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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne (Host)


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00:02 Welcome back, today our challenge is to do anything
00:05 that we need catching up on. So, it's a good opportunity
00:07 to look back over the book and see or over the program
00:09 to see what you haven't done
00:11 or may be make that invitation to one of your children.
00:15 So review time is catch up time and we put this in deliberately
00:20 because we know humanity is busy one week
00:23 and it just doesn't get to it,
00:24 so now it's your time to catch up.
00:26 You know I want to give you a little taste of what is ahead
00:30 of us on the remaining programs of Happy the Home.
00:34 We've eight more programs to roll out
00:37 and they're all part of the last section which is section three
00:40 and section three is developing Christian principles at home.
00:45 And we're going to be looking at...
00:46 let me read you some of the titles of the,
00:49 the programs that we've ahead of us.
00:51 We've got winning worship, I'm gonna, I'm gonna try
00:55 and resist the temptation to tell you
00:56 what they're all about. Resist, resist.
00:58 Resist, resist, okay. The Connection that Counts,
01:01 that is one you can't afford to miss.
01:03 That's gonna be in a couple of weeks time,
01:05 three weeks time maybe.
01:07 We've got some reviews and then Me, Myself and I,
01:09 that is going to be one of the most powerful,
01:11 no I'm not gonna say it, okay, I'm resisting here.
01:15 A Sword Fight with the Devil, we got a real sword that's gonna
01:19 come out in that program to make an illustration.
01:21 Organizing Confusion and then the last one,
01:25 I'm not gonna tell you what the last one is,
01:26 keep you in suspense but you know the,
01:29 the idea of these last programs is to,
01:32 we've been working through drawing
01:34 our children's affection to us. Now we've gone through calling
01:38 them to some kind of commitment and then any point
01:40 in the programs you can scoop back around, do you,
01:43 you can pick up the Connected Family companion book
01:46 and you can go over some of that ground.
01:48 But if not you can continue on with us and we're gonna
01:51 take the whole family through some of these principles.
01:55 Sometimes we're destroyed for a lack of knowledge
01:57 and we're just gonna open up some of those simple points
02:00 that are so powerful that will help the whole family
02:04 mom, dad and children to draw closer together.
02:07 So, the very next program is entitled, Soul Power
02:12 and we're gonna talk about that how children and parents
02:15 can get power out of heaven into their own lives
02:18 to really live this Christian walk.
02:20 So, join us for the next program on Happy the Home.


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