Happy the Home

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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne (Host), Hannah & Caleb Rayne


Series Code: HTH

Program Code: HTH00005B

00:03 We really want you,
00:06 as the viewers,
00:08 to get the most out of Happy the Home.
00:10 If you haven't seen the previous programs,
00:15 even though we've reviewed them rather quickly, I admit,
00:19 we encourage, you to call in to the 3ABN call center.
00:22 The number comes up every now and then.
00:25 Order those past few DVDs so you can catch up on the programs.
00:29 We also want you to get the book that they were just mentioning,
00:32 The Connected Family.
00:34 Chapter 1 in the book goes with Program 1
00:39 and Chapter 2 with Program 2.
00:41 So, it's really a aid to help you
00:44 get the most out of the program.
00:46 We wanted to close off with a prayer for you
00:49 and for our parenting.
00:51 So why don't we do that now, sweetheart.
00:52 Father in heaven, we pray for our children.
00:56 We thank you for them and
00:57 we thank you for the character development
00:59 that they bring about in us.
01:00 And we pray that you will give us the grace
01:03 to be the parents that we know that we can be
01:05 and that we long to be.
01:06 And we thank you for this in advance.
01:08 In Jesus' name, Amen.
01:11 Well, it has been good spending some time with you today.
01:14 Thank you so much, again,
01:16 for inviting us into your living room.
01:18 Our only desire is that you will become better parents.
01:21 Join us for the next program, program number six.
01:24 It's entitled A Most Powerful Motivator.


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