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00:01 Worship is not just for the church,
00:03 family worship is a perfect opportunity to teach
00:06 our children the ways of God.
00:08 Join us on happy the home as we discuss
00:10 the importance of family worship,
00:12 and how to make it interesting for our children.
00:38 Welcome to happy the home. I am Paul Rayne.
00:41 I've got my lovely wife with me again today
00:43 and we are looking forward to sharing with you
00:46 some of the joys and benefits of Family Worship.
00:50 Later on in the program,
00:52 our children Hannah and Caleb are going to join us.
00:55 And we are actually gonna have a family worship here
00:57 right on set for you.
00:59 We've done that a few times already
01:00 but we're gonna play it pretty much from beginning to end.
01:04 So stick with us for that, you know,
01:06 many people have come to believe that
01:09 worship is just something you do in church.
01:13 And but if we go back into the Old Testament,
01:16 there was the priest and they had
01:19 the morning and evening services as part of the sanctuaries
01:23 setup that God had in the Old Testament.
01:25 And obviously, we can't necessarily go to church
01:29 every morning and every evening
01:31 so it pushes that back into the family.
01:34 And also the husbands in some sense,
01:39 he is the priest of the home.
01:41 And so he needs to be the one or if in his absence the wife,
01:45 needs to be the one leading out in that family worship.
01:48 And I know many of us, we skip family worship
01:52 or we bring it down to a bear minimum,
01:55 just for the sake of time.
01:57 But, would you seek to save time
02:01 by not sending your children to school?
02:03 So hey we haven't got time to send our school.
02:05 Let's not send them. You wouldn't think of that.
02:08 You want them to get an education in
02:10 Math and in English,
02:12 and all these different sciences and that's important.
02:14 Education, scholastic education is important.
02:18 But how much more important is spiritual education?
02:22 Family Worship offers a perfect opportunity to put our children
02:28 through a 20 year training course in spirituality.
02:33 There's where we can teach them
02:34 all aspects of scripture of prayer,
02:37 of practical Christianity.
02:40 And you know for many of us, for the lack of time we skip it.
02:44 When you think about it, it's criminal.
02:46 So what age do you thing
02:48 we should start with our children?
02:50 Well, we start with our children,
02:52 why don't you tell how we started with our children
02:54 and we didn't get after a really good start, did we?
02:57 How old was Hannah? She was our first born.
03:00 She was a few months old. You might say, a few months old.
03:04 You know if we wait till our children are in their
03:06 mid-teens, we have lost a lot of precious opportunity.
03:09 Now if you are sitting here today,
03:11 and your children are in their teen years
03:13 and you've never had worship together,
03:14 please don't be discouraged.
03:16 Today, start today, they will never be any younger.
03:19 But Hannah was a few months old, and we were brand new parents,
03:22 never done this before and so
03:24 we are used to having worship, the two of us.
03:26 And we have been waiting through that beautiful book
03:28 on the life of Christ, "Desire of Ages".
03:30 So we sat Hannah between us on the carriage
03:33 and we carried on with "Desire of Ages".
03:35 Exactly, it sounds like a great idea. Well it was.
03:38 Won't you think Hannah about that when she was,
03:40 I don't know, five or six months old.
03:43 Well, here's what she did.
03:45 She got the book and she rustled the pages,
03:46 and da, da, da, and she went a real, real racket.
03:50 And we were horrified just being very vulnerable today.
03:53 We were horrified.
03:54 It's like, it's not meant to be like this.
03:56 And so we went back and we prayed Lord,
03:58 this is Family Worship.
04:00 This isn't meant to be like this.
04:01 Well, it worked great for you and I. Oh Yeah.
04:03 I mean we would read a paragraph and then we'd comment on it
04:06 and we get into some spiritual conversation.
04:08 But she was coming into the hallway through.
04:10 Yeah, it was.... Nothing to tear the paragraph.
04:13 We went back and we prayed friends,
04:14 and we read more about Family Worship,
04:16 and some of those great books,
04:17 "Adventist Home", "Child Guidance",
04:19 and there we read keep it short and spirited,
04:23 it's like, ha we've heard that before.
04:25 And so we transitioned if you remember
04:28 into something totally different.
04:30 We made it appropriate to her age.
04:32 I was a Sabbath school teacher at that time
04:34 and so I had lots of those Betty Lukens Felts in my closet,
04:37 and we pulled out the Felts and we began to tell
04:39 the simple stories of Adam and Eve,
04:42 and Noah's Ark, and Moses.
04:44 And we would do the same story, three or four times
04:46 over in that week.
04:47 Well hang on a second though, but you are talking about
04:49 when Hannah was six months old. I mean what is a six month old
04:55 is gonna make to that.
04:56 I mean surely they are not going to remember any of it.
04:58 Well we realized that by sowing the seeds in their infancy,
05:03 they would grow up with this being so much a part of life,
05:06 life would not feel normal without it.
05:08 And that's crucial and so we did.
05:10 We started to tell her those stories
05:11 and as she got little bit older and she could toddle around,
05:14 she would go and put the Felts on the board
05:16 and she would take Mr. Noah and she would take that Ark
05:18 and all those things, and she got involved.
05:21 And it's been exciting to our children ever since then.
05:24 Well, not the Felts are still exciting but worship is
05:28 still something they look forward to and enjoy.
05:30 So we moved on from Felts. And Caleb came along of course
05:34 a couple of years later, but I just want to pick on something
05:36 you said there because I've actually forgotten
05:38 that we would only prepare a story
05:41 and then it would roll out several times.
05:43 The children didn't mind having the same stories several times.
05:47 Yeah, we picked about two or three stories
05:49 for the entire week.
05:50 All right, okay.
05:51 So what did we do when the children progressed
05:53 on a little more?
05:54 Well, then we moved into this My Bible First Lessons,
05:58 a lot of you maybe familiar with those, My Bible First,
06:01 and that was what we did and worshiped with them
06:04 for many years.
06:05 And what age did they aim those lessons out, Carolyn?
06:09 These ones are aged different like
06:12 the kindergarten and primary age.
06:13 You know if you want to get hold of some of those materials,
06:16 you can get that at least information about them from
06:20 www.restoration-international .org.
06:24 It's right there on your screen.
06:26 We're going to put that up again later on.
06:27 But we want to move on with the worship.
06:30 Another golden opportunity in worship
06:34 is to teach our children to pray.
06:38 You know, whose gonna teach our children to pray.
06:41 Are we expecting the Sunday school
06:43 or the Sabbath school to do that?
06:44 Are we expecting them just to know it?
06:47 I mean, it's an ideal opportunity.
06:50 So when our children were just little, even just down
06:53 in the before a year, they would sit down or kneel down
06:57 with us and then as they grew, and we would teach them
07:00 to put their hands together reverently,
07:02 and to bow their head and to close their eyes.
07:05 And the reason we did that was because you know
07:07 prayer is the time for communing with God.
07:10 And you know I am an elder in our local church
07:13 and one time I was up on the platform,
07:16 and I was, the pastor was actually leading the prayer
07:22 and as he was praying, I just had the thought,
07:25 just came from the Lord, just open your eyes Paul
07:28 and look around.
07:29 So I am there on the platform, and I open my eyes
07:31 and I look around and I see the most amazing thing.
07:33 I see the parents there with their eyes closed
07:36 and their hands together and listening to the pastor's prayer
07:39 and I see the children.
07:44 They're communicating.
07:45 Well, the parents have got their eyes closed talking to God.
07:49 The little children, the youth, is the ideal opportunity
07:53 to make eye contact with your buddy and say,
07:55 hey are we gonna go out in that parking lot after church,
07:57 and... Oh. Do you remember the little children would be,
08:00 a lot of them just prostrate on the floor.
08:02 Yeah, yeah just lie there, or messing around,
08:05 old enough to know better. And so we are actually in
08:09 Family Worship and sometimes parents come to us
08:11 and they say, you know, your children sit still.
08:14 How did you make them do that?
08:16 In church situation or a seminar, and it says,
08:20 we say, we told at home.
08:22 They learned to sit still and be attentive at home,
08:26 day after day, day after day, where if it is not going well,
08:30 you can just hold worship and say, hey Caleb or Hannah,
08:34 you know, we want you to sit still.
08:36 We don't want you messing around.
08:37 What do we do if they didn't sit still?
08:39 I honestly can't remember.
08:41 You've got a better memory than me on that.
08:43 Oh, I, yeah. Well, one of the things we did was you know.
08:46 It was short. It was spirited. They were very enthusiastic
08:49 about worship. I remember Caleb would bring,
08:51 he'd bring books like this, his picture book.
08:53 He go, mummy, mummy, I'll go get a book about,
08:55 a picture about that, these days Hannah brings her iPOD,
08:58 but back then they really were enthusiastic about worship.
09:02 And so if they were kind of messing around,
09:04 they wouldn't sit still and be attentive which no child will,
09:07 we have to teach that.
09:08 Then we would give them a little warning.
09:10 Son, if you don't sit still and chose to be quiet and worship,
09:14 you gonna have to go to your room.
09:15 Well, they didn't want to go to their room
09:17 because they enjoyed worship, but they are still
09:19 little children having to learn how to be
09:21 disciplined enough to sit still.
09:23 And so I remembered times, several times,
09:26 two or three at least, both children would
09:28 eventually end up going to their room.
09:29 And next thing... And that was big for them.
09:32 Oh, it was big. It was big. They didn't get, you know,
09:34 wouldn't do anything other than send them to their room
09:35 but worship carried on without them and they knew that
09:38 and they didn't want to miss out.
09:40 And so that was a good motivation for them
09:42 to learn to sit still.
09:44 And not just sitting still, but there is a lot more to worship.
09:47 They're sitting still, obviously that is important
09:49 but then we would teach them to pray.
09:51 And when they were young it was just,
09:52 they would repeat a few words after us.
09:54 And then as they got older, they could pray on their own,
09:57 and you know as every child does, they would get into
10:01 the same set prayer.
10:03 Then we would teach them the importance of not having
10:06 vain repetition.
10:08 And then they would break out of the just try to
10:11 close their eyes, and say the right words.
10:13 They would break out into, actually talking to God,
10:17 and to this day I still enjoy our children praying with us,
10:21 and they can pray.
10:22 But it didn't happen by accident.
10:25 Family Worship was the time, morning after morning
10:29 after morning.
10:31 Then they would be with us in worship together,
10:34 and it has helped them a great deal.
10:36 And it's been a highlight I think for us.
10:39 It's been a focus point of our child training.
10:42 A lot of the success of Family Worship depends upon
10:45 us as the parents.
10:46 If we are not enthusiastic and people come to us,
10:48 as we travel all over and they want to know the ideas
10:51 for worship and I share of the things
10:53 and oh I don't think they would like that.
10:55 Parents, if you give that sentiment but once,
10:58 your self-fulfilling prophecy, your children won't like that
11:01 But if you come on and say, children, we got this
11:04 new material for worship and it's going to be really great
11:07 and you are upbeat and positive, your children catch the vision
11:10 and they would run with it.
11:11 They do. It sounds like Psychology but it works,
11:14 if you catch them the early enough.
11:15 So what are the things did we use in Family Worship,
11:18 or in their own personal devotions, Carolyn?
11:19 Well, we need to talk about personal devotions,
11:22 which is different from Family Worship.
11:24 We talked just a program or a two ago about us as parents
11:27 needing that One On One Time with the Lord,
11:29 our personal devotions, do you think our children
11:32 need that too?
11:33 And if so what age do they start back?
11:36 Well, we would encourage you from the youngest age possible
11:40 to start, you know, children having devotions with the Lord.
11:43 And you are gonna say well that's ridiculous.
11:45 How does my one-year-old have devotions?
11:47 Well, you can put in a CD or something into their room
11:51 playing scripture songs and they can't tell you
11:54 those scripture songs but it starts to fill their mind.
11:56 And the minds of children are like sponges
11:59 and they would just soak up whatever comes.
12:01 And we don't know. We soak up the bad so much
12:04 more readily than the good.
12:05 So if we fill the mind with good, believe it or not,
12:08 it has less capacity to soak up the bad.
12:11 And so that's what we did with our children.
12:14 They would listen to scripture songs from a young age
12:16 and then they moved into things like this,
12:19 the My Bible Friends picture book,
12:20 and that was something that they really enjoyed,
12:23 both of them.
12:24 And you know even before they could read,
12:25 they would go through the story and we would read
12:28 the story many times, and now they would look
12:30 at the picture and they could retell themselves, the story.
12:33 They are re-living it.
12:34 Even though they couldn't read it,
12:36 and then we moved into something called "Thy Work Creations".
12:39 This is just one example. This is the Ten Commandments.
12:41 There's many different chapters of the Bible
12:44 and this is beautiful, I don't know if you can see
12:46 this but each page, there's a picture,
12:48 the child can color and it goes, so here goes through
12:53 whole of the Ten Commandments,
12:54 and they get to memorize it to song.
12:57 They learned the song CD. You pop-in the CD,
13:00 and we'll put these CDs in, you may be in family lounge,
13:02 or you may be cleaning the house for a worship,
13:04 for devotions, and they heard it again,
13:07 and again, and again.
13:08 Now would be a good time to put the web address back on there,
13:11 Restoration-International.org, not that we can sell you
13:16 these materials but at least we can point you
13:18 where you can get them from.
13:20 Right, and I am going to show you some of these,
13:22 we talked about "My Bible First",
13:23 "My Bible Says".
13:25 There are several different things there
13:27 and then as they grow to be about six or seven,
13:29 we actually have them listen to the "Conflict of the Ages"
13:33 series, this is "Desire of Ages".
13:34 And even at six, they were listening to this
13:37 and being really blessed.
13:38 Learning things from here that I had not learned before but....
13:42 That is awfully young to be listening to that kind of stuff.
13:45 Well you remember Caleb was six years old,
13:47 and he was listening about Moses, Striking The Rock.
13:50 And afterwards I asked him some questions thinking,
13:53 I wonder if he chose that when he listens,
13:54 we just kind of you know anywhere.
13:55 And so we were doing dishes together, and I said son tell me
13:59 about what you learned in your devotions.
14:00 And he told me something I'd never heard before,
14:03 and I thought ha, I need to check this out.
14:05 So I went back afterwards to my Patriarchs and Prophets
14:08 and sure enough even a six years old,
14:11 he had tuned into something on that,
14:13 I had not ever tuned into before.
14:15 The thing is because the children don't always
14:17 talk back towards.
14:18 They don't process what they have heard.
14:20 We think there's nothing going on.
14:22 But we were blessed with a child that spoke very early
14:26 and we realized that stuff is going in
14:28 because it would come back out.
14:30 Most children are speaking that early,
14:32 but we got to fill their minds as they are growing up.
14:35 Tell us about some of the, oh yeah, do that one
14:38 and then we will go onto the Walmart experience.
14:41 Right, right. This is a CD that, in fact, Hannah and Caleb
14:44 and we partly did, which is scripture songs,
14:47 some of the many scriptures songs
14:49 they have learned during their devotions
14:51 and during the Family Worship, and also has some little lessons
14:55 for younger children.
14:57 Because you know starting with children young,
14:59 you are not going to give a 45 minute person devotions
15:02 and then followed by a Family Worship.
15:04 You gonna have maybe ten minutes at first
15:06 and gradually build up to that and now Hannah at 14,
15:09 she has her devotions for probably an hour,
15:12 hour and half even, every morning
15:14 before Family Worship.
15:16 And what's the point of that? It connects our children
15:19 to the Lord Jesus, at the level they are capable
15:23 of being connected with Him, because adult or child
15:26 we all need a living and vibrant connection
15:29 with Him everyday.
15:30 Now you want me to tell me about Walmart.
15:33 Well, it starts from that what we learned when we learned
15:35 the Ten Commandments together as a family.
15:37 The Ten Commandments book, yeah, it does
15:38 for this Ten Commandment book.
15:39 He had learned, you know, when I first got those,
15:41 I thought, oh come on, how does a three year old gonna
15:44 learn this stuff.
15:45 And I'm just being real. Thankfully I didn't communicate
15:47 that to him, and that's my cue for you.
15:50 I popped the CD in and we began to listen,
15:53 and within a few weeks my three-year-old knew
15:55 the entire version, King James version
15:58 of the Ten Commandments, the whole thing,
16:00 not just the shorten version that you see up on the boards
16:04 outside of a church there.
16:05 And so now we were in Walmart and you know that there are
16:07 those big TV screens, and they are kind of stuff
16:10 on there that at least I don't like my children to see.
16:12 And so he's three years old. He's sitting in the car
16:15 and I suddenly realized that he is singing.
16:18 And I leant over the car and listened and he's singing,
16:22 "thou shalt have no other Gods before me,
16:25 thou shalt not make unto thee."
16:28 He's singing the Ten Commandments.
16:30 It brought tears to my eyes to realize that what God
16:35 has said that if we put it within, it will be there
16:38 and when it needs to come out it will.
16:39 Time for Worship.
16:40 Oh hey, they are just in. That was excellent timing.
16:43 Perfect timing. We were just talking about you.
16:45 Let leave my clutter at the way. And I shall get the,
16:49 which one are we doing?
16:51 That ones, they're both the same.
16:52 All right. You've got your copy,
16:54 and I've got my copy. All right.
16:56 Hannah, have a word of prayer.
16:58 We just to let our viewers know, we are in the few minutes
17:02 we've got left now.
17:04 We are actually gonna have worship together.
17:05 Hannah, why don't you bow your head
17:07 and lead us in prayer?
17:08 Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the staying
17:11 and thank you for the opportunity we have now
17:13 to worship You, and please help it to be
17:15 encouragement to us in Jesus name, amen.
17:18 Amen. Amen. Thank you, now Caleb you gonna need
17:21 your Bibles children, and Caleb I am gonna ask you
17:24 to look up Jeremiah 15:16.
17:29 So you might wanna be finding that.
17:30 Can you just show the viewers what we are using?
17:32 We are using here, this is "My Bible Says",
17:37 and it comes from the same ministry that does
17:40 my Bible First Lessons, in fact the ministry
17:43 is called the My Bible First and it is excellent stuff.
17:47 Again if you want us to put you in touch with these people,
17:51 just get on the Restoration-International.org
17:54 website and go to free downloads
17:57 and there's a document there where you can download links
18:01 for all of this stuff.
18:02 But we are reading Tuesdays. And Tuesday today, right?
18:07 Tuesday today, it might not be Tuesday
18:09 when you are watching, but it's Tuesday
18:11 when we are recording this. And it's about the Manna.
18:15 We have been going through about how the Manna
18:17 came down and what it means to us today.
18:19 And viewers I am just going to be reading this,
18:21 so we are gonna do exactly what we would do at home, okay.
18:24 This isn't television. This is just real life.
18:27 So I am starting off with Tuesdays.
18:29 It's called Important Meanings.
18:31 Manna was a miracle food that the angels provided
18:35 for the Israelites.
18:38 They had, the Israelites had to gather it
18:40 every morning except Sabbath because it never lasted
18:44 for one day to the next. It would spoil.
18:47 So if you were on Thursday and you thought,
18:50 I can't be bothered to get up tomorrow morning
18:52 and I've been lying, I will get a double lot.
18:54 It would go bad on you.
18:56 So everyday you have to get the Manna, all right.
19:00 They would get full of worms. Can you imagine that?
19:02 That grows.
19:05 But the Manna they ate on Sabbath was a special miracle.
19:10 It'd been gathered Friday morning
19:12 and they would now eat it on a Saturday,
19:14 so it had lasted.
19:16 It was a miracle because it didn't spoiled Friday night.
19:21 That was to teach them that the Sabbath was very important.
19:26 Now children can you see some parallels here between Manna
19:32 and the word of God?
19:35 What parallel? You are not in your head Hannah,
19:37 what parallels do you see?
19:38 We can't just read it one morning
19:40 and think is gonna last for the next morning.
19:42 All right. Does it well.
19:43 Very good, very good. Okay, I am going to carry on.
19:46 The Manna came down from heaven. It was kinda like snow,
19:52 you know when you are asleep sometimes
19:54 and you wake up in the morning, you wake up
19:56 and you say, hey daddy it snowed last night.
19:58 It was kind of like that. So they woke up,
20:00 but this happened every night. Wasn't anything special?
20:03 And this is snow in the desert.
20:04 Yeah. So the Manna came down from heaven
20:08 and represented Jesus.
20:13 Jesus said that he was the living bread,
20:17 the living food.
20:19 And this was the literal food that was coming down.
20:23 He was the living bread that came down from heaven
20:27 that we must eat.
20:31 Then he explained that the words
20:34 He spoke are the bread
20:37 that we must eat, and it makes reference
20:39 there to John Chapter 6, we won't go there
20:41 just for the sake of time.
20:42 His words are in the Bible,
20:46 and we are eating them
20:48 when we study and believe the verses in the Bible.
20:55 I'll leave it there. Read what Jeremiah said,
20:57 this is to you Caleb, read what Jeremiah said about the joy
21:01 he got from eating God's words.
21:04 What's, sorry, we can have joy like that too.
21:08 You want to read Jeremiah 15:16, please Caleb.
21:12 Sure. " Thy words were found,
21:16 "and I did eat them;
21:18 "and thy word was unto me
21:23 "the joy and rejoicing of mine heart,
21:25 for I am called by thy name, O Lord God of hosts."
21:30 What does that mean? What is it mean?
21:33 He is saying that, I'll answer the question.
21:37 He's eating the word of God.
21:39 Caleb, how do we eat the word of God?
21:42 By reading it, read it in the morning
21:45 and bring to what it says to practice.
21:48 Okay. But when you eat food, it gets off the plate,
21:52 gets on to your knife and fork. It goes down the hutch
21:55 and it gets inside of you, doesn't it?
21:58 And it gives you strength.
21:59 That's what the Manna did for the Israelites.
22:03 But that's what God's word does for us, in a spiritual sense,
22:07 children.
22:08 it's got to get off the page. It's got to go through our eyes
22:12 or through our ears if we were listening to it,
22:14 and it goes inside of us and it makes us, strengthens us
22:20 in the spiritual realm. Okay.
22:24 If we don't spend time with Jesus studying the Bible,
22:29 Satan will give us wrong thoughts
22:31 that will put us on his side in the war
22:34 instead of the winning side with Jesus.
22:36 And we haven't; viewers we are building a theme
22:40 in this lesson that you are just kind of jumping into one.
22:43 The whole great controversy theme that God wants us
22:46 to be in our lives and in our hearts
22:48 and He wants to have say in our day,
22:49 rather than just letting our mind run
22:52 and this weaves beautifully through My Bible Say series.
22:56 These set of Bible Studies that we are going through
22:58 will take your children through pretty much
23:01 every important thing there is in the Bible
23:03 in a three-year cycle.
23:05 And we're going around this for the second or the third time,
23:09 fourth time with our children, just over and over again
23:12 until they know the fundamentals of scripture inside out.
23:15 It's what's making them who they are,
23:18 and as parents we have the opportunity to do that.
23:21 There's no better time than to start when as your children
23:24 the ages they are now.
23:26 One more paragraph and then you know,
23:28 it always ends with the apply it.
23:30 We'll get to that in a moment.
23:31 Can I just interrupt? Go ahead, go ahead, yeah.
23:33 You often do, my dear.
23:37 This is just not on TV very often.
23:38 Caleb, when you come to worship, is that the first time
23:42 you look at the lesson?
23:43 No. So when do you get to look at it?
23:45 We do, I do it in my quieter time.
23:47 Right! And it's got days, the week on here, doesn't it?
23:51 So each day of the week,
23:52 he gets to use this for his devotions first.
23:57 So the thing is when I am asking him the question,
23:59 I am interrupting you now, when I am asking him questions
24:01 in Family Worship, he already knows the answer.
24:04 And it's a double purpose that we have here.
24:07 Now children close your ears.
24:08 But parents we are not just having worship
24:11 Oh look at that, they are doing it.
24:12 No, not, you don't have to.
24:16 We are actually monitoring their quiet time
24:19 because if day after day I say to, hey Caleb
24:21 what does that mean? He says I don't know.
24:24 I know that he's sleeping through his quiet time.
24:26 So it's a good heads up for us.
24:28 Did I cut you off or you are done with for?
24:31 No you go ahead. Okay, last paragraph children.
24:34 The Israelites, that's goes people in the Old Testament
24:37 when the Manna was falling, needed to eat Manna everyday
24:40 and we need to eat God's words everyday.
24:43 Praying and studying His word everyday
24:48 is how we become like Jesus, His life is in His word.
24:54 And as we stood it, we will be in Him
24:58 and He will live in us.
24:59 And again that's another reference
25:01 back to John Chapter 6.
25:02 So the apply it, the end of every lesson
25:05 we have the apply it where we try and make it practical.
25:08 So this isn't just something that happens
25:10 now in the beginning of the day, hey Hannah
25:12 you paying attention, oh you looking at mummy's lesson,
25:15 just checking upon you.
25:18 We need to apply what we read here.
25:20 So, I've actually rewritten the apply it for today
25:23 because the apply it, they having the lesson built
25:26 on previous days which you the viewers never got it here.
25:29 But I am asking you Caleb and Hannah,
25:31 do you think that studying the Bible each day is going
25:35 to make you a better person? Yes or no?
25:37 Yes. All right,
25:39 what's going to be the next thing then?
25:41 So, are you willing to do that?
25:44 Excellent.
25:45 I commit to it as well, everyday by God's grace
25:49 to get up early, eat God's words just like the Israelites
25:53 ate the Manna and we can be strengthened
25:55 with spiritual food. We're gonna take a break here.
25:59 Normally we would end worship with some prayer
26:03 and some singing which is what we could do in the break.
26:06 You go to the break and will join us
26:09 in just a few moments.


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