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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne (Host)


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00:02 We did do some singing in the break
00:04 and you know Carolyn, what is our challenge
00:08 for our viewers after this program?
00:11 Our challenge for today
00:12 is to make a plan of how we are going
00:15 to institute Family Worship or if we've been having
00:17 it but it's kind of gonna little rusty to spoof it up
00:20 and make it more definite part of life.
00:23 It's simple.
00:24 You know we are keeping these programs practical I hope.
00:28 This, "The Happy the Home," Program
00:31 that we are presenting to you,
00:33 remember we said in the early programs.
00:35 It's not just a program you watch.
00:37 It's a program that you do.
00:39 You'll get so much more of the blessing
00:41 if you sit down with your spouse or if there is no spouse,
00:44 you sit down with your God and you say,
00:47 okay, what can we do for Family Worship?
00:49 Go to that site we gave you, Restoration-International.org
00:54 or get yourselves some materials
00:56 and start family worship in your home.
00:59 Our next program is program No. 20
01:03 in "The Happy the Home" series.
01:04 It's entitled, The Connection That Counts.
01:08 And we are so looking forward.
01:10 Our children are going to be with us on that one.
01:12 Actually it's gonna start with another Family Worship.
01:15 We gonna be looking at John Chapter 15.
01:18 And we begin in, we looking at
01:20 how we practically connect with God.
01:22 So join us for the next program
01:24 on "Happy the Home," The Connection That Counts.


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