 5, "I am the vine, and you are the branches
20:54 Jesus said he who abides in Me
20:56 and I in him bears much fruit,
21:00 but His part I want focus on here now,
21:03 for without Me you can do nothing."
21:08 So, if we are just thinking oh, I got to help mom.
21:11 If we try to... I don't want help her.
21:16 You know, the only way to get that right attitude
21:21 and the right spirit here to go into the kitchen
21:24 and be of her help is to surrender your heart,
21:28 your will, your choices, your mind, your moments to God
21:34 and e say God I'll do it your way.
21:36 And parents, I don't know if this is a new concept to you,
21:39 but I guarantee that as go through your day,
21:43 I don't where it is in today.
21:44 But as you go through your day, you are gonna be more sensitive
21:49 now to that still small voice calling you.
21:52 Maybe everybody else is out and you wonder into the kitchen
21:55 and you see all the dirty dishes,
21:58 and the voice comes do it.
22:02 It's like at right at that point you got to say,
22:05 Oh, God I can on my own self
22:07 do nothing Jesus said those words.
22:10 I can't even do this washing up
22:12 with the right spirit without your help.
22:14 You gonna interrupt me that Carolyn. Yeah, go ahead.
22:17 Well, I can just testify from me how that works
22:20 is it will typically be when I said I walk
22:22 into the kitchen the dish is good one.
22:24 But we're really focusing on the kitchen here.
22:25 There is life outside of the kitchen, yeah.
22:27 But you know, you walk into the kitchen
22:29 as the pool says there is a sink of dirty dishes,
22:31 the instant thought I'll have is Caleb's on dishes
22:34 this morning he should be doing those dishes
22:37 and then I have a choice to make.
22:39 Do I make sure and then of course
22:41 we can't just always let our children off the hook
22:43 if that something he should have done
22:45 and he wasn't choosing to take care
22:46 of for whatever reason, then we need to be parenting
22:49 our children to learn how to take care what they should.
22:52 But sometimes the Lord will call to me and say
22:56 this is something that one of your children
22:57 should be doing there on dishes
22:59 for this time or whatever, but you do it for them.
23:04 And that's the challenge sometimes,
23:06 I'll know they are supposed to, and I taught them
23:08 and they are supposed to be,
23:09 no you do it for them and see what that does.
23:12 And I've seen that really makes difference with the children.
23:15 Do you like that if mummy does that for you?
23:17 Oh, yeah what child wouldn't? Every time? Probably yeah.
23:22 You want me to do it for you every time, okay.
23:25 Good answer Caleb, good answer.
23:27 Otherwise you never gonna learn how to be helpful.
23:29 You know, I want just before we take the break.
23:31 I want to go over these points again.
23:33 How we connect to God, and then we spend
23:35 most of the program talking about stay and connected to God.
23:39 But lets go back number one,
23:40 I'm gonna test you children, okay.
23:42 Where Caleb do we connect in prayer?
23:45 Do we connect in the garage, in the kitchen,
23:49 or where do we connect with God.
23:51 In our quite place, so like in a bedroom...Okay,
23:55 and what we do in that quite place so our bedroom,
23:58 always gazing out of the window or what? No, praying.
24:01 Praying, okay so we connect to God in prayer
24:04 and often times, could be in your quite time,
24:06 it can be as you drive along in your car as you go to work.
24:09 It can be as your boss is railing on you
24:12 and you can say okay I need to connect to God right now,
24:14 otherwise this boss is gonna get a mouthful
24:17 and this is not gonna be pleasant.
24:18 So, you can connect to God at anytime.
24:20 And then, what was the second part
24:23 of connecting to God, either child or Carolyn?
24:28 Confessing your sin.
24:29 Okay, confessing any sin that's on your heart,
24:32 that might be nothing, it might be were just happened.
24:35 What would be the third one; the third point
24:38 to connecting with God, so we pray in prayer,
24:41 we are asking for forgiveness.
24:42 What else do we ask for Caleb? Repentance.
24:45 Repentance, what is repentance Hannah?
24:47 It's confessing what you've done wrong.
24:49 No, that's that's...well, I suppose it's that, yes.
24:52 It is that and then changing and asking for help to better.
24:55 Asking God to give us the gift of power
24:59 to be at not do again that's repentances.
25:01 And then believing that we are now connected to God,
25:05 even if we don't feel it, even if we get a fanning say
25:08 I feel just as horrible as I did before I prayed.
25:11 Don't take any notice of those feelings.
25:13 You are now connected and then abiding
25:15 is just that consent choice.
25:18 God please help me to do your will.
25:20 Now and in the next situation and into the next situation.
25:24 Well, thank you for your time children, we've enjoyed it.
25:28 We're gonna take short break here now.
25:30 And join us in few moments as we kind of recap
25:34 and as we intro the next program.
25:36 Join us in just a moment.


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