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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne (Host), Hannah & Caleb Rayne


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Program Code: HTH00010B

00:01 Welcome back from the break
00:03 and tonight we want to encourage you
00:04 to ten things that you can do
00:05 for your special family time,
00:08 make a list of those things and see
00:10 what works for you. You know and dads'
00:13 if your watching this and moms'
00:15 if you now you can tell dads about it.
00:17 We have to be the ones as the husband,
00:22 as the husband that's got to
00:23 pull this thing together,
00:25 just like the role played
00:26 at the beginning of the picture.
00:27 I kept the children in suspense.
00:29 I put it in the positive framework
00:32 and then we launched into it as a family.
00:36 And you know when you are making
00:37 that list that Carolyn just spoke about
00:39 don't rule anything out at this point.
00:41 Okay, don't say that we are not doing that,
00:43 no we are not doing that,
00:44 no we are doing that because
00:45 that just put in the negative on it.
00:46 Anything yeah with in reason of course,
00:49 and you know get it down on paper
00:51 and then start making the schedule
00:53 and parents you and on this we gonna
00:56 have to die to our own selfishness
00:59 if these things ever gonna get off the ground.
01:01 So shut those cell phones off
01:03 and invest in the best.
01:04 Remind you of that scripture
01:07 it's how pleasant it is for a family
01:09 to dwell together in unity.
01:11 We gonna have a short prayer
01:12 and then we gonna tell you little bit about
01:14 the next program.
01:15 Father in heaven thank you for the blessings
01:18 that family time have been in our family,
01:20 I think if the great times we have had on the lake
01:23 and playing hide and seek in the dark,
01:26 in the house or finishing a great big puzzle
01:30 and put in the last piece in,
01:31 father we pray that you would help us and the,
01:35 those watching to set up
01:37 and enjoy family time at home.
01:40 You know we pray this in Jesus name amen. Amen!
01:43 Well, we have enjoyed this program very much.
01:47 We hope you have to the next program
01:49 is gonna be a little bit easier on your parents
01:51 because it's gonna take a little different twist.
01:53 The program number 11 that goes with chapter 11
01:56 in the book is entitled Learning Their Limits
01:59 and join us for that program
02:01 and it will be upon in a week, take care.


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