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Knowing Their Limits

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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne (Host), Hannah & Caleb Rayne


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00:02 Welcome back. You know one thing
00:04 I wanted to add to our program.
00:06 If in doubt, whether to push or to not push,
00:12 there's a Bible principle there in Genesis.
00:15 It was when Jacob was leading his family
00:17 across the country.
00:18 It says that the Jacob led on softly.
00:22 You better to be a little bit behind
00:24 then expecting too much because
00:26 that is gonna create the frustration.
00:28 So try not to go past the mark,
00:29 but try and work up to your children's limits.
00:32 So Carolyn, what's our step forward,
00:34 what's our practical step for this program?
00:36 Our first step for is to pray specifically
00:40 for your children to know
00:41 what would be the right expectation
00:43 to have that you don't push them too hard.
00:45 And the second one is,
00:47 if you have expected too much
00:49 of your children, if you have maybe
00:52 been expecting them to do
00:53 something in 10 minutes
00:54 and when you try to do it,
00:56 you can't do it.
00:57 Then you need to say sorry
00:58 and you need to extend the limits a little bit.
01:00 So we just wanna make sure that
01:02 you get that balance.
01:03 Let's talk a little bit about our next program.
01:09 Our next program is entitled,
01:11 The Secret Life,
01:12 its program number 12.
01:13 We'll go with number 12
01:15 in the Connected Family Companion book.
01:17 And there we're gonna look
01:18 at how to investigate,
01:21 we're gonna follow up from program number 2
01:23 where we discovered somethings.
01:24 So join us for program number 12, A Secret Life.


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