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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne


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00:02 Welcome back. I think you know
00:05 where we're going with the challenge for today.
00:08 We are challenging you not just to watch
00:11 this program. And this is a program that
00:15 you do, it's a program that you get involved in.
00:18 And whilst we have appreciated you inviting us
00:21 into your living room and bearing with us
00:23 for the last half-an-hour. We want you to
00:26 actually do some of this stuff, to go to your children
00:30 maybe even today, maybe tomorrow,
00:32 but certainly before you watch the next program,
00:35 the next "Happy the Home" program.
00:37 And pray about it, get together with your spouse
00:41 and just talk about, so how are we gonna do this?
00:43 And then ask your children one at the time
00:47 or maybe I don't know in some circumstances
00:50 it might be good to have it out in the family setting,
00:53 but probably best one-on-one just to say.
00:56 You know, mommy and daddy wanna tell you
00:59 a little bit about the joy that we found in following
01:03 the Lord and then invite them to do the same.
01:06 You can practice on each other or whatever.
01:07 Carolyn, why don't you lead us in prayer,
01:10 praying for our viewers that might have
01:12 a good experience in this task.
01:15 Father in heaven, I pray for our viewers
01:17 that you would bless each one as they seek
01:19 to ask and invite their children to make that
01:22 commitment to you. And I pray that we would
01:23 all keep our commitments to you
01:25 and I thank you in Jesus name, amen.
01:28 Amen. Thank you Carolyn, you know,
01:30 it might be scary, but we encourage you to
01:33 ask your children to make a commitment to God,
01:36 you never know where it might lead.
01:38 We want to also invite you to join us
01:40 for the next program; program sixteen is called,
01:43 "A Friend Loveth At All Times."
01:45 Join us then.


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