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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne (Host), Hannah & Caleb Rayne


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00:03 I hope you've enjoyed today's program
00:06 and I think you're getting the,
00:08 just now that these Happy the Home programs
00:12 with Paul and Carolyn and their children,
00:14 they are not complicated stuff,
00:17 but if you will do the challenges,
00:21 what's our challenge for today Carolyn?
00:23 Well, we've got a couple of them,
00:24 one of them is to pray specifically
00:27 that you'll gel into what their dreams are.
00:31 The Lord will give you the insight into what
00:34 they are and into ways to fulfill those,
00:36 maybe it's an expense thing that's the issue.
00:39 Maybe it's a time factor that you need,
00:41 maybe I'll be really honest,
00:43 you don't really like it.
00:45 It's not something you wanna do,
00:47 and so you're gonna have to ask
00:48 the Lord to change your heart.
00:49 He is well able, He's in the heart changing business,
00:52 so that's not a problem for Him.
00:54 We just need to ask Him,
00:55 and be willing to surrender to that,
00:57 but at this point we're just trying to find out
00:59 what those dreams are, in future programs
01:01 we're gonna talk about how we could fulfill those.
01:05 So the specific challenge, find out your children's
01:09 dream, no complicated stuff,
01:11 anybody watching this could do that.
01:13 Lets have a word of prayer, Carolyn.
01:16 Father in heaven, we thank you for our children
01:18 and yeah they bug us sometimes
01:21 and there's probably things that we've found that
01:25 in previous programs that we wanna get into
01:27 dealing with, but Father, help us to go step by step
01:30 and at this point just to find out
01:32 what it is that they look forward to.
01:35 What makes them tick, what they would like to do
01:37 and help us to make note of that.
01:40 Thank you Father, open our eyes,
01:42 we pray in Jesus name amen, amen.
01:45 In the next program we are going to review
01:49 the first four programs that we've covered so far,
01:52 so it's a great time to catch you up.
01:55 If you've got friends who you think this would
01:57 benefit and I'm sure everybody
01:59 has got some friends.
02:00 Tell them to tune into 3ABN and watch this next week,
02:03 so that they can catch you up
02:04 and after we've done the review,
02:07 we're gonna move further into that section
02:09 on winning the affections of our children,
02:11 so join us next time on Happy the Home.


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