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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne (Host), Hannah & Caleb Rayne


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00:02 Welcome back.
00:04 Today's challenge for you or the first challenge
00:06 is to take sometime quietly by yourself somewhere
00:09 where you can pour your heart out to God.
00:12 That's the opportunity that every one of us
00:14 can take each morning.
00:16 The second challenge we have which will actually have to come
00:20 before the challenge
00:21 that Carolyn just gave you is painfully practical.
00:26 It's a challenge to go to bed earlier tonight.
00:32 Tonight! Go to bed earlier tonight
00:35 so that you can get up in the morning
00:36 and you can spend sometime with God.
00:40 Now may be you're watching this program,
00:43 you're saying yes.
00:44 I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna do it.
00:45 I can tell you that there's gonna be,
00:47 tonight is gonna be the night
00:49 where there'll be every distraction.
00:51 You might already be thinking, no not tonight.
00:53 I got too many things going on tonight.
00:54 If it's just immovable tonight
00:56 because you've got prearranged things,
00:59 and when I say prearrange I don't mean watching the TV.
01:01 I mean an appointment that you've got to be at then okay
01:04 we can put it off to the next night.
01:06 But even cancel an appointment
01:09 and say I've got a more pressing appointment.
01:12 I got to get to bed so I can getup
01:15 and I can spend sometime.
01:16 And what are we're gonna spend that time doing in the morning.
01:19 We are going to spend sometime in prayer.
01:22 We're gonna be pouring our hearts out to God saying.
01:24 God I need you.
01:26 I need a revival in my heart.
01:29 I wanna be a better parent.
01:31 I wanna, see this program isn't necessarily about
01:34 what you do with your children.
01:36 This is all about you if you haven't figured that out.
01:38 And then you're gonna spend sometime in God's word.
01:40 You might need to get that connected family book
01:43 and go through some of those things
01:44 or just open up go to Psalm 23 or some of those verses
01:49 that we've mentioned in this program.
01:52 And study them out.
01:53 And then lastly you're gonna be asking God,
01:56 God I don't know if I tune you out during the day,
02:00 but today please send your still small voice to speak to me,
02:04 that I can hear you and I can know what to do
02:08 that you will guide me with your eye.
02:11 And then we want you to join us next week
02:14 for program number 19.
02:15 It's entitled Winning Worship and it's where we're gonna take
02:19 some of these concepts we've had in this program,
02:21 start applying them to our children.
02:24 Join us for Happy the Home.


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