Happy the Home

But It's Not My Birthday

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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne (Host), Hannah & Caleb Rayne


Series Code: HTH

Program Code: HTH00008B

00:01 You know I think you got the point loud and clear
00:05 during the program that the purpose of this program,
00:08 the sole purpose was to give your children and intelligent
00:14 gift as a means of drawing their hearts close to you.
00:18 In the next section of Happy The Home we can take their
00:22 hearts closer to God.
00:24 We are going to pray for our children just now,
00:26 why don't you join us.
00:27 Father in Heaven we thank You for the gift of children that
00:32 You have given to us.
00:33 We ask You to help us treasure them as You treasure us.
00:38 Father I pray for our family and all the viewers
00:42 that are watching this program that You give wisdom and
00:45 inspiration to the parents to know how to reach out to
00:48 their children with things that are meaningful to them.
00:51 Father I thank You for Caleb's response and I pray we will
00:55 have a really blessed time as we enjoy that experience
00:58 together at Kitty Hawk and I thank You for Your great love
01:01 for each one of us and I pray this in Jesus name, Amen.
01:06 Hey we want to invite you before you watch the next program
01:11 to have made an announcement of what you are going
01:15 to do with your children, or you have gone and purchased
01:18 the set item or whatever, but then join us on the next
01:21 program, the next program is going to be one of our review
01:24 programs where we are going to take the last few parts and
01:26 are going to put them all together in quick succession.
01:30 Remember the next program is a review on Happy The Home.


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