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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne (Host), Hannah & Caleb Rayne


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Program Code: HTH00003B

00:03 Our challenge for you today something very
00:05 simple to be actively seeking to be kind and
00:09 affectionate to your children.
00:10 You know, you may say well that comes
00:12 naturally, well we all know from our history
00:14 going back and looking till today that it doesn't
00:17 happen without a determination to do so,
00:20 so we'll be praying that the Lord will remind
00:22 you to be seeking to be that way with your
00:24 children and then simply where you need
00:27 to do this, go and ask
00:28 forgiveness of your children.
00:32 We wanted to close this program with a word of
00:34 prayer, it's a simple challenge it builds,
00:38 its another step in the direction that we are
00:41 going, so add to your observations affection
00:45 that's what Carolyn was making very clear there.
00:48 We're gonna pray because this is
00:49 harder than it seems. Let's pray Carolyn.
00:57 Father in heaven, we ask that you would help
01:00 us to break past what is our natural natures
01:04 that we would not be the humans that we've
01:06 been all these years, but that we would start
01:08 to seek to be kind and affectionate to our
01:11 children actively, determinedly and
01:14 Father we ask that if there is any thing we
01:17 need to be forgiven for that you would forgive
01:19 us right now, and that we would have the
01:20 courage to go to our children, and seek for
01:23 their forgiveness as we so often
01:25 want them to do to us.
01:27 Father we thank you for your great love to
01:29 each one of us, and we pray this in
01:31 Jesus name amen, amen.
01:35 You know in certain situations we are going
01:39 to get a funny response from our children,
01:41 if we have not been used to showing them
01:44 affection, and all of a sudden we are out,
01:46 they are gonna be thinking so what's the
01:48 deal, what's up with mom and dad?
01:50 So be aware of that just ignore if there is
01:52 anything like that. We want you to join
01:54 us in the next program which is
01:57 "Discovering Their Dreams."
02:00 It's gonna be another step in our process.


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