Happy the Home

One On One, Part 1

Three Angels Broadcasting Network

Program transcript

Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne (Host), Hannah & Caleb Rayne


Series Code: HTH

Program Code: HTH00007B

00:02 So you already know what your challenge is
00:04 gonna be don't you today? And that is,
00:06 start planning One-On-One Time
00:08 with one of your children. You know you may
00:10 feel nervous about this, if your child is already
00:13 having kind of, you already have a
00:15 gap between you. But pray about it
00:17 specifically, what can we start to do that
00:20 can administer to our children on One-On-One.
00:22 You know the point of this section is that
00:25 we are trying to draw our children's hearts to us.
00:28 And this an important step, so the challenge
00:30 is to have plan it today but have the
00:33 One-On-One Time before you watch the next program.
00:37 Not the next program on 3 ABN but the next
00:39 the Happy The Home program.
00:40 So, let's have a short prayer and.
00:44 Father in heaven, we pray for our precious
00:46 children and I pray for Hannah and for
00:48 Caleb's specifically and individually.
00:51 Father, I pray that you would bless the
00:54 One-On-One Times that we've had together
00:55 and give us inspiration for the new ones.
00:57 And I pray for the viewers Father,
00:59 as they enter into this exciting opportunity,
01:02 in Jesus name. Amen. Amen.
01:04 Your children are looking for a best friend
01:07 and you know we have it within our ability to be
01:12 that best friend, so take that One-On-One Time.
01:15 Draw them close to your heart, make them know,
01:19 let them know that they are your focus
01:21 for the hour or that day or whatever is.
01:23 And then join us for the next program
01:25 which is entitled, It's Not My Birthday.


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