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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne (Host), Hannah & Caleb Rayne


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00:02 We were just talking in the break that you know
00:06 different children respond to different kinds of consequences
00:10 and you will find that you can't use what works on one
00:13 child will not work on the other child.
00:15 We just wanted to cover that.
00:17 Carolyn, what's our challenge for today's program
00:19 that we want to leave with the viewers?
00:21 Our challenge today is really important.
00:23 I am gonna read this to you, so I don't get the words
00:25 mixed up. It says, write out the things you appreciate
00:29 about God and how He draws you to Himself.
00:32 That was what we talked about earlier.
00:34 If you haven't finished writing that down,
00:36 write it down. So that's your first challenge to write out
00:39 what it is you appreciate about God and then secondly,
00:42 how can I be to my children what God is to me?
00:46 And we hope that some of those discipline ideas we gave
00:52 you will be helpful too. You know this idea that Carolyn
00:56 was talking about of, us being to our children
01:00 what God is to us, is very important because
01:03 God has captured attention some way and He has drawn
01:06 as to Himself. And that's where we are best equipped
01:10 to draw our children to us and send them to the Lord.
01:13 We want to have a short prayer with together
01:16 and then we gonna tell you
01:17 little bit about the next program.
01:20 Father in heaven, thank you for the blessings
01:24 of our children. Thank you that we have the opportunity
01:26 to raise them for You. And Father forgive us.
01:29 We are not always the very best parents.
01:31 We are lousy parents sometimes but please bless
01:34 our efforts. And help us to raise them to be good
01:39 kids in the end. Thank you for hearing
01:41 our prayer in Jesus name. Amen. Amen.
01:44 You know, our next program is a review.
01:48 We gonna be reviewing the last few programs including
01:51 this one. So join us for the next one.
01:54 It's program 17. It goes along with chapter 17
01:58 in the connected family. Thank you so much again
02:01 for inviting us into your home
02:03 and join us for the next Happy the Home.


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