Happy the Home

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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne (Host), Hannah & Caleb Rayne


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Program Code: HTH00013B

00:02 Welcome back, you know I said just before the break
00:05 there that concludes section one.
00:08 And I thought I might have left
00:09 some of you confused on that.
00:11 Section one of "Happy the Home",
00:13 the thirteen programs that you have seen so far,
00:16 of all being aimed at winning
00:19 our children's affections and drawing them close to us.
00:23 And there has been a very specific science behind that
00:27 because in section two,
00:29 which is the next four programs,
00:32 we're going to look at taking that connectionú
00:35 that we've gained with our children,
00:36 drawing them even closer to our heart,
00:39 but also asking our children to make a commitment to God.
00:45 Now, what do I mean by a commitment to God.
00:47 It's going to be just very generic and very simple.
00:50 I don't know if you have got older children,
00:52 it might even be a step towards baptism,
00:56 I don't know. We gonna tell you some
00:58 of the effects this had in our family
01:00 and the commitments that our children made.
01:02 So, if you entered into some of those step forwards,
01:06 some of the challenges we have given you.
01:08 Today is a day, the challenge we have to you today
01:11 is to asses whether you think your children
01:13 are ready to be called on to make a commitment to God.
01:18 If they are, let's go on to section number two.
01:21 We are going there on the programs
01:23 whether you are ready or not,
01:24 but if you feel like you are not ready
01:26 get hold of that book, The Connected Family,
01:28 and re-go over those first few sections,
01:30 the first few programs.
01:31 So join us for another Happy the Home program.
01:34 And next one is entitled One-On-One Part Two. Join us.


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