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00:01 Have you ever invited your children
00:03 to make a commitment to God?
00:04 Today's Happy the Home program is entitled an Invitation.
00:08 And we'll be talking about, how we can give our children
00:11 and opportunity to say, yes God, I want to follow You.
00:36 Welcome to another Happy the Home program.
00:40 Thank you again for tuning in.
00:42 And I'm Paul Rayne and this is my lovely wife,
00:46 Carolyn Rayne, our children on with us on this particular show.
00:50 We're from the ministry as, if you've seen previous program
00:53 from Restoration International up there
00:56 in the Northwest Corner of Montana.
00:59 And we are so pleased to be with you.
01:01 We have an important topic today, Carolyn,
01:04 you and I've been talking about this.
01:06 But many of the programs that we've had so far,
01:10 this is program number 15. The programs that we've had
01:14 so far have been building one program upon another.
01:18 Now, if this is your first program,
01:19 so watch don't worry, we'll just throw you in the deep end.
01:22 But the programs have been leading up to this.
01:26 This is the program where we invite our children
01:30 to make an invitation to, sorry, where we,
01:34 we invite our children to make a commitment to God.
01:38 So, stay with us, we're gonna give some of our own testimonies
01:41 of where God has brought us.
01:43 And, but before we get into that, I wonder if,
01:48 I think fairly sure that you have the experienced
01:51 the difference between a child that want us to do what's right,
01:55 and a child that just is not interested.
01:58 We've had both and you now, on different days
02:01 you can get them both on the same day sometimes.
02:03 But you know when our children have the dispositions to please,
02:07 when they have the disposition
02:09 to follow through with simple things.
02:13 Versus when they are just, you know tuned out
02:17 and they have an attitude,
02:19 oh it's, it's like night and day.
02:22 And that's what we're gonna talk about that subject today.
02:25 Now, Carolyn, tell us about,
02:29 how one time Hannah was she had a bit of down day
02:32 and how that switched? Well, you know,
02:35 you may think as you see our children now,
02:37 of course you're not seeing them today,
02:39 but in previous programs.
02:40 Well, of course those are angels,
02:41 they would never have an attitude.
02:44 Actually, our children are just like yours,
02:46 we have very normal children,
02:48 we've dealt with all of those kind of things attitudes,
02:51 fightings and all rest of it with our children.
02:54 And the only difference maybe that the principles
02:57 we've been sharing over these pass few weeks
02:59 and those to come have been something
03:01 that we have been having in our family,
03:04 since the children were infants.
03:06 And as a result of that, it does make a difference
03:09 in our children. So, if today you're thinking,
03:11 yeah but mine's not an infant, she's a 15 year old.
03:14 Praise the Lord they'll never be
03:15 any younger then they are today,
03:17 start implementing these principles
03:19 and you'll see a difference in your children
03:21 that is the difference. And so, you know,
03:23 we don't see the typical attitudes
03:25 that you see in your children.
03:27 And over the last year or so, it's become fairly common,
03:32 and if we bump into attitudes with Hannah during the day,
03:35 has become fairly common. That as she goes to bed at night
03:38 and she's had a night time prayer
03:40 and we come to tuck her in, she will say, mommy or daddy,
03:44 you know, I'm sorry I had a bad attitude today
03:46 or I'm sorry I was grumpy. You know, that's really
03:50 encouraging to us as parents, because that tell us
03:52 that she is connected to the Lord
03:54 and as He's close to her heart.
03:55 She is listening and she is gonna follow through.
03:58 So, are you saying that Hannah may have
04:00 and it can be just as much Caleb as well,
04:02 might have a bad attitude and that bad attitude carries
04:06 on all the way until she goes to bed
04:08 or is there a change during the day?
04:09 No, the change takes place, because if it didn't,
04:12 we would have to deal with it more.
04:14 But the change takes place but it's not until going to bed
04:17 when asking the Lord, is there anything
04:19 between you and me that it comes to the heart to realize
04:22 I just want to say again that I'm sorry about that.
04:25 You know parents at home, parenting is a big job
04:31 and the world dumbs it down.
04:33 The world says, and dare I even say it,
04:38 even with in the church parenting
04:40 isn't held in the highest esteem that it should be.
04:44 You know, parents have, when daddy's out at work,
04:49 and moms there at home, maybe the children are smaller
04:52 and she is working away with their attitude,
04:56 trying to help them keep their room tidy or whatever it is.
05:00 She, mom is doing a work we're told that is equal
05:04 to that of the preacher in the desk
05:07 or the King upon his thrown.
05:09 So, Carolyn, I want to thank you on this program,
05:14 whilst everybody is watching.
05:15 Thank you, for the hard work you put into our children.
05:20 Parenting is a commitment, it is hard work and dads,
05:25 if you, I know, I've given that's a hard time
05:27 on this program but dads, if you feel sometimes
05:30 that mom needs some encouragement,
05:32 you got to give it to her. She has a harder job
05:34 than you do, you just go to work and earn the money,
05:37 anybody could do that. She's gotta stay at home
05:39 and raise the children. Well, she doesn't got to,
05:41 but often times that's the situation.
05:43 So, parenting is a difficult task,
05:46 it's a rewarding task and we hope you've been
05:48 following us through on the activities
05:51 that we've had up until this point.
05:53 You know, the real joy for us as mothers comes from doing
05:58 what we can do to nurture the family,
06:00 to be following the Lord, so that we can all make
06:02 that commitment to be want to follow Him.
06:04 But, that is a part of society that's been lost.
06:09 And it seems that from many mothers it's like,
06:15 stay at home and raise the kids?
06:17 No chance, give me something interesting to do,
06:19 give me something worth while.
06:21 Give me a carrier, give me an occupation.
06:24 And you know, we were reading not so long ago,
06:27 if you remember in our family worship
06:28 how mothers not doing their part in the home
06:32 is of course crime and we said, well how can that be?
06:35 And then we discussed that it's if mothers
06:38 aren't training their children then the children
06:40 are growing up rascals and doing things
06:42 they shouldn't do and that's where the crime comes from.
06:45 But, anyway, none of this was actually in the program.
06:49 Let's move on with the program.
06:50 Now, parents if your children were falling
06:54 in a fast flowing river and they were floating down
06:59 the river to a waterfall that would mean certain death.
07:02 And you managed to jump in a speed boat
07:04 and you were zooming down the river
07:06 and you got next to them. And you were reaching out
07:09 to them and you said... Would you, if it's not too much
07:15 trouble and maybe would you like to get in the boat, please.
07:20 Is that how you would do it? Or would it be,
07:22 give me your arm. I'll pull you out,
07:24 come on, get out; get out whilst you've got the chance.
07:28 Now, what we're talking about in this program
07:30 is giving our children an invitation,
07:33 and as Carolyn said earlier, our children will be never
07:36 any younger then they are now.
07:38 So, now is the time to be inviting our children
07:42 to follow God. Now, we want put some meat
07:44 on the bones Carolyn, but before we go there,
07:48 tell us a little bit about how you were floating down
07:52 the river. You were in the water
07:54 and the cliff wasn't so far away,
07:57 and nobody really gave you an invitation to follow the Lord,
08:00 tell us a little bit about that part of your life.
08:03 Well, I was raised in a Christian home
08:06 and I was actually a pretty good kid,
08:07 I think my parents would agree, hopefully.
08:11 And then you go through those teenage rebellion time years,
08:14 but I left home in my late teens and went to nursing school.
08:18 And it wasn't until my early twenties
08:20 that I actually ended up getting involved with wrong associates.
08:24 They also claimed to be Christian and I believed that
08:27 and unfortunately got led into directions
08:30 that I would not wish you or my children to be led into.
08:35 And you know, I just want to take a side note right here
08:38 something that we haven't necessarily
08:40 in black and white shared. Join these previous 14 programs
08:45 is that it is crucial that you know who your children
08:49 are associating with? That you know the young people
08:52 that they're hanging out with that you're a part of that
08:55 part of their life because if you don't,
08:57 and your children, the devil is out to snatch our children,
09:01 he will use associates, he will use poor
09:03 boys and girls in the church,
09:05 who appear to be everything's okay,
09:07 but deep down there's other stuff going on
09:08 and you get that to know about until
09:10 the fruit comes out in your children.
09:12 Oh! Can I just interrupt you there,
09:14 because you're making a point here
09:15 that I don't want our viewers to miss and that is,
09:19 we've had the attitude, I know a lot of people have
09:21 the attitude. Hey, if you're a church goer,
09:25 we're a church now, I mean yeah,
09:27 we have to be careful with the kids hanging around
09:29 maybe with the neighbor kids and they're getting into stuff
09:32 that when you know, we're not looking,
09:35 but now you're talking about even being careful at church.
09:37 I mean, isn't that anywhere safe on earth?
09:39 Well, I'm just sharing my experience.
09:42 Right. And this was apparently
09:43 quite conservative individual, who led me in a very different
09:47 track then the track I'd ever dreamed I would go in my life.
09:49 Led me to the point of being,
09:51 I think I was 23 or 24 years old.
09:54 So, discouraged felt so far from God living in my own
09:58 in an apartment away from home,
10:00 felt so far from God that I couldn't bring myself
10:02 to get out of bed in the morning,
10:04 and this was a particular day, I didn't get out of bed that day
10:06 until 4:30 in the afternoon. I'm the sort of girl
10:09 that gets up at 4:30 in the morning,
10:11 because I loved to be up in the day.
10:13 So, that tells you how discouraged, how low I got.
10:16 And I've always said this, the devil will push us lower
10:19 and lower and lower and he didn't know it,
10:21 but he pushed me to my knees and that was
10:23 where I met God again and my life
10:25 has never been the same since then.
10:27 But it could have been different, I mean if,
10:30 when you'd call your folks, if your dad had really
10:32 pushed you and investigated.
10:34 Hey Carolyn, how was it in your spiritual life?
10:36 Well, in this situation, I was, on the outside,
10:40 still going to church, still doing the outward things,
10:42 but my heart was far from God and nobody knew it.
10:45 Right. And I didn't, I love my parents so much,
10:47 I didn't want to burst their bubble.
10:49 Right. It had this good girl these years
10:51 and now I suddenly in my twenties I'd gone off
10:53 to rail sort to speak. And I didn't want to
10:55 burst their bubble. Well, it's not only
10:56 that you didn't want to burst their bubble,
10:58 they might have suspected something,
11:00 but they didn't want to burst their own bubble.
11:02 Well, I think my dad did suspected,
11:03 but he didn't have the courage to ask.
11:05 Parents, we are asking you in this program,
11:08 if you're getting the gist of it.
11:09 We need to invite, we've had previous programs
11:13 of investigating their life, becoming observant.
11:17 We had a whole program on a secret life,
11:20 where we were talking you through investigating
11:23 some of these things, but you know,
11:25 we need we have a special relationship with our kids,
11:27 it's like nothing else, it might be strained at the times.
11:30 But you know compared with the relationship the pastor house,
11:34 or the youth leader or a teacher at school.
11:37 We have a close relationship, we're the ones,
11:40 if something really goes wrong we're the ones that they're
11:43 gonna come to. You know, blood is thicker
11:45 than water after all, you know.
11:47 We need to call our children to make a commitment
11:50 you might be nervous to that. And we're gonna talk
11:52 a little bit in a minute, Carolyn is going to explains us
11:54 what we really mean by a commitment.
11:56 Some of you might have come to the Lord in your Christian walk,
12:02 because somebody made a commitment maybe here
12:05 on somebody made a call, maybe here on 3ABN
12:08 you might have seen some of those sermons
12:10 where the preacher says, you know, if you want to
12:13 give your heart to the Lord now come to the front
12:15 and people come to the front and that might have happen,
12:17 if you're in a church, that happened
12:18 for me in a church. But, I remember
12:22 we've shared with you in previous programs
12:25 that our family, the Rayne Family,
12:27 we go around giving seminars
12:29 and I remember one particular seminar,
12:32 I was up for the 11 O'clock message on the church service.
12:37 And I was really an earnest with the Lord,
12:39 and everybody else had gone off to the Sabbath school lesson.
12:42 And I was just outside my room and I was praying,
12:45 God, please feel my heart ready for this message.
12:49 And I had a thought, I knew it was from the Lord,
12:52 it was just an impression in my mind that says,
12:55 Paul, at the end of your message today
12:58 you need to make an altar call.
13:00 That was the words that came to me and I understood that to me,
13:04 I need to invite people who want to make a commitment
13:07 to God to come to the front. And I thought yes,
13:10 what a good idea? I've never done that before as a good idea
13:13 and then after I settled the idea in prayer,
13:16 I was on my knees at the time, this was a good idea.
13:19 The thought came to me, what if nobody comes forward,
13:24 what if I'm up there and the music is playing,
13:28 and I'm up there as the speaker saying,
13:30 you know, and if the Lord's moved on your heart
13:32 in this message, please come up to the front,
13:34 what if nobody comes? I'm just being real honest with you,
13:37 I'm gonna feel like some stupid guy stood up there
13:40 like nobody is coming. Now, why am I sharing this with you,
13:44 because you might feel that what if I call my children
13:47 to make a commitment to God and then they say, no,
13:50 that's gonna make me that really stupid.
13:52 Well, no you have to risk something for your children.
13:57 And if it works out and now we're gonna talk
14:01 you through that in a moment just exactly what you can do,
14:04 but Carolyn what are we talking about in this commitment?
14:08 You mean how to go about it? Yeah, and what kind
14:11 of a commitment are we calling to,
14:12 are we asking them to you know, give the rest of their life 100%
14:16 to God and get baptized next week.
14:18 What are we talking about? Now, well, first of all,
14:21 you're not gonna preach a sermon and then at the end say,
14:24 and are you ready to make an altar call. Right.
14:26 Okay, it's not gonna be that way,
14:27 it needs to be very simple, very clear and just simply
14:32 asking our children, are you willing to follow Jesus
14:35 all the way that you know?
14:36 Now, you see that's very age dependent.
14:39 Now, for some children this may lead them to baptism,
14:42 for other children it's just a recommitment to their hearts,
14:45 to the Lord Jesus, they're younger
14:46 and maybe for a child who's already baptized.
14:48 You know, for those of us that are already baptized,
14:51 we still need to make a recommitment
14:53 from time-to-time with the Lord.
14:54 It should be a daily thing,
14:56 but you know, also a recommitment.
14:58 So, it's to be very simple and just simply asking,
15:01 are you ready to give your heart fully to the Lord?
15:04 Now, that as Carolyn saying, and that could mean
15:07 something different to every single child.
15:09 They might turn around to you and say, daddy,
15:12 I think I'm all ready doing that.
15:14 And then we can just give them encouragement,
15:16 if they've been holding out on God in a certain area
15:18 and maybe you can investigate that a little bit you know,
15:21 simply put, we're just asking our children,
15:24 do you want to give your heart to God?
15:26 Do you wanna follow God and live as He knows He wants you to.
15:30 And let God take that commitment
15:34 and filter into their hearts and life.
15:36 However it fits, you know how do,
15:39 how are we actually gonna do this?
15:41 I personally believe that if we can express
15:46 to our children the joy that we have in following the Lord,
15:51 it will be a great encouragement for them to follow the Lord.
15:55 So, our children, I don't say,
15:57 I'm gonna imagine that you're Caleb, okay.
16:00 And Caleb, I'm asking him at this point,
16:03 I'm working up to asking him the commitment.
16:06 So, just pretend you're Caleb, viewers,
16:08 you pretend that Carolyn is Caleb.
16:11 And I'm still daddy. We should maybe have gotten
16:14 Caleb on the set, but we won't do that now.
16:16 You know, so I would maybe doing some
16:17 and I'm completely ad libbing on this.
16:20 I don't have any notes. So, and you can,
16:22 not gonna have any notes, so don't worry doesn't have
16:24 to be scripted, it doesn't have to be perfect
16:27 your children already know that you're not perfect.
16:29 They'd lived with you for the last,
16:31 who knows how many years. So, I would say something
16:34 to like Caleb maybe I've been talking him into bed
16:36 and I sit on the side of his bed and I'd say, so Caleb,
16:39 how's your day have been today and you know,
16:42 just seek to engage him and some smaller conversation,
16:45 I says, hey you've got a really neat room in here
16:47 and you know, what do you think about
16:49 when you're going off to sleep.
16:50 Just kind of open him up a little bit and then say,
16:53 Caleb you know, daddy has been seeking
16:57 to follow the Lord for a long time.
16:58 And you know, but I didn't always follow God
17:02 the way I do now. You know, daddy grew up
17:05 and he was not in a Christian home
17:08 and you know I got into all kinds of mischief
17:11 and you know I tried to make people look at me
17:14 that's an expression we have in our family.
17:16 And you know, I never really found deep down joy in my heart,
17:22 I never really felt securing God until I gave my heart to Him.
17:27 And I don't know where you are Caleb,
17:29 in your Christian world. But you know, are you ready
17:34 to make a commitment to God to say,
17:37 yes God I want to follow You,
17:38 I want to live like You want to live.
17:41 So, I'm just roll play in this for you that would be something,
17:44 now that's, well all of a minute and a half,
17:47 two minutes and maybe you would take
17:49 a little longer especially, if we've done this
17:52 with our children on a regular basis.
17:53 But if this is your first time, you're gonna be nervous.
17:56 I dare say, but you are inviting the really
18:00 what we're doing is Matthew 11:28.
18:05 "Come unto me, all you who labor and are heavy laden,
18:10 and I will give you rest.'' We are calling our children
18:14 to make some kind of a commitment to God.
18:17 You know, a good thing to point like this,
18:19 also that encourages our children,
18:22 is if we say, you know. We haven't always been
18:25 perfect parents. You know, we've often said
18:27 to our children, we've not had 12 and 14 year old before.
18:31 So now, how you do that?
18:32 So, bear with us, this is new to us.
18:35 And we'll say that to our children
18:36 quite regularly if we mess up.
18:38 Especially when they turn teenagers,
18:40 they say, hey we've never raised teenagers before.
18:42 Yeah, this is a... Have mercy on us?
18:43 There is a whole new ball game for us parents.
18:45 But to seek to encourage them that no,
18:48 we're not perfect, because sometimes
18:49 our children can feel like, well I do bad things.
18:52 So, I can't make a commitment
18:53 to God because I'm not good enough.
18:55 Trying to encourage them they don't have to be good
18:57 to come to God and make a commitment to Him.
18:59 It's His love that draws them anyways.
19:01 Amen, that is a great point,
19:03 that you don't have to be good children,
19:06 to come to God you come to God as you are
19:09 and then He will work in your life
19:11 to make you a different person you know, go ahead.
19:14 So, what if, what if when you ask
19:16 that commitment to your child, they say I'm not good enough,
19:18 what would you say? I would just say,
19:21 well that's really got nothing to do with it.
19:24 God will make you His child. Right. You just need
19:27 to give your heart to Him and He will change you.
19:30 I mean a lot of times we are trying to make ourselves good
19:33 so we can come to God and that is totally the wrong way around.
19:36 Another thing that we might meet in our children,
19:38 they might say, I can just imagine asking Caleb,
19:41 and he might say, well daddy you know,
19:44 I would follow God, but then I kind of look gawky
19:48 in front of my friends when we're all messing around
19:50 and I'm not messing around, I'm gonna look kind
19:52 of out of place, how would you answer that one,
19:54 kind of putting you on the spot? Well, I would do not want to
19:59 deal with the entire, entireness of that right there and then.
20:02 Right. Down the line, I'd want to be talking about
20:04 the associations anyways. Right. And if our associations
20:07 aren't pointing us to heaven, they're taking us
20:09 the other direction and encouraging him
20:12 that he can stand up and be an encouragement
20:14 to his friends. Well, I know. Have you seen that happen?
20:16 Yeah, and I know what I've said to Caleb in the past,
20:18 'cause we've had, we had, remember when we're driving
20:20 to Minnesota at that time, we had this long conversation
20:23 with Caleb. I remember that we've been
20:26 teaching our children, you need to be the influence,
20:29 if you're in a group of children,
20:31 and you might want to teach your children this as well.
20:33 If you're in a group of children and they are messing around
20:36 and you feel the peer pressure to mess around,
20:39 I bet you there's two or three in that crowd
20:42 that are thinking we shouldn't be doing this,
20:44 we shouldn't be doing this. And they're trying to work up
20:46 the courage to say, hey guys, lets not do this.
20:49 And we've been training Hannah and Caleb, be the influence.
20:52 You be the one that steps out and says,
20:54 we shouldn't be doing this and use your influence to turn
20:58 that around and save the situation.
21:00 And then we've told our children.
21:01 If the situation is getting out of hand
21:03 and you can't turn it around then leave,
21:06 get out of there. Do the Joseph thing and run away.
21:10 And we were, we have admired our children
21:14 for the times they've done that.
21:15 I remember Hannah, she told that young boy off,
21:18 just plain told him off, he was 16 and she was 13
21:21 or I think or 11, no 12 she was, and she just said,
21:24 you shouldn't do that and he got offended remember?
21:27 But, then he wrote later on he said, you were right.
21:29 So, children. Parents, encourage your children
21:32 to be the influence. So, what if and I'm just
21:35 for the sake of the viewers, what if a child turned around
21:39 and says, no, I'm not ready to make that commitment.
21:41 Well, I would do some investigating.
21:43 I don't take no easily. I know.
21:48 You know, good. You know, because it might be
21:52 no I would ask, why? And if they haven't got
21:56 a good reason, I press it a little bit.
21:58 Because sometimes they need that encouragement.
22:00 So, parents, don't necessarily accept no,
22:02 I mean, if the no is just no, then I would back off.
22:07 We would have some prayer and what I would do is encourage
22:09 you to get hold of "The Connected Family" book,
22:13 the campaign book that goes with this program.
22:16 And I'd encourage you to go back to chapter number 1
22:20 in the book and start rolling through
22:22 because we're now in program 15,
22:24 which goes with chapter 15 in the book.
22:26 So, we have been preparing the soil,
22:29 we've breaking up the hard hearts with all the activities
22:33 that we've been going through.
22:34 So, it might be that that process needs
22:37 to be gone through again. So, no is no defeat,
22:41 no is just praise the Lord, we get to go back
22:43 and work on this some more. Hey, God ask to go over
22:47 our heart. Many times before He gets yes,
22:49 on some things years He has to wait.
22:52 And I want to encourage you to,
22:54 and going through the book we did,
22:56 we actually went through the book.
22:58 And that goes along with these programs.
23:00 With our children. With our children ourselves,
23:02 before we ever made it available to you.
23:04 And when we got to this point, you know,
23:06 Caleb wanted to recommit himself.
23:09 And it was quite exciting to see what happened with Hannah.
23:12 It was actually few weeks earlier
23:14 we gone over the one-on-one time and join,
23:16 I one-on-one time. Hannah and I,
23:18 I asked her some questions I said, sweetie,
23:20 if you're thinking about baptism,
23:22 could you think of any character traits
23:25 you would want to be different in preparation for that.
23:28 We're just driving along. And she was thinking
23:31 and then the first thing she said was,
23:33 are you doing a book on me? Because of course,
23:36 your children don't necessarily know what you're doing,
23:38 but our children did 'cause we told a lot about
23:40 these principles in the book. And so, she ask me
23:43 you're doing the book on me. Well, it was about two weeks.
23:46 What did you say? And I just gave out.
23:48 I said, yeah. You know, it was about two weeks later,
23:52 it was a Sabbath and I could tell by the look on her face,
23:56 she had something important to say.
23:58 And she was a little bit nervous and she said,
24:00 mommy and daddy, I've decided that
24:03 I'd like to be baptized. Now, that was pretty emotional
24:08 and pretty big for us as her parents
24:11 and it was quite a surprise, because when I said that
24:13 those few weeks before, I didn't yet in my mind,
24:16 I wasn't thinking of it being imminent,
24:18 but anyway she, so we asked her,
24:20 why would you like to be baptized?
24:21 And she began to share from her heart why that was.
24:24 And in fact, when we leave the studio here
24:27 from being done with these programs
24:29 we have two more weeks and then she will be baptized.
24:31 So, that's been a pretty big
24:33 and exciting thing for our family,
24:35 but we wanted to encourage you.
24:36 Maybe you don't have children at that age and stage right now.
24:39 Caleb is not at that stage right now.
24:41 We used to think years ago, oh they get baptized together
24:44 but boys and girls tend to mature different levels anyway,
24:47 and so there is already two physical years
24:49 and probably more in terms of maturity in part.
24:52 And so, it doesn't mean that now
24:54 all your children are gonna be baptized,
24:56 as a result of chapter 15 and if not you failed,
24:58 but just to encourage you as you go through this series,
25:02 through these programs,
25:04 that that may well be what comes as a result of it.
25:07 That was a joy to us as parents,
25:09 that the first fruits of these programs
25:14 and the companion book that we put,
25:15 we poured ourselves into for a year and a half now,
25:19 the first fruits was the baptism of our own first born,
25:23 I mean that is amazing. We never anticipated that.
25:26 And we weren't, we weren't even trying for that,
25:28 we would just try to test out the book on our kids.
25:31 So, how what? it works, it works.
25:33 So, we don't want to discourage you,
25:35 if that doesn't happening for you,
25:36 we're just sharing our joy. You know, we're gonna take
25:39 a short break here and we're gonna come back
25:41 as our tradition is, after the break
25:43 and we're gonna talk about very specifically
25:45 about the step forward commitment,
25:48 that we're calling for you to make.
25:49 I think you can probably guess what it is.
25:50 Join us in a moment.


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