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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne (Host), Hannah & Caleb Rayne


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Program Code: HTH00006B

00:03 So today's challenge and step forward is your day
00:07 to be encouraging, if it's not something natural
00:09 to your personality, today is your day
00:11 to get started. Look for those opportunities,
00:14 pray for those opportunities.
00:16 You know this doesn't mean that it's something
00:18 like the scene we walked into the beginning
00:20 of this program, if you have one of those kind
00:22 of scenes going on, that doesn't mean you are not
00:25 gonna deal with it. It still needs to be dealt
00:27 with, often in the moment isn't the time,
00:30 coming apart having some prayer about it,
00:32 letting the situations simmer down
00:34 and then sit-down together with your
00:36 children and talk about what's happened,
00:38 that's gonna be new to them.
00:39 But this is your chance,
00:41 step forward with encouragement today.
00:43 Let's pray, we need some prayer.
00:48 Father in heaven, you know that Carolyn
00:51 and I have not always being the most
00:52 encouraging parents, but thank you the more
00:56 and more we are hearing you call to our hearts,
00:58 to be encouraging. What we seeing
01:01 those opportunities to see life through their eyes
01:04 and not necessarily just expect things from them
01:07 but give them encouragement.
01:09 Father, thank you for your encouragement
01:12 to us and we pray that as we go through our
01:15 parenting that we will see those opportunities,
01:19 please give us the grace then in the moment
01:21 to be encouraging, in Jesus name, amen, amen.
01:24 You know we have really enjoyed this program
01:27 with you and we invite you to join us again
01:30 for program number 7, it's one on one part one,
01:34 where we are gonna talk about
01:35 time with our children again.


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