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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne (Host), Hannah & Caleb Rayne


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Program Code: HTH00012B

00:02 Welcome back. You know,
00:04 the programs that we have had up to this point,
00:07 which has mostly been encouraging you as parents
00:11 to make a heart connection with your children.
00:14 I think you can see why we've been doing,
00:16 that week after week after week,
00:18 is because, now we get into some of the most
00:21 serious parts here, where we need that heart connection,
00:25 because the challenge for today's program
00:28 is to investigate and see what's secrets your children
00:33 have been carrying around,
00:34 that's heavy on their heart.
00:36 Go gentle, go careful,
00:39 but don't be afraid to pored around a little bit there,
00:42 don't be put off by the vagueness,
00:44 that's today's challenge for the program
00:47 entitled a secret life. We wanna pray together for you
00:51 as you pick up this,
00:53 remember this is the program you do,
00:54 not just a program you want.
00:56 So, we're gonna pray that
00:57 this will go well for you.
00:58 Father in heaven,
01:01 we pray that you'd give us the grace
01:04 and the courage to ask those questions,
01:07 that we need to as parents.
01:08 Whatever age and stage our children are in,
01:11 we ask that you would help us
01:13 to ask it at the right time, that you would prompt us
01:16 when that time would be.
01:17 And I pray for the viewers that you would bless them
01:20 in their efforts and I thank you in Jesus name,
01:22 amen, amen.
01:23 I hope it goes well for you,
01:26 I'm sure it will, you might unearth some things.
01:28 And we want you to join us for the next
01:31 Happy the Home program.
01:32 It's gonna be one of our review programs
01:35 where we're gonna be reviewing the last few,
01:37 so join us again, in another week,
01:39 for Happy the Home.


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