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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne (Host), Hannah & Caleb Rayne


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00:01 Have you ever explained the gospel to your children
00:03 in just simple, easy to understand language?
00:06 Join us for One-On-One part two,
00:10 another program on Happy the Home.
00:35 Welcome to Happy the Home, we're on program number 14
00:39 One-On-One part two. You might remember
00:42 back in program 7, we talked a little bit about
00:44 One-On-One time. And as you've caught us,
00:47 actually Caleb and I were in the process of having some
00:51 One-On One time together. And we are just,
00:54 we were talking about the gospel.
00:56 And I'm gonna carry on reading. I'm reading something
00:58 to you here, Caleb, and then we're just kind of commenting
01:00 backwards and forwards and...Our next sentence was,
01:05 while in heaven Jesus enjoyed intimate...
01:10 Do you know what that word means intimate?
01:12 Close, good close. Jesus enjoyed
01:16 close friendship with his Father,
01:18 such as only divinity can comprehend.
01:21 As far back as eternity stretches their love
01:25 for each other, the Father and Jesus.
01:27 Their love for each other had become
01:30 stronger and more beautiful. Now it's hard,
01:34 this is a hard thing for a boy's brain to grasp
01:37 and a daddy's brain, but what do you understand
01:40 by eternity, Caleb? On going. On going does it.
01:45 But here he's talking about eternity going back.
01:48 How far back does eternity go? Forever. Forever.
01:52 And how far forward does it go? Forever.
01:54 Now, what do you mean by forever?
01:56 Give me, give me another way of saying forever
01:58 and don't use the word eternity.
02:03 You just explain forever to me, though it's just not one word,
02:07 you can use a number of words. It's just ongoing,
02:09 it never stops. Okay, explain it to me
02:12 without the word ongoing, that's good.
02:14 But I want you to develop the idea in your mind.
02:18 It never stops. It never stops okay,
02:21 that's good, very good. I know for a while
02:23 you didn't get it. Did you? You just couldn't grasp
02:26 the idea of eternity. You know viewers,
02:28 I've explained to my children that eternity is like
02:33 you've got this moth, this little moth
02:35 and it takes off from planet Earth
02:37 and it only flies five miles an hour.
02:41 So it takes a long time to get anyway, anyway,
02:44 it flies millions of light-years out into space,
02:47 takes a longtime to get there. And then,
02:50 its got this huge planet, the size of the Sun.
02:55 It's a massive planet and it's made of solid metal.
02:59 And this moth comes along, of course this is just a way
03:01 I was explaining eternity to my children.
03:04 This moth it takes all these years to get there
03:06 and then its wing just touches the edge of
03:09 this great big planet. And then it flies all the way
03:13 back to planet Earth takes millions of millions years,
03:16 and it gets back to planet Earth.
03:17 And then it immediately turns around,
03:19 he heads off. Remember I explaining this to you, Caleb.
03:22 He heads off to that great big metal planet again,
03:26 and his wing just touches the side of the planet
03:30 and it files all the way back and eternity
03:32 as is long as it takes for the planets,
03:36 the metal planets to wear away. That's how long eternity is,
03:40 and actually it's a little bit longer than that.
03:43 So that's how long Caleb, that's how long the father
03:47 and the son had known each other and loved each other.
03:51 You think they loved each other a lot by then,
03:53 'cause they were perfect. And it's at that point
03:56 that Jesus chose to leave heaven,
04:00 to leave all of that glory and come down to this world.
04:04 It says even though it was probably filled with clean hay
04:09 Jesus first bed on Earth was a feeding trough,
04:14 probably still smelled pretty bad.
04:17 He says there while today people seek to be the best,
04:22 the fastest, the richest, the most popular.
04:26 Our God gave up all of that voluntarily,
04:29 so, he could save us. Caleb, just be honest with me,
04:33 when you are playing with your buddies and stuff.
04:35 Do you sometimes feel like you want to be the best?
04:41 Not that I can think of. No! Sometime, I do. The kind of
04:44 the center of attention. Kind of look at me a little bit.
04:47 Kind of show off. Can't think of any.
04:50 Oh! I know you've done it, you're probably
04:52 not recognizing it. Come on, be honest.
04:54 Deep down in your heart is it there? Oh! I have.
04:57 You think you have? Probably. Probably, what's probably mean?
05:01 Maybe, I'm very sure. I think you have,
05:05 I think we all have. But you know,
05:08 Jesus pushed all that aside. He didn't come for people
05:13 to feel like he was good, he came to help other people.
05:17 And as we travel in our ministry work,
05:20 you would be following God's example.
05:23 If you would live for other people
05:25 rather than yourself. I would as well,
05:29 this is some of the practicalities of
05:31 what Jesus was like, 0you understanding it?
05:35 It's hard to understand in some ways isn't it?
05:36 But it's not hard to understand as you see an opportunity,
05:40 when all the boys are doing you know silly stuff
05:44 and you can look at that and you say,
05:46 oh! I could go and serve, I could go and help.
05:48 That's what we want for you son. Let's see, I'm just gonna.
05:51 I only got a little bit more, then we're gonna pass over to
05:53 Hannah and Caleb. I mean you're Hannah...Your Caleb,
05:56 we're gonna pass over to mommy and Hannah.
05:58 Those are the two in our family. All right, you know
06:01 the brief record of Jesus early life teaches
06:06 an important lesson. It teaches the more quite
06:10 and simple a child's life. The more favorably
06:13 it is for a spiritual and physical advancement.
06:19 We live out in the Woods don't we?
06:21 Do you like it out in the Woods? I know.
06:24 Do you not, do you not get bored out there... I mean,
06:27 we don't have a TV in our house, do we? No.
06:32 We don't watch 3ABN very often, do we?
06:34 But, what is it that draws you to where we live?
06:41 What is it you like to do when we are at home?
06:44 Just go outside. Outside? Enjoy the fresh air.
06:49 Alright, what sort of stuff do you do outside?
06:51 Bike and play soccer and skiing, like that.
06:56 Alright, if you had a chance to trade where we live,
06:59 because it's a quiet and simple place.
07:01 If you had a chance to trade that for living Downtown,
07:05 where it's all action and there is,
07:07 you know, the stores are right there,
07:08 would you trade it? I don't think so.
07:10 You don't think so. Good, I'm pleased with that,
07:13 I'm pleased with that. Jesus had a quiet bringing
07:16 and it prepared Him for a great mission,
07:18 and that's what we want for you. Hey, we're gonna pass over
07:21 and mommy and Hannah are gonna carry on the rest of this story.
07:28 So Hannah, we have been studying into the life of Christ
07:31 recently as a family, haven't we?
07:32 And we've been recently.... we've been kind of building up
07:35 to who's leaving home. What age was it
07:38 that he left home? He was thirty when he left home.
07:40 He was thirty, so is that what you're gonna do.
07:44 Well, I'm not sure yet but... Now, what special event
07:48 happened right after Jesus left home?
07:51 His baptism. His baptism, that was pretty special
07:55 wasn't it, that kind of was the very beginning
07:57 of his Earthly ministry as we know it.
08:00 Why did he get baptized? I mean, did He need to baptized?
08:03 No, he didn't to be, but he was doing it
08:05 as an example for us. Right, so that we should do that.
08:09 And why do we get baptized? To demonstrate
08:12 that we are choosing to follow Him
08:14 and to do what we know is what he's asking us to do. Right,
08:17 so that's a really special aim to have isn't it,
08:19 particularly as Jesus set the pattern.
08:21 Now, I'm just gonna carry on the story
08:23 as we've been reading it. It says,
08:25 he turned water in wine, calmed the wild sea,
08:29 healed the sick, cleansed the lepers,
08:31 raised the dead and cast out devils.
08:34 His sermons were so powerful, and his stories so interesting,
08:39 they caught the attention of vast throngs of people.
08:42 Soon he was the most talked about teacher in the church.
08:46 When he spoke, thousands would gather to hear
08:49 his life changing sermons. Wouldn't you've liked to
08:53 have been there? Would it not have been amazing
08:55 to sit and listen to Jesus, and thousands of people
08:59 listening to Him. You know, everybody was excited
09:03 about what Jesus had to say? Or were they? No,
09:07 not everybody. Not everybody, how come?
09:11 They were jealous, they wanted the attention
09:13 and the honor that He was receiving.
09:15 Oh! And who were they? The Pharisees, the Pharisees,
09:18 the Scribes and the Pharisees. Reading on, it says,
09:21 unfortunately His growing popularity excited
09:25 the jealousy of other teachers in the church.
09:28 And little by little, they began to hate Christ,
09:31 His messages and His followers.
09:34 You know jealousy is a horrible thing.
09:37 It's an evil, life destroying thing,
09:40 it eats away right at the heart of people.
09:43 And God can take that from us. Have you ever been jealous
09:47 about anything? I'm sure I have.
09:49 I don't remember any specifics, but.... You know maybe jealousy
09:53 for you goes along more in the lines of...
09:56 How come my brother gets to sit and play on some
10:00 electronic device and I've got to do the dishes.
10:04 Could it be that you might feel jealous sometimes
10:06 if he gets to... seemingly gets away
10:08 with something that you don't? Possibly. You haven't really
10:12 recognized that? I can't think of any specific,
10:14 but I am sure it's happened. Right, right.
10:17 Eventually, the most powerful man
10:19 in the nation concluded, they must silence Jesus voice
10:24 or he would take their place as leader of the people,
10:28 and so they lay plans to kill Him.
10:31 That's what jealousy ultimately does.
10:34 And sometimes jealousy comes in the form of people
10:37 speaking bad words about other people,
10:39 and having bad attitudes towards other people.
10:42 But deep down inside, that is where it leads to,
10:46 and that's what they wanted to do.
10:48 You know they wanted to silence Jesus voice.
10:54 Do you ever want to silence His voice?
10:57 Well, you know if you're not making the right decisions,
10:59 its easy to want to... It is isn't that?
11:01 If you just kind of know that... And we've all have been there,
11:04 haven't we? We have it like an attitude,
11:06 you know it's like. And right now,
11:07 I don't really want to hear about whatever
11:10 it is I'm supposed to be hearing about.
11:11 And how do we hear Jesus voice? Well if we pray to him
11:16 and through our conscious, you can hear him, right.
11:20 How does it tend to come to you? Through your mind
11:24 you can hear Him asking you to do things.
11:26 Oh! Hannah, could you give me an example
11:28 of how you heard Jesus voice to you specifically?
11:32 I can be doing something that I would,
11:33 I would enjoy doing and know that I should be
11:35 helping you or helping daddy or Caleb
11:37 or something right like that. So, its not some big voice
11:40 that comes booming down from the roof.
11:42 Hannah!... It's not like that? It's a still small voice.
11:46 Not a loud voice. And where in your heart?
11:48 In your mind. In your mind, in your conscious right?
11:52 That's how it is. You know, if you don't listen to
11:56 Jesus voice and follow his direction.
12:00 You see where it leads you to? It's pretty serious isn't it?
12:03 Yeah. So, we've gotta be tuned into Jesus,
12:05 we get tuned into lots of things.
12:07 Tuned into your iPods, its a pretty good thing
12:09 to be tuned into, isn't it? If you got good stuff there,
12:11 but you know, if we get tuned in too much to those things,
12:14 that we tuned out Jesus. Then we're kind of in trouble
12:19 aren't we? It's not a good plan.
12:23 Now, viewers, we gonna take a break right now.
12:26 And Hannah and I are just gonna finish off here.
12:29 And then, Paul and I, are gonna come back right after the break.


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