Happy the Home

Recap 6 - 8

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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne (Host), Hannah & Caleb Rayne


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Program Code: HTH00009B

00:01 Well I think you are getting the
00:03 style of these programs now.
00:05 After the break we come back
00:07 and we give those challenges to you.
00:11 This is a review program.
00:12 So how can we give those three things?
00:15 We can't give you all three,
00:16 but we gonna mention them
00:17 and we want you to pick one of these
00:20 you feel this is most appropriate
00:22 for your situation in your family
00:24 and most powerful motivator,
00:26 that was encouraging words.
00:28 If that's what your family needs
00:29 the most then focus in the next week
00:32 focus about encouraging words,
00:35 or maybe its one-on-one time,
00:36 maybe that's what you need,
00:37 then focus on one-on-one time
00:40 plan a time whether it be an hour or half
00:42 a day or a whole outing I don't know,
00:45 spend some one-on-one time,
00:46 over the last one would be
00:47 but it's not my birthday which was
00:50 about intelligent focused fulfilled
00:54 gift giving may be that's what you feel
00:56 would open up your heart,
00:58 the heart children more than anything else.
01:00 We will pray for you and
01:02 we will pray for ourselves right now.
01:03 Father in heaven, we thank you so much
01:08 for your great love to us
01:10 that you don't leave us in the dark
01:12 over the things that we need
01:13 to do for our children for our families,
01:16 and I pray for ourselves and for the viewers
01:19 that you would help us to know exactly
01:21 what is the next step in this process
01:23 for us in our families.
01:24 And I thank you for your wisdom
01:26 and your love and guidance
01:27 for each one of us and I pray this
01:29 in Jesus name amen. Amen!
01:31 You know it's been said
01:33 the road to success has many park in spots,
01:36 don't make now a park in spot
01:38 we got to continue on,
01:39 the next program is entitled
01:42 "Invest in the Best",
01:44 and we gonna show you something
01:45 that already helped every family.


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